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 For Gym Challengers Only

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PostSubject: For Gym Challengers Only   For Gym Challengers Only EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 6:14 pm

If you have Read how to become a Gym Leader some of what was posted there will be here. Here is what you have to do to take on the Gym Leaders Challenge:

1. Use Pokemon that are in the same Level Range as the Gym Leader.  (DO NOT USE HACKED POKEMON ex: Level 10 Stoutland.)

2. You can pick any starter Pokemon (Only 1) but once you do that you must use it and cannot exchange it for another Pokemon.

3. You may use moves that it learns like Move Tutor Moves, TM, Egg, and Leveling up.

4. Stats must be legit. 

5. You may switch between your other 5 Pokemon. Be fair in your decision. If one of the gym leader is a specialist in Water do not get 5 electric or 5 grass types. 

6. If you lose against a gym leader you must rematch them after a full day. Same applies to the Elite 4 Admins

7. Be a team player. Don't whine or complain that you didn't win. Instead think positive that you might win next time. Not many people like to hear others complaining. Example: OMG How didn't I win?! This is BS I call hax! blah blah blah!". Don't do that because it makes you look like an ass and a bitch tongue 

If you have anymore questions PM me or Send me a contact request on skype saying you're from the forum: Skype name: razorleaf3.
                  ~Admin Santabolt
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For Gym Challengers Only
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