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 Through the Portal

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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyTue Nov 03, 2015 8:54 pm


"W-where am I?"

"I don't know where but I've got a strange feeling about this..."


"Yeah, the others are in here too."

"Don't forget us!"

"Wait, who are you guys?"

"We're Kra!"

"...You didn't have to yell, you four, my head hurts now."

"Shut up, Ruka, I'm pretty sure this was your fault!"

"How was this my fault, you crazy chibi?!"

"It was too! Somehow..."

"Okay, you two, shut up, let's all try to remember what we remember the last, no?"

"Yeah, that'd work. Let's see..."

At PSC Building; an hour ago

"So, this is the last thing done, right?" A small blond man asked curiously to another short, brunette man.

"Yes, it's over, we'll be at lives soon, Hiroto-kun." He replied, smiling slightly tiredly. "Well, let's get some rest then, ne, Nao-shi? You look so tired." A taller man said, frowning slightly at Nao.

"I'm fine, Saga-kun." Nao said, still smiling. "I just can't wait to get home that's all."

"Me neither, we all need some good rest." Another tall brunette said, yawning widely. "See you guys later, guys." He waved them and got to the door of the conference room all five were inside of.

"See you, Shou-kuuun!"

That was then a bright light flashed in the room, taking all the people inside it.


"Who are we?!"


"What are we gonna do?!"

"We're gonna tour!"

The manager sighed, the band he'd been assigned to were good at music and all but they were a bit too... Enthusiastic at times.

"Manager-saaaan!" The shortest of them said, coming up to him. "What's the matter??" He asked adorably.

"Nothing, Keiyuu-kun. But I think you guys should have some more rehearsals with your new songs." He answered. Keiyuu nodded immediately. "Of course we will, we're after all-" "KRA!" "So you shouldn't worry about that."

Yasuno, the blond haired drummer suddenly yawned widely, triggering a series of yawns from his bandmates.

"Okay you guys, I know you want to rehearse and all but you need to sleep." The manager said sternly, knowing they might be adverse to the idea.

"Look out!" said Yuura suddenly but it was too late as the same light flashed in the rehearsal room and all four members of the band vanished.


The last chord's note drawled out of a black haired guitarist's guitar, making the air vibrate a bit.

"Okay, Aoi, this was good." A short man said, smiling.

"Thanks, Ruki-kun." He said but suddenly yawned widely. He sheepishly smiled at Ruki who shook his head and told him to go to sleep.

"Hey, what's that?!" Uruha, the tallest of them suddenly said before the light flashed again and took all of the people in the room.

Meanwhile at VAP Studios

"Hakobune to nare to negatte..." The last notes of the song drifted off the air in the room as the short vocalist stopped singing.

"That. Was. Awesome!" The short man exclaimed, hopping up and down with a large grin on his face.

"Yeah, we don't need to rehearse anymore of this song." A pierced man with red guitar said, shaking his head at the antics of his vocalist. He could be so strange sometimes.

"Who the hell gave you sugar, Yomi?!" The tallest of them asked, frowning.

"No one, I took it myself." Yomi giggled slightly leaning forward to pinch the taller guitarist's backside.

"Ow! Yomi! Cut it out!!"

"Look out!!" the bassist said right before the same light pulled them inside.

Present time

"So you got the same?"

"Yeah, it was weird."

"So, why are we here then?"

"To find your destiny..."

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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyWed Nov 04, 2015 3:59 pm

"What destiny?! Who are you?!" Ruka barked, getting in front of some of them, thinking it's his band.

"Ruka-kun, we're here..." Yomi's voice came from the opposite side. Ruka facepalmed, it seemed he'd gotten in front of the wrong band. Then he got serious again, going to stand in front of Yomi and the others.

"You are the chosen ones..." There came the woman's voice again, making them all look up with surprise.

"Us? Really?!"

"This is some weird shit..." Ruki muttered, frowning.

"If you want to choose us for something, then you need to show yourself first! We won't do anything for someone that does not show themselves." Kai said, slightly angrily.

"Yeah, that's just not fair!" Nao added emphatically.

Pause. Everyone waited for an answer.

"Are you sure?"

"YES!!" Came from everyone. Then there was a white light and they found themselves in the middle of a forest in midnight and a creature stood in front of them. It had a yellow and blue body with a purpleish-pink forehead and shiny, purple wings.

"W-what are you?!" Reita stuttered, awed.

"Are you a Pokémon?!" Came Nao's voice shockedly. Then the exclamation of pain as he got four headsmacks at once. "Baka.." Tora muttered, shooting an apologetic look at the creature.

"Actually, the young one is right. I am the Legendary Pokémon called Cresselia."

"Whaaaat?!" Everyone chorused, shocked and in Kra's case, amazed.

"You mean a Pokémon -a freaking Pokémon- took us here?!" Keiyuu asked, eyes wide. Cresselia nodded. "That is the awesomest thing that has happened to me~..." He trailed off, his bandmates either nodding or facepalming.

"What have you brought us here for?" Asked Yomi curiously. But right when Cresselia was about to answer, a huge bang alerted everyone. There was a huge horde of Dark-type Pokémon coming up to them. And behind the horde, there was a black Pokémon that looked very dangerous.

"Darkrai!" Cresselia growled, very unhappy. Darkrai laughed, a low, scary sound and that made Nao squeak in fright and hide behind Tora.

"Zoroark, use Dark Pulse!" Darkrai said, pointing at Kai. The Pokémon immediately obeyed, sending out a dark beam at the drummer but in a split-second, someone else came in front of him, taking the hit.
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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyThu Nov 05, 2015 6:24 pm

"Reita!!" Kai screamed, catching the falling bassist before he dropped fully. The other bands stood in shock as he laid the bleeding young man onto the ground gently. "What have you done?!"

"A-are you... Are you okay, Kai-kun?" Reita whispered and whimpered in pain as Kai gently pressed on his wound.

"Am I okay?! You just took the damned hit, Akira, of course I am not okay!!" Kai said angrily. Meanwhile Cresselia was fighting Darkrai and his horde when a Chatot suddenly flew out to the guys, landing on Reita's shoulder and cooing at the bassist concernedly, as if he was its master.

"What the?! What are you doing here, birdie? Shoo!" Uruha swept his hand at the Chatot but the Pokémon was persistent, it obviously didn't want to leave what it perceived to be its master. They all were surprised as Chatot suddenly flew off.

"What the hell?" Ruki muttered right before Chatot came back with a Blissey in tow. It chattered at the Blissey and the other Pokémon put its hand on Reita's injury and they started to shine. After the shine was gone, so was the wound on Reita's stomach.

"...Thank you..." Reita said, surprised immensely. The Chatot just cooed at Reita, rubbing its head on his cheek.

"I think it liked you, Rei-kun." Aoi said, surprised as well. Reita nodded and took the Music Note Pokémon in his hand asking, "You want to be mine or something?" it made another one of its noises and nodded enthusiastically. Reita smiled at it. "Okay then."

"Awww, you're so lucky! It's so cute!" Keiyuu said, smiling at the little bird Pokémon. "Yeah, will you name it?" Sakito asked curiously.

"No, I won't. But which Pokémon is this, does any of you know??"

"This, my child, is a Chatot. Treat her well. She will be your partner from now on."

"Wait, it's a girl Pokémon?!" Ruki asked and at Cresselia's nod, he broke into laughter.

"Rei has a girl Pokémoon~" He sang and ducked with a laugh when Reita tried to smack him. The rest of their band just facepalmed or shook their heads at the scene, far too used to it. The rest of the people though just stared in surprise.

"Are they always like this?"

"They never shut up." Uruha said, still facepalming.

"Wait, are we all gonna have partner Pokémon?!" Yasuno asked. "Where's mine?!"

"Yes. But they will come to you one by one, be patient."

"Aww, I don't wannaaa~..." Yomi whined, wanting his Pokémon now.

"This means we can explore?! Yaaay!" Hiroto exclaimed happily.

"Yes. But beware. Darkrai has his own Champions for his end. They will be searching for you too." Cresselia said very seriously.

"Why did you bring us here anyways, Cresselia-san?" Ni~ya asked curiously.
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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyFri Nov 06, 2015 5:13 pm

"It is a long story, do you want to hear it still?" Cresselia asked. Everyone nodded, curiosity radiating off of the whole group.

"Then I will tell the shorter version of it. Long ago, the God of this world, Arceus, had created the Spheres. Spheres of Life and Death. These Spheres control and protect the workings of living and the dead. Darkrai is after all of the Spheres to become the only thing in this universe that has the control over life and death. If he succeeds, he can do pretty much anything he wants to do. And it seems he has set his mind on conquering two worlds, ours and yours. So Arceus has sent me to find someone who can stop this. I chose you because people in Pokémon world cannot hear me. You were the first ones who came in months."

The group were shocked. No one had been prepared for what she had told.

"So wait, Darkrai wants to rule two universes?!" Yuura asked, shocked. Cresselia nodded seriously. "That is not right!!" The bassist exclaimed. "I'm in for you, Cresselia-san!"

He got many exclamations of agreement and then, Sakito asked, "What do we need to do, Cresselia-san? Just tell us. We'll do it."

"Yeah, I don't want a jerk ruling us without a fight!" Yomi said, frowning.

"You need to find and bring the Spheres into the Altar of Balance. That will disable Darkrai from ever using them. But it will not be easy. As I said, Darkrai has his own Champions for taking the Spheres."

"We'll be careful. But could you show us what we're searching for and how many of them are there?" Uruha asked. Cresselia nodded and used her power to open a window. Inside it, there was a pure white-blue energy sphere. And on another side, there was a purely black sphere. "There are exactly 5 of each Sphere. If you can find one of them, bring it to the summit of Mountain Coronet. I will take you to the Altar of Balance then."


"Oh no, you don't." A voice came from darkness all of a sudden.
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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptySat Nov 07, 2015 5:22 pm

"What was that?!" Ruka exclaimed, immediately getting in front of his band and the rest of the protective guys, Yasuno, Aoi and Shou did the same, very cautious. From the darkness, a young man came out. His hair was blond with black underside and he had piercing blue eyes and a lip piercing.

"Who are you?!" Yasuno said, still in a protective stance over his band. The young man shook his head.

"Doesn't matter, I'll get rid of you soon. Zangoose, go!" He sent out a Pokéball and from it, a white, slightly fat Pokémon came out.

"Zan! Zangoose!"

"Zangoose, use Slash!" The stranger yelled. The Cat Ferret Pokémon immediately tried to slash at Aoi but it was repelled by Chatot who used her signature move, Chatter at the opposing Pokémon and blasted it away from Aoi.

"Zangoose! Are you alright?!" The stranger asked his Pokémon, worried. The Pokémon nodded, ready to attack again despite its obvious, slightly shaken state.

"Good going, Chatot!" Reita said, smiling at his Pokémon. He petted the Pokémon when she flew onto his shoulder. The stranger though, was not very happy and he told his Pokémon to attack once more, with the same attack and this time, Chatot was too late and it hit Ruka who gave a pained yell and clutched at his chest. In retaliation, Chatot went right to its master and used Fury Attack on his chest, making him yell as well.

"Ruka!! Are you alright?!" Hitsugi immediately was by the older man's side, trying to inspect his wound.

"Why the hell are you doing this?!" Ni~ya yelled, very angry.

"I won't let you get in the way of our Master, Darkrai!"

"So you're one of His champions, huh?" Yuura muttered, frowning. The man nodded.

"And by the way, you're too late. We already have one of the Spheres." He said, smirking condescendingly.

Suddenly, the man's cell phone ringed and he answered.

"Yes, Kiro? ... No I'm f-fine. ... Okay, I'll come back then." He closed the phone and called his Pokémon back and was gone in mere minutes.

"What the hell was with that guy?!" Yomi asked while pressing on Ruka's wound after they made him sit down.

"I don't know but we should be careful about him. He wasn't joking around." Ruki said, frowning.

"We need to get back that Sphere he mentioned though..."


The young man went into a fortress, still clutching his wound. A shorter blond immediately came up to him.

"Strify! What happened?!" He asked frantically, helping him to remove his shirt to see the wound better.

"Nothing Kiro, I'm fine. It's just a--"

"You! How dare you tell them we have a Sphere?!" came Darkrai's enraged voice from behind Kiro.

"I-I'm sorry--" Strify's voice suddenly cut off as Darkrai sent a Shadow Ball right into his wound that Chatot left on him. He screamed and fell to his knees.

"Strify! You monster! I don't trust you--" Kiro started to say but Darkrai sent another Shadow Ball onto Kiro and rendered him incapable of talking.

"Now I will take care of you, traitor." Darkrai said ominously at Strify. He levitated him and tied him to a bed.

"L-leave me alone!!"

Darkrai ignored him and used Hypnosis on Strify, making him fall asleep and then, used Nightmare to torture him.

"N-no... Please no! Strify!!!" Kiro exclaimed, running beside his prone friend in fear. To his cry, two other people came running.

"Strify!!" Exclaimed the one with muscles and black-red hair, shocked.

"What the hell has happened to him?!" The other one asked.

Darkrai glared at Kiro as he tried to explain. "He failed. This is his punishment." The Legendary Pokémon answered calmly.
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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptySun Nov 08, 2015 5:39 pm

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's Champions~

After Strify went to his master, the guys immediately crowded around Ruka, wanting to see his injury.

"Are you alright?!" Sakito exclaimed, very worried.

"Let us help!!" Keiyuu said, gently pushing the drummer into a laying position.


"Huh?? What was that?!" Ruki asked, looking around immediately.

"Look, over there!"

There was a big bird Pokémon coming to them. The guys immediately tried to hide but when the bird Pokémon saw them, it returned by itself to a nearby cabin.

"I think it wants us to follow it." Saga muttered, frowning in confusion.

"How will we do that?! There's someone injured here, you know!" Ni~ya exclaimed, standing protectively around his drummer.

That was then, the big bird returned with someone in tow. It was a tallish boy with brunette hair and glasses. He was accompanied with a cute, pink-white Pokémon and the bird Pokémon they had seen minutes ago.


"Hey, what's going on over here? Pidgeot told me something is wrong." He called out.

"Who are you?!"

"I'm Robin, I'm a breeder here. My Pidgeot told me that there was someone injured here so I came to help."

"How do we know that for sure?!"

The young man called Robin sighed and pulled out an ID to show them and said, "I have a cabin not long from here, I have medical aid."

The others looked at eachother, still undecided. But then, the Sylveon came up to Ruka and looked at his wound, cooing softly at its master. Robin came closer despite the guys' protests and looked at the wound.

"Can you walk? If not I can bring a stretcher."

"No, I'm fine." Ruka said, easily getting up. "Show the way."

~10 minutes later~

"Is this okay, Ruka-shi?" Hitsugi asked as he wrapped his torso with bandages. Ruka nodded calmly. "It's fine, Hitsugi-kun. It isn't really too bad of a wound anyways." He said.

"Not bad?! That Pokémon slashed at you! You could've died there, Satoru!" Yomi exclaimed and the rest nodded worriedly.

"You sure you're feeling fine?"

"Yeah, it was just a scratch, really."

That was then a small cat-like Pokémon came up to Hitsugi, rubbing against him and making him smile.

"Hi there, little guy." The guitarist said, petting the cat Pokémon.

"I know this Pokémon, it's a Meowth!"

"I think he liked you. You can take him if you want to."

"Really?! Then come with me, little guy!" Hitsugi said happily and the Pokémon nodded enthusiastically.

Yomi facepalmed in amusement. "Why am I not surprised that a Cat Pokémon wants Hitsugi?"

"Because he is the Neko-boy, that's why." Sakito said, also amused.
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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyMon Nov 09, 2015 6:58 pm

~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

"What happened?! He's bleeding!" The muscled man exclaimed worriedly, coming beside Kiro to inspect Strify's wound. Meanwhile the other one just stood there, frowning lightly.

"He was injured when he came in. I didn't even have time to check his wound!" Kiro said, trying to stop the bleeding Strify had on his chest. It wasn't easy though, as the vocalist was thrashing around due to Darkrai's nightmare attack.

"Yu, Romeo, help me keep him still while I bind his wound!" Kiro yelled. Yu immediately came to hold Strify's thrashing body but Romeo didn't move from his spot.

"Romeo!" Kiro screamed but the man shook his head.

"What if Darkrai punishes us too for helping him?!"

"You're thinking of THAT, Romeo?! What kind of a friend are you?! Strify needs us right now!!" Kiro screamed at him angrily, almost forgetting to bind the wound.

~Meanwhile in another part of the fortress~

"Strify has failed." Darkrai growled at the short man in front of him, frustrated.

"Don't worry, Master, I will clean after him." The short man said, kneeling in front of the Pitch Black Pokémon obediently.

"I hope so or you will get the same punishment as him."

"I-I will, Master!"

"Then go!"

~Meanwhile with the others~

"Go to hell Romeo! If you won't help, go grovel in front of your goddamn 'Master'!!" Kiro said as he finished wrapping up the still-thrashing Strify.

"We need to wake him up, this is going bad, Kiro." Yu said worriedly as he tried to wake their vocalist up to no avail. Strify was still whimpering and groaning in fear without opening his eyes.

"Zangoose! Zan, Zangoose!"

The poor Zangoose was right beside its master, wanting to help him but no calling out to him helped Strify.

"I-I'll try to convince Master to free him!" Romeo said but he only got a death glare from their shortest.

"So you will grovel after all? You're forgetting who you are Romeo!" Kiro said before turning his attention back at Strify. Romeo ran to where he knew Darkrai was at, leaving Yu and Kiro to tend to Strify and his Zangoose.

~Meanwhile inside Strify's mind~

Strify was running down a corridor covered in red, blood-like substance.

"You failed them..."

"No! There is still time!!"

"They depended on you, Andreas. And now, they're dead." The voice continued.

"NO!! They're alive, I know they... Are..." Strify trailed off because he saw a body of his friend, laying there lifelessly. "LUMINOR!!!!" He ran to the body, holding it.

"No! This is not real! This can't be real! Please let them be okay!!" Strify started to cry.
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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyTue Nov 10, 2015 9:27 pm

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's Champions~

"You sure you're okay, Ruka-shi?" Yomi asked as they were getting ready to leave Robin's cottage.

"Yeah, like I said, it was only a scratch, really. No need to fret, Yomi-kun." The older man replied, smiling slightly at the shorter man.

"Thank goodness for that, ne?" The others nodded.

"I hope that guy never turns up again." Taizo said calmly. He wasn't very happy about how things had turned around in the battle against the young man.

"Yeah, no kidding, he was damn awful." Keiyuu agreed with his bandmate.

"But I'm pretty sure we will, he was one of Darkrai's champions after all." Ni~ya said logically. Meanwhile Hitsugi who wasn't taking a part on the conversation was playing with his new Pokémon.

"You're so cute! I'm gonna be your friend, okay?" Hitsugi was saying to Meowth who kept rubbing his head on the guitarist's hand and meowing. The rest of Nightmare watched him with smiles since the view was really adorable.

"He liked his new partner, didn't he?" Kai said in amusement. The Nightmare members all nodded. "He loves cats, he has three of them back home so don't be surprised about that." Sakito said matter-of-factly.

The others smiled as well and Chatot went to Meowth, wanting to be his friend. The Cat Pokémon mock-growled at the Music Note Pokémon but soon, they were playing together peacefully. That was then, Yomi tripped and almost fell.

"What the?! What's that?!" The vocalist exclaimed annoyedly.

The short man almost kicked it before Sakito stopped him, telling him to look closer to the item.

"Oh my God, Yomi, I think you nearly tripped on a Sphere!"

~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

"No... Please no..."

Kiro was at a loss. No matter what he and Yu did, Strify never woke up. And he had even begun to cry in his coma-like sleep. He felt it was his duty as the oldest to keep his friends safe and he felt like he'd failed at it. And his Pokémon hadn't returned from wherever it had disappeared to.

"Plus, Plusle..."

"What is it, Plusle?" The short bassist asked sadly to his partner. The small Pokémon saw how sad her master was and tried to tell him something.

"Plusle!" The Cheering Pokémon took Kiro's hand and tried to pull him to somewhere.

"You want me to come with you?" Pokémon nodded immediately, cooing softly. "But... I don't want to leave Strify..."

"I'll stay with him if you want." said another blond man.

"Thank you, Shinya, if you keep him safe, I'll be forever grateful to you." Kiro said, getting up from his chair as he smiled sadly at his Pokémon.

"It's okay, I'll keep him safe."

Kiro nodded and let his small Plusle lead the way to her findings. After a short walk, they came to an isolated part of the fortress.

"Plusle! We shouldn't be here! This is the forbidden part of the castle!! If Darkrai catches us..." They had come to a half-opened door.

"Plusle! Plus~!"

"You want me to go inside this?!" At the Pokémon's nod, Kiro sighed. "The things I will do for my friends..." He whispered as he slipped inside. Inside, he saw a pitch-black Sphere and a paper consisting of an obvious writing of ancient times.

"This says if the Spheres were to be broken with an ancient ritual, both worlds will be the breaker's! Plusle, this is serious! We'll need back up!"

"Look what I have found, a small traitor slipped inside."
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Through the Portal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyWed Nov 11, 2015 8:13 pm

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

Yomi bent down to inspect the Sphere, curious. It was just like what the Legendary Pokémon had showed them, pure white-blue energy swirling around inside a sphere. Then Yomi slowly tried to take it out of the crevasse it was stuck in.

"Careful! You can break it!" Ruki said. "We need something to widen the crack so we can take it out safely!" The slightly taller vocalist said.

"Yeah, that's a good thinking, Ruki-san. But where do we get such an item??" Sakito said, frowning lightly.

"Maybe this would help?" A voice came from behind them, making all of them whirl around. It was a young, blond and tall man who was extending a chisel.

"Who are you?? Why are you helping us?!" Ruka asked.

"Someone who knows what you're after." The young man said. And he added in a whisper, "And I know you can help my friend..."

"What happened to your friend?" Hitsugi asked gently. The young man sighed silently. "He's being captive against his will by Darkrai."

"Oh..." Ni~ya said, surprised.

"Who's your friend? Maybe we can help you but you need to give us that chisel now." Yuura said gently, holding out his hand towards the stranger.

"His name is Strify. My other friend said he was in danger because of Darkrai so I came here to free him." He said sadly as he gave the chisel.

"What's your name then?"

"I'm Shin, nice to meet you. What about your names?"

"I'm Yomi, these guys," The vocalist pointed out his bandmates, "Are my bandmates; Sakito, Hitsugi, Ni~ya and Ruka. We form the band Nightmare. Pleased to meet you, Shin-san."

"I'm Ruki and these guys are my bandmates; Aoi, Reita, Uruha and Kai. We are the GazettE. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Keiyuu and these three are my bandmates; Taizo, Yuura and Yasuno. and we..."

"Are KRA!" All four said at once, making Shin surprised.

"And lastly, I'm Shou and these four are my bandmates and best friends; Tora, Hiroto, Saga and lastly, Nao. We're forming the band Alice Nine." Shou said, bowing slightly.

"Nice to meet all of you. So, will you help me get Strify and my other friends out of this place?"

"Of course. Just help us in return and we'll help you as well."

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's fortress, an hour ago~

"W-what are you doing here, Kyo!? This place is forbidden!!" Kiro stammered, knowing Kyo is nothing but bad news for him.

"Master sent me to a mission and I need to take something from here. And what are you doing here, shorty?"

"I-I... I was looking for a way to save my friend here!!" Kiro exclaimed. Then Kyo got an evil smirk.

"What if I raise the alarm now? What would you do? You and your Pokémon are weaklings after all, you wouldn't last a minute against me or Master."

"T-that's not true! Plusle would Own your blöd Pokémon!!" Kiro said, very offended.

"Plus! Plusle!!"

"How about a battle then? If I win, I will raise the alarm. But if you somehow win, you can do one thing you want. How about that?"

"I'm in. Let's do it! Go Plusle, I trust you!"


"Go, Bisharp, let's show these weakling traitors their place!"


"Plusle, use Charge!"

Plusle started to create yellow sparks around her body, getting ready to use her stronger attacks.

"Hmpf, as if you can beat me with this. Bisharp, use Metal Claw!"

"Plusle!!!" Kiro exclaimed as he watched the Cheering Pokémon trying to dodge the incoming sharp, metallic claws of her opponent. He took a deep breathe once she dodged it to calm himself.

"Plusle, use Thunder!!"

The Cheering Pokémon suddenly sent out an incredible amount of electrical charge at Bisharp, hitting it right on the head and blasting it back from herself.

The fight continued for half an hour and both Pokémon got tired. But it was when Bisharp tried to tackle his opponent that the winner was clear.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyThu Nov 12, 2015 4:24 pm

Bisharp tried to tackle the little Plusle but she immediately dodged it at the last minute, making the Sword Blade Pokémon hit the wall behind her. And then, without Kiro even having to give a simple order, she used Thunder and practically electrocuted Bisharp, making him faint successfully.

"Bisharp, no!!" Kyo ran to his Pokémon and took him into his arms, giving him a Revive.

"Good job, Plusle, you're awesome." Kiro said, petting his Pokémon. "You deserved a treat."

"Okay, you won. Now you can do whatever you want." Kyo muttered grudgingly. "Be quick though, Master might come here and if he finds out that I'm still here..." The short vocalist shuddered. Kiro nodded. "Then help me get two more of my friends here, they'll be helpful for Strify, I know they will."

"Alright, tell their names."

"Luminor and Shin. They're probably at Shin's house since Luminor said they would be there."

Kyo nodded and said, "Okay, I will transport them. But you have to warn them before I do."

Kiro nodded, calling Luminor to tell what was going on and afterwards, Kyo summoned them into the world they were in with a chanting spell and then left. And then, Kiro gave the two of them a brief summary of what had happened to Strify, making them shocked.

"You should go back to Strify." Luminor said, "We will take care of the rest, Kiro, don't worry." Shin added gently, knowing Kiro's habit of worrying himself to death whenever his friends had a problem. Kiro nodded, running back to Strify's side. He found Strify just as he had left him; asleep with Shinya by his side, reading a book.

"Oh, you're back?"

"Yeah, I am. Thank you for staying with him."

"What did Plusle want?"

"Plusle! Plus, Plusle!" Kiro's Pokémon shook her head vigorously at her trainer.

"I guess she doesn't want me to tell you, sorry, Shinya."

"It's alright, you can tell me any time you want to."


~Meanwhile with the others~

"So that's your story, huh?" Keiyuu said after Shin told them what was happening. They were at a loss as to what to do. On one hand, Strify was someone innocent. But on the other hand, he worked for Darkrai, possibly endangering them.

"Can you somehow show us your other friend? The one who brought you here?" Hitsugi asked gently. Shin nodded and brought a photo on his phone. In it, were the young man who had attacked them and another, shorter blond man. Shin pointed out the shorter man as his friend.

"That's Kiro. He was the one who brought us here." He said.


"He brought one another one of my friends with me, Luminor. But he stayed back with Kiro to help him take care of Strify and possibly protect him as well."

"Okay. But we first need to get this Sphere out, we can't let Darkrai's minions to have this."

Shin nodded, giving the chisel to Ni~ya who knelt down to take a rock from the ground and approached the crack. He brought the chisel down and and hit it with the rock, effectively widening the crack.

"There, now we can have a chance against him."

"I'm sorry but that's not gonna happen."
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Everyone turned around at the voice and saw a short man with a sharp looking Pokémon. The guys immediately recognized him though.

"Kyo-san?? You're one of Darkrai's champions??" Keiyuu said, surprised.

"Why am I not surprised?" Saga muttered, annoyed. They all knew who Kyo was and they all disliked him.

"Would you look at that, the copycat shorty is here too." Kyo said, smirking evilly at Yomi.

"What'd you just call me?!" Yomi lunged at Kyo, prepared to punch the lights out of the slightly taller man. But right when he reached him, Kyo's Bisharp stood in front of his trainer, ready to protect him and if Ruki's quick reflexes hadn't acted, Yomi would've been stabbed in the gut by the Sharp Blade Pokémon.

"Let me go! I'm gonna kill him!!!" Yomi screamed while Kyo smirked at the struggling vocalist.

"You have no right to call us copycats, Kyo-san, especially considering just what you do on-stage to yourself." Ni~ya said angrily as he helped to keep Yomi away from the older vocalist.

"That is none of your business. Now, will you give me that Sphere you've got or should I get it by force?"

"Hell NO!" All of them said, Yasuno holding the Sphere securely away from Kyo.

"Then I will take it by force. Bisharp, use Metal Claw! But don't harm the Sphere!"

"Bisharp." The Pokémon nodded at his master and got ready to claw the Sphere away from Yasuno who had taken it from Ni~ya. But right then, a small Pokémon came out of nowhere and tackled Bisharp, making him lose balance and fall over.

"Eevee~!" It said, standing close to Yomi.

Yomi got wide eyed, "You're my partner?" He asked to the small Pokémon. The Evolution Pokémon nodded and snuggled to the vocalist's side which made Yomi very happy.

"Bisharp, try again!"

Just as Bisharp was about to use his metallic claws again, Eevee, Chatot and Meowth came together and made their attacks at the Pokémon.

"Dammit... Bisharp, use Metal Sound!"

Bisharp nodded back and made a metallic sound at the three Pokémon that were defending the Sphere and the guys. Only Chatot managed to dodge the sound's effect since she could fly up and far above the sound but the others fell down, trying to cover their ears. Same was applied to their human friends as well, they were frantically trying to close their ears and in Yasuno's case, trying not to let the Sphere fall.

"I will get that Sphere to the Master, thank you." Kyo said as he approached to the drummer.

~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

Kiro looked at Strify, trying to decide if he should change his bandages since they were put in quite a while ago but he didn't know if he should change it because of the younger's thrashing around.

"No! Kiro, please stop it!.." Strify was saying in his dream.

"I'm here, Strify. I'll always be here."

"Kiro, can you come a moment? Master is asking for you." Die asked quietly. He was pitying the short man and his friend but there was no other way to do this.

"Okay... Plusle, would you stay with Strify?"

"Plus~, Plusle." The Cheering Pokémon nodded vigorously and jumped onto the chair Kiro was sitting in.

"Actually, your Pokémon is needed too..."

"Okay but I can't leave Strify alone, who will stay with him and change his bandages when needed??"

"I can do it."

"Okay then, thank you. C'mon, Plusle." Kiro said, sighing almost inaudibly before turning and leaving the room, his Pokémon running behind him.

"I'm sorry for this, Kiro-san..." Die said sadly.

Kiro went to the throne room of Darkrai, curious and dreadful. There, Darkrai was floating on a throne, glaring at him.

"You must be wondering why I brought you here, do you not?"

"Yes, sir."

"I know what you have done. You have disobeyed my order and went to the Forbidden Wing of the castle."

"W-what!? I-I didn't!!"

Darkrai snapped his fingers and out of shadows, Romeo came out.

"I saw you go in there, Kiro, don't lie please. Master wants our good."

"You-you TRAITOR!!!! I did nothing wrong you bastard!!" Kiro exclaimed, beyond angry.

"You will be punished accordingly. Do not worry, you will not be in a nightmare like your other traitor friend is. But you will regret what you have done. Catch him."

~With Cresselia's champions~

As Kyo approached Yasuno, Chatot immediately dove down only to land on Kyo's head and peck him. Kyo yelled in pain and cursed profoundly at the Music Note Pokémon, momentarily forgetting about the Sphere. Seeing this, Shou immediately took the Sphere from Yasuno and put it onto his back, hiding it. And then, a bright light shone upon them, signalling Cresselia's arrival.

"Go away you scum!" The Legendary Pokémon said before sending a Dazzling Gleam to his Bisharp and making it faint.

"Bisharp, no!!" Kyo exclaimed, running to his Pokémon's side. "This is not over! I will get you once Bisharp is fine you bastards!"

After Kyo was gone, Cresselia turned to Shin. "My child. Your friend is in the hands of Darkrai, I know. You need to warn them, if he dies in his dreams, he won't live in real world either. You must wake him up at once. But for me to give you my feather, you must prove your friend is worthy of saving."

Shin turned pale as a sheet. "H-how?! He did nothing wrong, I know it, Strify isn't the person for the wrong kind of things!"

"I do not know that. He is still working for Darkrai. For me to free him, you must help him understand this isn't a good thing."

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptySat Nov 14, 2015 5:45 pm

"But how can I do that?! He's asleep right now from what Kiro told me!" Shin said, looking so worried.

"Maybe there's a way to get inside his mind to tell him?" Kai said, feeling symphatetic for the young man. Shin immediately looked at Cresselia, hoping she would say something useful. Cresselia nodded.

"There is a way. But you must find the ingredient for it for your friend's mind will not be a safe place right now." The Legendary Pokémon said gently. Shin nodded back.

"Whatever I need, I don't care. Just tell me what I need to do and I will do it. Strify's life is important to me."

"Okay then. Listen carefully, child."

~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

Kiro backed down a little as three of Darkrai's minions and their Pokémon came up to him with the intention to catch him.

"I won't let you! Plusle, use Thunder!"

"Plusle!!" The Cheering Pokémon sent out a good amount of electrical charge at the Poochyena before her, making it faint in one hit. Kiro smiled at his brave Pokémon, proud.

Romeo just watched with growing fear as Kiro and his Plusle beat the minions one by one easily. He knew Darkrai wouldn't let Kiro win. But Kiro defended himself quite well up until Darkrai himself came to Kiro, obviously wanting to fight him.

"You defend yourself well, traitor. Let us see if you can defend yourself against your own friend and me." The Pitch Black Pokémon said, bringing forward Romeo.

"Oh, I look forward to that fight..." Kiro muttered, sending a death glare at Romeo. Romeo sent out his Muk and the fight began. Kiro tried to defend himself and his Pokémon but eventually, it became too much for him.

"Ugh!" Kiro uttered as he fell forward to his face, defeated. Romeo looked on, trying to keep his face straight while wanting to cry.

"I-I'm not... Afraid of you, Darkrai! We'll get out... Of this god forsaken... Castle!" Kiro said while panting in pain.

"Take him and his Pokémon to the dungeons. I will carry his punishment out at dawn." Darkrai said to Romeo who nodded quickly. He took the half conscious man and supported him while his Muk took Plusle onto his back and they brought him to the torture chambers sadly. He deposited the older man in one of the cells and Muk put the unconscious Plusle beside him gently.

"Romeo..." Kiro whispered.

"What is it, Kiro? I'm so sorry..."

"I will... Never forgive you..." The bassist said before losing consciousness. Romeo gave a shocked cry at the words, upset and tried to shake Kiro awake, apologizing all the while.

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

Shin listened to Cresselia intently as she explained what he needed to do to go into Strify's mind.

"You will need a Pokémon's tears. And you will have to see your friend's body to go into his mind. But it will not be easy as he is in Darkrai's fortress."

"I will do anything to keep my friends safe. Just tell me how I can find Pokémon tears and I'll be set to go."

"I think you will have to make a Pokémon cry, Shin-san." Ruki said worriedly. Shin turned around in shock.

"What?! B-but I can't harm an innocent Pokémon! They don't deserve that! And Strify would be damn pissed at me if I did something like that!!" The young man exclaimed, shocked thoroughly.

"I bet you can find some without hurting any Pokémon, actually, Shin-san. I bet Darkrai's fortress will be full of Pokémon that are hurting in the first place." Taizo said, frowning. Shin nodded.

"Then I'm going to Darkrai's fortress. I won't let my friends go without a fight."

"Be careful my child, there is nothing but dread in there." Cresselia warned Shin and he nodded. "I will. Thank you for all your help." With this, he ran back to where he came from.
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~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

Romeo sobbed quietly in his room. It hurt to know that Kiro would be tortured because of him. The last words he had heard from Kiro rang inside his head over and over again, making him nearly go insane with guilt. Yu came into his room and hugged him.

"It'll be okay, Romeo. We'll find a way. I promise." He said soothingly, trying to calm him down. He'd learned what Romeo had done from one of the bloodied minions Kiro had fought. Yet, he didn't really blame Romeo, he knew the younger man was dead afraid of Darkrai.

"H-how? I-I betrayed him, Hannes!"

"Kiro is strong, as long as he has Plusle on his side, he will be alright." Yu said gently. He had full confidence on Kiro's battling abilities.

"You should've seen him, Yu, he was so-so brave! He fought those minions so effortlessly a-and then... M-Master wanted me to fight him alongside him! I-I--" Romeo brought his head down, ashamed.

"Romeo, look at me." Yu said, serious.

"I-I can't... It's just like h-he said... I'm a traitor." Romeo whispered, tears streaming down his face. Yu sighed and brought a hand down Romeo's chin, making him look up whether he wanted to or not.

"Romeo, you know Kiro is too strong to just give up. He will forgive you, he'd never be able to stay mad at us for long, you know that very well. Stop torturing yourself."

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

Kiro was half conscious. He didn't know how long it had been since he had been brought into this hellhole. He faintly hoped that his little partner was fine. She had done nothing wrong after all, all she had done was to stand bravely by his side even when they were defeated. He turned his head with a pained whimper and saw his Plusle chained up in a small cage and cried out with shock.

"Look, the princess has finally awoken from his beauty sleep." A voice came from in front of him and Kiro looked up with shock.

"Y-you?! W-what are you doing he--" His sentence was cut off when the young man with dreadlocks in front of him dragged him to somewhere with a lot of chains and tied him up with some of them.

"Now you will pay for betraying our Master." Another young man with black, spiked hair said, grinning sadistically. Kiro gulped, not knowing what to expect from the two of them. Then the black haired man picked up a hot iron, branding Kiro with it and making the bassist scream in pain.

"B-bring it on! I-I will never give into y-your master!" Kiro panted out, pain radiating through him.

"Don't be so sure." The one in dreadlocks said, smirking at his pain. Then they went away to get a syringe filled with a strange fluid.

"When we inject this, you will be a good servant~." The black haired man said. Kiro's eyes widened, understanding what they were about to do to him.

"No! I c-can't! Please no!!"

Neither of them listened and the dreadlocked young man took one of Kiro's restrained arms and injected the serum in it. In five minutes, Kiro's eyes flashed red and he smiled twistedly.

"Welcome aboard, Kiro." The spiky haired one said.

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

"Ne, I hope Shin-san is alright." Keiyuu said gently. They all were worried about the people in Darkrai's fortress but they had no chance of helping them without collecting the Spheres.

"Yeah, hopefully, he's gotten to his friend fastly. Darkrai is so cruel, isn't he? Putting someone into an endless nightmare is awful." Hitsugi said.

"No kidding, that sucks. This is why we need to beat Darkrai. His evil reign has to stop." Yomi agreed quickly.

"We should bring this Sphere to Cresselia-san though. But how do we do that? She's gone now after all." Tora said.

"We need to get to that mountain she mentioned, remember?" Saga replied his bandmate.

"Then we should start walking, I guess." Aoi said, getting up from where he was sitting.

They all nodded and Shou picked the Sphere from where he had put it during Kyo's attack.

"Let's go~!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyMon Nov 16, 2015 10:22 pm

~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

Shin panted as he ran inside the castle, ready to find the suffering Pokémon and get their tears to help Strify. He also had decided to release the poor Pokémon so they wouldn't be suffering anymore. He managed to get inside the castle without anyone finding him and got inside Yu's room.

"Yu!" He whispered, making the guitarist who was laying on his bed to fall down in shock.

"Shin?! W-what are you doing here?!" He said after getting up from the floor, slightly embarrassed.

"Kiro brought me and Luminor here, he told us what happened to Strify so we want to help him. And I know exactly how to!"

"What?! What do we need to do?!" Yu asked.

"Where are the others? I need to tell this to all of you."

At this, Yu sobered. "Shin, we need to talk..."

"What happened now? We need to get the others, if Strify dies in his dream, then he'll die here too!" Shin said, aggressively, he was really worried about Strify.

"They... They took Kiro..." Yu said slowly, trying to think of a way that would make Shin understand what had happened without making him want to kill Romeo.

"What?! Why?!"

Yu told everything that had happened while he was gone and when he finished, Shin was shaking with rage. He couldn't believe one of them would do this to them all.

"Bring. Romeo. Here. NOW!" Shin said, still shaking in anger. Yu swallowed and nodded, running out of the room. After a good five minutes which Shin spent with getting Luminor into the room and telling him everything, Yu came back with the shame-faced Romeo in tow.

"You!! How could you do this to Kiro of all people?!" Shin screamed and punched Romeo in the face as the others watched in shock. Shin rarely ever lost his temper but when he did, it was known to be explosive.

"I-I'm sorry..."

"Tell that to Kiro, you bastard! If he's even still alive!!"

Romeo flinched at the drummer's words. He knew these words were truth, but to have them thrown into his face hurt him even more.

"A-anyways, you said you knew a way of helping Strify?"


"Yes. But we need to warn him somehow inside his mind. Because apparently, if he dies in that dream of his, he'll die in real life as well!"


~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

It finally became the time for them to sleep.

"Ne, it was such a long day, wasn't it?" Keiyuu said, yawning widely.

Shou yawned as well along with many of their group.

"Yeah, we totally need to sleep." Nao said tiredly. "We can begin the Sphere-hunt tomorrow."

Yomi nodded while scheming for a prank. He wanted to prank the rest of his band and probably mortify them all in one shot. Right after they started sleeping, Yomi went for a nearby tree to find some resin to put it onto his bandmates' pillows.

"Hehe, it will be so much fun when they realize what happened~..." He said, grinning at his Eevee who had come to watch Yomi curiously.

~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

Shin told them all what they'd needed to do and him and Yu were going to decide who was going to get the Pokémon tears.

"Let's rule out Romeo from the beginning, he's our only chance at making it seem like we're still working for Darkrai."

"I wasn't going to include a traitor anyways." Shin said coldly. Romeo just averted his face, trying to keep his tears in.

"So, how are we going to decide it?" Luminor who hadn't really talked up to that point spoke up while glaring at Romeo.

"Rock-Paper-Scissors seems to be a very good idea. The winners will stay with the traitor and the loser will go to collect the tears. And the winners will do another round to decide who will use the tears." Shin said calmly.

They all nodded at that. The first match was between Luminor and Yu and Luminor won. Then Yu was up against Shin who lost quite fastly. And then, Luminor went up against Shin who lost again. Shin sighed, taking the glass phial from the nearby shelf and got up to leave.

"Be careful..." Romeo whispered from behind. Shin didn't even turn around and just left the room without saying anything.

He descended so many stairs and arrived at the dungeons, knowing the captive Pokémon and people were in there. When he saw the cages with Pokémon inside, he gasped in shock and distress. There were so many that cried out to him to free them. But one cage in particular stood out to him. In it, there was a little Plusle with teary eyes and injured body.

"Plusle! Plus~!" It called out to him. This was an invitation that Shin could not resist. He immediately went up to the cage and looked at the sad Cheering Pokémon.

"Hey there, little guy. Can you give me a few tears?" He soothingly whispered at the Plusle. He didn't know why but this Pokémon came familiar to him somehow.

"Plusle~.." It nodded and cried a few tears into the phial, making sobbing noises. Shin's heart went out for it but he didn't have time to free it right then.

"I'll come back for you, little buddy, okay? But I need to first bring these tears to my friend, okay?" The drummer whispered to the Pokémon. It nodded tiredly and sat down in its cage. Just as he was about to leave however, a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Going somewhere, Marcel?"

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyTue Nov 17, 2015 4:39 pm

Shin whirled around and there stood Kiro. There was something in his stance that somehow didn't appeal to Shin. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

"Kiro, oh my God, I was so worried about you! Yu told me everything a-and--"

"I'm fine. But I can't let you take those tears to that idiot." Kiro whispered and smiled evilly. That was then it hit Shin that Kiro was not himself at all. Kiro took a long knife and approached the shocked drummer.

"K-Kiro?! What are you doing?! S-stop! This is not you!!" He screamed and managed to dodge when Kiro attacked him. He started to run with the phial clutched tightly in his hand.

He knew to help Kiro, they needed to first help Strify. He ran a long way to the staircase and when he did so, Kiro slashed at him with the knife, finally hitting him in the back and making him yell in pain. But despite that, he started to climb the stairs and when Kiro tried to follow, he hit a barrier and fell back, glaring.

"I'll come back for you, Kiro, I swear I'll come back for you." Shin said frantically, his eyes begging the older man. He wanted to cry at the state his friend was in.

"I'll kill you!! Come back here!!" Kiro was saying through the barrier and Shin couldn't bear it any longer and he just turned around and left him, the bassist standing there, fuming that he got away.

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

Yomi snickered as his Eevee watched him curiously while he took of his bandmates' pants and applied the resin he had gathered to their hands.

"They will be so happy, Eevee, just watch." He said with a dirty grin on his face and slowly he took their sticky hands and put them into eachother's asses, trying not to laugh too hard and accidentally wake them up too early.

He snickered one more time as he finished up and watched his friends shift in their sleep while their hands were in somewhere unspeakable. Then, he went to sleep with his Eevee snuggling him.

~In the morning~

"What the hell?! What is your hand doing in there?!" A voice pierced through Sakito's dream. That and a constant tugging at his right hand.

"Ugh, what??"

"Take your hand out of my ass, Sakaguchi!"

Sakito looked blearily at Ni~ya who was pissed off and tugging at his hand. Then he looked at the said hand and shrieked.

"What the hell!? I-I'm trying!!" The guitarist said, trying to pull his hand free. It was for naught, however. The sticky stuff that joined them would not let the guitarist pull it off without hurting the bassist.

"OW!! Be careful, I'm sensitive there!"

"Be quiet over there! Some of us are trying to sleep here!" Came the annoyed voice of Ruki from somewhere behind them.

"Who the heck did this to us?!" The bassist exclaimed, pissed off. He looked over at the still sleeping Ruka and Hitsugi and saw the same thing had happened to them and then, it clicked.


~Meanwhile at Darkrai's fortress~

Shin managed to get into the room, panting and about to cry. Seeing this, Yu immediately came over.

"Shin! Did you get the tears?! What happened?! You're bleeding!!"

The other two ran to Shin at that, wanting to inspect his wound.

"T-this is all your fault, Romeo..." The drummer whispered. "They... They broke Kiro! He was mindlessly attacking me!"

"WHAT?!" Came from all of them.

"What do you mean they broke him?! He wouldn't attack you!" Yu said, alarmed. Shin shook his head.

"He wasn't himself, Hannes. He just started to attack me when I said I got help for Strify." Shin said, trying not to cry. Meanwhile Romeo was frozen in shock.

"It was my fault... He's like this because of me..." He whispered, tears starting to well up in his eyes. He couldn't believe the soft, sweet Kiro would attack them mindlessly. He felt like he should've been in his place instead.

"Damn straight, you traitor!" Shin exploded at him while Luminor cleaned his wound.

"This is not the time to blame someone, Marcel. We first need to tend to Strify so we can take on Kiro and hopefully bring him back to us." Luminor said soothingly.


"No buts. Now, give us the tears, alright? I'll go inside Strify's mind so we can wake him up."

Shin nodded, giving Luminor the phial he'd gotten the Plusle's tears in.

"Be careful in there, Luminor..."

Luminor nodded with a gentle smile.

"Everything will be okay, Shin. We'll make sure of it."

"I have an idea, how about one of us goes to Kiro and make sure he's safe? I'm really worried about him. And there are so many Pokémon there, all chained up." Shin said sadly.

"I'll do it! This is my chance to make things right. At least with Kiro." Romeo said, immediately getting up. Yu shook his head.

"What will you be able to do if Kiro attacks you too?? We can't do this to him."

"No, I will make things right this time. I brought him into this mess and I will take him out of it." Romeo said, getting out of the room. He was determined to bring Kiro back to them.

"I will make everything okay again, Kiro..."

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyWed Nov 18, 2015 5:05 pm

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

"Yomi, I am going to kill you!!" Sakito exclaimed, still trying to extract his hand from Ni~ya's pants while the rest of the bands watched with shock and amusement on their faces. The pranked ones, however, were beet red and were avoiding eye contact with everyone.

"I totally agree with you!! OW! Watch it, Mitsuo!" Ruka said while trying to get away from the rhythm guitarist.


Yomi was trying not to laugh meanwhile, knowing they were not happy with him. But it was all so hilarious. He had never seen Ruka so embarrassed in the eight years he had known the drummer.

"Yomi!! Tell us how to get out of this or so help me God, I'll kill you!!!" Ruka screamed and that broke last of Yomi's will to not laugh. He laughed so hard tears came out of his eyes.

"J-just-Just take your h-hands out quickly." He said between his laughter. Sakito was the first person to try his idea and counting from three, the older guitarist pulled his hand quickly from Ni~ya's rear, making him yell in pain but actually managing to get his hand out.

"OUCH! Sakito!!"

"I'm sorry!"

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's fortress~

Shin whimpered as Luminor slowly bandaged his wound. He still couldn't believe what had happened to their dear Kiro. He hated Romeo so much at that moment that he wished Kiro would kill him instead. Yu looked at the younger man, knowing what he was probably thinking.

"Shin, I know it hurts you to know Kiro is this way, hell, it hurts me too, but you need to understand, Darkrai is powerful. Romeo had every right to fear that bastard." Yu said softly, trying to make him understand. He didn't fully blame Romeo after having seen what the Pitch Black Pokémon had done to the people who had failed before them.

"If I were him, Hannes, I would rather die with him than betraying Kiro. Romeo has no conscience at all after doing this to him and his poor Plusle!" Shin said angrily. Luminor nodded as well.

"Romeo did something way too big this time, Yu. I don't think I can forgive him either. At least not till Kiro is back to us." Luminor added, shaking his head sadly.

"Wait, what happened to Kiro's Plusle?! Is she alright?!" Yu asked, alarmed.

"She's not... She was chained up and injured in a cage Yu and she was crying too! Where do you think I got those tears so easily?! Tell me how I can forgive Romeo after seeing this!!" Shin said, tears falling again.

"A-anyways, now who is gonna use those tears??" Yu said quickly, trying to calm himself down along with helping Shin.

"I will. In meanwhile, you should make sure that traitor doesn't hurt Kiro anymore." Luminor said and got out of the room, heading to the room Strify was sleeping in.

"Marcel, please, try to understand, this is hard for him too."

"Like HELL it is, Yu! He betrayed us, fair and square!"

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

Romeo finally got into the dungeons, looking for Kiro and Plusle. He knew something bad could happen to him if he somehow came in contact with Kiro but he didn't care. He knew he had to right what he'd done wrong. And then, he saw the cages full of Pokémon.

"Oh my God! What the hell is this!?" He exclaimed, running to the cages and then, he saw Plusle at the back of one of the cages, injured and sad but obviously not giving up.

"Plusle! Look up!"

"Plus~! Plusle!" She looked up and when she saw Romeo, she went as close to him as she could and tried to use her Discharge attack on him, pissed off.

"Plusle, I know you're angry at me but please, tell me where your trainer is! I swear I will make everything right again!"

"Plusle~." She shook her head tiredly and sat back down, looking so sad that Romeo couldn't help but be sad as well.

"Looking for me, huh, Romeo?" Kiro whispered right behind him. Romeo whirled around only to see the bassist standing there with a twisted, dangerous smile. Romeo backed away a little, unnerved by the look on his face. He knew they'd done something to Kiro but he hadn't expected it to be this bad.

"K-Karsten... I'm... I'm so sorry!!" With that, Romeo threw himself at Kiro, sobbing his apologies. "I swear I will make things right again, Kiro, just-just give me a chance, please!"

"You can't. Not anymore." Was the last thing Romeo heard before a piercing pain shot right through him, making him faint.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyThu Nov 19, 2015 7:16 pm

~Meanwhile in Yu's room~

"I'm starting to get worried, Shin. Maybe we should check on Romeo." Yu said worriedly. It had been a long time since the older had gone down to check on Kiro. Shin shrugged uncaringly.

"If you want to take care of the traitor, fine, Yu. But I don't care one bit about what happens to him anymore. Not after what he's done to Kiro."

"That's ruthless of you, Marcel. Anyways, I'm going to check on him and let's hope to Gott he's alright..." Yu said, getting up from where he was sitting.

"Then I'll go sit with Luminor as he's warning Strify. And Yu," Shin said, making the guitarist pause. "Don't be so caring for a traitor like him. I don't want to lose you as a friend as well."

Yu nodded slightly and got out of the room and for a moment, he just leaned against the wall with a quiet sigh. He didn't know what to do anymore. Romeo was his best friend but even he knew that he'd done something very wrong. But he had full confidence that Kiro would overcome this and come back to them. He just needed some time. And Yu hoped that it would be before Romeo was broken as well from the sheer pressure on him.

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

Romeo came to with a groan, everything in his body hurting like crazy. He struggled to remember the last thing he'd done and then it hit him, making his eyes widen.

"Kiro..!" He managed to utter, his throat feeling like sandpaper.

"Look who's woken up. The little traitor." Came the sarcastic voice of Kiro from the left of him. He managed to look up only to see the bassist grinning with a sadistic look on his face. He immediately went for another apology but Kiro cut him off before he even got one word out.

"What do you think you're doing here, Romeo, I don't think Master sent you here so tell me, what is your purpose in here?"

"I'm here... Because I want to apologize to you... I should've died with you instead of betraying you, Kiro." Romeo said, tears falling unbidden from his eyes. At this, Kiro just scoffed.

"Apologize? Why do you have to apologize, I'm reborn, powerful now. And I owe that all to you."

"What?! No! Karsten, this isn't you! You're not a heartless person! Please, come back to us, I swear I will never betray you ever again!" Romeo said in a pained tone. It killed him inside to see their beloved bassist like this. Especially knowing he was the reason of it.

"Yes, Romeo, you will never betray me again. I will make sure of it." Kiro said while picking up a long knife from a table nearby.

~Meanwhile with Luminor~

Luminor sat calmly into the chair as he watched Strify thrash around. He now knew what to do, he just needed to drink the tears and hold Strify's hand while going into the trance and he got ready for getting inside Strify's mind.

"Luminor? Can I stay with you while you're inside Strify?" Shin asked gently. Luminor nodded and Shin sat on the edge of Strify's bed, ready to watch over both of them.

The keyboardist then swallowed the tears and started going blank faced. Shin watched with concern as Luminor held Strify's hand tightly. He had a feeling this wouldn't be so easy for any of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyFri Nov 20, 2015 6:12 pm

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

Yomi was running. He hoped to God his pursuers didn't catch him or there would be nothing but pain in it for him.


"I know you're tired, Eevee... But we need... To run right now!" Yomi panted as he took the Evolution Pokémon into his arms, trying to reduce his tiredness.

"YOMI!!" Came the scream of his name behind him. At this, Yomi visibly flinched and tried to run faster but with his Eevee in his arms, it was not easy to run. And he'd been running for nearly two hours now. And then, he tripped and fell onto the ground.


"I'm sorry, Eevee! Ow!"

"There you are, Jun..." Someone behind him said, making him look up in slight fear. There Ni~ya was, holding a rope.

"Now you'll get the embarrassment you put us through~." The bassist said, an evil glint in his eyes.


~10 minutes later~

"You kinky bastards... Ouch!!" Yomi muttered as he tried to get out of the ropes that were binding him. And of course, to free his hand from up his butt. His Eevee watched him curiously from where he was sitting, cooing softly.

"Eevee~, please get help for me~!!" Yomi wailed as he yanked his hand hard to no avail.

"Eevee~" The Evolution Pokémon nodded and ran, hoping he could be cute enough for them to release his master.

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's fortress~

Shin was starting to get worried, both Strify and Luminor had started to shake during whatever dream they were having.

"Strify... Wake up..." Luminor was saying in a blank voice even though the drummer was sure it was supposed to be urgent. And he was worried about Yu as well, he hadn't returned from checking on that traitor Romeo yet.

"I hope you're okay, Hannes..." Shin whispered, holding Luminor's other hand sadly.

~Meanwhile in Strify's mind~

"Strify, you've got to wake up, this is just a dream!" Luminor yelled as they ran from a monster. Strify though, was shaking in fright.

"I-I... I don't know h-how to wake up! Luminor, please, help!" The vocalist screamed as the monster came up behind them. Luminor threw the younger onto the ground and dodged the attack as well.

"You need to calm down and focus, Strify! Focus on waking the hell up! If you die here, you will die in real life too!" The keyboardist yelled. Strify nodded timidly and closed his eyes.

"This is just a dream... This has to be just a dream..." He whispered and then, he gasped, waking up.

"Strify~!" Shin and Luminor both yelled, hugging the shivering vocalist tightly.

"You're finally back!"

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

"K-Kiro! Please don't do this! I swear I'll never do this to you aga-- AH!!" Romeo yelled as Kiro brought down the first stroke of his blade. Romeo tried to get away but it wasn't easy as he was chained up on the wall.

"You don't deserve to live, Romeo, admit it. You hate yourself too, don't you?" Kiro said, smiling eerily. Romeo nodded.

"After what I did to you, I deserve everything you throw at me, Karsten. I really am sorry..."

"Being sorry is not enough anymore." With those words, Kiro stabbed Romeo in the chest, making him gasp in pain and black out. But when his blood came onto Kiro, he started shaking uncontrollably and closed his eyes. When he re-opened his eyes, he gasped.

"Romeo! Oh Gott, I'm so sorry! Wake up! Please, wake up!" Kiro shook Romeo's limp body to no avail. He immediately unhooked the unconscious man and laid him down to the dirty floor, trying to stop his bleeding. When he managed to, he ran towards the door only to find Yu staring at him with caution.

"H-Hannes... Please, help me..."

"What is it, Kiro?"

"I-I... I think I killed Romeo..."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptySat Nov 21, 2015 7:52 pm

~Meanwhile in another room~

"Strify, you're finally back!" Shin said, happy. He was really happy to see his friend up and about instead of whimpering in fear.

"Zan, Zangoose~!" The Cat Ferret Pokémon jumped up and down with joy for his trainer's awakening. Strify smiled back shakily, he was still in the effects of his nightmare. Then he looked around and only saw Luminor with him, his expression turned to one of confusion.

"Wait a minute, where's Kiro? Or the others??" He asked, concerned. That made both Shin and Luminor uncomfortable. A long silence fell upon the room, making Strify uneasy.

"Did something happen while I was asleep?" He asked with fear. He feared that Darkrai had gotten to his best friend. Little did he know that was exactly what had happened.

"Strify, I have to tell you something but promise me you won't blow up." Luminor said in a careful tone.

"If you ask me, he has every reason to blow up after what Romeo has done." Shin commented in a calm voice but it was clear to Strify that their youngest was not happy with Romeo for some reason.

"What is it, guys? Kiro is alright, right?!" Strify said, starting to get scared.

"Romeo... He betrayed Kiro and they... They broke him..." Luminor said, his voice breaking at the last part of his sentence. He felt so hurt to know one of his best friends was in that situation and telling it to Strify, hurt him even more.


"Yeah, I saw what they've done to him... I said I had the cure for you to wake up a-and... And he attacked me! All of this is Romeo's fault, he apparently didn't even defend Kiro when he needed him!!" Shin said, trying not to cry. Strify thought for only a moment, fuming.

"Where's Romeo now?" The vocalist asked with a quiet tone.

"We don't know, he went to check on Kiro and he hasn't returned yet. I hope Kiro hurts his stupid, betraying ass real good." Shin said angrily wiping his tears.

"I'm kinda getting worried though, both him and Yu haven't returned from there."

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

"You what?!" Yu yelled and pushed past Kiro, running to his best friend's side. He didn't blame Kiro though, he knew the bassist was under some kind of influence. He immediately checked his pulse, trying not to cry of worry. He sighed in relief that Romeo was still breathing.

"He's breathing, Kiro. What happened?"

"I-I couldn't control myself! I hurt Shin and now Romeo as well! A-all he did was to apologize, Hannes!! I can still feel that thing inside me!! You should get away from me, I don't know what I can do anymore, Yu..." Kiro sobbed as he watched Yu take off his shirt and bind it around Romeo's chest wound.

"No way in hell, Kiro! We'll get through this together, no matter what!"


"I won't leave you behind, Karsten, get that out of your head!"

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

Yomi finally was let out of his confinements and all of them gathered around.

"So, what are we gonna do next?" Yasuno asked, slightly confused.

"I think we should walk till we find a Pokémon Center and something to eat." Sakito said calmly getting up from where he was sitting. The others agreed and they started walking with Yasuno in the front.

"This is gonna be fun~!" Hiroto said. He loved exploring and finding out stuff. The rest of his band smiled behind him, knowing how passionate he could get about exploring. That was then the group heard of an agonized groan from a Pokémon.


"What was that??" Ruki asked in surprise.

"I'll check it out!" Hiroto exclaimed, speedily going over to the bush the noise was coming from. His bandmates shook their heads and followed him in a calmer manner.

"Oh my God! This Pokémon is stuck here!" Hiroto said worried. "Don't worry little guy, we'll take you out of there soon!" The guitarist exclaimed.

"As soon as we can find a sharp object that is." Tora said gently.

"Meowth~." Meowth meowed and came up to the thorns, extracting his claws, he immediately cut the thorns off of the Pokémon.

"Now we'll just get you to a Pokémon Center, alright, you poor thing?" Hiroto said, kneeling to the Luxray's height. Luxray just nodded tiredly, licking at Hiroto's gentle fingers when he wanted to pet it.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptySun Nov 22, 2015 8:22 pm

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

"Yu... T-thank you..." Kiro whispered, tears streaming down his face. Yu reached over and hugged the shaking man, trying to soothe him.

"It'll be alright, Kiro. Now, let's bring Romeo and you out of this hellhole, alright?"

Kiro nodded. "We need to be careful, there are other people here, Hannes." He whispered, his hand going down his shirt to his stomach where they had branded him.

"Okay. Help me pull him up."

Kiro nodded quickly, getting on the other side of Romeo and then, they hauled the unconscious man up with his head hanging limply on the front. That was then a shadow came up to them from behind.

"You're leaving already, Kiro?"

~Meanwhile in another room~

"I'm starting to get really worried, guys, I really think we should check on those two." Luminor said, worried. Shin shrugged while Strify looked very unsure if he should join Luminor or not.

"I don't care about Romeo but if you want, you can search for Yu. But don't include me if you're gonna look for that traitor."

"Maybe they're both alright?" Strify said in a slightly trembling voice, he didn't want to think of Kiro as a deranged person. But what Shin had said along with the disappearance of Romeo and Yu, he had little to believe anymore.

"I don't think so, Strify. I will go look for them." Luminor said, getting up from his seat.

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

The group finally arrived to the town, all exhausted and ready to drop. All but Hiroto that is. The said guitarist was walking slowly, right at the back of the group and helping the Pokémon they'd found in the bushes to walk since it was injured badly.

"We're finally here! I'm starving!"

"When are you not, Saga?" Tora asked, snickering and then holding his head in pain as the said bassist smacked his head in irritation. Shou just shook his head, smiling tiredly.

"You should know not to say that to Saga by now, Tora-kun. You know he's sensitive about eating."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyMon Nov 23, 2015 8:34 pm

~Meanwhile in the cages~

Plusle was still crying, she wanted her trainer back. The sweet, kind Kiro had turned into a monster now but it still did nothing to change her feelings for him.

"You need to stop crying, little one." said a nearby Floette said gently. She knew how painful it was to be abandoned by her trainer.

"I can't... It's-It's all my fault!! If I didn't ask him to come with me, he'd still be with me instead of going insane like this! I should've been punished instead of him!" Plusle sobbed.

"You can't help it anymore, Plusle. He will never come back..." A Minun said sadly from his place.

"You don't know that! He has friends that will help him!!" She said, very offended. She still believed Kiro would be alright. After all, his friend had promised her he'd come back for the both of them.

"I thought so too, once. But his friends fell in the same way my Bill did. They even took his twin brother and now they will never return..." Minun said looking down sadly. "They even gave them new Pokémon, throwing us into this hellhole."

"You mean Kiro might have a new, evil Pokémon now?!" Plusle cried out, upset. The other Cheering Pokémon pointed at a slightly injured Poochyena that was sleeping nearby and said; "She was Bill's twin Tom's partner. She believed Tom would come back for him. He did come but... Not in the way she thought he would. Tom harmed her instead and now she's constantly sleeping in order to not cry out loud again."

"This is so unfair, none of them deserved this..."

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

"Oh crap..." Kiro whispered as him and Yu turned around. There stood the black haired young man that had tortured Kiro before breaking him.

"No way!! Bill Kaulitz?! What the hell are you doing here?!" Yu said, shocked.

"H-he's broken as well, Hannes! We need to--"

"So, you're gonna run, huh?" Bill said, smirking challengingly at Kiro. Kiro averted his face, not wanting to be seen as a coward.

"Like hell he won't, we won't let you take him!" Yu said angrily. He swore to himself that he wouldn't leave Kiro behind now. Not when they were so close.

"Yu..." Kiro whispered, grateful for his support. Yu just nodded and said; "We're getting out now and there's nothing you can do about it!" With this, he turned them around and started walking while dragging the unconscious Romeo.

"You won't escape so easily! Yamask, get them!" Bill yelled, sending out his Pokémon. The Yamask immediately sent a Will-o-Wisp at Yu, making him yell and nearly drop Romeo as burns appeared on his body.

"Hannes!!" Kiro yelled, scared out of his wits.

"I-I'm fine! Let's get out of here!" The guitarist replied. But that was then another person came to block the exit. He had a cap and he was slightly fat young man. He smiled eerily like Bill was.

"You're going nowhere, any of you." He said quietly and brought out a syringe that had the strange fluid that they had injected Kiro with. Kiro's eyes widened in absolute fear.

"H-Hannes... Y-You've got to run! Bring Romeo out of this place!"

"For the last damned time, Karsten, I'm not leaving either of you behind!!" Yu screamed and told Kiro to hold Romeo for a moment and then, he sent out his Pokémon. The capped young man didn't hesitate to send his Pokémon, a Graveler, as well.

"Sigilyph, let's go!!" He exclaimed and the Avianoid Pokémon cried out. Kiro looked worried as Yu gave his first command.

"Sigilyph, use Psychic!"

Sigilyph gave a loud cry and sent out a blue lining at the Graveler in front of him and the Rock Pokémon began to float. And then, Sigilyph made it crash into the wall behind the capped man. He cried out in rage and tried to attack Yu himself but the guitarist was quick on his feet and he just stuck a leg out while his opponent was running to him and tripped him, making him fall on top of Bill.

"Gustav!! Get off of me!"

"Now's our chance, let's go, Kiro!"

Kiro nodded and with Romeo in the middle, they ran away from the dungeon.

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

The group went into the Pokémon Center, ready to drop any moment from hunger. But Hiroto first went to Nurse Joy, helping the stray Luxray they'd found.

"I think she needs some help, nurse." Hiroto said, showing her the injured Pokémon.

"Oh dear, she does need help. Is this your Pokémon?"

"No, we found her caught up in the bushes not far from here. Will you please help her?"

Nurse Joy nodded. "Meanwhile, you and your friends can rest in the café over there." She pointed at the building across the road. Hiroto nodded.

"Thank you, nurse."

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyTue Nov 24, 2015 10:56 pm

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's fortress, the dungeons~

"Yu, are you alright?! Shit, let me look at those burns!" Kiro said in a panicky tone as he helped the guitarist to put Romeo on the ground.

"Not now, Kiro, we need to run! Those two might come after us!"

"They can't, there's some kind of a barrier for those, I know because I..." Kiro trailed off, not knowing how to say what he had done to their youngest friend.

"You what, Karsten!?"

"I-I hit it when I was... When I was chasing Shin..." Kiro's voice broke on the last part, looking down instead of looking at the guitarist. Yu sighed quietly, gently placing a hand on Kiro's chin and making him look up.

"Kiro, whatever you did back then, I don't blame you. It wasn't your fault that Darkrai's mindless minions did this to you. And Shin doesn't blame you either, he's just... Really shaken and scared for your safety."

At this, Kiro took a shaky, relieved breathe. He felt so ashamed to have hurt Shin that he almost didn't want to face the youngest. That was then though, a weak groan broke both him and Yu out of their stupors only to find that Romeo was waking up.

"Oh my God... Romeo, are you alright?! I-I am so sorry!"

"Everything... Hurts..." Romeo whispered. His voice was so weak that they had to strain their ears  to hear it. Kiro tried not to cry but a few tears escaped anyways, falling on Romeo.

"I'm so sorry, Romeo... I couldn't control anything!!" Kiro said, his tone teary.

"S-so it w-worked..." Romeo whispered with a little smile on his bloodied face. Kiro and Yu both frowned in confusion.

"What worked?? What am I missing here?" Yu muttered, sharing a confused look with the bassist.

"I... Didn't come down here till... I found the bastard who made that solution up in the f-first... Place... I made him... Tell me how to... Reverse it."

"You WHAT?!" Kiro screamed, shocked.

Yu just shook his head, knowing what Kiro would say next very well.

"Yu? Romeo? are you down there?"

"Luminor! We're here! But get help, Romeo is heavily injured!"

~Meanwhile in Strify's room~

"I just hope Kiro is gonna be alright..." Shin whispered sadly. Strify nodded.

"I can't believe this happened... I'm gonna kill Romeo when I see him. How could he do this to Kiro of all people?!" The vocalist said angrily. Shin nodded wholeheartedly.

"This was just-just cruel."

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

The guys went into the café and sat into one of the biggest seats they could find in order to sit all together.

"So, how is your music going?" Reita asked Yomi, curious. They had no time to listen to their own favorite music since they were always busy, so it was always good to hear from another musician like them.

"It's going good, actually, we just finished rehearsing a new song." Yomi said, smiling.

"That's cool! What's its name?"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyWed Nov 25, 2015 10:10 pm

"Its name is White Room." Sakito said, smiling slightly.

"Nice name." Yuura said, smiling back at the guitarist.

"Thank you. I didn't think much when it came to the name."

That was then their meals came. They all started to eat fastly since all of them were starving. And Hiroto packed some of his meal, making the others curious.

"Why are you packing that??" Keiyuu asked in confusion. Hiroto shrugged with a smile

"I thought that Luxray we found might be hungry. so I will get her a meal."

"Aww, you're so thoughtful~!"

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's fortress, in the dungeons~

Luminor hurried down only to get horrified at the injury the now unconscious Romeo sported. Kiro just averted his face, trying not to cry from the shame.

"Oh no... What happened to him?!"

"He... He took on me while I wasn't... Wasn't myself..." Kiro said in a thick voice, not wanting to face Luminor. It was a matter of seconds that understanding dawned on Luminor and he hurried to Kiro's side.

"It's alright, Karsten, everything is gonna be alright." The keyboardist whispered gently, wanting to hug the distressed man. But Kiro immediately pulled back, surprising the younger man.

"Kiro? What's wrong?" Luminor asked. Kiro shook his head, his eyes filling with tears once again.

"I-I can still feel that thing inside of me, I could hurt you, Luminor! I told this to Yu but--"

"No, you wanted me to leave you alone in there, you idiot!"

"What?! Kiro, are you insane?!" Luminor exclaimed, eyes wide. He didn't even want to think about what would've happened if Yu really complied.

"A-anyways, I think we should bring Romeo out of here now. Before he catches an infection or something and let us look at your injury, Yu." Kiro said, trying to avoid the uncomfortable subject altogether. Luminor and Yu nodded.

"We can take him and you can open the way for us, Kiro, alright?" Luminor said gently. Kiro nodded, gulping. He really didn't want to face Shin after what he had done to the younger but there was no other choice but to face him now.

They climbed the long stairs to reach the upper floors, trying not to move Romeo too much lest he lost too much blood. Romeo's head was lulling on Luminor's shoulder and he was drawing weak, shaky breathes which scared Kiro.

"Well, we're here, now what?"

"We should go to Strify's room, him and Shin are waiting for us there." Luminor said.

"Wait, Strify's awake now!? So whatever Shin's plan was, it worked then??" Kiro said, hope growing in his eyes. Luminor nodded, smiling gently.

"He woke up after we used some Pokémon tears on him."

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Through the Portal EmptyThu Nov 26, 2015 9:01 pm

Kiro smiled at first, relieved that his best friend was alright now. But then, Kiro's eyes widened as he remembered his Plusle.

"Oh God! I forgot Plusle!" He whispered, shocked at himself.

"She'll be fine. But right now, we need to tend to Romeo. She is waiting for you to be ready, Karsten." Yu said gently. Kiro shook his head though.

"I need to get her back! God knows what might've happened to her while I was a monster!!" Kiro said, suddenly frantic. Luminor gently squeezed the older's shoulder.

"We're going to get her back. Don't worry anymore, Kiro. But if we don't do something, it will be too late for Romeo." He said, not unkindly. Kiro nodded but he was still teary. He hated that he had to leave his beloved Plusle behind.

"We'll get back for her, I promise."

~Meanwhile in Strify's room~

"Where the hell are they?!" Shin muttered, starting to think of the worst case scenerio already. Strify gently hugged Shin, needing the closeness.

"I'm sure they're okay, Shin. We should just wait for them."


"What is it, Shin? Are you okay?"

"I... I'm fine. But I want to know something... If it isn't too hard for you."

"Ask away, Marcel, you know I would never be able to get mad at you."

"What did you see in your nightmare? You were thrashing around so badly..."

"I-I... I'm not ready to talk about that, Shin." Strify averted his eyes, trembling slightly. Shin nodded.

"It's alright now, Andreas, whatever you saw in there, it wasn't real." Shin said, hugging the shaken vocalist. Strify hugged him back and then, they fell apart because Luminor barged into the room.

"Quick, he needs help!" He said, slightly panicky.

Just as they were going to ask the keyboardist who needed their help, Yu brought the injured Romeo into the room with Kiro following behind them shamefully.

"Oh my Gosh! What the hell has happened?!" Strify asked, eyes wide in shock.

"H-he tried to take me on when I was..." Kiro trailed off and his eyes lit up ever so slightly at the sight of Shin. Then he ran to the youngest, sobbing his apologies.

"Marcel! Oh, Marcel, I'm so sorry! I couldn't control anything I did!!"

"It's okay, Kiro. I knew it wasn't your fault in the first place. I don't blame you at all." Shin said, hugging Kiro tightly. Kiro clung back to him, glad that the drummer didn't seem to hate him. When they broke apart, they saw Strify lean over on Romeo's wound worriedly.

"We need bandages quick, he's starting to bleed again!"

~Meanwhile with Cresselia's champions~

"Ne, I have an idea to pass time." Keiyuu said as they headed to the Pokémon Center to see how Luxray was doing.

"What is it, Keiyuu-san?" Yomi asked curiously.

"How about we talk about our music? It would be fun and would be helpful to pass the time on our journey."

"That's a nice idea, actually. We can compare our music and learn something from eachother." Sakito said, nodding.

"I heard you guys have a side band, is that true?" Aoi asked Yomi and was surprised by four groans of embarrassment. Yomi grinned at their embarrassment.

"What? What did I say?" The guitarist asked, completely confused.

"Yeah, we unfortunately do..." Ni~ya said facepalming.

"It can get really embarrassing sometimes though."

"Like what?"

"Like the time Yomi here came out with an adult toy on his head."

Sakito and Hitsugi turned beet red as Yomi laughed like a pervert. The whole group looked at Yomi who grinned happily.

"It wasn't that obscene though~." The vocalist said and immediately, the rest of his band smacked his head.
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"Not that obscene?! I was dying of embarrassment after that one!" Sakito exclaimed, still slightly red from the remembrance.

"You could've told me that you didn't want anything like that!" Yomi said, indignant. Ruka and Sakito both facepalmed and shook their heads while Ni~ya chuckled. There was no way to know what Yomi would do next so they couldn't have said something like that.

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's fortress~

Strify gently took Romeo into a semi-sitting position so they could bandage his wound thoroughly. Meanwhile Kiro and Shin were watching as Romeo's breathing became even more labored. Kiro hung his head down, knowing the cause of it very well. Then suddenly, Shin took and squeezed his hand gently, A gesture of affection and knowledge.

"It's gonna be okay, Kiro. You couldn't have known this would happen at all. Besides, he kind of deserved it, pushing you into that situation like that."

"He apologized, Marcel. Over and over and I could do nothing but hurt him! I couldn't stop myself from doing it. A-and I still feel that thing inside of me! What if I--" Kiro whispered but Strify cut him off.

"No "what if"s Kiro. You're going to be with us and that's that!" The vocalist said. He was still rather pissed off at Romeo but he wouldn't take it out of Kiro. Not when he was so shaken. Kiro shook his head but he knew that he wasn't going to be taken seriously about this.

That was then Luminor spoke up. "I think he's gonna need a hospital right about now." He said as he looked at the unresponsive body of their friend. Strify nodded.

"He's lost a lot of blood. I say one of us smuggle him out of here before he gets any worse."

"I'll do it." Yu said immediately, worried. The others all nodded besides Kiro. Kiro meanwhile was hanging his head low and trying to not cry. Strify came up to Kiro, making him face them.

"Karsten, nobody is blaming you for what has happened and I'm pretty sure Romeo will not either."

Kiro went to answer but then, a piercing pain shot through him, making him double over.
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Through the Portal
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