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 Through the Portal

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed May 10, 2017 2:20 pm

"Who are you?" Asked Yuura with confusion, not knowing what was about to happen. In the meanwhile, Keiyuu, Yuura's Hawlucha and Lucario looked mildly disturbed by the man's aura. All three of them could feel something was wrong with the man.

"I'm a humble trader of Pokémon. Can I offer something for that little brown Torchic?" The man said, looking at Keiyuu with a glint in his eyes, making Keiyuu really nervous. Yasuno immediately shook his head though.

"He isn't for sale. No way in hell." The drummer said, pulling the small vocalist-turned-Pokémon towards himself to protect him.

"Torchic, Tor!"

~Meanwhile with Tom and Georg~

"What?! How did that happen?!" Tom whispered in surprise. He was happy though, that the older teen had remembered everything.

"How can you be happy when I did all those things to you and Bill?!" Georg said looking down and holding his head as his head wound started to smart. Tom smiled at that, knowing that they weren't too far from getting the bassist back to them.

"Because you're our precious friend, Georg. Of course we don't blame you. Hell, you became like that because you protected us no matter what." The guitarist said and then, a thud made them both look up and snort in amusement when they saw Bill had tumbled off of his chair.

"Ow! That hurt!" The vocalist muttered as he picked himself and Minun up who looked blearily at what had been going on.

"Bill? You okay, bro?" Tom asked, hardly able to repress his snicker. Georg just watched what was happening with slight reluctance. He felt like he shouldn't have been saved due to everything he had done.

"I'm fine, just a bit surprised. You alright, Minun?"

"Mi, Minun~." The blue Cheering Pokémon nodded and then, they both turned to Georg.

"Georg? Are you feeling better now?" Bill asked softly even though he didn't have much faith since the bassist's eyes were still blood red.

"I... I'm fine, Bill..."

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"Not even a rare shiny Pokémon can change your minds? I have quite a few of them." The man said, eyes not leaving Keiyuu's small, slightly scared form.

"No. Way. You're not taking Keiyuu away from us, no matter what you offer, we're not trading him away." Said Taizo, frowning at the man's persistance. The man sighed as he understood that they were not going to give this never-seen Pokémon to him by conventional means.

"Then I will take my leave..." He said, plans formulating in his head about how he could abduct it as he went away, making the rest very relieved.

"Torchic, Tor, Torchic." Keiyuu cried, thankful to his friends.

"If only we understood what you were saying right now, Keiyuu-kun..." Said Yasuno, smiling softly at the small Pokémon.

"He is just thanking you for not letting him go." Celebi said as he reappeared. At that, Yuura chuckled.

"Of course we would never let that happen, Keiyuu. You're our vocalist and friend, why would we even think about trading you away??" The bassist said, smiling at the small Pokémon who hugged his leg.

~At night~

The merchant quietly went into the room that the brown, rare Torchic was in. When he looked in the room, he saw that his target was sleeping with its head pillowed on the lap of the blond man they'd called Yasuno before, looking very peaceful.

"There you are..." He whispered and then, he stuffed the Pokémon into a sack he had brought with him. The little Torchic woke up though, crying out but the sack was made soundproof and he couldn't wake anyone up. Knowing this, the merchant chuckled to himself as he brought Keiyuu away from his friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun May 14, 2017 9:07 pm

~In the morning~

"Where's Keiyuu?" Yasuno said, frowning. He didn't like how the vocalist had disappeared overnight. Something about it didn't feel right to the drummer.

"I don't know. I haven't seen him at all today." Taizo said, also worried.

"Nevermind that, how are we going to bring Tatsuhi's eyesight back?! I don't think he could take the thought of losing his sight forever..." Ryuji said, making Taizo glare at him for that. He had a suspicion that the disappearance of their sweet Keiyuu was because of Ryuji.

"I don't know. We should ask Celebi-san about it. He was after all, able to even bring Yasuno-kun back to us, there has to be a way to bring it back somehow." Yuura said gently, even though he was also annoyed that Ryuji was brushing their worry about Keiyuu off.

"R-Ryuji? Are you there?" Came the timid voice of Tatsuhi who had appeared in the doorway, holding onto the walls to not fall.

"I'm here, Tatsuhi-kun. I'll find a way to restore your eyes, I promise, okay?" The vocalist said softly, helping the younger man to sit down on Yasuno's bed.

"Arigatou, Ryuji..."

~Meanwhile with Georg~

"What happened while I was asleep?" Bill asked which made Tom smile, knowing Bill would be overjoyed at the news of Georg's memory returning.

"Georg remembers everything." He said to his twin who turned to Georg with shocked happiness.

"Really?! That's awesome!!"

Georg though, averted his eyes, thinking that he did not deserve their friendship after everything that had happened.

"What's the matter, Georg? Everything is fine now, right?" Bill asked with concern, coming to hold his shoulder gently.

"I... I don't deserve your friendship after everything I've done to you guys... Along with Gustav no less..." The bassist whispered, tears coming to his eyes as he remembered one particular memory of Tom begging him to let go of him at least for long enough to save Bill.

"It was not your fault, Georg, you couldn't have done anything to get out of Darkrai's serum!" Bill said sharply, actually angry, knowing he had also done things unforgivable under the effects of that cursed serum.

~Meanwhile with Keiyuu~

After a long, very uncomfortable travel, the merchant finally let Keiyuu out of the sack he was kept in. Looking around, the vocalist found himself in a horrifying area. It was full of cages of starving, abused Pokémon. Some of them were even not in the colors Keiyuu would expect them in.

"H-hello? Who are you?" A nearby female Munna said in a low, pained voice.

"I'm Keiyuu, that jerk just kidnapped me from my friends! Is there anyway I can return to where I was? Where are we anyways??" The vocalist asked, trying to know where exactly he was so that he could somehow manage to send an SOS call to one of his bandmates.

"I think... I think we're close to Floaroma Town but I'm not sure..." The Munna said and then, another Pokémon suddenly came near Keiyuu, looking ferocious. Keiyuu flinched away at the dangerous looking Pokémon, expecting to be hit but the other Pokémon just stopped in front of him, not attacking.

"If you think you can run away, obliterate that stupid thought. That insane merchant has a Legendary Pokémon in his arsenal and won't be shy to use him to re-capture you!" The Pokémon said, glaring towards a locked door that was near them.

"Maybe we can free the Legendary and it'll help us get out? I really doubt a Legendary would help humans capture Pokémon and abuse them." Keiyuu asked, making Munna's eyes widen in realization while the other Pokémon scoffed.

"Ho-oh can be very dangerous but if you're feeling exceptionally suicidal, go right ahead and try it." He said before going away from Keiyuu, as if the vocalist had some kind of contagious illness.

"I-I'll come with you if you want. Scrafty is right, Ho-oh is very dangerous when he's angered." Munna said quietly.

"Iie, you're already injured. I wouldn't want to injure you further." The vocalist said, shaking his head.

"No. I insist. If you're going in there, I should guide you since you've just come here after all." She said, smiling. Keiyuu sighed, understanding he wouldn't be able to convince the Dream Eater Pokémon.

"Let's go then. Be careful though. By the way, what's your name?"

"I'm Munna. You're such a cute little Torchic, you know, I've never seen a brown Torchic before." Munna said, smiling still. Then, she blasted the lock on the door with a powerful attack of Psychic.

"He's in there. Maybe you were sent here... To set us free, you know."

Keiyuu gulped slightly and then, entered the room, looking around. Then, he saw it. Keiyuu's eyes widened when he saw the chained majestic bird in front of him, understanding that it was the legendary Pokémon the other Pokémon was talking about.

"Ho-oh, I brought someone!" Munna said, waking the asleep Rainbow Pokémon. The Legendary Pokémon woke up quickly and turned to Munna, glaring at her.

"You are not to enter here, you know that. Do you want that wretched human to harm you again, Munna?!"

"N-no, of course not! I just brought someone new, he might be able to help us!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun May 21, 2017 9:56 pm

The Rainbow Pokémon looked Keiyuu over and his eyes instantly widened. He had understood that the vocalist wasn't as he seemed. Keiyuu gulped slightly, very intimidated by the big Pokémon.

"Who are you? You are not a real Pokémon."

"What do you mean, Ho-oh? He's a normal Torchic, apart from the color of course." Munna said, confused. But then, Keiyuu started talking in a soft, almost scared tone.

"H-hai, my name is Keiyuu. The merchant pretty much kidnapped me from my friends and bandmates last night." The vocalist said, bowing lightly. Ho-oh looked at the cowering slightly young human-turned-Pokémon, trying to decide on what he really was.

"What were you before? I will only help if you talk, little Torchic."

"I was human, Ho-oh-san. Something very complicated caused me to become a Pokémon. It's a long story which I don't even want to recall, to be honest."

"A human? You can't be one of those foul creatures like the merchant!!" Munna said, frowning and backing away from Keiyuu like the vocalist was crazy.

"Not all humans are bad, Munna. My friends and bandmates are amazing people, believe me. And they will find me and I feel sorry for that idiotic merchant when they do, I bet Yasuno will pretty much kick his sorry ass not to mention the other two." The young man said, coming closer to the Dream Eater Pokémon.

"B-but?! But how did you turn out to be like this then?!"

At that, Keiyuu just stopped, not wanting to relive what had happened to Yuura and Yasuno three days ago.

"You will have to tell it for me to be able to bring you back to your original form." Ho-oh told Keiyuu, making his eyes widen.

~Meanwhile with the others of Kra~

"I'm getting worried, guys, we have to look for Keiyuu." Said Yasuno, frowning and very worried.

"I agree, but where should we begin?! This is a big place, you know..." Yuura said softly, not knowing where to look for their vocalist. Ryuji frowned at that, thinking that they were not thinking of Tatsuhi's eyesight.

"You still gotta find a way to bring my best friend's eyesight, Taizo! Don't you dare forget that!! Especially since it was your fault!" The younger vocalist said, glaring at the guitarist.

"We'll get to that, but first, we need to find Keiyuu. I have a really bad feeling about this, to be honest." Yuura said while Taizo glared right back at Ryuji.

"You can take my Delcatty, she has a great nose, she can tell you wherever he might've gone to... And Celebi-san could translate what she's saying as well, right?" Tatsuhi said, nervous as he managed to pull out his Pokéball. Celebi nodded at the others, momentarily forgetting the younger bassist's blindness.

"Are you sure, Tatsuhi?" Ryuji asked but Tatsuhi had already given the Prim Pokémon to Yuura.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu May 25, 2017 9:27 pm

Yuura sent Delcatty out, ready to find Keiyuu. But what the Prim Pokémon would find was not going to be something they expected.

"Del! Delcatty!" The Pokémon cried when she saw her master's eyes. At that, Ryuji glared at Taizo, still thinking it was the guitarist's fault that the bassist was in this situation.

"Delcatty, I want you to find Keiyuu-san. Do you guys have anything that has his scent on it? We can find him that way easily." Tatsuhi said, making the others look at eachother and Yasuno suddenly have a brainwave.

"I think we have Keiyuu's jacket, would that work?!"

At Ryuji's unwilling nod, Yuura went to find the said jacket and came back in mere moments. He kneeled in front of the Prim Pokémon, letting her sniff the jacket and then, sniff the room.

"Del, Delcatty, Del~!" She cried and everyone, even Tatsuhi turned to Celebi who frowned.

"She says Keiyuu might have been abducted--"

"NANI?!" All three of the Kra members cried, shocked.

"But... But who would want to abduct him as a Pokémon?" Tatsuhi said, his unseeing eyes wide in shock.

"Wait a minute... Didn't that merchant want especially Keiyuu?! What if he took him when we were asleep?!" Taizo said, starting to get angry.

"Yeah! We should find the bastard and find out where our vocalist is now!" Said Yasuno, also mad.

"Haw, Hawlucha!!" Yuura's Hawlucha and Lucario nodded as well, ready to find Keiyuu. After that, they got up to leave, hoping that they would find Keiyuu alive.

~Meanwhile with Keiyuu~

"B-but that's... Really kinda personal, Ho-oh-san... I... I don't want to even think about what happened three days ago..." Keiyuu said, upset at the thought of Yasuno's dead body and Yuura's altered state. At that, both Munna and the Rainbow Pokémon looked surprised.

"You can always tell later, young Keiyuu. I understand." Ho-oh said as Munna came closer to the pained vocalist.

"By the way, can we somehow send a message to my friends so that they find and free us all?" The vocalist asked to Ho-oh, making the Rainbow Pokémon pause a moment and then nod. At that, Keiyuu cheered up considerably, putting the dark thoughts out of his mind.

"Just focus on one of them and think of your message and I will try to send it. This place is putting a damper on my powers..."

Keiyuu nodded, immediately focusing on Yuura and a help message. But then, the merchant came into the room, suddenly breaking the mood. Munna shivered and hid behind Keiyuu who glared at the man angrily.

"You little bastards think you can free my Legendary, huh?! Well, guess what? You are not gonna do that!" He said, looking insane and creepy as he dragged both Keiyuu and Munna out to the square and then, he brought a whip.

"He... He won't actually use that on us, right?! Cause-- Ah!!" Keiyuu yelled at the first strike that landed on his shoulder.

"You're gonna p-pay for t-that!" Keiyuu whimpered as the man continued to hit him with the whip. And then, when he went for Munna, striking the poor Dream Eater Pokémon over and over again, a shocking event happened.

"Haw, Hawlucha!!"

"Keiyuu!! Hang on, we're coming!" Yuura's voice came through and made the merchant grin evilly as he pulled out a knife. Keiyuu's eyes widened as the dangerous man took him by his torso and put the knife on his throat.

"Oh no!! I'm so sorry, Keiyuu!" Munna cried out, bleeding and crying. The vocalist just barely shook his head, trying to make her realize that it wasn't her fault that the insane man had taken him hostage.

"You lower that knife. Right. Now!" Taizo growled as he watched Keiyuu stay completely still, slightly afraid.

"Make me! I thought this was a special Pokémon so I got it! But it's nothing more than a troublemaker! So it's gonna die--"

Just as he was about to stab Keiyuu, Munna surprisingly used Psychic and made the knife go out of the insane man's hand.

"You worthless little nothing!" He yelled and kicked Munna away, making her black out from the pain overload. But in the meanwhile, Keiyuu had managed to wriggle away and hide behind Yasuno's leg who gently took him into his hands and gasped when he saw the fresh, bleeding whip marks.

"You bastard!! You whipped Keiyuu-kun?!" The drummer exclaimed and that, snapped Taizo immediately. The guitarist slammed the merchant into the nearest wall, his hand at his throat.

"You're gonna pay for that!! How dare you hurt him?!"

"He's mine and I can do anything I want!"

"We told you no when you came to "buy" him, twice in fact!!" Yuura retorted, glaring at him.

"Come on, Taizo, the authorities are gonna come soon, let them take care of this scumbag." Yasuno said, glaring at the man as well while Taizo growled and slowly let go. That was then, Keiyuu guided them to Ho-oh's chamber, making all of their eyes widen.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon May 29, 2017 9:30 pm

"That bastard chained a Legendary?!" Yasuno exclaimed, looking shocked. Keiyuu nodded, feeling slightly faint from the bloodloss.

"If you unchain me, I will help your friend." Ho-oh said, looking at the three men and the small, bloodied Torchic. Yuura and Taizo immediately ran to the chains, checking out the lock. Meanwhile, Yasuno was gently petting Keiyuu, trying to relieve pain from the little vocalist's body.

"How do we break this??" Yuura said, frowning.

"I think we can do so with Lucario's attacks." Taizo replied and at that, Lucario immediately nodded and sent a strong Power-Up Punch and destroyed the padlock that kept the Rainbow Pokémon chained down. Then, when he was free, Ho-oh came closer to Yasuno and the small Torchic who took a step behind to keep Keiyuu protected.

"Do not worry, I will not harm him further." Ho-oh said calmly. Keiyuu smiled at Yasuno's protectiveness as he wriggled out of the drummer's arms.

That was then, though, the merchant came into the room, dangerous and mad. Seeing that, Taizo went straight towards him, intending to protect his friend at all cost. But thankfully for them, two police officers came right on his tail and handcuffed him immediately.

"You won't be safe from me! I'll get out, I swear!!" The madman yelled as he was dragged away.

"Now that that bastard is gone, Ho-oh-san, can you change Keiyuu back to his normal state? He's not a real Pokémon as you can probably tell."

The Rainbow Pokémon nodded at Yuura's words. And then Keiyuu stood in front of the Legendary Pokémon to return to his previous form.

~Meanwhile in the hospital - Emile's room~

Emile woke up with a splitting pain from his chest. He groaned and opened his eyes only to see Tim dozing off beside him in a chair.

"You're finally awake." Came Cyrus's voice from the doorway. Emile managed to turn his head around, still exhausted.

"W-what... Happened to... Me?.. Where's... Jon?" The young gamer managed to whisper. Cyrus smiled at that, knowing how much Jon was scared of losing Emile.

"He's fine. He's just out buying some water for you, just in case you woke up." The psychic said. Emile only nodded, too tired to say anything. That was then, Jon came into the room, looking absolutely exhausted.

"Jon?.. Are you... Alright?" Emile managed out, looking at the shocked older teen with worry. Then, Jon ran to the bed, relieved.

"Emile! Thank God you're okay! Y-you scared the crap out of us!" Jon said, tears welling up in his eyes which shocked Emile.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"So, do we have to do anything to bring Keiyuu back to normal??" Asked Yasuno, concerned about the younger man. Ho-oh shook his head and then, turned to Keiyuu.

"He will have to tell why he is in this state himself. Only then, he can return to his former self."

At that, Taizo and the others winced, knowing it wouldn't be easy for the vocalist. Keiyuu sighed, his eyes filling with tears at what had happened to Yasuno and Yuura.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Keiyuu? You can do it after you heal, you should know." The Rainbow Pokémon said but Keiyuu shook his head, wanting this to be over with. He chirped at the Rainbow Pokémon, not wanting to leave Yasuno and Yuura's side after what they'd both had been through.

And when he was finished, an orange light surrounded him, making the other three and Munna who had managed to come into the room shocked and scared. But when the light subsided, Keiyuu was human once again.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:22 pm

"Keiyuu-kun!" Yasuno and Yuura hugged the vocalist, making him hiss in pain as Yasuno's arms accidentally came on top of one of the fresh whip marks and made it burn a bit. The other two immediately let go, worried.

"Are you okay, Keiyuu?!" Taizo asked, concerned. But Keiyuu nodded, not wanting his friends to get worried about him so much.

"I'm fine guys. It's just the bastard kinda whipped me too hard..."

"He's so lucky he's been arrested already or I would've taken care of him." Taizo said, his eyes darkening.

"Did the other Pokémon make it out of here?"

"All of them were taken by the cops, don't worry, Keiyuu-kun." Yuura said, smiling at the vocalist's thoughtfulness.

"Mu, Munna!" A cry came from the doorway, making them all turn towards it and see a pink, flowery and small Pokémon, still bleeding slightly as she made her way towards Keiyuu weakly.

"Oh Kami-sama, you're adorable!" Yasuno exclaimed as he went towards her, cheerful as the others snorted at the drummer's reaction. But as Yasuno got closer to the Pokémon, she tried to move away, scared. Seeing that, Yasuno stopped advancing, really surprised and worried. Keiyuu immediately went near the small, scared Pokémon, kneeling down to its level.

"You don't have to fear him, Munna, Yasuno-kun would never hurt you." The vocalist said gently. At that, the Dream Eater Pokémon looked between the flabbergasted drummer and Munna trying to decide if Keiyuu was telling the truth.

And then, very slowly, Yasuno went closer to the Pokémon, hoping that the Dream Eater Pokémon would accept him.

"I don't know what that mean merchant did to you, Munna, but I would never do the same thing to you. I promise. Wanna be my partner?" The drummer asked in a soft, gentle voice that seemed to calm her down.

"Mu, Munna..." She cried and reluctantly came closer to the smiling drummer. And then, Yasuno revealed that he had brought a Potion with him, gently putting it into the pained Pokémon's wounds to get them closed enough for a walk back to the hospital.

~Meanwhile in the hospital - Saga's room~

After that, Ruka went back to sleep, his body still exhausted. And then Kai decided to get a bottle of water from the nearby vending machine, thirsty as hell. After he paid for it, he was just about to go back but then, a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"So, you're still here."

Kai turned around only to see Yune, smiling at him with an eerie glint in his eyes.

"Yeah, though the guys don't want me to talk to you so... I'd better get back to them." Kai said, slightly unnerved. But at that, the ex-drummer's smile grew almost predatory, making Kai take a step back in order to keep the obviously dangerous man at bay.

"Go, Ferrothorn. Let's do what Master wanted us to do." Yune said calmly sending out his Pokémon and stunning Kai.

But just as the dangerous young man was about to attack, Ruki came with Sableye in tow. Kai got quite relieved at that but his relief was short lived.

"You!! Leave Kai-kun alone!! Sableye, let's protect him!" Ruki said but in the next second, Yune attacked the vocalist and knocked him out.

"Sab, Sableye!!" The Darkness Pokémon cried, very angry at the sight of her trainer falling down.

"Ru-Ruki!! What have you done?!" Kai said but in the next moment, he was wrapped up in Ferrothorn's whips. His mouth was shut and he couldn't scream no matter how much he wanted to. Yune chuckled and then, he took Kai away with Sableye running to get to the others.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:48 pm

~Meanwhile in Kyo's room~

When Kyo woke up the next time, he felt much less pained, almost refreshed. He looked around only to see Toshiya smiling at him. He smiled back, even though the emotional pain the bassist had put him through.

"How do you feel, Kyo-kun?" Toshiya asked, gentle and quiet.

"I feel a little better, the pain is going away. You need to stop worrying about me."

"I... I can't, Kyo. I mean, I'm half the reason you almost died after all..." The bassist said, his eyes filling with tears at the thought of what had happened. Kyo looked away at that, also a bit pained.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

The band arrived back at the hospital with Munna in Yasuno's arms. The drummer gently held the slightly scared Dream Eater Pokémon, carefully avoiding her wounds. Behind his back, the other three smiled, happy that the oldest had finally found himself a Pokémon.

"You'll be fine now, Munna. Don't you worry." The drummer said as he gave her to Bela who took her with utmost care.

That was then, Keiyuu noticed Uruha running to the entrance, obviously very angry.

"What the--?! What's going on, Uruha-san?"

"Someone kidnapped Kai! Did you see anyone?!" The guitarist exclaimed, shocking them all.

"No! How can we help?!" Keiyuu exclaimed, his eyes wide. The guitarist didn't answer and went out, obviously wanting to pursue the kidnapper. At that, the members of Kra looked at eachother and ran after him, finding him not too far with Kai's phone and a note in his hand, fuming and looking around with a death glare.

"You can't possibly manage getting that kidnapper on your own, Uruha-san, it'd be way too dangerous. Where are your other bandmates anyways?" Taizo asked, frowning.

"The bastard who took Kai made Ruki faint. I don't know what he did but he'll pay, that much, I can promise." Uruha said, his eyes blazing.

~Meanwhile with Kai~

"L-let me go!! W-where are you taking me?!" Kai yelled, trying to get out of Ferrothorn's painful, thorny vines. At that, his captor only chuckled ominously, amused by his tries for freedom.

"You'll see soon enough, Kai-san. Just wait a little more. Patience is a virtue after all."

"Why are you doing this?! I don't even know you!!"

"You don't. But you will."

~Meanwhile with the others~

After Ruki woke up and explained just who had kidnapped Kai, the others hardly managed to keep both Uruha and Reita in the room, both being very angry. Aoi in the meanwhile was worried and angry.

"We need to do something! Yune can't have Kai! This is insane!" Reita said, growling angrily.

"We will, Reita-san. As soon as Yasuno's new partner gets healed, we're going. I promise we'll find him." Yuura said, worried as well.

"How is your head, Ruki-kun? Are you okay?" Asked Shou, worried about his older friend. Ruki just shook his head, hurting for Kai.

"It's... It's fine, Shou... But Kai... God, I can't believe how fast that bastard made me black the hell out, what if he does something to Kai now?!"

"Sab, Sableye~..." His partner cried, obviously worried herself.

"We'll find him, Ruki, I promise. And Yune will not go unpunished for this!" Uruha said, his eyes still blazing in anger.

Just as the angry guitarist said that, Bela returned with the perfectly healed Munna in tow, smiling.

"Here you are." The kind nurse said, giving the shy Dream Eater Pokémon to Yasuno. The drummer nodded and took her up.

"Wanna help us find Kai-san, Munna?" He said and the Pokémon nodded, looking at Sableye and her human partner.

"Mu, Munna~..."

"Sableye~, Sab!" The Darkness Pokémon chittered back to Munna, looking restless.

"Then let's go, before something bad happens to Kai."

~2 hours later~

"So, this is the place that bastard took Kai to? Seems... Ominous, actually..." Said Nao nervously as he looked at the mountain.

"Yeah. Let's go in. We can't afford to waste time when Kai's life is in danger!" Ruki said, going steadily towards the cave's entrance. And after almost losing the way twice, they found another note in front of the stairs. It read;

"If you want to see your friend one last time, climb the stairs and see his demise."

"We need to run!! Kai!! We're here, don't worry, we're gonna save you!"

Just as they finally climbed up, they saw Kai tied up in a Ferrothorn's vines, whimpering in pain. But when he saw them, his eyes widened in panic.

"G-guys!! It's a trap, get away!!!" The drummer yelled but it was too late, Yune came in front of the drummer, smiling crazily.

"Ferrothorn, release him, we're gonna open it." The ex-drummer said as Yuura got ready to attack the Thorn Pod Pokémon.

"Hawlucha, use Flying Press!! We've gotta keep Kai-san safe!!"

"Attack, Sableye!! Use Power Gem!"

Just as the two Pokémon were about to do what their respective partners wanted them to do, Yune suddenly made a dark portal that swirled and then, he dragged Kai near it and pushed him in but just as he was gonna fall, Uruha managed to hold onto the older man.

"U-Uruha!! I-I'll make you fall!!"

"I don't care! I won't let you fall!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:30 pm

At that, Yune smirked, starting to come closer to the two of them only to be stopped by Munna who used Zen Headbutt on the ex-drummer, ready to protect the lives of her new friends.

"Ouch! You little--!!" Yune growled but thankfully, Munna managed to get out of the way of the deranged man's attack.

Meanwhile, Uruha was trying very hard to pull Kai back onto the land but just as he managed to, with the younger man shivering and unable to speak, Tora accidentally bumped into the guitarist, making him fall into the still open portal.

"Uruha!!!" The members of the GazettE yelled, running towards the portal in panic. But when they tried to see the young man, the portal suddenly closed after they heard a Pokémon's dangerous cry.

"W-what have I done?!" Tora managed to whisper, shocked.

"You dumbass, look where you're going!!" Reita yelled as Aoi took Kai's shaking hand to get him up, worried sick about both the drummer and Uruha.

~Meanwhile with Emile~

"Jon, what's... Wrong? What happened... To me? I don't... Remember one thing!" Emile whispered, still so tired he could barely talk.

"It's... It's better if you don't remember, Emile. Are you alright?"

"I... I think so. I'm just... really exhausted, that's all..."

"I'm so glad you're okay..." Jon whispered, his voice breaking as he came closer to the younger gamer. Emile gave him a tired smile, still cheerful even after what he had gone through. That was then, Tim woke up with a slight start, looking around and when he saw his older friend awake, he hugged him tightly.

"Oh, Emile... Never scare us like that ever again, please!" The young gamer said, obviously trying hard to not cry in front of his friend.

~Meanwhile at the mountain~

And after Kai was up on somewhat shaky legs with Aoi supporting him, Reita went right up to Yune, his hand right up on the deranged man's throat.

"You will tell us how to open that portal again or you will be sorry!!" He said as Yune's Ferrothorn came closer in anger at the attack on his trainer.

"Chatot, Cha, Chatot~!" Reita's Chatot cried out as she dove right onto the Thorn Pod Pokémon's head to not let him attack the bassist. But Yune just laughed at the face of the death threat.

"Nothing you can do is going to open that portal again, he's gonna stay in that Distortion World forever!" He said, grinning crazily.

At that, Reita got even angrier, starting to squeeze the other man's throat with all the strength he had.

~Meanwhile with Uruha~

Uruha got up on shaky legs, thankfully undamaged by the fall he had taken. He looked around only to see a strange scenery.

"Where the hell am I?" He muttered, raising an eyebrow.

Then he decided to move just in case there was a dangerous Pokémon hiding around as he did not have any Pokémon with him. But after going a few steps to north, he found himself facing a wall.

"Crap... What do I do?!"

"You might not want to move around much."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:43 pm

~Meanwhile with the others~

"Reita, calm down! If he dies, we won't have any information about how to rescue Uruha!" Aoi said, even though he was just as angry as the younger man and scared for their lead guitarist's sake.

"Listen you bastard, you will tell us how to open that portal back and save Uruha-kun. Or I will gladly erase your existance!" Reita growled. But the ex-drummer just grinned evilly, knowing that if he remained silent, despite the threat, they would never be able to find Uruha.

"I will never t-talk! He and all of you deserve this." Yune managed out as Reita squeezed his throat again.

~Meanwhile with Emile~

"Jon, please... Tell me what happened..." Emile breathed tiredly, trying to keep his eyes open. But Jon shook his head, knowing Emile was not likely to have a good reaction once he found out what he had done without knowing.

"You should rest more. We'll tell you later, okay?"

"But Jon... You know I'm not a patient guy... Please tell me what's wrong, I... I feel like I've done something horrible but... I can't put my finger on just what."

"No you didn't, Emile. Just... Just go back to sleep."

~Meanwhile with Uruha~

Uruha fastly turned around, looking for the voice that had just came from so close to him. But when he did so, he saw no one.

"Show yourself!! I-I'm not afraid of you!"

"Oh, really now? But you shall be... Soon enough." The voice said before appearing. Uruha's eyes widened at seeing the huge and obviously Legendary Pokémon in front of him.

"W-who are you?!"

"I am the one who's behind it all. I am Giratina."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:47 pm

~Meanwhile with the others~

"Uruha never deserved such a thing, you bastard!" Aoi yelled angrily and Reita growled as he thought of what to do to Yune.

"Look, either you'll tell us what to do, or I will push you off of this cliff side!!" The bassist said dangerously.

"Whatever you can do will do nothing! I will n-never tell what to do!"

That, made Reita start to drag the ex-drummer to the side of the cliff as his Ferrothorn cried out, trying to save his trainer but he was held up by Ruki's Sableye and Reita's Chatot.

"Reita, stop! We can't find Uruha if this bastard is gone!" Ruki exclaimed as the bassist made Yune lean far into the abyss.

~Meanwhile with Georg~

Georg looked absolutely shocked at Bill's anger, not having expected that from the teen singer. Tom also nodded, knowing what his twin was thinking. Georg sensed that they needed a desperate subject change and took the chance to ask something that was on his mind.

"By the way, what happened after I fell down from that blow, Tom? You were there, I remember you yelling at me to watch out so you must know what happened."

"Yeah, I... I know. After you fell, that bastard who caused your memory loss managed to prove his idiocy further by using a Sphere to save his friend. He almost died from the consequences of it and if I'm perfectly honest, I would've liked him to die after what he's done to you."

"Tom! That's a horrible thing to say!!" Bill said, looking shockedly at his twin along with the bassist.

"I'm just saying, Bill. He hit Georg with a damned hammer!"

"But still... Being imprisoned in any way with a Sphere is horrible enough! I should know, I've been in one of them for weeks!"

~Meanwhile with Uruha~

"What do you mean you're the one behind it all?! What are you behind?!"

"Everything. You soon shall see. The day I have waited for so long." The Renegade Pokémon said, dangerously serene.

"W-what?! You're not at all making sense!" Uruha said, frowning as he tried to control his fear and not let it be known to the Legendary Pokémon in front of him.

"You shall see. The day that I will finally get out of this forsaken land and enter your world, making it mine with the help of the Spheres!"

"Nani?! You were behind Darkrai all along?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:57 pm

~Meanwhile with the others - an hour later~

Yune struggled in his bonds as Ruki and Reita glared at him. While they were glaring, Kai, who was still shaken and slightly injured, was blaming himself along with Tora and Aoi was trying to tell him that he wasn't at fault.

"Kai, it wasn't your fault. It's all Yune's fault. You even tried to warn us! Are you feeling fine though? That bastard didn't hurt you too much, right?" The guitarist said, worried about his younger friend.

"I'm fine. But Uruha..." Kai whispered, looking down in pain as Bela gently bandaged his wounds.

"He'll be fine. He can take care of himself, Kai. He was so worried about you though..." Aoi said gently, holding his hand.

"By the way, you should probably talk to Ruki, he was pretty upset when you were kidnapped, you know."

Kai's eyes widened in surprise at that, never having blamed the vocalist for his kidnapping. He nodded as the door opened and made everyone look up only to see Cresselia coming in.

"Cresselia-san! Please help us! Uruha fell into some kind of portal and we need to find him!" Ruki said, looking actually scared.

"You need both Dialga and Palkia now, only they can help your friend." The Lunar Pokémon said.

"We'll go to them then. He'll be okay, I know he'll be." Aoi said, holding Kai's hand as he struggled to not cry from worry.

~Meanwhile with Uruha~

"Y-you're not gonna w-win! We won't let you!" Uruha said bravely, trying desperately not to show how scared he actually was. At that Giratina chuckled sinisterly.

"You act brave. But you do not even have Pokémon by your side. How do you think a little unimportant insect like you can make a difference?"

"I might not have a Pokémon yet but I know my partner is out there somewhere! I just need to find it! And neither I nor the others will ever give the hell up!" Uruha said, making Giratina smile in a creepy manner.

"So you think I will let you live when I told you about my plan, do you?"

At that, Uruha's eyes widened, finally his brave mask cracking and showing his fear. But then, he remembered something.


"I can't do this, I'm g-gonna fall!" Uruha said, panicking. He was on top of a slightly high wall with Ruki and Reita right in front of him as he tried to balance so he didn't fall and break something.

"You're not, Uruha. Just focus, I know you can do this, we both do. This is the only way to break your fear. How are we going to perform if you think that the stage is too high?!" Ruki said gently.

"Besides, do you think we wouldn't catch you if you fall?" Reita added, smiling.

"Just don't look down, alright? You'll be just fine."

Uruha nodded timidly and finally took a step, not looking down and after a few more tense moments, he took another only to slip. Reita and Ruki immediately ran to him and managed to hold him in time before he fell off.

"It's okay, Uruha. Just believe in yourself. Come on, let's do it." Ruki said, helping him up and gently pushing him forward. After they made it to the other end, Uruha thanked the other two which made them snort.

"Don't even mention it. We'll always protect eachother, right?"

~Flashback ends~

"No, you won't. I won't let you!!" The guitarist said, starting to back away and then running.

"There is nowhere you can hide in my domain, you little insect. I will not let you tell anyone."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:20 pm

~Meanwhile with the others~

After getting the neccesary information from Cresselia about the whereabouts of the legendary Pokémon, the group went to the Celestic Town, all of them worried about Uruha, most especially, Kai.

"We'll find him, Kai-san. Don't worry." Keiyuu said gently. But no amount of words could make the young drummer stop blaming himself.

"If I hadn't talked to that goddamn bastard, Uruha wouldn't be in this situation! What if he's hurt or something?!"

"Don't say that, Uruha is perfectly capable of protecting himself, you know that better than any of us, Kai. Don't do this to yourself." Aoi said, gently holding the younger man close after his ordeal.

"We won't give up on him. Everything is gonna be alright."

As they were talking, Hiroto curiously asked Keiyuu about where they were for two weeks. At that, Keiyuu grimaced.

"We should tell you about that after Uruha-san is okay, is it fine with you, Hiroto-san? Cause that's kind of a long story, to be honest."

"Okay, it's fine. You can tell it whenever you want to."

~Meanwhile with Uruha~

Uruha panted as he stopped running, trying hard not to panic as he could feel Giratina was close by.

"I can't let him get to me! The others will find me, I know they will!" He murmured, gulping in fear. Just then, Giratina appeared before him once again, making him jump and turn around only to fall on his face as he tripped and strained one of his ankles. Giratina laughed slightly at the futile attempts of the guitarist to get back up.

"You will never escape here."

"Yes I will! My friends would never let me the hell down, they will find me, I just know it!!"

"Oh, but they will not find you alive, little human. You are not going to get back!"

Just as the Renegade Pokémon said that, however, a bright light interrupted them. Looking up, Uruha saw three small Pokémon making their way towards them. All of them looked like fairies of some sort and were looking at the injured Uruha with worry. The one on the left was yellow colored and wasn't opening its eyes while in the middle was a blue colored one with amber eyes and the last one was pink and looked mad

"You three!!" Giratina said, obviously angry.

"You are not hurting this human, Giratina, we are not going to allow that!" The one in the middle said, glaring at the Renegade Pokémon.

"Then come and take him, if you dare, my dear Azelf."

~Meanwhile with the others~

When they arrived at Celestic Town, reminding Keiyuu of the night he almost died, they found that the elder of the town was waiting for them along with Cresselia and a blond, tall woman, surprisingly.

"Cresselia-san! What do we do now?! How do we find Uruha back?!" Asked Ruki, looking sincerely scared.

"I can help you with that. But it will be quite dangerous, actually." Said the blond woman.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:06 pm

"Who are you? How do you know the way to that place?!" Yune said and got a harsh blow to the head by Ruki, making him faint.

"We don't care how dangerous it is. We need Uruha-kun back." Aoi said seriously. At that, the woman nodded, gesturing them to follow her. They followed her into the temple, further reminding Kra members of what had happened only six day before.

"I'm Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh Pokémon League. I came as fast as possible when I heard what had happened. But I must warn you, the Legendary Pokémon that lives there is not friendly. He might have already hurt your friend." She said, looking worried.

"If that bastard has hurt a hair of Uruha, I swear I will murder it! Nobody messes with my best friends and gets away with it!" Kai said, very mad. At that, Cynthia only nodded and guided them to the top of the mountain once again, this time from a different place. And then, she gestured the GazettE members to come closer to the summit as Yune woke back up.

"No!! Master would kill me! Please!" The ex-drummer begged but none of the members paid him any mind as Cynthia gave Ruki an azure colored flute, making them look at it with curiosity.

"Just play this and the portal will be re-opened. But beware, Giratina is no joke. He was banished to that realm because of his cruel viciousness hundreds of years ago."

"Let's do it then." Ruki said, frowning as he brought the flute onto his mouth. He played it and out came a melody that swirled around them, opening the portal back to the Distortion World.

"We're coming, Uru, you just keep holding on, my friend." Kai whispered before he dropped down to the portal. After they all jumped in however, the portal got closed once again, disabling anyone else to enter it.

"I hope they'll be fine..." Keiyuu muttered, concerned.

~Meanwhile with Uruha~

"You are not going to do anything to him! We will not let you!" Azelf said as the pink Pokémon turned to the guitarist.

"You run! We will cover you, do not worry!" She said, making Uruha pause.

"But he could hurt you guys!!"

"We will be fine, you get away, your friends are close by!" Said the yellow one, still not opening her eyes. At that, Uruha nodded even though he didn't want to endanger anyone in his stead. The guitarist ran away as fast as he could with his sprained ankle.

"I should come with you! I will guide you to your friends as you are already injured. Uxie, Mesprit, you keep him at bay and try to pinpoint the exact location of his friends!" Azelf said. The other two nodded and Uxie sent out a yellow light, scanning the area for the rest of Uruha's friends.

"They are just a few blocks ahead."

~Meanwhile with others~

After checking out the Distortion World, the GazettE members were very worried that Uruha might have gotten hurt already.

"This is all my fault... I never should've talked with that bastard..." Kai whispered, trying not to lose hope.

"It'll be okay, Kai, you had no idea about what that bastard did anyways. Don't worry, we'll find him."

Just as Reita soothingly said that, a yellow light appeared out of nowhere, startling all of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:56 pm

"What was that?! We need to be on our guards!" Said Aoi, taking the others behind himself. At that, the others immediately rolled their eyes while Chatot and Sableye came to the front, looking out for signs of danger.

"Don't worry, Aoi-kun, we'll be just fine." Said Ruki, smiling slightly at the older man's protectiveness. That was then, Reita accidentally stepped on some switch-like part on the ground and what happened next shocked them. A pathway suddenly opened to them, allowing them to explore and hopefully find their lead guitarist.

"How do we search for Uruha though?" Kai said, frowning.

"Chatot, Cha!"

"I don't know. But we should be fast or he's as good as gone, if you ask me."

Just as Ruki said that, Reita's Chatot and his Sableye suddenly both took off, shocking them. They followed the two Pokémon to find two others, both weak and hurt.

"Your friend is looking for you!" The pink one said, pointing them towards West. And the other, while she didn't open her eyes, sent another beam up in the air to know where the guitarist was right then.

~Meanwhile with Uruha~

Uruha limped his way through the Distortion World, hoping that he could find his friends and warn them of Giratina's plans.

"Where are you, guys?!" He muttered to himself, the pain in his ankle intensifying by the minute. He didn't want to believe that his best friends had abandoned him.

"I think you should rest." Said Azelf gently, worrying about the guitarist's walking speed. It was obvious that he was hurting badly.

"No. I can't rest until I find the others. If they somehow get caught by Giratina-san, that would probably be deadly." The stubborn man said, surveying the area to see if anyone was there. Just as he saw the activated platform and was about to jump carefully onto it, Giratina re-appeared.

"Your defenses are gone. Give up."

"No!! Azelf-san, you go and check on your friends! They might be hurt badly!" Uruha said, looking very scared for the other two legendary Pokémon.

"I cannot do so, he would kill you the moment I leave you alone. Uxie and Mesprit will be just fine." Azelf said, standing bravely in between Uruha and Giratina.

~Meanwhile with Kyo~

After the vocalist said that, he turned to Kaoru who was avoiding eye contact with him, still blaming himself. He didn't know what to think though, especially after all the harsh words and actions the older man had taken with him.

"Did anyone else get hurt?" He asked softly, trying to not let his worries get to him. At that, thankfully Die shook his head, smiling.

"No, we were lucky that Darkrai couldn't catch us getting out of the castle."

~Meanwhile with the GazettE~

"He is at least two miles away to the West! Go now before Giratina catches him!!" The yellow Pokémon exclaimed at which, the members of the GazettE nodded, hurrying towards Uruha. But when they found the guitarist after searching for him for over an hour, they saw him on the ground with a giant, scary looking Pokémon looming over him while the small, blue Pokémon was fainted.

"Chatot, Cha, Chatot!!" Reita's Chatot cried. At that, Uruha thankfully looked up.

"G-guys! Help!!"

But just when he said that, the Pokémon that was looming over him suddenly attacked him, making him cry out and fall.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:22 pm

Everyone gasped as they watched Kai come in between the blow that would take Uruha's life and the dangerous Legendary, taking the hit himself.

"KAI!!" Uruha screamed as he caught the younger man. Kai fell on top of the guitarist, not moving.

The others immediately ran to the two, panicking. And when they saw the wound on his back, they all paled. Aoi gently took the younger man from Uruha's shaking hands as Reita came to help the guitarist to stand. But Uruha could not walk as his ankle was sprained badly nor could he tear his eyes from Kai's motionless form on Aoi's back.

That was then, the two Pokémon that had helped them to find their guitarist appeared, looking worried.

"Are all of you-- Oh my!! You need to bring him back to your world immediately!!" The pink one said, looking shocked.

"We will help you do so. But it will not be very easy as Giratina will probably try to stop us." The yellow one said softly.

"We don't care! We just have to avoid that monster and it'll be alright." Ruki said, trying hard not to cry. That was then, Kai suddenly groaned, trying to open his eyes.

"Kai! Don't you move, okay?! You just hang on, Kai, I swear everything is gonna be just fine, you'll survive!" Aoi said, trying not to worry too much but the wound on the drummer's back was bleeding and looking almost like it was rotting.

"Why the hell did you do that?!" Uruha said, his voice shaking with tears.

"I-I... I couldn't let you... Die l-like... That..." Kai managed to utter, his eyes dropping again.

"You'll be okay. We just need to get out of here before something worse happens." Said Reita gently but it was too late for Kai to hear it, the drummer having succumbed to unconsciousness once again.

"How the hell are we getting out of here?!" Uruha said, starting to fear that they would lose the younger man.

"You need to find your way through the labyrinth that this place is. We will help you, do not worry." Uxie said gently.

"Yes. Even if Azelf is not awake right now, he will be soon enough. Then, you will be able to go through this place." Mesprit added and just as Ruki was going to ask when exactly the Willpower Pokémon would do so, the dangerous Pokémon appeared in front of them once again.

"Leave them alone, Giratina!!" Uxie said, angry. The Renegade Pokémon just chuckled at the sight of their bravery though.

"You cannot escape, I will rule over you soon enough even if you do run away." He said, smiling creepily.

~Meanwhile with the others~

After they waited for two hours, the rest of Cresselia's champions were starting to get nervous, not knowing what had happened nor what would happen next.

"Do you think they'll be alright?" Keiyuu asked with worry, hoping like crazy that they would find Uruha safe and sound.

"Those guys are made of tough material, Keiyuu-san. None of them would let Uruha-kun go like that either. I think they will be just fine." Saga said calmly even though he had a bad feeling about what might have happened in there.

"I hope the three Pokémon of the Lakes will help and guide them. Or they will be in a huge trouble as Giratina would easily hunt them down." Cynthia said, looking very worried. Just as she said that, Cresselia came to them yet again.

"They are in danger. Something must have gone wrong." She said, looking worried and then, shockingly, Darkrai appeared.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:58 pm

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Yasuno said, very unnerved by the Pitch Black Pokémon. But Darkrai did not answer the drummer, merely kept staring at where the portal to the Distortion World used to be when Ruki had played the Azure Flute.

"We will learn it soon enough. But the bigger problem is that one or more of the people who went into the Distortion World is injured badly." Said Cresselia, making all of them turn pale.

"We need to get in there or something even worse will happen!" Hitsugi said with fear as his small Meowth nodded vigorously.

"Unfortunately, the only way to do so is to use the Azure Flute but they took it with them..." Cynthia said, frowning. The others turned to Cresselia to know if that was the truth.

"Yes. But we can find out who is harmed easily." The Lunar Pokémon said, focusing to open a viewing portal to the GazettE members' place. When they saw what had happened, however, they all cried out in shock after seeing Kai's wound and the state of Uruha. Yune, who had been watching silently up to that point chuckled evilly.

"He deserved it. All of them deserve this!" The ex-drummer said, smirking as the others turned to him with death glares.

~Meanwhile with the GazettE members~

"Kai, please don't do this to us, wake up!" Uruha said, trying his hardest not to cry. But the shorter man didn't even stir. That was then, finally, Azelf came to them, completing the trio of the Lakes.

"Follow us. We will guide you to the exit, do not worry." Uxie said gently. They nodded and then, with Reita supporting Uruha, they started walking as fast as they could.

"You will never escape here!" Giratina suddenly said, his body swooshing as he came in front of them. But then, Mesprit and Azelf came in front of the group, ready to protect all of them.

"Uxie, you bring them out of here! We will stall Giratina as much as we can! Go!!" Azelf said as the Knowledge Pokémon nodded.

"I will! Come on, follow me!" She said urgently as she floated only a few feet away as she saw how slow Uruha could move due to his sprained ankle. They went a few more blocks away but had  to stop once they saw a stone wall different from all the other walls and ceilings in the Distortion World that they could climb.

"How will we get out of here, we're stuck!!" Ruki said, trying hard not to panic. Reita's Chatot and his Sableye came in front of the giant wall, both frowning slightly. And then, they started talking amongst themselves.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"What are we gonna do, Ryuji-kun??" Tatsuhi asked as the vocalist guided him towards somewhere.

"We'll get your eyesight back. I promise I won't let that go. I think I found the solution but... But it might hurt you at least a little..." The other man said, trailing off in worry as the girly bassist considered Ryuji's option. After a little while though, Tatsuhi smiled and nodded.

"I trust you, Ryuji, you would never let me down like that."

"Of course not! I'm not like Taizo, you know that."

"I... I don't think he knew, Ryuji, don't say that about him..." The bassist said softly, looking down despite not being able to see anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:43 am

"Don't give that reasoning to me, he left us to rot in there!" Ryuji said sternly, still angry at the guitarist for what had happened.

"Ryuji, please, calm down. Besides, he came for us in the end, we can't hold a grudge on him." Tatsuhi replied, gentle. And then, the person the vocalist was waiting for appeared all of a sudden. The person was wearing a long, hooded coat that was obscuring her face and was holding a pink, sparkling tablet.

"Hello. I see you decided to go with my solution." She said in a low voice which Tatsuhi felt like he should know.

"Yeah. So please bring my best friend's eyesight back." Ryuji said softly, holding the other man's hand tightly in his.

~Meanwhile in the Distortion World~

"We need to push this block to its correct position. If we can do it somehow, the way will open to us." Uxie said as Chatot and Sableye continued to chatter amongst themselves and then, the two Pokémon stopped and turned to their respective trainers.

"Sab, Sableye!" The Darkness Pokémon cried softly, pulling at Ruki's leg and pointing at the giant block which made the vocalist frown and come closer to the block, looking at it carefully.

"Wait! There are some dots here!" He cried out once he inspected it.

"These must be Braille alphabet. But how do we solve it??" Reita said as he came closer as well.

"I... I can try, I knew Braille before but I'm kind of rusty, to be honest with you guys..." Aoi said, swallowing in nervousness as he gave the injured Kai to Reita and came closer. He touched the stone, trying to remember the code fully so that they could save Kai's life.

~Meanwhile with the others~

"None of them deserved such a thing, you bastard, only you and your so-called Master deserve such a horrible fate!!" Saga snapped, glaring at the ex-drummer with actual hatred in his eyes.

"Yeah right, as if you'd understand the pain of being forgotten. Your friends wouldn't replace you like they did to me!" Yune retorted. At that, all of them stopped, looking at eachother with surprise.

"Just because they replaced you doesn't mean you can hurt them as you please though! Mai was replaced too, but he never tried to harm anyone!" Yuura retorted right back, glaring at the bound man.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"I will. But it will hurt very badly. Do you still want this?"

"Hai. I can't take the darkness anymore..." Tatsuhi said softly. The woman nodded and with Ryuji, helped the young bassist to lay down. And then, she opened his chest, which made Tatsuhi blush furiously and pressed the plate into him. Tatsuhi gasped for air as it sunk into his chest, starting to suffocate.

"Tatsuhi!! Is this supposed to happen?!" Ryuji asked with alarm as the bassist tried to hold the vocalist's hand, obviously very scared.

"Don't worry. He'll be fine, soon enough."

After a few more moments however, Tatsuhi opened his eyes but they were not his normal, black eyes anymore, they had turned pink with no pupils.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:10 pm

~Meanwhile in the Distortion World

Aoi closed his eyes and tried to put his worries out of his head and focus, knowing Kai's life depended on him right now.

"Aoi?" Asked Uruha shakily, trying to stand but as his ankle was injured, Ruki, who was supporting the guitarist didn't let the older man to do so.

"You rest, Uruha. We'll get out of here, don't worry, he'll survive." The vocalist said gently and then, Aoi opened his eyes, finally ready to solve the puzzle.

"Guys, I think this block should be pushed three spaces to the left!" The older guitarist exclaimed and that, made Uxie smile, knowing automatically that these people were very adept and very loyal to eachother.

"Yes. But how do we push it??"

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"T-Tatsuhi?!" Ryuji said with a shaking voice. But the bassist didn't answer the worried man, just blinking and then, he slowly got up. He didn't answer the scared Ryuji, however, making the man even more nervous.

"Tatsuhi, please, say something!"

Just as he said that, the woman finally opened her hood, making Ryuji horrified as she was the scientist woman who was responsible for making the bassist blind in the first place.

"You!! What have you done to him?!"

"I just did what Master wanted, Ryuji, nothing else."

~Meanwhile at Mt. Coronet~

"That's because he was way too soft and cowardly to do something about the replacement!" Yune said but Taizo got pissed off at him, knowing his words were very wrong.

"Mai was not cowardly, you bastard! He literally gave his life for the people he cared about, something you can never understand!" The guitarist said, angry as Keiyuu and the others smiled sadly behind him, knowing that Taizo did not have any grudges on Mai for almost getting them hurt.

~Meanwhile in Tatsuhi's mind~

Tatsuhi woke up with a shudder, blinking as the light assaulted his eyes. After he was used to it though, he saw something that shocked him. He was in their old studio and Taizo and Yuuya were close by, discussing something in quiet tones.

"Are you okay, Tatsuhi?" Ryuji asked gently. Tatsuhi nodded with his mind running a mile in a minute. He was sure that it was not a dream that he saw but what else could it be if not a dream?

"Come on, Tatsuhi-kun, get your mind off of whatever you're thinking, we need to rehearse." Taizo said calmly, taking up his guitar. Tatsuhi smiled with tears and nodded again.

"Okay, Taizo-kun."

~Meanwhile in the Distortion World~

Just as Ruki said that, however, Giratina appeared once again, ready to possibly kill the group of five and their partner Pokémon.

"You're not going to stop us, Giratina-san! We're not letting you hurt anyone!!" Reita said bravely as he helped Ruki to stabilize Uruha and keep a hold of Kai's unconscious body at the same time.

"You seem sure of that. But you are not exactly very strong, are you?" Was all the Renegade Pokémon said before attacking Aoi. But the black haired man just dodged to the side and managed not to get hit by the deadly attack.

"Aoi! Are you okay?!" Ruki yelled, trying to see the rhythm guitarist through the dust cloud that rose upon contact.

"I'm fine!! And I have an idea." Was all Aoi said before standing to the right of the block they needed to push and taunting Giratina.

"Oi, I'm here, you teme!! Come and hit me if you can!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:44 pm

"Aoi, what the hell do you think you're doing?!" Ruki yelled as the Renegade Pokémon turned to the rhythm guitarist and sent out a Dragon Claw at him.

But the oldest managed to get out of the way right on time, getting Giratina to accidentally use his attack on the block and actually move it to where the group needed it. Aoi smirked as he got back to the group but the others were glaring at him for his recklessness.

"What?" The guitarist said, confused at his friends' anger at himself.

"Have you lost it?!" Reita yelled at him as he checked to see if there was any damage on the older man.

"What are you talking about? It worked well enough, didn't it?" Aoi said. At that, Ruki facepalmed and reached up to smack Aoi's head, making the guitarist annoyed.

"If that attack came onto you, you would've died, you dumbass!!" Uruha said as angry as the others. Aoi, however, rolled his eyes, sighing as he thought they did not care about his plan's success.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji~

"You monster!! Leave us alone already!!" Ryuji exclaimed but the woman did not even answer him as she smirked at Tatsuhi's now changing form.

"Come now, Tatsuhi. Master is waiting." Was all she said and made the young, possessed bassist come with her.

"God, no! Let him the hell go!!" The vocalist yelled before reaching to his Pokéball.

"Go, Mandibuzz!! We need to protect Tatsuhi!!"

"Man, Mandibuzz~!!" The Bone Vulture Pokémon cried out as she glared at the scientist woman. But the aforementioned woman just smirked evilly as she sent out her Azumarill.


Ryuji didn't look fazed at this development, however. He just gave his first command to Mandibuzz so that they could save their best friend's life.

"Mandibuzz, use Air Slash!!"

~Meanwhile in Tatsuhi's mind~

Tatsuhi smiled at Taizo who was in the middle of playing a new riff on his guitar. He really hoped what he had seen before was just an awful dream and that their band was never split up.

"What did you see in your dream, Tatsuhi-kun? You still look kinda shaken." Yuuya said with concern.

"You really don't want to know, Yuuya. It's... It's not something that's easy to talk about..." The bassist said, shuddering slightly at the reminder.

"Okay. But you can always talk about it with me no matter what, okay?" The drummer said with a gentle smile. Tatsuhi nodded with a teary smile. But little did he know that someone was watching him from the shadows.

~Meanwhile on Mt. Coronet~

The others looked at eachother with confused looks but none of them made a comment about who this Mai was. They all could tell that this was a weak spot in the members of Kra, so they refrained.

"You have no idea what you're talking about, Yune-san. I suggest you shut up before you get what you desire so goddamn much, you monster." Yasuno said, glaring daggers at the ex-drummer.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:48 pm

After the drummer said that, however, a bright shine from where the portal had been before interrupted them and made them frown in confusion.

"What's happening, Cresselia-san?! Are the others alright?!" Yomi asked worriedly. At that, Cresselia smiled.

"Yes. They have just overcome the first obstacle in their way."

"That's good, at least. I just hope they manage to get here before Kai-san is more hurt." Ni~ya said, frowning slightly. But while they were not looking, Yune managed to get out of his bonds and suddenly called his Ferrothorn to his side.

"Oh, you're so not helping them find their way back! Ferrothorn, use Mirror Shot!" The ex-drummer said, gaining a smirk from Darkrai and a death glare from everyone else.

"I'll take care of this bastard, don't worry. Go, Gyarados!" Ni~ya sent his Pokémon under the surprised looks.

"I thought you had a different Pokémon, Ni~ya-san?" Said Keiyuu with a confused look.

"It evolved while we were getting Yomi out." Sakito replied with a smile.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji~

"Azumarill, use Play Rough!" The scientist said, smirking at the pained Ryuji, confident in her abilities on Pokémon battles.

"Mandibuzz, please dodge it! And then use Dark Pulse!" The vocalist said in desperation. He didn't want to lose Tatsuhi like he had lost Yuuya and Taizo.

"Please, Tatsuhi, come back to me!"

Just as he said that, Tatsuhi suddenly snapped up and smacked Ryuji hard and made him fall onto the hard ground. Mandibuzz turned towards the possessed bassist and cried out in anger but that, proved to be a fatal mistake as her opponent jumped up in preparation to attack with its super effective move.

"I'm fine, Mandibuzz! Please don't stray from your fight!"

Right then, however, Tatsuhi giggled as he started to change forms just as Yuura had done before him. But the younger bassist's transformation was completely different from Yuura. He sprouted pink, large wings and his skin turned an unnatural white while his hair grew longer.


"It worked then. Master will be delighted to know that the experiment is a success at long last." The scientist said with a sinister smile on her face which made Ryuji feel even more like a failure. Then his head snapped up, showing he had tears in his eyes that threatened to spill.

"Tatsuhi... I'm so sorry I have to do this..." He whispered and then, sprung himself onto the other, unnatural man and letting him carry him away.

"Man~! Mandibuzz!!" His Bone Vulture Pokémon sprung right after them, hoping to reach the vocalist in time.

~Meanwhile in Tatsuhi's mind~

Tatsuhi smiled as he watched Taizo and Ryuji converse, happy. But even as he was happy, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong, he just couldn't. And then, Yuuya approached him with a pink, tablet-like necklace in his hand.

"Hey Tatsuhi, I thought this would fit you really well so I bought it for you."

"But it's pink, Yuuya, I'm not a girl, you know, despite looking like one!"

"Please, Tatsuhi, I bought it just for you with my hard-earned money! Won't you at least try it on?"

The bassist rolled his eyes but took the necklace anyways. But just as he was going to try it on, shockingly, Ryuji's distant voice came through.

"Tatsuhi, don't!!" The vocalist was screaming.

~Meanwhile in the Distortion World~

"Are you sure you're okay, Aoi-kun? You scared us for a moment there, you know." Reita said with concern to which Aoi shrugged wordlessly, still a little mad at their anger earlier.

"Don't just shrug!!"

"I'm fine! Look, let's just find the way out right now, okay? We'll talk about this after we save Kai-kun."

"Too bad you will not be able to get out." Giratina said and attacked Aoi again with a Dragon Claw.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:53 am

Aoi didn't answer the others, frightening them even more. But after the dust cloud was down, they saw the black haired guitarist trying to get out from under a brick block that had saved his life.

"Aoi, are you alright!?" Ruki asked frantically. Aoi grunted and barely managed to get out under the block, nodding.

"I'm fine. Don't worry, guys." The older man said as he breathed hard from the exertion. Reita immediately came to him, supporting him to join back to the others.

"We need to get away from here! Kai is getting worse!" Said Uruha as he looked at the obviously pained drummer with fear. Fear that they might lose him.

~Meanwhile in Tatsuhi's mind~

"What the--?! Yuuya, did you hear that??" Tatsuhi asked in confusion. He could swear that he had heard Ryuji who was right across the room, still talking to Taizo, but it was distant, as if the vocalist's voice was far away from him.

"Hear what? There was nothing, Tatsuhi-kun. You're acting weird ever since you woke up, you know." Yuuya said, looking at him with worry.

"I'm fine, Yuuya-kun. It's... It's nothing, really."

"You do know you can always talk to me, right? You don't have to face everything yourself, Tatsuhi."

"Tatsuhi, please don't do this!! Come back! Don't leave me like everyone else!" Ryuji's distant voice came back again and this time, the voice sounded like the older man was crying. But this time, Tatsuhi didn't say anything and just asked Yuuya if he could go out for a while. The gentle drummer nodded and told him that he would tell the others. Tatsuhi got out and focused, trying to understand what was going on.

"Ryuji? A-are you really there?!"

~Meanwhile in the real world~

"Tatsuhi, please don't do this to me, I can't take this! Please just come back!! God, I'm so sorry!!" Ryuji exclaimed as the bassist carried him to a place that looked like an island. His Mandibuzz was coming up behind them but Tatsuhi didn't give the Bone Vulture Pokémon a chance to take her trainer back, suddenly zooming towards the island and fast.

But that was then, Ryuji heard Tatsuhi murmur something quietly.

"What is it, Tatsuhi-kun? Please tell me how I can save you, I can't take losing you as well!"

Then, when they landed, Ryuji finally found the way to focus and go into whatever dreamworld the bassist was having. And when he saw that the younger man was seeing their band whole again, he started crying, knowing just how much the other man wanted his best friends back.

~Meanwhile with Kyo~

After a few hours, in which Kyo was thinking hard about whether to forgive Toshiya and Kaoru, the doctor who had saved Kyo's life came into the room.

"Thank you for saving him." Die said gratefully as Kyo just observed what was going on.

"Yeah, I don't know if I could've forgiven myself if Kyo died." Toshiya added, shuddering slightly as he thought of the horrible moments in which they did not know if Kyo would be okay.

"It's okay. It is my job, after all."

~Meanwhile with Ryuji~

Ryuji sobbed as he watched Tatsuhi get out of the studio he was in, looking kind of lost.

"Ryuji? A-are you really there?!" He whispered, shocking the vocalist. At that, he immediately nodded but seeing that the bassist couldn't actually see him, he immediately replied loudly.

"I'm here, Tatsuhi! I swear I'll get you out!"

"But... They're with me now, Ryuji... Why would I wanna leave??"

"I want them back too, but this isn't real, Tatsuhi!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:27 pm

~Meanwhile in the Distortion World~

"I will not let you. You are doomed to stay here as my toys forever." Giratina said. However, the Renegade Pokémon had not expected Sableye and Chatot to both attack him angrily.

"Sableye~!!" The Darkness Pokémon sent out a Shadow Claw at the dangerous legendary, obviously pissed off at the threat.

"Let's fight then! Sableye, keep using Shadow Claw!"

"Chatot, you come back and help us find the other blocks!" Reita commanded and his loyal Chatot came back to his side and flew a little above them to see if the blocks were anywhere close to where they were.

And after a little while of the Music Pokémon searching and Sableye attacking Giratina, Chatot finally found something.

"Cha, Chatot!! Cha~!" The bird Pokémon cried out, turning to the left of them as Sableye got away as well, ready to run for the block that was their exiting ticket.

"You will not escape!!" Giratina yelled, enraged but his next attack hit someone unexpected.

~Meanwhile in Tatsuhi's mind~

"What do you mean this isn't real?! I-I saw them, Ryuji! I know I did!!"

"They aren't real, Tatsuhi, please just... Just come back!" Ryuji said, obviously in pain. Then, all of a sudden, he became visible, looking like a ghost. That made the bassist think. Think about how he had managed to come in this dreamland.


Just as he was going to answer the nervous vocalist, suddenly, someone coming up behind him cut him off.

"Tatsuhi? Y-you're leaving??"

Tatsuhi turned around only to see Taizo, Yuuya and Ryuji behind him. But the Ryuji in front of him cried out, seeing the creatures as what they were.


"Please don't leave, you're happy here, aren't you?" Taizo said softly, looking sad and making Tatsuhi feel even more confused.

"Tatsuhi, no!! It's not Taizo! It's not any of them!" Ryuji who was now behind him screamed and then, did something very shocking. He sprung on the mirages, making them actually absorb themselves to him and shattered the dreamland.

~Meanwhile in the real world~

Tatsuhi woke up with a gasp and looked around only to see his vocalist best friend thrashing on the ground. And then, before he could comprehend what was happening, Ryuji started screaming in agony and to shine as well. Then, a ball of grey light came out of him and broke into three pieces, falling away from the island they were on.

"R-Ryuji??" Tatsuhi whimpered in a shaking and weak voice, looking at his best friend with fear. But Ryuji did not answer, his eyes blank and unseeing.

"Ryuji, say something!! RYUJI!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:58 am

~Meanwhile in the Distortion World~

The Renegade Pokémon's attack connected with Azelf who had managed to come in between it and Sableye who was the target. Sableye turned around and looked at the badly injured Willpower Pokémon with shock.

"Run! The next block is only two blocks away!!" Uxie said as she went to stand by her injured friend.

"Come on, Sableye, we need to go before something worse happens." Ruki said gently, understanding why the Darkness Pokémon hesitated.

Sableye nodded and managed to tear her eyes from Azelf's nearly unconscious form, upset about having to leave the Willpower Pokémon like that. And after they ran for nearly half an hour, they found the last block they needed to bring down.

"Come on, guys, I think a Pokémon attack will work on this. I mean, it did work on the other two, after all." Said Aoi, looking at Kai's still form. The drummer had started to whimper in obvious pain as his wound became deeper somehow.

"Then we should try it again! Chatot, use Round!" Reita yelled as Ruki commanded Sableye to use Power Gem.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

"Ryuji! P-please say something! Anything! I can't lose you, Ryuji, please don't do this to me, to us!" Tatsuhi said weakly, crying as he crawled over to the vocalist. But no matter what he said, Ryuji never gave any reaction.

That was then, a whooshing noise came through. Tatsuhi weakly looked up only to see a blue Pokémon coming for them. He tried to call for help, hoping that the Pokémon was at least friendly. Thankfully, the Pokémon looked down and went down to help them.

"Please, do something, my f-friend isn't answering me!" The bassist said, still trying to make Ryuji say or do something. But when he saw the Pokémon's eyes, he gasped, it was blood red of the serum of Darkrai.

"Oh no..."

"I cannot help your friend. But Master might be able to." The Pokémon said coldly, making Tatsuhi gulp.

"D-do you know what happened to him at least?! Please tell me there's a way to bring him back!"

"Yes, I do know. Both his mind and soul has been broken. There are only numbered days till he dies."

"WHAT?!" Tatsuhi screamed, horrified. He couldn't believe the danger Ryuji was in just to bring his eyesight back.

"If you bring him to Master, he will find a way. After all, you both are still useful to him."

~Meanwhile with Emile~

Jon gently raised Emile's bed up to help him drink the water he had bought just for the younger gamer.

"Are you feeling better now, Emile?" Tim asked quietly, hoping that the older teen would answer him honestly.

"I think... So... But really, what happened to me?! Please, I wanna know!"

"What do you remember?"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:33 pm

~Meanwhile in the Distortion World~

When the two Pokémon used their attacks, the block very slowly started to go the way the group wanted it to go. But then, Giratina re-appeared once again and smiled creepily. That scared the members of the GazettE, not knowing why the Renegade Pokémon was smiling like that.

"It is too late now. Rise, my servant. Rise and kill them."

That made something shocking happen; Kai suddenly stirred and got out of Reita's careful grasp. But something was wrong, the drummer's eyes were vacant, as if he was being controlled.

"K-Kai-kun?" Reita whispered but the drummer didn't answer, he just lashed out and grabbed Ruki by the throat. Ruki struggled to get out of the tight grasp, his body convulsing.

"Kai! stop!!" Uruha screamed but the younger man didn't even seem like he'd heard the panicking guitarist. That made Aoi turn to the dangerous Legendary Pokémon who was watching the whole thing unravel before his eyes with pleasure.

"What. Have you. DONE. To Kai?!" The older guitarist growled in such an anger that it made Giratina pause in surprise.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YUTAKA?!" Aoi screamed after not getting any answer from the Renegade Pokémon.

"His wound helps me control him now. You will never escape, whether you want it or not, he is mine now."

"No!!" Reita managed to whisper as he saw Ruki fall unconscious. But even then, Kai didn't release his hold on the vocalist, wanting to kill him.

"Sab, Sableye, Sab!!" Ruki's Sableye cried out, sending a Power Gem into the drummer and finally managing to make him release her kind trainer. But then, Kai attacked her next, getting angry at the small Darkness Pokémon.

"Sableye, you help Ruki, we'll cover you!" Uruha said, trying to stand on his own so that they could keep both Sableye and Ruki safe while they tried to bring Kai back.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

Tatsuhi hesitated, knowing Ryuji would rather die than being in that castle again. But he knew that if he lost the vocalist now, he would never recover from the loss, knowing if he had not gone with Ryuji's plan, he would be alive.

Then, making up his mind, he nodded softly, closing his eyes in pain. The blue Pokémon made him put the completely still Ryuji onto his back and then, they took off, hopefully to bring Ryuji back to them.

~Meanwhile in Mt. Coronet~

As the others looked in surprise at Ni~ya's red Gyarados, the bassist calmly commanded the Atrocious Pokémon to use Crunch.

"Ferrothorn, dodge it and use Power Whip! They will never escape that place!" Yune exclaimed but then, the others came beside Ni~ya.

"Go, Munna!" Yasuno yelled as he sent his new Dream Eater Pokémon out, glaring angrily at the ex-drummer.

"Go, Mightyena, use Assurance!" Shou said, glaring as well.

The rest sent their Pokémon as well, ready to defend their friends. Yune looked cornered and a bit intimidated by all the forces that were sent instantly against him. But then, his eyes changed in determination.

"I'm not letting you win anything!"

~Meanwhile in Distortion World~

After they managed to dodge a flurry of punches from Kai, Reita and Aoi were starting to get tired. In the meantime, Uruha was trying hard to wake Ruki up with Sableye, both close to panicking.

But then, a shocking thing happened yet again. The pink Pokémon that had come to Uruha's aid with the other two, Mesprit suddenly came through, having managed to find them.

"Mesprit! You can bring his mind back with me, right?!" Said Uxie as she watched the bassist and the guitarist dodge and try to reason with Kai.

"Only if Azelf comes as well, you know that, Uxie! Where is Azelf?!"

"He was injured!! But I think there is a way to bring his mind back even with the two of us! The Azure Flute is with them, it can help boost our power and get them out!!"

"Okay then!! I will help you to do so but you need to play the Azure Flute while we are doing this!" Mesprit said as Giratina tried to harm her and Uxie. But they easily dodged the Renegade Pokémon's attack and came to either side of Kai who was trying to still hurt his friends.

Uruha immediately took the Azure Flute from the still-unconscious Ruki's pocket and started playing it. He played the flute, making a portal appear right in front of them but then, Kai began to cry out in pain as his wound hurt him even more.

"Kai!!" Reita and Aoi ran to his side immediately as he shone a pink and yellow light, starting to come to.

"G-guys... It... Hurts... So much..." The drummer managed to say, his consciousness slipping from him once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:24 pm

"Kai!! Kai, don't go to sleep!!" Aoi said in fear that if the younger man let go, it would be too late for him to be saved.

"Too... Tired..." The drummer whispered as Reita took him back onto his back while Uruha was still trying to wake Ruki up.

"We don't have time, we need to get back to the real world before something worse happens or we... We lose Kai. Come on, Uru, we need to get back." Aoi said as he gently took Ruki up onto his own back and supported the pained lead guitarist.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

When they arrived to Darkrai's castle, Tatsuhi didn't know what he had expected but to find the castle almost deserted, was definitely not on the top of his list.

"Master went to collect his winnings. He will be here shortly, do not worry. Even if he dies, we have use for the two you." The blue Pokémon said calmly.

"He won't die! I won't let that happen to him. I can't!!" Tatsuhi said, trying his hardest to not cry from fear of losing Ryuji.

That was then, someone whom the bassist had not seen in a long time came into the throne room and promptly froze at the sight. Tatsuhi, however didn't look his way, too distressed to do so. Besides, the man who had come in and was now staring at him and Ryuji with shock had left them alone long ago.

"T-Tatsuhi? Is that really you?!" The man said, shocked.

Tatsuhi still didn't answer, thinking of how much Ryuji would've been happy to see this person. But Tatsuhi was not happy, quite the contrary, in fact. He was furious.

"What happened to Ryuji?! How can I help?! Please, Tatsuhi, just talk! You're starting to scare me here!"

At that, Tatsuhi finally looked up and sent a death glare to the young man who was approaching them. That, shocked the man enough to stop advancing. But the bassist still continued to glare at him anyways, knowing very well who this person was.

"Tatsuhi? It's me, Yuuya, what's wrong?" He said, looking very concernedly at Ryuji's still form and Tatsuhi's angry face.

"I'll tell you what is wrong! First Taizo left us here to get experimented on which almost cost me my eyesight and while he was trying to fix what was wrong, Ryuji broke himself!! And this time, no one helped us!! You are too late, Yuuya! Too late for me to forgive you and Taizo!!" Tatsuhi spat, his voice nearly breaking at the last part.

"W-what?! When did all this happen!? Kami-sama, Tatsuhi! I'm so sorry! Please let me help you at least to bring him back, I swear I will make this up to both of you!" Yuuya said, shocked.

"No! You weren't by his side when he needed you, you're not gonna help him!" Tatsuhi said stubbornly as Yuuya came to his side and sat next to the angry bassist.

"You need help, Tatsuhi, no one should have to go through such a thing alone."

~Meanwhile in Mt. Coronet~

Just when Yune tried to use Power Whip on Ni~ya's Gyarados, a portal finally opened up, letting the GazettE members get out. But when the others saw the damage on Kai's back, they all gasped while Yune smirked.

"You were too late, weren't you?" The ex-drummer whispered only to be stopped by Munna and Hawlucha's attacks on him and his Ferrothorn.

"Lay him here. I will try to fix his wound." Cresselia said softly but she didn't look very hopeful for the drummer. Reita immediately laid the still and pained drummer in front of the Lunar Pokémon, hoping against hope that whatever she was going to do would work. After a few moments, however, Cresselia dashed their hopes.

"There's almost no ways to save him. Except..."

"Except for what! We can't lose Kai like this!!" Ruki who had woken up in the portal exclaimed hoarsely. He was terrified for the older man.

"Except for letting me take his life for a brief amount of time while we heal his wound with Celebi and then bringing him back. Do not worry, he will not die for long."

At that, all of them were horrified but they decided to go with it, just so that they could save Kai. Uruha closed Kai's eyes, preparing to let the Legendary Pokémon strike to take his life, tears falling unbidden. And then, Cresselia only attacked once, killing Kai instantly.
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Through the Portal
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