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Welcome one and all. Please make yourselves comfy and do make sure to read over the rules.
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 *PLEASE READ* The Rules

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*PLEASE READ* The Rules Empty
PostSubject: *PLEASE READ* The Rules   *PLEASE READ* The Rules EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 4:36 pm

The rules here are simple.

1. Make sure you are talking within the right Generation of Pokémon. Fire Red and Leaf Green DO NOT count as Generation I games; they count as Generation III games.

2. Others may have different opinions than you do, and that is perfectly fine. What is not fine, however, is if you post in a thread only to bash that certain Generation of Pokémon. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

3. Keep on subject of which category you are in. If you are in the Pokémon R/S/E section, if at all possible do try to keep to that subject and not divert into one relating to FR/LG.

4. For Pokémon X and Y, you may add speculation but make sure you specify that you are only speculating. Posting any information you claim to be true that is false is not accepted.

5. Do not post any fan art within this section. All fan art posted here will be moved to its proper place in the Fan Art section.

6. Like with the rest of the forum, please keep your posts above at minimum 3 words, however posts with at least 25 words are recommended.

Remember, admins are keeping watch over these forums. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will give you 1 strike.
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