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 Angel Pokepasta (Contains some Violence, some langague, and blood...)

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Zhiaduth Ronha
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Angel Pokepasta (Contains some Violence, some langague, and blood...) Empty
PostSubject: Angel Pokepasta (Contains some Violence, some langague, and blood...)   Angel Pokepasta (Contains some Violence, some langague, and blood...) EmptyThu Jul 18, 2013 11:37 am

I rummaged through the old dusty boxes on the table. Nothing but old PlayStation games, a few floppy disks, and a controller. My little sister, Kimi, was looking at the beanie babies at the table to the right of me. She was pretending to making some fall in love, while others like a little raccoon suddenly knew how to fly in her world. I rolled my eyes and sighed. Such a little kid.
"Pikachu? Aren't Girls supposed to be into like fucking barbie or Powerpuff girls? You know, girly babby shit?"
A boy said with a smirk planted on his face as he looked at my hoodie. "Aren't boys supposed to be into batman and not Dora?"
I said gesterying to his cup of soda. He looked at me and gave a small grunt before turning his back on us. I continued to look through their garage sail till I cam across a small black cartage. It was a Ds game. A little Giritina sticker was planted on it where the normal title sticker would reside. I looked at it, then back at the boy.
"How much?" I said starting to take out my wallet. The boy looked back at me and let out a puff of air.
"That... That there is my little brother Victor's. He's not in the best shape right now.." The boy said. I looked at the game again. "Can you ask how much then?" The boy turned to his house. "VICTOR! How much for the Ds game? I girl wants it!" A small boy came limping out on crutches. He looked at me and smiled. I was horrified. His legs were covered with cuts that looked like they were delt with a blade. He had a bandage over one arm, while the other was seeming untouched. He had bruises littering his face, and blood stained his hair. I recoiled at the sight of him.
"Game? FREE! Take. Take game far way from here. Take take take take!!" The boy said hysterically. He began to laugh and glared at me. His eyes were completely blood shot, and now a mix of saliva and blood trickled out of his mouth every time he talked. Kimi soon walked up to me with a few beanies, and looked at Victor. "S-she'll... She'll play and get you! She'll hurt like hurt! All she plays will hurt! Hurt! Pain! Suffer! Die! Pain!" Victor said spitting blood at us onto the concrete sidewalk. A women, probably their mom quickly took Victor back inside and apologies for to us for his actions. The boy in front of me and kimi quickly told us we could have the game, and the beanies for free and that he was sorry for his brother. I asked what had happened, and he replied. "He tried to commit suicide."
I drove us home, and watched kimi stare off into the window. She was probably still terrified of what she saw with Victor. I didn't blame the poor thing. I kept my head low, and eyes on the road. We pulled into the drive way, and quickly she ran off to her room to play with her new toys. I myself flopped onto the couch in the living room and grabbed my red and onyx Ds lite form its charger. I removed my Pearl version, and replaced it with the new cartridge. I flipped the switch. I suddenly got an eery feeling as it dropped in temperature in the room, and the lights flicked for a split second. My heart began to race. BANG! I dropped the Ds lite on the floor as lightning lit the room and thunder tremmered my home.
"Where the fuck did this storm come from? It was cloudless when i pulled in not moments ago!" I quickly shoved the storm out of my mind. I had a game waiting for me. I hurried through the little opening, to be introduced to Pokemon Platinum Version. I smiled, just what i was hoping for! I clicked the start button.
"Gamer much?" Victor was the name, understandable. He had a total of 282 hours on the dot. All the gym badges, and a completed Pokedex. Victor.. why did he try to commit suicide anyway? And what was to bad about this game? It didn't matter now. It was time to start my own game.
I completed the code to delete the game. A text box appeared: "Are you sure it is okay to delete all saved data?" I selected yes. Lightning lit up the room once more. "Why do you want to?" a shy shallow voice emitted through the speakers. That... was... new. I had no options this time. The screen was blank except for that text box. I clicked the A button again.
"It's... it's dark... I want to play. Will you play?" Lighting illuminated the room again. The option Yes, or No appeared this time. Victor messed with this game, he was a hacker. No second thoughts about it.
I selected no, and the screen went black. I thought i had gotten through his little game. "I said, Will. You. Play. With. Me?" The text box appeared, and a voice through the speakers spoke this time more angered. What the hell was up with this god dam game? "Screw this shit." I said. I flipped the switch to turn it off.
"YOU WILL PLAY!" the text box flashed in all caps. A voice screamed through the speakers. I winced at the sudden noise, it made my ears ring. I watched the screen turn black again, but a red line slashed across the center. The storm outside wasn't helping much as it got stronger pounding the windows with rain. "Play!!!" A blood curdling scream yelled through the speakers. I dropped the Ds lite onto the ground jumped at the clash of thunder. "Play!!!!!!!!!" The voice screamed.
I watched the screen on the ground immediately go into a battle. "A wild Kirlia appeared." I watched and wanted to cry. A Kirlia sprite, appeared. Her eyes were gone leaving deep black pits, blood dripping down like tears and onto the floor. The pink horns of her head there beaten, torn, and bleeding. She was missing an arm, but stitches and cuts spiraled up it and climbed up onto her neck.
Holes littered her green fringe that looked like a dress, black liquid seeping out and mixing with the blood. Both her legs were gone, and bleeding repulsively. Her mouth though... She was smiling. Her smile kept in place with stitches, and her mouth was full of sharp teeth. I looked at the name, Angel. This... thing was named Angel? A text box appeared. "You are my new friend! Its so dark here... Play with me!"
A pokeball was suddenly thrown into battle, a level 0 Empoleon appeared, with the name Lacy. Fight was selected. I watched from the couch as all this unfolded on its own. All of Lacy's PP was gone from it's moves. But if fought anyway. Lace used struggle. It did no damage. Kirlia used Leaf Blade. The animation start, but I jumped back as red spatter marks flew back at the screen. I heard a girl scream, a different one from before. Lacy has died.
I reached down with my foot, closing the Ds lite quickly. But I could hear another scream. It was a boy. I reached down, and grabbed the game opening the screen again. Victor can no longer escape. A male glaceon sprite was in battle. The tensile like things hanging from it's head were gone, torn of and bleeding. Cuts and stitches littered his body. He was missing an arm, and half of his right ear. Just like the Empoleon, it was Lvl 0 and had no moves. It fought anyway. Before it carried out its attack, it turned around and looked at me.
"Hurry..." The voice was weak as it came through the speakers. Kirlia used Leaf Blade. I watched the animation again, this time the tip of the blade and the leaves were covered with red. Blood form the Empoleon. It slashed at the Glaceon, and once again the screen was splashed with red. Victor has died.
"I told.... told you.." a faint voice said softly. That voice. Victor was the boy I bought this game from, and he tried to kill himself. Laughter came through the speakers as lighting once again flashed. The screen went to red. A text box appeared: Kirlia is evolving." the same music for evolution played, but it was at a lower octave, and slower than usual. The Kirlia sprite bounced.
"Time for the REAL fun to begin!" the voice said from the speakers as the text flashed in red. The Kirlia began to evolve..
Her eyes where still the deep black ovals, more blood streaming from them, but a small yellow orb of light rested inside them following my movement.. She still had that smile stitched onto her face, but now traces of blood were visible on the tips of them. What part of her resembling a dress was torn to shreds, blood and black liquid leaking out creating a pool beneath her.
She was still missing an arm, and both her legs. More stitches littered her body, some places them resembling that of wings. The horn sticking from her chest was nearly gone. A mixture of the black goo and blood oozed out form it adding to the pool beneath her. Her cry was replaced with a terrifying scream replaced with crazed laughter. Lighting flashed in the room again as the sprite turned to look at me. "Its so dark... Help me... Come play.." the voice said weakly.
"I don't want to play with you!" I shouted into the mic. "Play! Play with me NOW!!!!" It screamed at me. I was thrown into a battle scene once more. No pokemon where thrown out though. It was just my sprite that remained on the field.
"Lets have some fun! You can feel the pain I've gone through from trainer to trainer! You learn what Angel did to trainer who play and leave! Play! Play! PLAY!!!" a crazed laugh again echoed through the speakers at me.
"Hell no!" I screamed. I quickly removed the game from my ds an threw it down the hall way. Thunder crashed loudly and my heart froze. I heard Kimi scream.

I ran into the hall and noticed the game sitting outside her closed bedroom door. I kicked the game aside, and down the ventilation shaft. I heard Kimi scream again. "Kimi!!!" I quickly opened her door and began to cry. She laid there, collapsed on the floor in a pool of blood. I saw her legs covered with cuts a long with one of her arms. They would be beyond repair.
They spilled all over me as I held her. She was just limp and cold. I held her closer to me and saw her eyes closed. Blood trickled out of them as my own tears fell onto her face. I held her as close as i could humanly could to me.. Lightning flashed again and I heard her speak. My heart sunk, and my breathing quit.

"Its dark...... I want to play... Will you play?"
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Angel Pokepasta (Contains some Violence, some langague, and blood...)
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