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 Through the Portal

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:06 pm

~Meanwhile with Kra~

As the bassist said that, obviously wanting to soothe him, Mai still felt like he should have never let Taizo know what was happening to him. But then, Chelsea came closer to him, wishing so much she could hold him tight like he would when the ex-guitarist was alive and soothe him.

"Mai, please don't blame yourself. Taizo just didn't want you to get hurt, you know." She whispered, knowing very well that the dead guitarist was truly regretful about what had happened.

"Yeah, Taizo wouldn't want you to feel that way, you know. He's also stronger than to let Yveltal-san to completely take him over." Keiyuu added softly, hoping that his words were true. Mai managed a small smile at the support his friends and lover were giving him, glad that they did not blame him one bit.

"It's gonna be okay, we'll make sure of it."

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's castle~

The scientist woman came into the throne room, curious and eager about why she had been summoned. She hoped that the Pitch Black Pokémon was going to give her the chance to eradicate the unfinished experiment she had tried to create. But she had no idea what she was actually called for.

"Master, I'm here. What did you ask me for?" She asked, kneeling before Darkrai.

"I have called you so that you can be useful once more. Find Mai's body, he will be your next experiment." The Pitch Black Pokémon said, making the young woman smirk evilly.

"Of course, Master. I'm happy to hear that I can use him once more." She said before bowing and leaving the room with uncontained glee.

"You shall be the vessel. Be honored, Mai."

~Meanwhile with Yuuya~

Yuuya nodded immediately and helping Hoopa, he carried the unresponsive bodies of his best friends back into the cave so that they would be safe from Yveltal at least. But when he saw just who was coming close with the chill surrounding him, Yuuya's blood ran cold. It was Taizo with his eyes and hair completely black and with an old man beside him.

"No... This couldn't have--" He managed to utter before looking back at Tatsuhi and Ryuji, thankful that they did not have to see that sight.

"Do you know him?" Hoopa asked with confusion and curiosity. Yuuya only nodded wordlessly in shock as Taizo came even closer and actually found Yuuya and his old friends.

"Ta-Taizo?" He managed to utter before the guitarist took his hand and made him scream as the drummer's hand began to get badly burnt.

"Taizo is no more." The old man said gleefully before Hoopa decided to take action and use Shadow Ball on Taizo, throwing him away from Yuuya who held his hand, trying not to cry from the horrible pain in his hand and the horror of seeing Taizo that way.

"N-no!! H-Hoopa-san, don't... Don't hurt him!"

Just as Hoopa was about to ask why, Taizo smirked and actually used a Pokémon move on the Mischief Pokémon; Sucker Punch.

"Taizo, stop!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:14 pm

~Meanwhile in Taizo's mind~

"You are persistent, you little insect. Why do you bother so much even though knowing you will fail?" Yveltal said in an irritated tone, obviously agitated by the guitarist's strength.

"I do it because I have people that will never recover from losing me. I will never give up just for them. Those three are my everything." Taizo replied, still struggling to put himself back together.

"No matter, you soon will fall into my power."

~Meanwhile with Emile~

"Are you sure that this Insect Plate is here, Emile? Cause this place is giving me the creeps..." Tim asked with slight fear. Emile smiled and said;

"Don't worry, Tim. I know where the Insect Plate is very well."

"Salamence, Sal!" Emile's Salamence suddenly cried out, looking towards an old building with a slight frown.

"That's it, guys, let's get the Insect Plate and get out-sect." The young gamer punned with a grin, making both Jon and Tim groan and facepalm at his words.

"Yeah, let's go before you make any worse puns, Emile."

~Meanwhile with Yuuya~

"What the hell is happening?!" Yuuya asked with alarm as Hoopa made a protective barrier for Ryuji and Tatsuhi before confronting the tall guitarist.

"I think Yveltal has taken him somehow. But how?!" The Mischief Pokémon whispered, his mind very confused.

"I can tell you how, I made Yveltal fuse with him. It's only a matter of time before he demolishes Taizo and I have control over Death itself." Ghetsis said, chuckling evilly.

"You're not doing anything like that to Taizo!!" Yuuya exclaimed, horrified by the thought. Just as Ghetsis was about to say something, a voice stopped them.

"You are right, Yuuya-san, he's doing no such thing to Taizo-kun!"

They all turned around to see the Kra members along with a girl and a young looking ghostly man. Ghetsis' expression turned annoyed when he saw the group of five in front of him.

"Don't be so sure of yourself. Go, Hydreigon!!"

"Oh yeah? You're gonna resort to force when things don't go your way? Then go, Hawlucha!!" Yuura growled as he sent out the Wrestling Pokémon, very pissed off.

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"R-Ryuji! Are you okay?!" Tatsuhi asked, immediately coming to stand by him and then, furiously punching the fake-Yuuya in the face.

"T-Tatsuhi... I don't... Know if I'll m-make it..."

"Of course you will, Ryuji, we're not letting you die here. And you, you worthless bastard, you don't even know what we've both been through alone! If you think we're going to give up just because you want us to, then newsflash; we're NOT gonna! I'm gonna save Ryuji and that is that!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:01 pm

~Meanwhile with Shin~

Shin looked at the asleep Strify with slight concern, understanding easily that the singer was exhausted. Kiro smiled softly at his concern, knowing that Shin they knew and loved was soon coming back to them.

"Karsten?" Shin suddenly whispered to not wake Strify up. Kiro looked questioningly at the drummer, understanding that something was eating at him.

"Why is Strify so... Exhausted? Did something else happen that I don't know?"

Kiro looked down, not knowing what to tell the younger man. On one hand, he knew Shin would worry when he learned that Strify hadn't slept for a whole day after he was rescued. But on the other hand, the bassist wanted Shin to know how precious he was to all of them.

"Kiro? Please tell me what happened... I... I didn't hurt him as well when I suddenly blacked out mentally, right?!"

"No. Strify... He's been shouldering this entire mess after you... You know, did that to me and well... He kinda didn't sleep for an entire day from worry after Romeo managed to rescue you from that police station... You don't even know how much you mean to him, Marcel. To all of us. Please never, ever sacrifice yourself for me again, for any of us..." Kiro said softly, looking also very concerned about Strify and sad at the thought of everything they had gone through as a band.

Shin's eyes were wide in shock at everything the older man had said. He had had no idea that Strify had worried so much for his sake. Kiro smiled at him, however, obviously wanting to soothe the youngest's horror about the matter.

"It's okay now though. You're coming back on your own will and Darkrai will never touch you again, I'll make sure of it, all of us will."

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

At Tatsuhi's words, both Ryuji and the fake-Yuuya was shocked. But then, the evil mirage smirked and then, turned back to the smoky state he was in before.

"T-Tatsuhi-kun!! W-we need to run!!"

"No. I'm not running this time! This thing needs to be taught a damn lesson!" The bassist growled, narrowing his eyes and shocking Ryuji even more at the anger Tatsuhi was suddenly displaying.

The smoke suddenly shot up into the sky, however, confusing both of them until it became dark with red clouds and purple lightning shooting down at them.

"Tatsuhi, look out!!" Ryuji screamed and threw himself at the bassist as a purple lightning shot at the very spot the bassist was standing seconds ago and from it, a huge Pokémon suddenly warped in front of them, startling both. It roared at them and they looked at eachother with fear, not knowing what to do.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"Hydreigon, use Surf on that worthless Hawlucha!!" Ghetsis said as the Brutal Pokémon got out of his Pokéball. At his master's order, Hydreigon roared and created a huge wave, slamming right into Yuura's Hawlucha. But the Wrestling Pokémon didn't even wait for the older bassist to ask for her to use a move and used Flying Press on Hydreigon under the worried look of her trainer.

"Are you okay, Hawlucha?!"

"Haw, Hawlucha!!"

Just as Mai was about to say something, however, Taizo suddenly collapsed, making all of them cry his name out when he started to let out inhuman sounds. The device Ghetsis had put on him started to short-circuit as well, signalling that Taizo was fighting as well.

"Taizo!! Taizo, it's gonna be alright, fight it!!" Yasuno exclaimed, coming closer to him. But when he touched the guitarist, his hand started burning. Despite that, the drummer did not stop touching him, even stroking his back as his hand started to blacken slightly.

"N-no!! Y-Yasuno, g-get away from me!!" Taizo managed to utter before starting to throw up blood, obviously in so much pain.

"I am not in any way leaving you, Taizo! Come on, you can do this, we all know that you're strong enough!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:24 pm

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

"W-what is this?! It doesn't seem like a normal Pokémon, Legendary or not!" Tatsuhi said, horrified by the thought of the huge Pokémon hurting his best friend first and foremost.

"I-I don't know, Tatsuhi... I'm... I'm scared..." Ryuji whispered, his eyes full of tears.

"It's gonna be okay, Ryuji. I promise you, everything will be alright."

But just as the short bassist said that, the dangerous looking Pokémon suddenly attacked, making them fall away from eachother.

"Tatsuhi!!" Ryuji screamed in terror as the young man got up with his arm bleeding badly.

"I-I'm okay, Ryuji! You just focus!! Focus on waking up to the real world!!" Tatsuhi said but then, the huge Pokémon suddenly pierced him through the chest, terrifying Ryuji as he ran and caught the shorter man before he fell.

"Tatsuhi! Tatsuhi, please no!!" He whimpered, trying hard not to cry as the bassist looked at him through the haze of intense pain.

"R-Ryuji... You should... Leave without--"

"I'm not leaving you, Tatsuhi, no way in hell!" Ryuji interrupted Tatsuhi and shockingly, when his tears fell of Tatsuhi's wounds, the wounds started to close as a bright white light shone upon them both.

"W-what is... Happening??"

~Meanwhile in the real world~

"How?! How can he still fight after I put that device on him?!" Ghetsis growled as Taizo kept fighting while Yasuno comforted the guitarist. But just as Yveltal finally got separated from the guitarist, Taizo fell on the ground, unmoving.

"Taizo!!!" All of the others ran to him, even Mai, horrified that it was too late for the young man.

"That fool might have gotten me out but I still took him in the end." Yveltal said but right then, a white light signalled Xerneas' arrival.

"No!!" The Destruction Pokémon said before Taizo coughed weakly.

"Taizo? Are you... Alive?" Yuuya whispered, scared for his old friend.

"H-hurts... So much..." The guitarist managed to utter weakly, obviously very close to death.

"Don't you dare go leave us now!! You can't do this to us, Taizo, please!!" Yuura begged, scared for his younger friend. But right then, Taizo's breathing stopped, terrifying all of them.

"Do not worry. I will heal him." Xerneas said and started glowing white and then, Taizo gasped out loud but still did not open his eyes.

"His wounds are still quite deep. He needs a lot of rest until he is able to open his eyes." The Life Pokémon said in her soothing voice, making everyone relax.

~Meanwhile in the hospital~

After the danger was over, Kai decided to give the syringe Keiyuu had given him to Bela, remembering that the short vocalist had wanted to know what it really was.

"I'll examine it right away." The short doctor said with a smile and took it, obviously also curious. But what she had found was horrifying.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:54 pm

After Bela was gone to examine the syringe, Kai turned to his bandmates, concerned.

"Are you guys okay? That hiker guy was crazy, seriously..."

"We're fine. But really hope he doesn't come back. I don't even want to know what Reita-kun here would do to the bastard." Aoi muttered, sparing a glance at the still angry bassist.

"He deserves everything I will throw at him!! He almost killed you, Aoi!"

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

As Tatsuhi's wounds slowly closed, the dangerous Pokémon roared once more, trying to harm the two of them but before it could do any more damage to them, a light barrier came up and protected them.

"Whoever this person or Pokémon is, they're a life-saver." Tatsuhi whispered, getting up from Ryuji's arms slowly and wincing as it made his previous wounds hurt a little as they went away completely.

"You do not have to thank me. Order must be protected." Zygarde's voice came and surprised Tatsuhi while confusing Ryuji. Then, the red clouds disappeared as the dangerous Pokémon was blasted away by the earth itself.

"Who is that? Do you know her somehow?" The vocalist asked as Tatsuhi sighed in relief.

"Yeah. It was Zygarde-san, another Legendary Pokémon. She helped me to save Yuuya and find your soul shard as well. Don't worry, you don't have to be scared of her."

~Meanwhile with Taizo~

Taizo was floating in an abyss, his body feeling like it was made of lead and it was hurting him as well. The guitarist didn't know what was happening and thought of just giving up when a voice echoed in the black abyss he was in.


It was Mai, shocking the older guitarist. Then, the young and deceased guitarist suddenly appeared, making him think that he was going to go with him.

"M-Mai-san... Is... Is everyone... Alright?" He asked, needing the confirmation that the others were safe from him.

"Yes, they're just fine. And thanks to you, so am I. But... Why? Why did you come for me? You're in this state because of me." Mai whispered, looking down. But even though he had almost no energy, Taizo reached out and touched Mai's shoulder.

"You... Shouldn't feel that way, Mai-san... I did what I should've done from the beginning, protecting you. And I guess... It's time for me to follow you, right?"

Mai's eyes widened in surprise, not having expected Taizo to say those words. Then, he shook his head, knowing that it was not the older guitarist's time yet.

"No. It's not your time, Taizo-san."

"B-but it hurts, I don't think I can take this much pain..." Taizo whispered as Mai started to back away, smiling at him softly.

"Don't come with me, Taizo-san, they need you with them." Mai whispered, slowly fading away along with the darkness.

"...he gonna...okay?" Someone's voice filtered through his brain, making him smile slightly as he recognized the voice as Yuura.

"...him time. He needs a lot of..." A woman's voice answered the worried bassist.

"Thank goodness..."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:34 pm

~Meanwhile with Gustav~

Gustav looked at the cave where Tatsuhi and Ryuji surely were at. He still would not give up on killing Ryuji as he didn't want to get punished by Darkrai. But when he got closer to there, he saw a tall, brunette man guarding the two of them as Tatsuhi obviously tried to fix his best friend's soul shard.

"This protection means nothing, Ryuji. Master wants you dead and so will you be." The drummer whispered, narrowing his eyes.

Just as he said that, he felt eyes on him and looked up only to see that the man that was protecting the cave was looking right back at him.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

After they left the injured and exhausted Taizo to his rest, Keiyuu asked if Kai had given the syringe he had given him to Bela. The drummer in question nodded, telling that Bela was analyzing it. The other members of the GazettE also looked very curious just like Yasuno and Yuura.

"What syringe? What happened, Keiyuu??"

Keiyuu hesitated on telling Yasuno and Yuura about Mai's torture. He knew that both of them would be very angry. But as he was going to tell them not to worry, Bela came back, making them shocked with her words.

"This thing contains Sulfazin, a very dangerous drug that can cause torturously high fevers. If you really found this in Darkrai's castle, it's very likely that he was going to use it on someone. Be very careful." The young doctor said, looking quite disturbed. When they asked how Keiyuu had obtained it, Chelsea grimaced at the memory of Keiyuu springing onto Yune with anger.

"Yune-san had it and I managed to grab it. I honestly hope they don't have more of this shit..." The older vocalist muttered. Ruki growled after hearing what the syringe really contained, understanding instantly that Yune intended to use it on Kai.

"That bastard will never use it on any of us!! Not if I can help it!!" Reita said with a very angry look on his face, having also understood what Yune was planning to do.

~Meanwhile with Yuuya~

When he looked at the red eyed man, Yuuya felt a shiver pass through him, unnerved. he didn't know why but he had an urge to not let the young man close to his friends. Then, deciding quickly, the drummer sent his Drowzee out.

"Drowzee, stay with Tatsuhi and Ryuji. I need to go check this out."

Seeing that Yuuya was getting closer, the young man didn't know what to do at first. If he ran away, the drummer could pursue him. But if he didn't, he may get what he wanted.

"Hello. May I--" Yuuya started to say only to get punched hard on the face.

"Shut up. Graveler, go and kill both of them!" The other man said, grinning evilly as he sent out the Rock Pokémon.

"Iie!! What the hell is your problem?! Drowzee, protect them!!" Yuuya exclaimed, horrified. And the Hypnosis Pokémon barely managed to use Hypnosis on the Graveler that was attacking the prone bodies of his friends.

Seeing that he was unable to succeed, the young man took his Graveler and started running.

"You're going nowhere!! Drowzee, stay here and protect them!!" Yuuya growled and ran, hot on the other man's tail.

And when he caught him, the red eyed man grinned crazily at him.

"Master will win even if you do manage to kill me! Graveler, use Earthquake!"

~Meanwhile with Taizo~

Taizo was still floating, trying to get grounded once more so he could join his friends again. But it hurt when the only thing he could feel was his own, very injured body and nothing else.

"Taizo-kun... I don't know if you can hear me but... Please fight... We can't lose you like this..." It was Yasuno's voice, gentle and concerned. Taizo managed a small smile at the thought of how loving the older man was.

"I'll... Try for you all, Yasuno-kun..."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:01 pm

~Meanwhile in Darkrai's fortress~

When the scientist woman was summoned to the throne room next, she was more than a little curious. She respectfully kneeled before the Pitch Black Pokémon and what she heard was surprising and exciting to her.

"I want you to create another mind-control serum for me. I have a good couple of candidates for it." The dangerous Legendary Pokémon said, making her grin.

"As you wish, Master. I will get on that immediately."

"Good. And I want you to find Tatsuhi and Toshiya for... Reasons. They shall be also useful."

"Yes, Master. I also have found the whereabouts of Mai's body as you wanted. I will have it delivered to you soon."

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Tatsuhi~

Ryuji was still confused despite the short bassist's explanation but he didn't judge, trusting the younger man completely.

"Ryuji, I want you to focus. Focus on waking up, please. I can't lose you..." Tatsuhi said, tearful at the thought of Ryuji losing this fight along with his life. The vocalist nodded and tried hard. To focus and become one again. When he did, Tatsuhi suddenly opened his eyes in the cave with Yuuya's Drowzee staying beside him and no sign of the said drummer.

"Yuuya?? Where is he?!" He muttered but right as he was going to look for his old friend, he heard Ryuji groaning another location's name.

"C-Canalave... Ci...ty..." The young vocalist said, before falling quiet once again.

"I've got you, Ryuji. Just wait, okay, I need to find Yuuya first..." Tatsuhi whispered and sent out both his Skitty and Ryuji's Mandibuzz along with Yuuya's Drowzee to protect Ryuji's body.

"I want you guys to stay here and let no one into the cave. I need to find Yuuya right now."

"Del, Delcatty!!" His Prim Pokémon nodded along with Drowzee and Mandibuzz. Then, Tatsuhi immediately left, running towards the dense forest to find out where Yuuya might have gone off to. He hoped that the drummer had not abandoned them once more with all his heart.

~Meanwhile with Yuuya~

Thankfully for Yuuya, the young man's Graveler stayed asleep for that moment, making him growl quietly.

"You call that brute of a Pokémon your Master?! If what Tatsuhi told me is the truth, you don't even deserve to live if you're a servant of that horrid Pokémon! I'm not gonna let you harm any of my best friends!!" Yuuya growled, looking pissed off.

"You think you're so good? Then where were you when they both needed you? Where were you when that useless Tatsuhi lost his eyesight and got experimented on? Don't think you're almighty just because you don't serve Master. You are much worse than I am."

Yuuya froze at the words, horrified at what he heard. Those words cut much deeper than it showed on his face alone. He had no clue that Tatsuhi had gotten experimented on like that and it terrified the drummer. Just as he was going to say something, however, he heard Tatsuhi's voice right behind him.

"You again!! Leave us alone already, Gustav-san!!" The bassist was saying, immediately punching the younger looking man. Yuuya stared in shock and pain, really upset at what he had heard.

But when Tatsuhi got closer to Gustav, angry at what the younger man obviously had tried to do once more, he was thrown away by an electric attack.

"Leave him alone!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:14 pm

~Meanwhile with Kra~

The members of Kra tirelessly waited beside Taizo's bedside, all of them worried about the young guitarist. Mai had wanted to stay with them as well but at the request of Chelsea and the others, he had to go back to the afterlife, even though he was very worried about Taizo like the others.

"He's... He's gonna be okay, right?" Yasuno asked out loud, really sad.

"Do not worry, it is only his body and mind being exhausted from Yveltal's possession. He is very strong for someone so young." Said Xerneas gently, making them feel better.

"Oh, Taizo... Why didn't you tell us Mai was hurting? You could've died..." Keiyuu whispered, stroking the older man's hair softly as to not disturb his repairing sleep. But the guitarist groaned softly, his eyes starting to flutter open.

"Taizo!! You're awake! Oh yokatta..." Yuura said, very relieved.

"W-where... am I...?" The guitarist managed to whisper, too exhausted to say anything more.

"We're back at the hospital. You're going to be alright, I promise, Taizo." Chelsea said, feeling grateful towards the guitarist's brave help towards her departed lover. Taizo only could nod before falling back into sleep once more.

"He's such a brave person..."

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi and Yuuya~

"Tatsuhi!! Daijoubu ka?!" Yuuya ran towards the short bassist, helping him up.

"I'm fine, Yuuya-kun. Who are you though?! Why the hell are you protecting a servant of Darkrai?!" Tatsuhi asked at the two teenagers angrily. The two surprisingly looked sad at his words.

"I'm Bill and this is my twin brother Tom. We're his friends." Bill said as he ran to Gustav, worried about his older friend but the drummer pushed him away with a death glare.

"I'm not your friend anymore, you weaklings!!" Gustav snapped, making Bill look sad as he gave his request to his Minun.

"Minun, use Discharge on him as gently as you can. Please, Gustav, try to break through! I know you can hear us!"

"Stop trying, Bill. It won't work until we have that cure thing with us, he's not Georg..." Tom said, sad as well as the Cheering Pokémon gently used his attack on the drummer much to Tatsuhi and Yuuya's shock.

"Are you sure you're his friends? Cause that could be deadly, you know." Yuuya said, taken aback as Tom took the paralyzed man onto his back.

"Yeah. This is for his own damn good. Darkrai doesn't deserve someone as good as Gustav or Georg. They don't belong in that horrible castle. Thank you for not hurting him though." Bill said as they went away with Gustav fuming on Tom's back.

"Well, that was something that happened..." Tatsuhi muttered, confused. But as the shorter man looked confusedly after the twins, Yuuya looked down, remembering what the other drummer had told him about.

"Yuuya? Is there something wrong?

"I... I'd like to talk to you later, Tatsuhi-kun... Is Ryuji okay though?"

~Meanwhile with Dir en Grey~

"I have a bad feeling, Kyo..." Shinya said suddenly as they were getting back from getting something to eat in the house that was given to them. Toshiya had decided to stay at home while the others all left for different tasks. Kyo frowned and asked what the younger man had meant softly.

"I don't know. I feel like something is going to happen to one of us..."

"Don't worry, Shinya, nothing will touch you anymore, I'll make sure of it." The vocalist said, patting his back gently. Shinya smiled slightly but he was still worried. But just as they were about to get inside the house, they saw Toshiya's Absol fainted on the ground.

"Yabai, something is up! Totchi!! Where are you?!" Kyo called out but the only thing that stayed from the bassist was his bass and his Pokémon which was hurt badly.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:49 pm

~Meanwhile with Toshiya~

Toshiya struggled to get out of his bonds, glaring up at Darkrai who looked back at him with narrowed eyes.

"You are not hurting any of my friends!!"

"Tsk, so fierce. You were a good servant, once upon a time. What made you change, Toshiya?" The Pitch Black Pokémon asked in a calm yet annoyed voice, making the bassist struggle harder.

"I changed because I saw how cruel you are, Darkrai!! I saw what you did to both Kyo and Shinya and believe me, you're not getting away with that, you won't be able to get out from this again, you vile monster!!"

But to his shock, Darkrai actually laughed, a low, scary sound. The young man frowned as the dangerous Pitch Black Pokémon ordered for "them" to be brought.

"What are you after, Darkrai?!"

"You shall see, young man. Soon."

That was then, a bright red tablet was brought along with a red syringe, making Toshiya's eyes widen in horror. He knew what the syringe meant and it scared him.

"The Plate first."

"As you wish, Master." The woman said and pushed Toshiya to lay on his back and pushed the tablet into him, making him cry out.

"You shall be good again, by killing your very own friends."

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"He has always been brave. But I never thought he would do something this stupid, to be honest..." Yuura said softly as Bela gently bound Yasuno's burnt hand with the drummer hissing softly at the medicinal cream working and causing pain.

"He's stronger than what he seems as well. And way too kind for his own damn good sometimes, to be honest with you."

As they talked, none of them noticed that Taizo's eyes were opening slowly. The guitarist found himself looking at his bandmates who were all around him and Chelsea who looked sad but strong at the same time. The girl looked up only to see him looking at them tiredly with a slight smile.

"Taizo! You're awake!!" She exclaimed, making the others turn to him with worry and cautious happiness.

"Hey... How did we... Get out? Is Mai-san... Okay?" He whispered hoarsely, making Chelsea's eyes fill with tears at the thoughtfulness of the guitarist.

"He's okay, Taizo. We managed to get out and he had to depart once more, don't worry." Keiyuu said softly, stroking his hair as Taizo tried hard not to go to sleep once more, his body still exhausted due to the stress it had gotten in his possession.

"Go back to sleep, Taizo. You need your strength, my friend.

~Meanwhile with Emile~

Emile managed to take out a light green colored plate out of the old building's side, grunting with the effort. Thankfully, it didn't break the whole thing apart and the young gamer's friends looked at what he brought out with curiosity.

"Is this really it?" Tim asked with slight worry as Emile smiled.

"Don't worry, Tim, this is it. The Insect Plate. If we had a Bug-type Pokémon, this would power up its moves by 20 percent."

"You're such a nerd for knowing that, you know that?" Jon deadpanned but he was smiling and Emile smiled back at him, making the older gamer glad that he was fine.

"Now, how many more Plates do we have to find?"

"Around 16 more..."

~Meanwhile with Dir en Grey - 2 days later~

"Guys, we need to do this..." Kaoru said unwillingly, knowing that what he asked his dear friends to do had a lot of weight. Shinya and Die looked at eachother with slight terror, scared. But Kyo only frowned softly.

"Are you sure we looked everywhere?" Shinya's quiet, scared voice came and Kaoru felt like kicking himself for even saying that.

"Ab, Absol~!!" Toshiya's Absol cried out, looking desperately at the drummer and his friends and hoping that his trainer would be alright. But even the Disaster Pokémon was starting to lose hope with how slow his trainer's friends were going.

"Yes, Shinya-kun. If you want, though, you can stay here safely, you know Toshiya wouldn't be mad at you if you decided to." Kaoru said but Shinya shook his head furiously.

"I would never leave Totchi, Kaoru, you should know better than that. You know what, I will go to that blasted castle first. I have my Gardevoir, she'd be able to easily get me in."

"S-Shinya, you can--"

"I don't care! Who knows what Darkrai might do if Totchi really is in his cruel hands! Come on, let's get a move on!!"

As they went on their journey to find the bassist, they didn't realize a pair of flaming red eyes were watching their every move.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:20 am

~Meanwhile with Bill and Tom~

The twins brought the paralyzed Gustav into the hospital, both of them worried about him even as the drummer kept insulting them.

"Forgive us, Gustav... This is for your own good, believe me." Bill whispered in a choked voice, trying hard not to cry as Gustav glared at him.

"You don't deserve forgiveness, you two!"

Bill swallowed as they gave him to Bela, asking Tom if the older teen would be okay with a shaking, small voice.

"Of course he will be. This is Gustav we're talking about, you know how strong he can be."

While they were talking, they didn't notice Georg who had gotten up from the bed and was coming towards them in concern.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi and Yuuya~

"I managed to somehow restore his soul shard but we need to go to Canalave City, his last soul shard is there." Tatsuhi said softly, remembering what had happened in the soul shard with a slight shudder.

"Okay. Let's get a move on then." Yuuya replied, not wanting to dawdle and lose Ryuji. His inner turmoil could wait, he thought and went to the cave with Tatsuhi who looked confused about how his friend was acting all of a sudden.

"Yuuya, you said you wanted to talk to me, what's wrong?"

"I-I... It's something that Gustav-san said, he said..." The drummer suddenly stopped, not wanting to really say it in case it really had happened.

"What? What did that bastard say to you, Yuuya?!"

"He said that you were experimented on thanks to Darkrai... Is it true, Tatsuhi?! Is it true that you were almost dead because I couldn't be there for you guys?!"

Tatsuhi was silent at first, inwardly shuddering at the reminder of that horrible experiment. But he didn't know if he should confirm Yuuya's suspicions given how scared the taller man was about it.

"Tatsuhi, please, I need to know!"

"Yes, Yuuya, that... That happened. But it definitely wasn't your fault, you weren't even there, I know you would've stopped them otherwise." The bassist said after a moment, leaning to put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

~Meanwhile with Dir en Grey~

"I think we should separate, guys. If we don't, we may not be able to find Toshiya-kun." Shinya said as they made their way to the dangerous abode of Darkrai, making the other three's eyes widen in shock.

"B-but what if you--"

"Don't worry about me, Kyo-kun. I'm gonna be fine but take Gardevoir with you too, the last thing I would want for my best friend to get more hurt after what you went through."


"No, I'll be fine. Come on, go you guys!! I'll take this path and you guys decide on which path you will take. We'll meet back here when we find Totchi."

"Ab, Absol~!" Toshiya's Absol cried after Shinya, wanting to go after him but the drummer did not wait for him.

"I hope he'll be fine..."

~10 minutes later - with Shinya~

Shinya looked at the forest's forked road, trying to decide which path he should go down. But right as he decided, a hooded person suddenly attacked him and held him tightly.

"L-let me go!! Whoever you are, you won't be able to keep me from Toshiya!!"

In his struggle, Shinya managed to make the hooded man's hood fall down and he stared at the bandaged face, trying to still get out from the crushing hold of the person.

"What the hell are you?!
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:09 am

~Meanwhile with Kyo~

"Let's do it guys. I hope Toshiya-kun is alright..." Kyo said softly, worried about his younger friend. He really hoped that Toshiya had not been harmed seriously.

"Gar, Gardevoir~!!" Shinya's Gardevoir cried, looking both worried and also uneasy about leaving her trainer alone with no means of protecting himself.

"Bi, Bisharp, Bi~" Kyo's Bisharp said, putting a hand on the Embrace Pokémon's shoulder, obviously trying to comfort his friend. Gardevoir though, looked down and just as Kyo was about to try and tell her that Shinya would be alright, a woman scientist came in their line of vision, making them hide behind a wall.

"The experiment went well this time. Toshiya is now Master's hopefully forever." The woman said to someone beside her, making Kyo's eyes widen in horror.

"Yabai..." He whispered, looking so horrified that Gardevoir tried to calm him down but the next thing the woman said was even worse;

"Master sent him out to hunt the ones who have betrayed us, his friends. And I think he caught one of them by now."

"Oh SHIT!!! What if Toshiya hurts one of the guys right now?!" Kyo muttered quietly, his mind a horrified mess. The vocalist did not know what he should do to somehow reverse whatever that had happened to the bassist.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi and Yuuya~

Yuuya looked down at the words of his friend, feeling horrible for leaving them alone when they needed him. But Tatsuhi smiled at the older man, completely calm.

"I don't blame you, Yuuya. But Taizo... He was there and he knew something bad would happen to us yet, he didn't even come for us if it weren't for his new bandmates. That's why I won't forgive him."

Yuuya looked horrified at that, unable to believe that the guitarist could be so cruel towards anyone. Tatsuhi just shook his head, remembering how pissed Ryuji had been when he had seen the state he was in after the failed experiment.

"I'm gonna talk to Taizo about this, he can't have been that cruel. There has to have been a reason for that, Tatsuhi.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

When Taizo awakened the next time, he heard quiet talking beside him. Too tired to open his eyes at that moment, the guitarist decided to listen first.

"Is he going to recover fully, Colress-san?" It was Yuura's voice, sounding really worried.

"Don't worry, if his will is strong enough to break through that possession even with the machine Ghetsis stole from Aether Paradise, he will be just fine." An unknown calm voice answered the slightly older man.

"Oh, yokatta... If only he told us that Mai-cho was in danger instead of rushing on his own, seriously." Keiyuu muttered as Taizo managed to finally open his eyes.

"Taizo! You're awake!!" Yasuno said, looking elated. Taizo nodded and managed to sit up, wincing as his body protested.

"You shouldn't get up so early, young man. You are very lucky to be even alive right now." A young, blond man said calmly. Taizo though, shook his head, knowing that he was going to be alright now.

~Meanwhile with Shinya~

Shinya continued to struggle as the bandaged man tightly held him. What scared the drummer was the man's unnatural, pupilless red eyes. They looked like they were blazing even though the man's body language was quite calm.

"Let! Me! Go!!" He yelled and managed to finally get out from the crushing hold. Then, on an impulse, he attacked the bandages on the man's head, intennding to tear them off and know who was keeping him from reaching Toshiya. But when the right side of the bandage was torn off, Shinya found himself staring at a very familiar face in horror.

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~Meanwhile with Kra~

"I'm fine. It only hurts a little at the moment, don't worry." Taizo said with a calm smile. The others though, still looked concerned about the guitarist.

"Are you sure you'll be fine, Taizo-kun?" Yasuno asked as he hid his bandaged hand from the view of the younger man.

"Mu, Munna~?" Yasuno's Munna cried, curiously looking at Taizo. Taizo smiled wider, knowing that they were with him no matter what.

"I will be, don't worry.  But... Why are you hiding your hand, Yasuno-kun?"

~Meanwhile with Shinya~

"T-Toshiya!! What have they done to you?!" Shinya whispered but the older man did not talk at all, scaring him.

"We should've never left you alone..." The drummer whispered, trying not to cry. Then, he acted on impulse once more, striking his friend with regret. Toshiya though, didn't seem to be affected and he striked back, making Shinya fall unconscious instead. Then, the possessed bassist carried him into the castle.

~Meannwhile with Kaoru~

"Kyo? Did you find Totchi?!" Kaoru asked in worry. Kyo however, said something that horrified him;

"I overheard them talking about him! T-they've done something to him apparently and sent him to hunt us down!!"

Kaoru turned white as a sheet when he heard that. And then, they heard a rustling nearby and Shinya's Gardevoir cried out as the other two tried to hide. Kyo and Kaoru frownned and looked at the place the Embrace Pokémon was pointing at and gasped in horror. Toshiya was coming with the unconscious Shinya on his back and looking emotionless with blazing, pupilless red eyes.

"Oh Kami-sama!! Totchi, what have you done?!"

~Meanwhile with Kra~

After she saw that Taizo was in good hands, Chelsea decided to go back to the castle and be a spy for them. The otherrs however, were less than happy about her decision.

"Chelsea-san, I don't think this is a good idea. If you get caught, you could get hurt or worse..."

"I'll be fine, don't worry. It'll be fine either way."

The members of Kra looked at eachother, all of them understanding what the young girl was getting at as she went out, ready to spy on the Pitch Black Pokémon and help the Champions of Cresselia to defeat him.

~2 hours later~

Chelsea managed to get accepted once more but she was determined to find out what the dangerous Legendary Pokémon was planning. Then, roaming the castle that had both horrible and beautiful memories for her, she stumbled upon her beloved's room, tears in her eyes at the memory of Mai. She suddenly decided to go in, not knowing what else to do. But upon entering, she saw that Mai's body was there, laying lifelessly. Seeing that, the peaceful look on the young guitarist's pale, dead face, she couldn't keep her tears in.

"Why you, Mai?! WHY?! She sobbed, hurting so much. And then, her eyes fell upon a small paper that was obviously sealed by a Psychic type Pokémon. Chelsea's pained eyes hardened, immediately sending out her Kadabra and making the Psi Pokémon open the seal. And when she read what was in there, her eyes widened in absolute rage and horror.

"They wouldn't dare..."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Today at 3:18 pm

~Meanwhile with Kyo and Kaoru~

"What do we do, Kaoru?! We can't let Toshiya hurt Shinya!!" Kyo asked frantically, scared for their rhythm team. But Kaoru was busy trying to hold the drummer's Gardevoir to not let the Embrace Pokémon get hurt.

"I don't know!! But I think we have to find Die as well! His ideas are always good, you know that." The lead guitarist said, frowning as Kyo's Bisharp and Kaoru's Banette tried to calm Shinya's partner down, crying out to her in their own language. Kyo nodded and went to find their red haired rhythm guitarist, actually scared.

~Meanwhile with Kra~

"I really don't like what Chelsea-san is trying to do, to be honest. She's taking a huge risk..." Keiyuu said softly, obviously concerned about the girl.

"I don't like it either but it is her own choice, Keiyuu. I think she wants to win against Darkrai more than any of us since Mai was her lover and all..." Yuura muttered, shaking his head.

"Haw, Hawlucha, Haw~!" Yuura's Hawlucha suddenly cried, pointing at the ringing phone of her trainer.

"Are?! Why is she calling me already??" The bassist said upon seeing that Chelsea was calling.

"Open it now and take it to speakerphone, I have a feeling that we all should hear this." Taizo said softly and Yuura agreed. But nothing could've prepared them for what the young woman had found out.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi and Yuuya~

When they arrived to Canalave City, it was already sunrise, disabling the two friends' search of the last soul shard of Ryuji who looked slightly better. But the vocalist still did not give any reaction. His eyes were open but were seeing nothing even when Tatsuhi tried everything he could once he had seen that the older man's eyes open.

"How do we find anything here?! This place is damned massive!" Yuuya said, looking intimidated.

"We will find it, Yuuya. We just have to." Tatsuhi said softly, very determined.

~Meanwhile with Die~

Die was trying to sneak into the castle, looking really worried as he and his Garbodor looked everywhere for an opening when someone touched him from the back and made him jump.


"Daisuke, it's me!!" Kyo said, swallowing in nervousness to tell the older man about what had happened to Toshiya and Shinya.

"Oh, thank God... You scared the living shit out of me, Kyo! Did you find anything?!"

"They've done something to Totchi, me and Kaoru saw him bring Shinya into the castle and he didn't look himself, Die... I don't know what to do..."

Just as the shocked rhythm guitarist was about to say something, they heard the woman scientist talk once more, making the two freeze in horror.

"The experiment with Toshiya was very successful. He's already brought one of the traitors in. The Flame Plate is working well, it seems."

"They did WHAT to Toshiya?!"

~Meanwhile with Chelsea~

"They're... They're planning to put that foul Pokémon's soul into Mai, apparently!! We can't let this happen!!" Chelsea said, trying to keep her tears silent. She was very angry and horrified at the thought of Mai's body being used by Darkrai after his death.

"No, I don't know, I'm limited in action here, Yuura, I don't even know what to do here!" She said, distressed.

"No, don't come here, it'd be too risky for any of us right now!! I'll try to find something but I can't promise much!!"
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Through the Portal
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