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 Through the Portal

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:10 pm

~Meanwhile with Shin~

After Luminor said that, Latias turned to the keyboardist, shocked out of her mind.

"How?! How did you find out about a cure?!"

At that, the room's occupants looked at eachother in confusion before Yu told about the book in the library of Darkrai's castle, making Shin also curious about how they'd manage to obtain the book in the first place. But what they had not expected for Latias to thank them heartily.

"Why are you thanking us??" Kiro asked, really confused.

"Because Darkrai took Latios too..."

~Meanwhile with Aoi~

"Reita, stop!! What are you doing?!" Aoi struggled to get the bassist off of him without hurting the younger man. But Reita only grinned insanely and pressed Aoi more into the dented wall, ready to kill the guitarist up until shockingly, Groudon appeared. At the sight of the Continent Pokémon Reita gasped and coughed, trying to get his bearings right once more.

"Reita!! What is happening to him?!" Aoi said, rushing towards his friend.

"He has been harmed by the same poison that ails your other friend." Groudon said, making the guitarist's eyes widen before he ran to the small mirror to help Reita first.

He looked at it for a good moment before throwing caution into the wind and showing it to Reita which made the bassist cry out and then whimper as the poison went out of his body.

"Reita? Daijoubu?"

"A-Aoi? What happened?"

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"I have a feeling that something is wrong..." Said Yuuya, really worried about how Ryuji and Tatsuhi had not returned to themselves yet. But even though they were not aware yet, Ryuji's skin was returning to its normal color which Yasuno pointed out.

"Maybe the Azure Flute really did help?" The older drummer said, frowning slightly.

"It seems like it." Taizo commented and then, something shocking happened, a strong light burst from Ryuji's body and made them look at the older vocalist with shock and apprehension.

~Meanwhile with Kai~

Kai shook his head as he learned of just what his two friends were trying to accomplish, touched. Just as he was about to say something, Ruki's Sableye returned to the room they were in along with Luxray, carrying Reita's noseband and Aoi's bracelet.

"Oh, you're back!" Uruha said, sighing in relief and took the two items from the Darkness Pokémon.

"Why did they send these things?! What happened?!" Kai asked, worriedly.

"I asked them to. Uruha was going crazy with worry here, to be honest, Kai-kun." Ruki said calmly, getting a fist bump on his shoulder for the comment.

And when they asked Kai about what he had seen in his nightmare, the drummer shuddered, still traumatized by the things he'd seen. But when they saw that, both Ruki and Uruha hugged him tightly.

"You're okay now, we won't let anything happen to you again."

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"Come on, Ryuji, we should go back and check the place we were in before. Maybe we missed something in there."

Ryuji timidly nodded and turned around with Tatsuhi obediently but just as they were about to leave, the monster suddenly attacked the vocalist, making him cry out and fall down.

'We need to do something before this thing kills us!!' Tatsuhi thought frantically as he supported the already injured Ryuji.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:28 pm

~Meanwhile with Kai~

"Thanks, guys." Kai said, grateful for the support his two friends showed him. The other two smiled at that.

"You don't have to thank us, you know. It was just something we had to do. After all, think of all the times you supported us, Yutaka." Ruki said with a smile which the older man returned a little shakily since he was still uneasy about Reita and Aoi's absence.

"I just... I just hope that Reita and Aoi are alright though..."

"They're gonna be fine, don't worry." Uruha said with conviction, smiling. Kai nodded with a slightly uneasy sigh which made Ruki and Uruha look at eachother with slight exasperation since they knew that the drummer would not be at ease until he saw Aoi and Reita in one piece.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"T-Tatsuhi... I... I d-don't think I'll... M-make it... You should... S-save yourself..." Ryuji whispered weakly, his eyes closing. But what he hadn't expected was Tatsuhi's slap on his face. He looked up to see how furious and desperate the younger man was.

"I came here to save your ass, Ryuji! And I'm going nowhere without you!! So, get. The. Hell. Up!!" The bassist growled, pulling him up while the vocalist was shocked.

With that, the bassist gently guided Ryuji back to the tunnel-like place but when they got there, they had a surprise. The place had become entirely different. Now there was a platform in the middle of the room completely covered in barbed wire and a razor filled glass box which had a vial with silver colored fluid inside it.

"Now you see that you cannot get the potion. Admit it already, you have lost." Came the voice of the fake-Taizo, sounding smug. But that did not deter Tatsuhi.

"No we haven't, you monster!! I will get Ryuji out of here even if it kills me!!" The bassist growled with anger.

"You seem so confident. If you really think you can get it, step onto the platform and let the game begin."

Tatsuhi came closer to the platform, looking for a way to get the glass box without getting hurt too much while Ryuji worriedly watched the younger man do so.

~Meanwhile with Aoi and Reita~

"You don't want to know, Reita-kun. Come on. We got what we needed so we should be on our way. Kai still needs us after all."

"Yeah. Let's go." The bassist nodded and they left the cave, ready to finally save Kai. But before they got out, Aoi reached for the bandages around his head and tore them right off, making Reita worry.

"Why the hell did you do that?!"

"Because if the others see me with bandages, they will ask questions to which I wouldn't wanna answer, Akira-kun. Now let's go." The guitarist said with an eye-roll at the bassist which made Reita facepalm. Aoi started walking with the small mirror safely lodged deep in his pocket. But what they did not know was that, they were being followed.

~2 hours later~

Reita and Aoi took a deep breathe once they saw the hospital in their sights, both relieved. Roserade stopped for a moment, understanding that they had arrived the place the duo had as a base. He was kind of reluctant to go with Aoi since it would mean being in constant closeness with Chatot but on the other hand, he'd liked Aoi's determination and lovingness.

"Come on, Roserade. Please come with us, I'm sure you'll like it with us." Aoi said, realizing the Bouquet Pokémon was not coming with them. The Pokémon in question nodded reluctantly, deciding to stay if only for a little while.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:37 pm

~Meanwhile with Kai~

"I really hope the others will return soon..." Kai sighed, still really uneasy. But as if on cue, Reita and Aoi hurriedly came into the room, making Kai fastly get up and get dizzy from the speed he'd gotten up with. Aoi just chuckled, hugging the younger man in relief.

"Are you guys alright?!" Kai asked frantically, honestly worried.

"Don't worry, we're just fine. But are you alright?" Reita asked with concern, knowing that if Ruki had had to send his Sableye, things must have gotten really bad. Kai nodded hugging the bassist as well.

"Would you take a look at what we got for you to get better?" Aoi said softly. Kai nodded with slight confusion and when the rhythm guitarist showed him the mirror, the drummer gasped, feeling that something was going out of his body.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

Ryuji watched as Tatsuhi managed to climb to the platform, wincing as the barbed wires dug into his feet. But no matter how painful it was, the bassist never stopped, way too determined to bring Ryuji out of this danger.

"Tatsuhi? Are you alright?!"

"I-I'm fine. We'll g-get out, I p-promise, okay, Ryuji?" Tatsuhi said, gritting his teeth.

"I see you have climbed. You must really hate yourself to defend someone this weak." Came the voice of fake-Taizo from somewhere they could not see.

"Of course I did! He's my best friend and I will not leave him in his time of need!" Tatsuhi said matter-of-factly. Ryuji's eyes filled with tears at the younger man's declaration, truly moved.

"Then let's see if you can pass this little... Test."

~Meanwhile in the real world~

The light that came out of Ryuji's body faded away soon after, leaving the singer's face look a lot more healthy. But as that happened, Yuuya happened to look towards Tatsuhi and saw that this time, the bassist was the one getting weaker.

"Something's wrong! Tatsuhi is getting--"

Just as the younger drummer was going to finish his sentence, the place got really cold and an earthquake shook the entire castle.

"W-what the hell is going on?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:21 pm

~Meanwhile with Kyo~

Kyo smiled at Shinya, seeing just how distressed the drummer was at the thought of losing him even after the older man had betrayed him.

"I'm okay, Shinya. Everything turned out... Okay, I guess..." Kyo sighed, reaching out a hand towards the distressed man. Shinya looked up and smiled at his older friend, happy about that. What they did not know was that everything was far from over.

"Yes, Master, he is indeed here."

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's castle~

"We need to look at this, that tremor can't have been natural!!" Yuura said, frowning. And then, the older bassist went towards the window and saw a green haired person with a huge, gray and blue and bipedal Pokémon which obviously was a legendary Pokémon.

"Guys, I think someone else is after us."

"Who is this guy??" Keiyuu muttered upon seeing the mysterious man.

"You don't know either?" Yuuya asked and Taizo shook his head, indicating that they had never seen this person before nor the Legendary Pokémon beside him.

"I think we should talk to him. We should learn his motives before trying to fight him." Keiyuu said. Yuura and Taizo shook their heads, knowing that the vocalist would never harm someone without knowing anything about them.

"Yeah, I can talk to him while you keep an eye on Ryuji-san and Tatsuhi-san." Yasuno volunteered and made all of his bandmates facepalm at his eagerness to endanger himself.

"No way in hell are you going there on your own! That huge Pokémon probably will hurt you!! Come on, Lucario, we'll go together, Yasuno, whether you like it or not!"

Yasuno sighed, knowing that he couldn't exactly make the younger man accept his proposition.

"Let's go then."

~Meanwhile inside Ryuji's mind~

After the monstrosity explained that he had to somehow get the potion from the box which Tatsuhi had already guessed, the bassist narrowed his eyes, trying to ignore the pain under his feet as Ryuji watched him with fearful eyes. But once the younger man managed to get the glass box with his feet bleeding profusely, the barbed wires suddenly sprung up and bound him, almost making him drop the box.

"T-Tatsuhi-kun!!" Ryuji yelled but the bassist shook his head.

"I-I'll be f-fine! T-take the box and b-break it! Please, R-Ryuji! It's gonna help you!"

~Meanwhile with Kai~

"What happened? Kai, are you alright?!"

Kai smiled, feeling much less lethargic and much better after seeing the mirror somehow.

"I'm fine. The tiredness is gone, even." The drummer said calmly, stretching himself. Though soon afterwards, he shivered, slightly cold from the breeze that came through the window.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:30 pm

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

Ryuji nodded with tears in his eyes and took the box out of the pained bassist's hands, throwing it onto the ground with all the frustration he felt and the box thankfully broke. Then, before drinking the potion, the vocalist went closer to Tatsuhi, trying to get the younger man out of his painful prison.

"What the hell are you d-doing, Ryuji! Drink the damn p-potion, it's t-the only way for you to get out!"

"I'm going nowhere without you! I won't lose you again!!"

~Meanwhile in the real world~

"I think something is going wrong with Tatsuhi, he's getting really pale..." Yuuya said, looking concernedly at the still bassist and his best friend's faces.

"Maybe if you use the Azure Flute once more they will get better? It seemed to work well last time." Yuura replied softly, he didn't like the state of the two either even after what Tatsuhi had done to him previously.

"It's not the only thing that's going wrong, guys! I think the other two are in trouble!"

~Meanwhile with Keiyuu and Yasuno~

"What do you think is happening, Yasuno-kun?" Keiyuu asked with a frown as he and the drummer went down to get an explanation from the person who was trying to freeze the entire castle.

"I don't know. But whatever it is, it's not good, that much I can definitely guess."

Keiyuu nodded, agreeing with Yasuno and when they went towards the young man, ready to talk, the huge Legendary came in front of the man, making them pause.

"You shall not harm my friend!" The Legendary said in his gravelly voice, glaring at them.

"We're not about to. We just want to talk." Yasuno said, keeping his calm look on but also cautiously taking Keiyuu behind him much to the shorter man's annoyance.

"Yasuno, stop trying to protect me! I can take care of myself, you know!" He said, getting out of the protective drummer's shadow.

The Pokémon didn't know what to do until the young man said in a fast speech;

"Let them talk, Kyurem."

"Yes, my friend." The Boundary Pokémon said, stepping aside to let them take a proper look at the man before them. He was a slightly tall man with green hair and sharp, blue eyes.

"Hello, my name is Keiyuu. May I ask who you are and why are you attacking the castle?" Keiyuu asked calmly under the careful look of his drummer and Kyurem.

"Hello. My name is N. And your so-called Master killed my family so he and all of you slaves deserves this!" The young man said in a really fast speech again but Keiyuu, being the one with a good hearing, heard everything while Yasuno looked blankly between them.

"Ano... What did you say??" The drummer asked while Keiyuu frowned deeply.

"Kare wa watashitachi ga kare no ichizoku no hitorida to omoundesu, Yasuno-kun." The vocalist said in Japanese while this time, N was the one who was looking confused.

"NANI?! Listen here, you jerk, we'd never be one of his henchmen!! We're just trying to save two people that are being hurt here!" The drummer snapped, momentarily forgetting Kyurem in his anger.

"Yeah! And what you are talking about is no justice!!" Keiyuu said, angry as well.

"I don't care, if you're here, then you must die as well! Kyurem, could you use Glaciate once more?"

"NO!! Lucario, use Aura Sphere!!" Keiyuu yelled as he pushed Yasuno away at the last moment before the attack could connect with the drummer. But the attack connected with the vocalist instead with Yasuno looking up the second the cold beam connected with the vocalist, completely freezing him in one swift move.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:15 pm

~Meanwhile in the hospital - Kai's room~

"Are you cold? Come on, let's get you warmed up." Reita said kindly to the younger man, smiling with relief that he was now safe.

"Yeah, a little, Reita-kun. Thanks." Kai said, smiling sheepishly. The others all smiled at him, happy like Reita that Kai was now safe from Giratina's malice.

~Meanwhile with Yasuno~

"What have you done?!" Yasuno uttered, his face pale as a sheet. N only smirked before saying;

"You slaves all deserve this! He's better off d--"

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!" The drummer suddenly cut the young man off, springing onto him with intention to hurt at the very least. Kyurem was about to interfere but the Aura Sphere from Lucario stopped the Boundary Pokémon along with Munna's Psychic.

But then, Yuura and Taizo came running down with the bassist barely managing to get the drummer off of N's body.

"What happened?! What did that teme do to Keiyuu-kun?!" Yuura asked.

"We were just talking to that bastard when he suddenly ordered his friend to goddamn freeze us! K-Keiyuu got me out of the way b-but he was caught up in the beam instead! Let me go! I'm gonna send him to Hell!!" Yasuno said, struggling against the bassist and then, Taizo punched the green haired young man as well, also mad.

"You need to calm down, Yasuno! If you don't we might lose him! You too, Taizo!" Yuura said, glaring daggers at N and Kyurem.

"But how can we bring him back?!"

"I know the answer to that."

~Meanwhile with Keiyuu~

Keiyuu woke up with a shiver, his very blood freezing. The vocalist barely managed to look up to see that he was in a white, unadorned room alone. But no matter how much he wanted to get up, his body wouldn't move besides his head.

"W-what's h-happening to m-me?.." He whispered, weak and cold.

Then, something that shocked him happened; Mai came into the room, looking worried.


"Oh, Keiyuu... Are you alright??" The guitarist whispered, looking honestly concerned about the younger man.

"I-it's f-freezing..." Keiyuu managed out, barely managing to curl up on his side. He did want to ask what Mai was doing in this place, wherever it was. However, he was simply too tired and cold to be able to say anything more.

"It's gonna be okay. The others will bring you back, you just have to be patient, okay?"

Keiyuu nodded weakly, managing to find a small smile for his older friend even though he was both confused and strangely drained of his energy. Mai smiled back even though it was obvious that he was uneasy.

"What... Happened to... Me?.. Why am I so... Tired?"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:51 am

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"R-Ryuji, you need to drink it! Please, I can get out by--"

"Iie, I will not do anything with that before you're free!!" Ryuji said, tears in his eyes as he tried to find where the barbed wires ended so that he could free his best friend.

And then, he finally found the ends of it near Tatsuhi's head, making him shudder at the thought of it hitting the bassist's head. Then, he carefully started to unravel it even though it was hurting his hands a lot.

"Ryuji, please, you're gonna get hurt!!" Tatsuhi said but the vocalist ignored him, trying to find a way to hurt Tatsuhi the least while he unraveled it.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

They all turned around to see a big, green legendary Pokémon coming towards them and they all came closer to the frozen Keiyuu, hoping that this legendary would not harm the vocalist even more.

"Who are you!?" N said, frowning deeply. He didn't like the thought of this Pokémon ruining his revenge scheme.

"He is Virizion, N. He's one of the Swords of Justice." Kyurem said, frowning as well.

"How can we bring him back?! Please tell us, Keiyuu didn't deserve this!" Yuura said, tears in his eyes at the thought of losing Keiyuu like they had lost Mai.

"You will need to find Victini, he can thaw him out but also Celebi needs to help as well." The Grassland Pokémon said calmly, looking at Keiyuu's frozen form.

At that, all of them felt relieved, knowing that the Time Travel Pokémon would definitely help the vocalist.

"Then we should go and ask for help from them. But where do we find Victini-san?" Yuura asked as Taizo kept a hold on Yasuno so that he did not commit murder.

"He will be at the Liberty Garden. But be careful, his minions are all over that place." Virizion said, pointing at N with his head. Yasuno's eyes darkened even more at that, pissed off.

"Don't worry, we can take care of them." Yuura said calmly.

~Meanwhile with Keiyuu~

"That N guy froze you to d-death, Keiyuu-kun... But I think, hope, that it is temporary." Mai said gently. Keiyuu's eyes widened at that, remembering that Yasuno was with him.

"Oh, crap, Yasuno!! Is he alright?! Please tell me he wasn't killed as well!"

"He's okay, you managed to bring him out of the harm's way."

Keiyuu sighed in relief at that, thankful. Then, he shivered again even though he was slowly warming up again. And he felt so happy, seeing Mai one more time even if it might be temporary.

"I'm pretty sure they'll somehow bring you back, Keiyuu-kun." Mai said, however, making him look down.

"Hey, don't be sad. I'm okay here even though I miss all of you dearly."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:54 pm

~Meanwhile with N - Pokémon side, half an hour later~

As they waited in front of the frozen Keiyuu, Munna shyly talked;

"Will he be alright?"

"Yes, I'm sure Keiyuu will be okay. The others would never leave him to die like that." Lucario said, knowing full well how much the others loved Keiyuu.

"I have never seen Yasuno so angry before though, why did he snap like that??" Hawlucha asked with curiosity, not knowing that N was able to understand them perfectly. But the green haired man was in for a shock.

"He's just determined not to lose them. He has been ever since Mai." The Aura Pokémon said, remembering his old partner in sadness. At that, Hawlucha and Munna looked at eachother with confusion, not knowing how much of a weak spot the matter was for Lucario.

"Mai? Who's Mai?" Munna asked with slight hesitance, seeing the Aura Pokémon's sadness.

"Mai... He was my partner before Keiyuu... Darkrai killed him right in front of me and them. Ever since then, Yasuno has been very protective of them, he even went to a wild Mandibuzz nest with nothing to protect himself with just to protect them."

Munna gasped at what she had heard, not having expected that from the drummer.

"He's really lucky he's not dead! How did he survive that?!"

"If we hadn't found him as soon as we did, he'd probably be dead." Lucario said softly, remembering the attack very well.

And as they were talking between eachother, N looked thoughtful, had he harmed the wrong person somehow? But they were in Darkrai's castle where all of the Pitch Black Pokémon's servants were at. Something about this did not add up in the green haired young man's heart.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

Just as they arrived at Liberty Garden, they saw a bunch of people that were wearing white and standing vigilant in front of a tower. Yuura, Taizo and Yasuno looked at eachother and nodded in determination, ready to save Keiyuu's life.

"We have to open this door. Master N needs Victini for himself." One of the women who were all wearing the same white uniform said, making Yasuno's eyes darken at the mention of him. Taizo put a hand on the drummer's shoulder, knowing he was going through some serious fears for their vocalist.

"It's gonna be alright, Yasuno. We just have to pass by these goons and then we can get Victini-san." The guitarist said softly. Yasuno nodded as he looked down, feeling like he should have been in the vocalist's place instead. Then, he nodded and they started sneaking around to find an entrance to the tower.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

Just as Ryuji was trying to get Tatsuhi out, a hurricane of azure colored notes reached them once more, helping the vocalist by disintegrating the barbed wires from Tatsuhi's body. The vocalist caught him and gently sat him on the platform, very concerned.

"Tatsuhi, say something, are you alright?!"

"Ryuji... Thank you. Now will you please drink the potion? I want you to be alright, Ryuji, onegai..." Tatsuhi said, tearful once more at the thought of losing the older man.

Ryuji nodded and drank the potion, grimacing at the taste before turning around and going back to that monstrous fake-Taizo along with Tatsuhi, ready to finally take on the dangerous monster.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"So, what's the plan now since we left our Pokémon with Keiyuu? It's totally not going to be easy, is it?" Yasuno muttered quietly as to not be detected by the guards outside of the house they were inside of.

"Hell no. We'll have to I think knock some of them out and wear their clothes to find out the entrance first." Said Yuura, his mind running a mile in a minute.

But just as they nodded, they saw a man with grey-green hair and red eyes setting foot on the island, surprised as the people in white turned to him in reverence.

"That fool N fell for my trap. Now I can get Victini and destroy him in the process."

"Yes, Master Ghetsis. You will liberate all Pokémon, right?"

The man named Ghetsis nodded with a smirk but it was obvious that he was lying. The three men looked at eachother in horror before Ghetsis looked straight at the house they were hiding in.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:10 pm

~Meanwhile with Keiyuu~

"But still... I miss you so much and so do the others, even Taizo..." Keiyuu said, looking down as yet another shiver passed through him. Mai gently hugged him even though he had no body heat to give to the vocalist.

"I miss you too. But I'm dead, Keiyuu. You can't bring me back, it's far too late for me. But you can promise me one thing."

"What is it?? We'll do it, I swear, Mai, just tell me."

"Keep fighting Darkrai. He shouldn't win. He can't." Mai said softly, shuddering slightly at the thought. Keiyuu nodded immediately.

"Of course we will!"

~Meanwhile in Liberty Garden~

"It seems that we might have some... Visitors." Ghetsis said, looking at the house the trio were hiding inside of. And at that, one of the men who'd come with Ghetsis went towards there, blasting the door to it.

"Who are you?!" The man who was wearing a purple overcoat and had white hair with black eyes.

At that, the three of them looked at eachother and then, Yuura spoke up.

"We're three members of Kra, our friend got frozen by Kyurem-san and we need Victini-san to thaw him out so we came here to find him." The bassist said calmly, not knowing that Yasuno was planning something shocking.

"I am Zinzolin. Victini is being imprisoned here. We, as Team Plasma are trying to get him out." The man said calmly.

"I'm Yasuno. This is Yuura and this is Taizo. We'll help you but say, didn't your leader say that he was gonna kill N-san? He was the one who was responsible with our friend getting hurt so I for one can help--" Yasuno's words were cut short by Yuura smacking his head while Taizo facepalmed.

"What the hell, Yuura?!" Yasuno snapped while Taizo kept shaking his head while Yuura glared at him.

"I could say the same damn thing to you, Yasuno!! Trying to kill someone?! Do you even know how Keiyuu would react to that?!"

"Yes. But I'm afraid Ghetsis will not accept help from anyone." Zinzolin said calmly as if there wasn't a stare war between the bassist and the drummer.

"That's good because we're not gonna do such a thing, no matter how much Yasuno may think otherwise. But do you know how we can get Victini-san out of there?"

~Meanwhile with Chelsea~

Chelsea got out of the Pokémon Center, thankful that she had been able to find one. Her Kadabra had fainted right after they had gotten out of the castle thanks to a wild Scraggy and she hadn't known what to do until she had seen the Pokémon Center up ahead.

"Now, guys. Let's go find where Yasuno and Yuura have been hiding at." The young woman said, going in to the West side of the town.

After she walked a long way in the direction she'd chosen, she saw a frozen young man with a green haired man and four Pokémon around him. One of them being a female Hawlucha.

"She's one of their Pokémon! The Champions of Cresselia must be close by!" She said but then she saw, to her horror, that she was close to Darkrai's castle once more.

"Why can't I stay the hell away from here?!"

~Meanwhile with N~

Finally, N decided to talk to the Pokémon that stood protectively around Keiyuu. He decided to do it gently, however.

"I can understand you, you know." He said, making the three Pokémon freeze in shock.

"You understand us? How?!" Munna asked, shocked.

"I always have been able to. So, why do you think I'm in the wrong?" N asked, looking confused.

"Because neither Keiyuu nor Yasuno has ever been a servant of Darkrai! They just wanted to talk to you so that they could return and help the two people that are being experimented on out of here!" Lucario said, his eyes blazing.

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Through the Portal
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