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 Through the Portal

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:11 pm

~Meanwhile with Kai~

Kai woke up with a bone-deep shudder, blinking as he got up in a white, unadorned room. He got up from the bed, frowning lightly as he tried to remember what had happened. But before he could manage, an obviously Legendary Pokémon came in, scaring him slightly. The Pokémon was a blue deer-like one that had rainbow colored horns and a calm look in its body language.

"Hello." She said softly, looking at the intimidated young man.

"H-Hi? W-who are you a-and where on Earth am I?!" Kai asked nervously, trying and failing to hide his fear. The Legendary Pokémon in front of him only smiled at his uncertainty, wanting to soothe the drummer.

"I am Xerneas. And you, young man, are dead."

"What?! B-but I need to save Uruha! He could be hurt right now!!"

"Your friend is fine. He and your other friends are safely away from Giratina."

Kai sagged in relief at those words from the Life Pokémon.

"Yokatta..." He whispered softly, having been scared to lose Uruha or his other friends. But then, his curiosity was piqued, Xerneas hadn't said why he had died and how he could return, if even possible.

"How did I die? And can I return somehow??" The drummer asked, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You died from the wound you received. It was poisonous all along, young man. But the poison is still in your body, I do not know if you will be able to return at all." Xerneas said but in the next moment, she was alerted to something.

"They have the Time Flute and Celebi... This changes everything..."

~Meanwhile in the real world~

After that, under the scared looks of all of them, the Lunar Pokémon gently prodded Kai's wound. The GazettE members however, were only able to look at Kai's peaceful face and nothing else. Uruha was sobbing as he did so, feeling guilty.

"It'll be okay. Kai is stronger than that, you guys need to have a little faith in him, you know." Said Saga softly, concerned about all of his friends. But Uruha wouldn't stop crying nor could the others. And then, Cresselia came back to awareness, bearing grim news.

"His wound is irredeemable. I am sorry but... There is only one thing you can do to get him back right now."

"And that is??" Aoi asked, being the only one who could talk.

"To let him stay like this while you travel to find the cure for his wound--"

"NO!!" All of the members of the GazettE screamed at once. None of them were going to let Kai stay dead, in case he wouldn't be able to return. Yune frowned at that behind the obviously disapproving Cresselia, feeling hurt that Kai was so loved by his ex-bandmates.

"You promised you would not let Kai die like this!! Now you're turning back on your promise?! Then we are turning back from you! Sableye, use Shadow Ball!!" Ruki growled angrily.

At Ruki's command, all of the rest of them looked shocked except for the other members of the GazettE. The rest of the members, however, were not at all shocked, knowing just how much Ruki cared for Kai.

Cresselia dodged the Darkness Pokémon's attack but even she was in great shock. Then, she cleared her throat and said softly;

"I see you are not going to do as I suggest. Then you should know this, even if you bring him back, Giratina might be able to control him from afar, the wound he has will not heal unless you find the right cure for him."

"We will find it. Only once he comes back to us, not a moment sooner." Said Reita coldly, he was just as angry as Ruki was, thinking of how much danger Kai was in.

"Yeah. Please, just bring him back!" Uruha whispered, still crying as he looked at the peaceful younger man. Cresselia sighed and nodded and then, Celebi told the least upset-looking Aoi to play his Time Flute so that they could bring the young drummer back to life. Aoi nodded and played it and surprisingly to everyone except Kra members, Kai's body started to thrash.

"I-is it working?!"

Just as Yuura was going to say something, Kai gasped out loudly, his body's movements coming to a stop and he was breathing now.

"Oh yokatta... We need to find the cure now. Is he gonna wake up though?" Reita asked quietly, worried sick for Kai's life.

"He will wake up. But beware, once he does, he should not mention Giratina at all, that would be a call to that vile Pokémon and it would cause him to fall under the curse of him." Cresselia said, frowning at the still asleep Kai and Ruki who had decided to stay near the older man. Then they gently carried the drummer to the hospital, covering him with a thick blanket as Bela wound Uruha's ankle as gently as she could.

~Half an hour later~

Kai woke up with a shiver going through his body, making him tighten the covers on himself. And then, he decided to look around despite being so very tired. And what he saw made him feel very relieved; Uruha was asleep right by his side, safe and sound. But then, the guitarist started to whimper in his sleep.

"No... Kai, please... Don't go!! K-Kai!!" The older man whimpered, his head thrashing in the throes of his nightmare. Kai frowned slightly and he shook the older man but it wouldn't work, Uruha simply couldn't wake up from his nightmare.

"Uruha! Wake the hell up!!" Kai yelled as Uruha screamed his name and woke up, sobbing.

"Hey, it's alright. What's wrong, Uru? What's the problem?? Come on, you can tell me anything, you know that."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:33 pm

Uruha only shook his head, too upset to be able to speak normally. Kai just rocked him back and forth, murmuring comforting words into the guitarist's ear as he did so.

"It's alright, Kouyou, I'm here now, I'm not going anywhere."

Just as he said that, Ruki came into the room and seeing Kai and Uruha, his eyes widened and he ran to their side immediately.

"Uruha? What's wrong?!" The vocalist asked gently, concerned. Kai answered instead of the older man, however, the guitarist being way too shaken at the moment.

"He had a nightmare... I don't know what happened with Gi--"

"NO!! Please, Kai, d-don't say that brute's n-name!"

Kai looked confused at that but nodded relatively calmly. Then, Ruki turned to him and promptly hugged the breathe out of him.

"You scared the shit out of us, Kai-kun..."

"W-what the--?! Ruki, calm down, I'm fine!" The drummer said, flailing slightly in the hug while Uruha managed to bring a small smile out at the vocalist's bear hug. After that, Ruki released him and looked him over despite remembering the peaceful look on the drummer's face while he was dead, wanting to reassure himself that Kai was indeed fine now.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

"Why should I trust you!? You and Taizo both left us alone here! Why should I trust you when Ryuji is in this state?! I don't have time for you, Yuuya, not anymore!" Tatsuhi said, tears falling from his eyes at the reminder of the good times they'd had with Yuuya, Taizo and Ryuji.

"I promise I won't leave again! Just give me a chance, Tatsuhi! Just give me a chance to bring Ryuji back together, onegai!"

Tatsuhi looked at the drummer's face, trying to find the lie he was sure he would find but there was nothing but intense concern and pain in the older man's face. But just as he was going to say something, Darkrai finally made his entrance with Latios leading the way.

"Please help Ryuji! There has to be a way to bring him back!" Yuuya exclaimed before the bassist could say anything. Tatsuhi inwardly grimaced, knowing the Pitch Black Pokémon would make the older man do something inhumane like he had made Tatsuhi and Ryuji do.

It will not come cheap, young man." Darkrai said sinisterly, obviously having planned what he would make Yuuya, the softest one out of them do.

"I'll do anything to redeem myself in the eyes of my friends!"

"Yuuya..." The bassist whispered, feeling scared for the other man despite his earlier anger. Yuuya didn't answer the younger man, very worried about Ryuji.

"You must bring one thing each of you. And that will maybe bring him back."

"Maybe?! You got to give us a better chance!! What is this one thing?!"

"His soul shards. There must be three, but there is a big problem in finding them." Latios said calmly as if Yuuya had not burst out with anger. Tatsuhi put a hand on the taller man's arm, making him pause in surprise.

"What is the problem?! We'll do anything to bring him back now!" The bassist said softly, bowing his head to hide his tears at the thought of Ryuji's sacrifice.

"Hai! Ryuji needs us right now, we're not going to leave him like this!"

"Since his mind is also broken, your friend cannot comprehend where he is or where his soul shards can be. That is why only one of you shall get inside his mind and bring his shattered psyche back. If not, you surely will fail."

~Meanwhile inside Ryuji's mind~

"I needed you..." Tatsuhi's quiet voice whispered to the already injured vocalist, making him flinch.

"Please, don't leave me! T-Tatsuhi! Please don't leave me like everyone else!!"

"You are too late to make such demands, Ryuji. Just like you were too late on saving my life"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:34 pm

~Meanwhile in the real world~

"How do we do it though?! And why only one of us can do so?!" Yuuya asked sharply, frowning. Tatsuhi grimaced inwardly once again, hoping that the two very dangerous Pokémon would not take the drummer's anger as offense.

"Because it has to be someone who has never left his side. The other will have to wait till he is back." Latios calmly told at which, Yuuya's anger deflated and he looked down, truly regretful.

"Then that's my job. I won't let him down like this..." Tatsuhi whispered softly as Yuuya continued to mentally beat himself up.

"But of course, the other one must do something as well." Darkrai's sinister voice broke the silence, making Tatsuhi and Yuuya's eyes widen from different reasons. Tatsuhi from worry and Yuuya from eagerness.

"What is it?! I'll do anything to find a way to bring Ryuji back!" The drummer said, making Tatsuhi feel even more worried about what Darkrai might do to hurt Yuuya.

"You must find the Azure Flute. It will help bring his mind back."

"I'll bring it, I'm not letting Ryuji die like this. I can't..."

~Meanwhile in the hospital~

"Guys, what happened after Gi-- That brute hurt me? And where are the others?? Please tell me they're not hurt!" Kai said, fearful about what might have happened to Aoi and Reita. Ruki only smiled at his worry, trying to hide the fact that he was quite worried for the drummer despite him being awake now.

"They're fine, Cresselia-san sent them on a mission, actually."

"Eh?! What mission?! Is someone hurt?!"

At that, Ruki looked uncomfortable while Uruha shuddered in Kai's arms, knowing very well what mission their friends were on at the moment and it still made him fear that they would be too late to manage getting what they needed to get.

"N-no, no one is hurt, Kai-kun. I don't think you should know the details yet though, just know that they're just fine."

"B-but?! What has happened that they needed to be sent away?! D-did Gi--"

"No! He didn't hurt them, don't worry, Yutaka-kun!"

~Meanwhile with Aoi and Reita~

"Are we sure that the cure is here?" Reita asked Aoi, frowning as he surveyed the ruins he and the guitarist were standing before.

"More or less, Reita. We can only hope that it's here, or else, we're screwed."

"Yeah. Let's go in then."

"Chatot, Cha!"

The three of them went in only to see a hiker man in the entrance, looking at a huge block like they had seen in the Distortion World. The man sighed, getting away from it.

"It doesn't seem like I will be able to continue..."

"Hello. Can you tell us what is beyond that block??"

"According to the legend, it contains something that can cure any poison. But this block doesn't seem movable, if I may be honest..."

At that Reita and Aoi looked at eachother with surprise. They had found the right place for the cure.

"We need that cure, we'll have to move it somehow!"

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi and Yuuya~

Yuuya was getting ready to leave, knowing that there was almost nothing he could do to bring Ryuji's shattered mind back except for finding the Azure Flute and he was not going to let anything deter him from getting it. But just as he was stepping out, Tatsuhi approached him.

"Yuuya, are you sure that you can do this?"

"For you guys, yes. I'm not gonna let you down anymore, I promise, Tatsuhi-kun."

"But Darkrai is calling you right now, he said he would give you something to help along your quest. H-he might make you do something inhumane, Yuuya, please don't give in to everything he wants you to do, please..."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:52 pm

~Meanwhile with Aoi and Reita~

"I tried everything but it just won't budge. It's better if you return home, gentlemen." The hiker said seriously but neither of them were about to move from the spot, too determined to save Kai.

"We will find a way, if you just get out of our way." Reita said, slightly angry at the man's tries to make the duo go away. At that, the man stubbornly glared at them.

"No. I found out about this cure first. You should go away!"

"Never!! Our friend needs this cure badly! We won't let him down with that!!" Aoi said, glaring daggers. At that, the man sent out his Pokémon, pissed off as well.

"Go, Probopass! We must get that cure or he won't be happy with us!"

"Go, Chatot!! Aoi, you try to move that huge rock, Kai's state right now depends on us!"

Aoi nodded, running towards the rock and looking at it with a frown. And then, he found the same Braille code that was on the blocks of the Distortion World. He hummed to himself and then turned to Reita who was trying to hold his ground against the Rock and Steel type Pokémon to buy the guitarist some time to solve the puzzle.

"Reita! Ore wa houhou o mitsuketa!"

Reita's head snapped up at that, looking immensely hopeful but something they had not been expecting happened.

"Probopass, use Rock Slide on him!! You're not getting it, you bastards!!" The hiker exclaimed, pointing at Aoi.

"Aoi, abunai!!" Reita screamed right before the attack started.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

Tatsuhi nervously waited for an instruction as to how to get into the shattered mind of Ryuji, anxious for a number of reasons. Yuuya had left with the new Pokémon the cruel Pitch Black Pokémon had bestowed upon the drummer. And Tatsuhi himself was scared that he would not return even though Yuuya promised he would.

"Ryuji, please hang on, okay? We're going to find a way, I promise." He whispered to the unresponsive vocalist. Ryuji didn't answer of course but the bassist had a feeling that he could feel that he was not alone.

And then, almost unwillingly, his mind turned back to the last conversation that he had with Yuuya before the drummer was out of the castle walls.


"Look, Tatsuhi, if there's anything that I can do for you and Ryuji, I won't hesitate. It's because of me that this even happened. If I hadn't left you that day, this wouldn't have happened to Ryuji. I'll bring him back, I promise you."

"It's not that I'm worried about, Yuuya, not really. Darkrai is cruel. Knowing him, he'll make you do something horrible to other people, just like he made me and Ryuji do so..."

Yuuya frowned at that but still hugged the distressed bassist, wanting to comfort him through all this.

"It's gonna be okay, Tatsuhi. Everything will be okay. You're not alone anymore. Besides, Darkrai gave me a Pokémon, with her, I can help bring Ryuji-kun back to us."

Tatsuhi sighed wordlessly, too concerned at what could happen to Yuuya. But the drummer smiled and briefly hugged him once again before turning back and leaving.

~Flashback ends~

Tatsuhi was so deep in thought that he didn't sense the person that came inside the room he and Ryuji were in. He only looked up after the person had cleared his throat.

"So, this is what happened to him? Seems pitiful." The man said softly, making Tatsuhi angry.

~Meanwhile in the hospital~

"But then where are they?!" Kai asked but it was obvious that they didn't want to talk about it. Kai growled slightly and stormed out, making the two look at eachother with worry.

"Kai, matte!"

Ruki managed to catch up to the frustrated drummer and hug him once more.

"Please stop worrying. Everything is alright with them, I promise you."

"Then why won't you tell me what happened after Giratina attacked me?!" Kai shouted but then, he suddenly went rigid, making Ruki fear the worst.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:19 pm

"K-Kai?!" The vocalist said, immediately scared that Kai was under the curse of the Renegade Pokémon. The drummer didn't answer him for a moment before crying out in pain and collapsing.

"Yutaka!! What's wrong?!"

"I-I don't know!! R-Ruki, m-my back! I-it hurts!!" Kai whimpered, obviously in much pain. Ruki immediately called for a doctor so that they could take the older man to a bed before any more damage happened to him.

~Meanwhile with Aoi and Reita~

Aoi tried to move away, but the attack had come way too fast and sudden for even the agile guitarist to dodge. He got buried inside the giant rocks, making Reita turn white as a sheet from the fright that he might have lost one of his best friends. The bassist ran towards the rocks, scared badly.

"AOI!!! Aoi, please answer me!!" He shouted, tears filling his eyes.

"Chatot! Cha, Chatot!!" Chatot also cried, hoping like crazy that Aoi was alive. At that, the hiker just laughed softly.

"He deserved this. No one will get that formula besides me."

"You monster!! You better hope that Aoi is alive or I am gonna goddamn skin you alive!!" Reita said with a shaking voice. The hiker didn't seem fazed by the threat of Reita however, he got a surprise when the bassist turned to his Pokémon.

"Chatot, I want you to go and find any help you can! Aoi has to be alive! He has to!" He said and the Music Note Pokémon nodded despite her uneasiness about leaving Reita on his own against that mad hiker and left the cave, flying as fast as she could to find help.

~Meanwhile with Kyo~

Kyo nodded respectfully at the doctor, grateful for his help on saving his life. But even then, he felt a discomfort while looking at the man. He didn't know why but he felt like there was something amiss.

"Thank you." He said, his voice still a little hoarse but the doctor only smirked, not really helping his case with the vocalist.

"Not a problem, I am a doctor after all."

~Meanwhile with Chatot~

Chatot flew as fast and far as she could, desperate for help. Then, she stumbled upon an old adversary of hers and paused. She thought for a moment if she should try and persuade him to help or not but remembering how her trainer looked at the pile of rocks and the thought of the kind Aoi's death, gave her strength and courage she needed to have.

"R-Roserade! Please help!!" She called out and the Bouquet Pokémon turned around, glaring at her.

"Chatot. You're still around, huh? I would've thought some Rock Pokémon would bury you by now."

At that, the Music Note Pokémon flinched, remembering Reita's scream as the rocks buried his guitarist.

"Roserade, I really need your help, there's a life hanging here! If we... If I don't do something, my trainer's friend is gonna die!!" She said, tears in her eyes.

"Why should I help you after what you have done years ago?! You preyed on my entire family!! Give me one good reason to not Sludge Bomb your ass right now!!"

"This isn't about that! Please, I need help, my trainer Reita's friend got buried under a Rock Slide! H-he won't live unless I get help!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:23 pm

~Meanwhile with Reita~

"Please, Aoi, say something!!" Reita said, very close to crying as he waited for both his Chatot to return hopefully with some help and for Aoi to answer him but all he could hear was silence from the pile of rocks. Then, he turned around and did something shocking even though it could be dangerous for him; he slammed the hiker onto the wall, growling.

"Tell me how I can dig him out! NOW!!"

"No way. You were the ones interfering with my plan to have the cure and he deserved it!" The hiker said and then, ordered his Probopass to use Rock Slide once more, this time on the defenseless Reita. The bassist closed his eyes, waiting for the rocks to fall on him only to get shocked.

"Rose, Roserade!!" A bouquet like Pokémon suddenly appeared in the cave, blasting the rocks away from Reita before they could connect. And Chatot immediately flew over to the young bassist, worried.

"Cha? Chatot, Cha?!" She cried and Reita smiled slightly at the worried Music Note Pokémon.

"I'm fine, Chatot... But Aoi won't answer me. I just hope we're not too late to save him..."

Chatot nodded at the Pokémon she had brought to save the guitarist and the Pokémon nodded back, collecting a white energy ball in its roses and then, it shot it as a beam onto the rocks, blasting them and scaring Reita half to death. Then, he looked up only to see the unconscious form of his guitarist.

"Yuu!!" He yelled, going beside the older man with fear and trying to wake him up. Aoi however, only groaned in pain, relieving the bassist slightly that Aoi was alive at the very least.

~Meanwhile inside Aoi's mind~

"Aoi, help!!" Kai's frightened voice breached the black void the guitarist was in. He frowned and called out at the drummer.

"Kai!! What's wrong?!"

"H-he's back! He's g-gonna have me!! G-Giratina is c-coming at me!!" The drummer screamed in absolute terror. Aoi frowned deeper and got up from where he was sitting. Then, focusing on the younger man, he could see him back in the Distortion World. The guitarist gasped in shock and then, focusing once more, he managed to get there.

"It's okay, Kai. He will never get you, we'll never let that happen."

~Meanwhile with the others~

"So, where have you guys been for two weeks? I was kinda worried about you, to be honest..." Hiroto said kindly to the Kra members. At that, Taizo winced, remembering everything that had happened since Mai's death. And when they told about Mai's death, everyone who knew the ex-guitarist gasped.

"When did that happen?! And just why?! Mai-san was such a nice guy!" Shou said, shocked.

"Turns out, his own mother sent him here to Darkrai's castle for him to 'heal' and he had to work for him..."

"If he was working for that bastard, maybe he deserved it?" Ruka said before he got a hard smack on his head by Yomi, the vocalist glaring at him for his insensitivity.

"Don't mind this insensitive oaf, what happened next??"

"He... He never deserved it, that's the biggest problem. Darkrai... He tried to make him hurt us in trade of his own life and Mai... He gave up on living instead of harming anyone..." Keiyuu said, sad at the reminder. At that, the others gasped in shock.

"That's just sad... Poor guy." Hitsugi said, saddened as well.

~Meanwhile with Reita and Aoi~

"R-Rei...ta?" Aoi finally managed to whisper, trying to raise his head. Reita immediately pushed him back down gently. The guitarist had a bad head injury, after all.

"It's alright, Aoi-kun. We're gonna get out of here, okay?"

"K-Kai needs the c-cure, w-we can't just... L-leave!"

"You are injured, Yuu. Kai would understand--" The bassist started to say only to see the stubborn guitarist try to get up while holding his head.

"No. He needs us now. I won't chicken out just because I'm injured slightly. Now, let's solve the puzzle, take the cure and just get the heck out of here."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:23 pm

Reita shook his head as the guitarist staggered back to the giant block which was half crushed by the attack that nearly took Aoi's life, knowing that he wouldn't be able to convince Aoi to stop. Instead, he sighed and went closer to support the guitarist while he looked back at the puzzle, trying to remember what he had solved before. After a short, quiet moment, Aoi perked up again even though it obviously hurt his aching head even more.

"We must use something called a Red Orb to open this thing up it seems... It seems like it's... A gate of some sort instead of a block. It's so weird..." The guitarist said, frowning and Reita frowned as well.

"How do we find that though?"

"I have no clue. But we must hurry before it's too late to save Kai-kun."

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

"Oh, you shut up, it's all your fault that Ryuji-kun is in this state!" Tatsuhi said, glaring at the man who had come in just to make fun of the situation Ryuji was in. At that, the other man frowned and glared back.

"I did nothing to your precious Ryuji! I was not even there, you traitor!!"

"If you had not hurt Ryuji, Gustav-san, when T-Taizo and the others of his band came in, we would NOT be in this state!! You are the monster here!! Leave us the hell alone from now on!!"

Gustav paused at the vehemence in Tatsuhi's voice, not having expected that much anger from the older man. He searched for words to say, his mouth opening and closing on its own for a moment before remembering why he had come in the first place.

"Well, if you don't actually want to know how to enter his pathetic, broken mind, suit yourself." He said and much to his delight, Tatsuhi stopped and bowed his head down. But what he was not expecting was the bassist springing up and slamming him against the nearest wall, his eyes fiery.

"Tell me. Or I will kill you!" He said before shocking the drummer even more by taking out a ragged, sharp piece of rock which he pressed onto Gustav's throat.

"I-I'll tell! Stop doing that!" The drummer said, trying to get out of the older man's tight grip.

"You must focus on the last memory you have of him that shattered his stupid mind. That should at least do something, from what Master said."

"How do I do it?! I can't remember anything from that moment!" Tatsuhi growled, his eyes narrowed.

~Meanwhile with the others~

"What's happening to him?! We need to do something before he's gone!" Uruha said in total panic. Ruki nodded just as worried as Kai whimpered and groaned in what seemed to be a torturous pain.

"G-guys... P-please, help!! H-he's coming!" The drummer was whimpering and for the life of them, they could not understand what he was talking about.

"It's gonna be alright, Kai. We'll never let whoever it is to take you, I promise, my friend."

~Meanwhile with Aoi and Reita~

Just as Aoi said that, trying hard not to show the pain he was having in his head, the hiker who had gotten half blasted into oblivion after the Roserade's attack woke up.

"You are unworthy to have that! Only Master may have it!!" The man rambled, making the two of them look at eachother with frowns, thinking that they had understood just who this madman was working for.

"You're working for Darkrai?! If so, your so-called Master will never keep us away from this!" Reita yelled but the man chuckled softly.

"Why would I work for such a loser? My real master is way stronger than him! Giratina soon will have the world!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:51 pm

~Meanwhile with Yuuya~

Yuuya thought long and hard to find the Azure Flute, knowing his friend's life now depended on him and his actions. When he came to the cliff Darkrai had told him to go to, however, he found something. Hopeful that it was the Flute, he ran to it. However, it was only a big, glowing red sphere. The drummer sighed with irritation.

"I can't seem to find this damned thing! But I can't simply go back! Not when Ryuji needs me!!" He growled and just in case it was needed, the tall man took the sphere with him. And after going to search for the flute more, he came across someone who challenged him to a Pokémon battle. He tried to tell the girl that he was in a hurry but she would not listen.

"You must battle!"

"I need to go! My friend is dying and I need to find the Azure Flute!"

The girl stopped for a moment, shocked at the item's name. Yuuya frowned slightly at the change in the girl's attitude.

"What? D-do you know where it is?! Please tell me if you know, there's a life hanging here!"

~Meanwhile withTatsuhi~

"J-just try, you dumbass!! If you remember it, you probably will be able to get in! Now will you please let me the hell go!?" Gustav growled angrily, still trying to get out of the girly man's grip.

"Okay. But do not in any way try to come between us again. Or I will not be so easily letting go." Tatsuhi growled before shoving him and going to Ryuji's side again.

Then, Gustav smirked, knowing what the bassist really needed to get into the mind of Ryuji but not telling him. But then, a shock came for the influenced drummer, one of the women scientists came into the room, smirking as she held a pink, slightly dull with blood tablet. As soon as the shorter man saw the tablet, he went pale as a sheet, starting to remember everything he'd seen.

"Oh, Kami-sama..." He whispered, his eyes full of tears. And then, he went into the mind of Ryuji, unable to stop himself and unwilling as well.

~Meanwhile with Reita and Aoi~

"What?! You work for that... That brute?!" Aoi demanded and that pissed the hiker off.

"Now you shut up! Master knows better than you! He will be able to get out soon, with that loser Darkrai helping out."

At that, the guitarist and bassist looked at eachother with horror, understanding the entire plan immediately. Darkrai was planning to pull Giratina out of the weird world the Renegade Pokémon was imprisoned in.

"No he will not. We will not let such a thing to happen! Now, let's go before Kai gets worse." Said Reita before Aoi could punch the deranged man like a punching bag.

~Meanwhile in Ryuji's mind~

"Ryuji!! Ryuji, where are you?!" Tatsuhi screamed, looking for the vocalist everywhere. And then, he saw him, laying on the ground with blood coming out of him.

"RYUJI!!!" The younger man screamed and ran to him.

"D-don't..." Ryuji mumbled when the bassist gently took him into his arms, tears coming into his eyes at the state of his best friend.

"What is it, Ryuji? Oh, please say something!" Tatsuhi whispered, fearful that he was too late.

"D-don't me..." Ryuji mumbled so softly that the bassist almost missed it. When the younger man deciphered what the vocalist had said, he softly started to sob.

"I'm here, Ryuji, I'm not leaving you. No way in hell!"
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Through the Portal
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