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 Celestial Forest

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PostSubject: Celestial Forest   Celestial Forest EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 9:41 pm

Celestial Forest 20343_anime_scenery_anime_forest

Celestial Forest, a home to Pokemon, untouched by humans, for other hundreds of years. This beautiful sanctuary is over flowing with nature , life, and energy. From the rivers and lakes, to the grass and the trees... Something is very different here. Something special... And special it is indeed. The Pokemon have a power that even they do not now they possess. They can change... They can change into humans! Humans with the features of the Pokemon they were before... Ears, tails, even attacks and abilities, but all in a human-like body. And all they have to do is trust their trainer... But how can they do something so amazing? Well we may never know...

Though know, this forest hasn't been quite peaceful lately. For the past couple of months, these special Pokemon of the forest have been on edge. Some Pokemon that were the kindest of them all are attacking others and destroying anything in their path. So, now now, you can meet these special Pokemon on your Pokemon journey and either help them out or cause them even more trouble.

This is not originally my idea. It was inspired by a user on
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Celestial Forest
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