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 Through the Portal

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:46 pm

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

"I have my resources, young Tatsuhi. Now, do you want to save your friend or not?"

Tatsuhi's eyes widened and he instantly nodded, uncaring about the possible dangers that could pose to him. He just wanted his best friend back.

"You must find the soul shards of him, yes. But not only do you have to restore them but there has to be a blood sacrifice for it. Are you ready for it?"

Tatsuhi nodded once more, knowing he had to do this to bring Ryuji back and he knew that Yuuya would also volunteer, obvious from the taller man's strong conviction of not letting them down again.

"I'm ready to anything, Zygarde-san. Just give me that hope, the hope that this might actually work."

Zygarde smiled at the short bassist's conviction to keep Ryuji safe. But then, all of a sudden, both Ryuji and Yuuya started shaking violently. And then, a black aura surrounded Yuuya, scaring Tatsuhi so much.

"W-what's happening?!"

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Yuuya~

Just as Yuuya held Ryuji's hand, ready to help the vocalist, a huge monster appeared in front of them. It was bloodied and it looked almost like Taizo, horrifying Yuuya. He immediately took Ryuji who was trembling behind himself, ready to protect the vocalist at all costs.

"W-what are you!? What do you want with Ryuji-kun?!" He said bravely but inside, he was terrified. The monster chuckled in a double voice, sounding ominous.

"His soul is mine! Unless..."

"Y-Yuuya! P-please, I don't w-wanna d-die! N-not before I apologize to T-Tatsuhi-kun!!"

"You won't die, Ryuji, I won't let such a thing to happen. What do you want?" Yuuya said relatively calm and very brave.

~Meanwhile with Chelsea~

"What do you mean the League Champion was taken over by Darkrai?!" The taller one beside Yasuno said, alarmed.

"I don't know! I heard two minions, Zannin and Yune talk about it and came to find someone who could help! Apparently they had her locked up as a secret weapon and Zannin mentioned that she was there for at least three weeks! I don't think I can do much against her either, there's a good reason why Cynthia has been the champion for 5 years!"

All three of them gasped, paling. None of them talked for a moment, too shocked by the news. And then, the shorter one, Keiyuu, said something that horrified Chelsea a lot.

"But if Cynthia-san was with him this whole time, then who was the one who guided Ruki-san and the others through that Distortion World?!"

Just as Yasuno was about to say something, however, a blast of purple light suddenly almost hit him. The drummer managed to dodge it but the person they saw shocked and scared them. It was Cynthia, or what was left of her.

"Do you know who I am...?"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:06 pm

~Meanwhile with Shin~

Kiro and the others came into the room where Shin was waiting for them quietly, all elated.

"Shin, is it true?! A-are you really gonna come back?!" Strify asked, so much careful hope in his voice and face. Shin smiled, nodding at his vocalist and making them all cheer in happiness. Shin though, bowed his head, feeling ashamed of putting them through everything.

"Marcel? What's wrong??" Kiro asked worriedly.

"It's just... I'm sorry for putting you all through all of this shit..."

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"Oh Kami-sama..." Taizo whispered in horror. Cynthia looked like a wreck, her face was full of scars and her dark purple eyes along with ruined clothing, having obviously been through torture. The champion once more sent a purple beam at them, making them fall apart.

"Cynthia! You're not someone like this!! Come to yourself, please!!" Chelsea said, very scared. But Cynthia did not say anything, making the young girl tremble in fear.

"What did they even do to her?!" Keiyuu said, taking Chelsea behind himself to calm her down as he sent out his Lucario.

"Lucario, subdue her without hurting her!"

Lucario nodded, going straight towards the woman and using his Bone Rush as gently as possible to make her fall down so that they could try to right what was wrong with her.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi - half an hour later~

All of a sudden, Ryuji weakly gasped and groaned Yuuya's name while the drummer was still in the trance, the aura that had surrounded the drummer was getting scarier by the minute. Zygarde immediately told Tatsuhi to wake him up but no matter what the short bassist did, Yuuya did not wake up.

"I can't wake him up!! What do I do, Zygarde-san?!" Tatsuhi said in total panic, not knowing what was happening to the other man. The black, smoky aura that had crept up before was now almost like a burn, creeping into Yuuya's body.

"Right now, I do not think you can do anything. If your friend is strong enough, he can get through this." The Order Pokémon said softly, she was also worried about both of them. And seeing how Tatsuhi's eyes widened in horror, she had a feeling that this was going to be a rocky road ahead of them.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Yuuya~

"I can let you exchange. But only if you will never turn back." The monster said, thinking that the drummer was not about to do that. But both it and Ryuji got a shock and in Ryuji's case horror, Yuuya nodded seriously.

"I can do that. But first, I have to bring Ryuji-kun out of here. Is that okay?" Yuuya asked calmly.

"Yes, that can happen. But only if you return immediately." The monster said.

Meanwhile, Ryuji was shocked and terrified of what might happen to Yuuya. But Yuuya just smiled at him and took him out of the jail and as soon as they got out, the pain that wrecked Ryuji's body vanished, making the vocalist fear even more that he was losing Yuuya once again.

"Yuuya, come on! P-please, let's run! I-issho ni!!" Ryuji begged but Yuuya shook his head.

"I need to get back, Ryuji. I'm not endangering your survival. Tatsuhi needs you, Ryuji. You guys don't need someone like me anyways." The drummer said softly, turning around back toward the cell.

"Yuuya, DON'T!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:45 pm

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

"There has to be a damn way!! I can't lose both of them!!" Tatsuhi yelled in anger and sorrow, momentarily forgetting that he was talking to a Legendary Pokémon.

"Unless your friend is strong enough to beat the curse, there is nothing you can do. I am sorry." The Order Pokémon said soft and sad.

Just as Tatsuhi was about to try and wake Yuuya up once more, the black aura suddenly went inside the drummer, making him gasp and wake up, looking around and shivering slightly. Tatsuhi instantly ran beside the older man, looking panicked.

"Yuuya! Are you okay?! Are you okay?!?!" The bassist asked frantically, checking everywhere for a wound but not even a scratch was on the taller man.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Tatsuhi. Don't worry about me." Yuuya said with a smile that almost looked fake. Behind the relieved Tatsuhi, Zygarde frowned imperceptibly, understanding that Yuuya was not himself at once. Just as the Order Pokémon was about to say something, they were interrupted by Ryuji's groan which was stronger than before.

"H-Hearth-home... City..." The vocalist managed to utter only to fall silent once more.

"It'll be okay, Ryuji-kun. You'll... You'll be okay... I promise." Tatsuhi whispered, bowing his head to not let Yuuya and Zygarde see how much he was scared of losing his best friend. But when he did so, he missed the moment where Yuuya's eyes glowed an eerie golden glow before disappearing immediately.

~Meanwhile with Chelsea~

After they subdued Cynthia as gently as possible, Chelsea wanted to get closer to the young League Champion but she felt too scared to move. But before she could make her mind up, the tall man beside Yasuno went toward her cautiously.

"Taizo, be careful." Yasuno said, frowning. The man named Taizo nodded as he knelt beside the fainted woman.

"I think we should--"

Just as the man was about to finish his sentence, Cynthia suddenly snapped up and caught Taizo by his neck.

"Taizo-kun!! Let him go!!" Yasuno yelled, angry. But the young woman only said one thing in a double voice and that, scared them more than anything;

"Master is waiting. Bring it or he shall be his!" And then, Cynthia used a Smoke Ball, making them cough and try to see where she was taking Taizo to.

"Crap..." Keiyuu whispered after the smoke was cleared. Taizo and Cynthia were gone.

~Meanwhile with Gustav~

"Master, you requested me?" Gustav said in a low voice. Darkrai nodded, having a job ready for the young drummer.

"Yes. I have a good job for you. But if you fail, you will get a huge punishment."

"Don't worry, Master, I will not fail you this time. The pitiful Champions of Cresselia are going down this time."

Darkrai laughed, a low, scary sound. Gustav barely suppressed a shiver at the sound. Then he bowed, ready to do anything for the Pitch Black Pokémon thanks to the serum's effects.

"I want you to kill Ryuji. He has outlived his usefulness as a living being."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:37 pm

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi and Yuuya~

"So, what do we do now? I don't even know how to reach Hearthome City..." Tatsuhi said, very worried as he watched Yuuya gently put Ryuji's body onto his own back.

"You can reach it by going South-West from Solaceon Town. You cannot miss it, do not worry." Zygarde said softly. But she knew that the trials the young bassist was about to face was not going to be easy for any of them.

"Thank you, Zygarde-san. Come on, Yuuya. Let's go before it's too damn late."

The two of them started moving but they did not know that they were being watched by malicious eyes.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"What the hell did she mean?! We need to do something before Taizo is hurt!!" Yasuno said, obviously very scared for what would happen to their guitarist.

"I... I have a feeling that she might have meant this..." Keiyuu said, bringing out the Sphere of Life from his pocket and making both Yasuno and Chelsea gasp in shock.

"Where the hell did you find that, Keiyuu?!"

Keiyuu gulped, not wanting to tell Yasuno what had happened. But then, he thought of Taizo and then, he said;

"It's not important right now. But I have an idea to get Taizo out of there."

Yasuno nodded, knowing that Keiyuu was very smart even under huge stress. Then, Chelsea worriedly asked what the young vocalist was planning.

"Yasuno, I think you should stay with Yuura. Maybe he'd wake up soon enough, I don't want him to be alone. Meanwhile, I'll go to the castle with Lucario."

"You WHAT!? Keiyuu, is that really the best idea you could find?!" Yasuno exclaimed, horrified at the thought of letting the shorter man go alone into danger like that. Keiyuu though, only sighed in irritation.

"Look, if we want to both save Taizo and not leave Yuura-kun alone, we need to separate! If we don't and Yuura wakes up before we come back, he'd flip, you know that, Yasuno!! Don't worry, I'll be fine, I have Lucario with me, you know!"

"But--" Yasuno started as Chelsea thought of what she should do. She was not very secure with Keiyuu's plan either, she wanted to help somehow.

"I'll go with you." She said suddenly, making both men pause in surprise.

~Meanwhile with Gustav~

Gustav silently followed Tatsuhi and Yuuya, waiting for the right moment to strike. He smirked as they both shivered slightly, still cold from the mountain range's cold weather.

"Soon enough, we'll get you, Ryuji."

And that moment came when Tatsuhi told Yuuya to put Ryuji down so that they could eat and drink to not collapse. Gustav's eyes widened in glee when Tatsuhi turned to the bag that was on his back and dug through it to come up with the last of their food resources.

"Are you sure we should eat now, Tatsuhi? I mean, I think we could go another couple of miles without eating..." Yuuya was saying but Tatsuhi shook his head.

"Iie. We would probably collapse on the way if we don't eat. And if that Kami-sama forbid happens, we'll lose Ryuji definitely." The short man said softly, looking at his friend with unadulterated worry. Then, he put Ryuji into a cave, not even putting his Pokémon to guard his body despite being scared for him.

Yuuya, however, shrugged and sat down on the ground with him and they started eating, not looking at Ryuji what-so-ever. Seeing this, Gustav quietly went towards the broken man's body and took it away.

~20 minutes later~

"That was a good meal. Come on, let's go, Tatsuhi." Yuuya said, patting his now-full stomach. Tatsuhi nodded but when they went into the cave, they saw that Ryuji's body was gone without a trace.

"Where's Ryuji?! What happened?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   

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Through the Portal
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