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 The Time Warp Challenge

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The Time Warp Challenge Empty
PostSubject: The Time Warp Challenge   The Time Warp Challenge EmptySun Feb 16, 2014 12:33 pm

I did not create this idea! All credit goes to Dementia on pokecommunity forums! This takes you to the original and probably preferred link.

The Time Warp Challenge


You are a Pokémon Trainer living in the 30th Century. You’ve always been interested in other Eras and wished you could time travel, just to experience the past. But your family wouldn’t allow it because it appears to be way too dangerous. Stories have been told, about people that travelled through time before, never to return. Besides, you don’t even have a Time Traveller license and that’s another obstacle in your way.
One fateful day, however, your father decides to take you to one of his conventions. Despite not really wanting to go, you decide to do it, just because you had nothing better to do.
Much to your surprise, the convention is about time travelling and they even have a Time Machine. Without thinking it twice, you sneak away from everybody and into the Time Machine. You smile excitedly as you sit down, buckle up and begin pressing buttons, imagining what it would be like if it actually worked.
Suddenly, a bright, purple light with an azure hue begins to shine and the whole machine starts shaking. A feeling of joy mixed with panic engulfs you as you hold tight to a lever, waiting.
A few moments later, the light begins to fade and the shaking stops. You sit quietly, listening, but are unable to hear a sound. After building up enough courage, you get out of the Machine to find yourself in a whole different place. You are excited, yet scared so you reach for your backpack, only to realize you left it at home, along with all of your Pokémon.
You realize you can’t just stand there so you decide to get back into the machine and go back home. But the Machine seems to have run out of energy so you’re stuck. After thinking for a while, you decide to hide the Machine the best you can and to explore the newly found land.
What will you find in this new world?

General Rules

You may only trade in order to evolve your Pokémon.
Legendaries are not allowed.
Hacking/ Cheating is not allowed.
[Emergency Supplies]You may use the stores in any Era(that doesn't allow the use of PokéMarts) to purchase Pokéballs for HM slave catching purposes and the E4 Store to buy 10 Full Restores and 10 Revives.
[Lucky Strike]You may use the Game Corner in order to obtain certain Pokémon/TMs but you may only purchase up to 40% of the coins needed for your desired prize. You must earn the rest by using the games provided by every Game Corner. (Mobster Mania has its own gambling rule thus rendering this rule invalid for those playing said era).
The challenge ends when you’ve defeated the Champion in the game of your choice as follows:
R/B/Y/FR/LG: Blue (Your Rival)
G/S/C/HG/SS: Red (At Mt Silver)
R/S: Steven
E: Wallace
D/P/Pt: Cynthia
B/W: Alder
B2/W2: Iris
X/Y: Diantha

Jurassic Jam

Era Types: Fire, Bug, Water ( except for the cute-looking ones), Reptilia Pokémon (Pokémon that fall under the Reptilia Class)
Mandatory: If your game allows you to collect a fossil and revive it that Pokemon must be on your team.
Banned: Ice, Electric, Stell
Era Rules: There’s no currency and no Markets so you can’t buy anything, having to rely solely on what you can find.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Dragon Types are allowed to join your team.

Ice Age

Era Types: Ice, Water, Ground, Rock
Kanto: Lapras
Johto: Piloswine
Hoenn: Walrein
Sinnoh: Mamoswine
Unova: Beartic
Kalos: Avalugg
Banned: Grass, Electric, Bug, Fire, Steel
Era Rules: There are no PokéMarts so you are restricted only to the things you find/ are given.
Johto game Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Normal Types are allowed to join your team.

Stone Age

Era Types: Ground, Rock, Grass, Fire, Normal
Mandatory: Choose between the following acording to Generation and possibilities: Graveler/ Marowak/ Relicanth/ Mamoswine/ Darmanitan/ Carbink
Banned: Electric, Ghost, Psychic
Era Rules: You can only use Berries/Herbs and items you find.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Steel Types(with the exception of Bronzor and Klink and their evolutions) and Ice Types are allowed to join your team.

Egyptian Era

Era Types: Ground, Normal, Bug, Poison, Flying, Dark, Ghost
Kanto: Arbok/ Golbat/ Persian
Johto: Heracross/ Espeon
Hoenn: Delcatty/ Dusclops
Sinnoh: Lucario/ Drapion
Unova: Liepard/ Krookodile/ Cofagrigus
Kalos: Meowstic/ Heliolisk
Banned: Water, Electric, Steel, Fairy
Era Rules:
Sphinx Rule: At least half of your Pokemon cannot have a visible nose.
Slave rule: You are a slave building a pyramid. You have no money, you can only use the things you find/are given.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Fighting Types are allowed to join your team.

Medieval Era

Era Types: Poison, Dark, Steel, Fighting, Psychic, Fairy
Kanto: Beedrill/Golem/Machoke
Johto: Scizor/Skarmory/Forretress
Hoenn: Ludicolo/Aggron/Armaldo
Sinnoh: Bastiodon/Kricketune/Gallade
Unova: Escavalier/Bisharp/Gothielle
Kalos: Aegislash/ Gogoat/ Talonflame/ Noivern
Banned: Electric, Ice, Normal
Era Rules: You are allowed to use markets/ herb shops but you have to trade and bargain (sell something in order to buy something).
(Optional) King Arthur: Your team must be based of Arthurian Characters
Extra game Rules: After obtaining your 3rd Gym Badge, Dragon Types are allowed to join your team.

Renaissance Era

Era Types: Fairy, Psychic, Flying, cute Water Types, Normal Types from the Fairy group,
Kanto: Ditto
Johto: Smeargle
Hoenn: Masquerain/ Beautifly
Sinnoh: Chatot/ Roserade
Unova: Musharna
Kalos: Vivillon/ Florges/ Aromatisse (Y exclusive)
Banned: Steel, Electric, Ice, Fighting
Era Rules: You may use any market or herb shop and may only use the department stores to buy TMs.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Dark Types and Poison Types are allowed to join your team.

The Pirate Golden Age

Era Types: Water, Dark, Ground, Fighting, Flying, Ghost
Kanto: Kingler
Johto: Kingdra (or Seadra)
Hoenn: Crawdaunt or Sharpedo
Sinnoh: Weavile
Unova: Basculin
Kalos: Dragalge/ Clawitzer/ Malamar
Banned: Bug, Electric, Rock, Psychic, Fairy
Era Rules:
Ship rule - One Pokemon on your team should be designated as your vessel. This Pokemon is the only one that can, and must, know surf. Optionally, name this Pokémon like you would a ship.
Optional Alliance rules (only choose one):
Pirate - As a pirate, the rules don't apply to you. Choose one allowed type and switch it for a non banned type.
Navy - You have been given orders to catch the pirates by any means necessary. Switch one allowed type and a banned type with each other.
Johto Game Rules: Welcome to the new world! Forests are plentiful in this new land. Grass Types are allowed in the Kanto league.

Industrial Revolution

Era Types: Steel, Fire, Ground, Fighting, Water, any Genderless Pokémon
Kanto: Dugtrio
Johto: Steelix (Onix if unable to trade)
Hoenn: Hariyama
Sinnoh: Bibarel
Unova: Conkeldurr
Kalos: Klefki
Banned: Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Era Rules:
Wages Rule: Your wages are small, no Amulet Coin, and no selling items with no function other than selling, like Nugget.
Danger Rule: Work is dangerous, play in Set mode rather than Shift.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Electric Types are allowed to join your team.

Westward Expansion

Era Types: Normal (except for those in the Fairy group), Ghost, Rock, Fighting, any Bovine, Equine and Deer Pokémon (such as Tauros, Ponyta and Stantler)
Kanto: Rapidash / Tauros
Johto: Onix/ Miltank
Hoenn: Nosepass/ Tauros
Sinnoh: Rotom(no forms allowed)/ Probopass
Unova: Sandile / Timburr(or evolved forms)/ Bouffalant
Kalos: Diggersby
Banned: Pink Pokemon, Electric, Water, Fairy
Era Rules: You may only us the PokéMart after cashing in Nuggets and items that you found.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Steel Types are allowed to join your team.

The Progressive Era

Era Types: Normal, Steel, Grass, Electric, Fire, Water, Fairy
Kanto: Eevee or one of its Evolutions
Johto: Scyther/Scizor, Onix/Steelix
Hoenn: A Pokémon with Pick Up ability
Sinnoh: Evolution of an earlier Generation Pokémon (Tangrowth, Electivire, Magmortar, Porygon- Z, Magnezone, Glaceon, Leafeon, Lickilicky, Togekiss)
Unova: Simsage/Simsear/Simpour
Kalos: Eevee, Sylveon or any other Eeveelution
Banned: Dark, Bug, Poison, Ghost, Psychic
Era Rules:
(Optional for Generation II onwards) Woman's Suffrage: All Pokemon have to be female.
Efficiency Movement: You must pick up all items you come across.
Eliminate Corruption: You must sell lower grade items for at least 1 of the better grade items at the town.

Mobster Mania

Era Types: Dark, Poison, Psychic, any Pokémon with a blade or a blade-like appendage.
Kanto: Gengar(Haunter if you can't evolve)
Johto: Crobat
Hoenn: Sableye
Sinnoh: Toxicroak/ Honchkrow(Diamond Exclusive)
Unova: Scrafty
Kalos: Pangoro/ Malamar
Banned: Fairy, Flying, Normal, any cute Pokemon.
Era Rules: Greed is a terrible thing, your leading Pokemon must always hold the Amulet Coin, but you must buy at least one of everything offered at the Pokemart.
High Roller: To obtain Game Corner prizes, you may only buy coins in order to use them to gamble and can only buy more if you run out.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Dragon Types are allowed to join your team (because you're a powerful mob boss now).

The Sci-Fi Like Future
(the Time Machine didn’t work)

Era Types: Electric, Steel, Psychic, Fairy
Mandatory: Magnezone (or lesser evolution if earlier game) and/or Unown, one Pure Poison Type
Banned: Grass, Water, Ghost
Era Rules: You have complete freedom to use stores, but once better items are unlocked, you may not go back to buying lesser quality items.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Dark Types are allowed to join your team.

The Post-Apocalyptic Scenario

Era Types: Fire, Ghost, Poison, any Pokémon with a based defense greater/equal to 115.[The based defense clause does not apply to Banned Types. You are still not allowed to use Banned Types, regardless of their defense stat.]
Mandatory: One tough looking Bug Pokémon.
Banned: Fairy, Grass, Flying, Ice, Pokémon from the Humanshape Egg Group.
Era Rules:
Salvage Rule: The shops have been destroyed for the most part so there's very little supplies left. You may only scavenge for (buy) the most basic items (lowest grade items like Potions, Poké Balls, Antidotes, Awakenings, Paralyze/Burn/Ice Heals, Repels)
Zombie Rule: At least one of your Pokémon must know the move Bite.
Left 4 Dead Rule: You are only allowed to use Poké Centers the first time you visit a town, to create a checkpoint for yourself. If one of your Pokémon faints, you are not allowed to use the Poké Center to heal it until the whole team faints.
Johto games Rules: Once you are able to reach the Kanto region, Dark Types and Rock Types are allowed to join your team.

Time Rift

Era Types: Normal, Ghost, Psychic, Fairy, Dragon
Kanto: Alakazam (or Kadabra)
Johto: Girafarig (Wobbuffet in Crystal)
Hoenn: Solrock or Lunatone
Sinnoh: Bronzong
Unova: Sigilyph
Kalos: Trevenant/ Gourgeist
Banned: Water, Fire, Grass
Era Rules:
Lost - At every badge, specify an era. You may choose a type and a rule from that era to use until you beat the next gym. Eras may not be repeated.
Johto Game Rules: The rift begins to collapse. Energy surges everywhere. Electric Types are allowed for the Kanto league. You are also allowed to bend the Era Rule and repeat Eras due to the large number of Gyms.
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The Time Warp Challenge
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