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 Through the Portal

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:29 pm

~Meanwhile in the hospital~

After N got out of the hospital, riding on Kyurem to reach Darkrai's castle as soon as possible, Saga shook his head, worried about Tora.

"I hope they're okay..." Nao whispered as if he'd read his mind. But Sakito shook his head, knowing that his best friend was usually the calmest one out of them even when there was a serious danger present.

"Don't worry, Hitsugi is at least logical to keep away from Darkrai's minions."

"Yeah, we should believe in them, Nao-san. They'll be okay."

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi and Yuuya~

At Tatsuhi's angry words, both Yuuya and Ryuji looked at him in shock. Then, thankfully, the vocalist didn't give them a chance to think of what to say next and tried to focus on waking up. But he failed because there was something both Tatsuhi and Yuuya had to do to help him find his way to freedom. And that thing was coming right at them in the form of a black smoke.

"What the?! Ryuji, run!!" Yuuya said, recognizing the dangerous smoke as the one that had almost killed him. The drummer took his hand and propelled him as Tatsuhi came right after them, too close to the smoke.

"Tatsuhi!!!" Ryuji's scream was the last thing the bassist heard before being engulfed in the smoke.

~Meanwhile with the spies~

The four young men awaited Chelsea's return uneasily, all of them thinking of what Yasuno's momentary recklessness might've caused. But Yasuno still did not care about what might happen to himself, too distressed at the sight of his dead friend's body.

"It's... It's going to be alright, Yasuno-san. You stopped him. We won't let that bastard to hurt Mai-san again, I promise." Hitsugi said, wanting to comfort the taller man.

Just before the drummer could answer, however, Chelsea returned with a very uneasy expression on her face.

"So?! Does he suspect any of us?!" Tora asked bluntly, trying not to fear. Much to their relief, Chelsea shook her head but then said;

"He's furious... And... He wants me to find whoever took him away and take him back... If I don't... They're gonna inject me..."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:41 pm

"We won't let such a thing to happen, don't worry, Chelsea-san." Ruki said softly as the girl looked scared at the thought of being controlled by Darkrai.

"Yeah, that douchebag won't hurt you or anyone else again, right, Meowth?" Hitsugi said and his loyal Meowth nodded, crying out.

"Thank you... How do we not let him close here though?" Chelsea asked, slightly confused at how calm the four of them looked.

"We'll think of something. He's not taking Mai-cho again nor is he taking you, Chelsea-san."

While they were talking, suddenly Kyurem passed by the window, shocking everyone. Yasuno's eyes hardened at the Boundary Pokémon and what he had tried to do to Keiyuu. But curiously, Hitsugi went by the window and looked at the huge Pokémon.

~Meanwhile with Kyo~

"B-but... H-how do we do that?!" Shinya said weakly, scared and hurting. But before Kyo could reply, Adrienne chuckled softly, making her Azumarill use Bubblebeam on the angry vocalist and throwing him away from Shinya's body.

"We'll find a way. Toshiya!! Wake the hell up already!!" Die yelled but the bassist still stood completely still, not responding to Die's cries of rage and Shinya's pained whimpers until Adrienne tried to hurt the youngest once more. This time, Toshiya did give a reaction. He suddenly fell on his knees, screaming in an inhuman voice, terrifying Die, Kyo and Shinya while Adrienne and the other scientists looked shocked.

"He's fighting the Flame Plate?! How?!" One of them exclaimed, shocked.

"Guys, I'm going near him! Kyo, you stay with Shinya-kun!" Die said, running towards his friend.

~Meanwhile in the hospital~

"Maybe we should try to contact the guys, I don't like how silent they are..." Aoi said, concerned at the thought of Ruki being in danger.

"I'm going to text one of them now. Don't worry, Aoi-san, they'll be fine, we have to believe in them right now." Nao said, smiling as he took his phone and started to type fastly.

"They're certainly very brave or very stupid, if you ask me, it could be suicidal to do something like this." Georg commented, making the twins nod furiously.

"Hitsugi is actually good at blending in with his surroundings, despite all his piercings. He's gonna be fine." Yomi said with a smile at the concern of the teens.

~Meanwhile with the spies~

"One of us has to get some food, guys. We shouldn't starve ourselves or this mission will fail badly." Tora suddenly said, frowning slightly.

"I'll go. They won't notice if I go myself." Ruki said and Sableye nodded, coming with the short vocalist. But right before he could get out, Chelsea came running.

"I'll come with you. Let's go."

Ruki nodded and as they went towards the kitchens, Ruki saw Yune coming from the opposite direction and clenched his fists, barely able to keep himself from punching the other man. When Yune saw them coming, the ex-drummer smirked, mumbling something that horrified Chelsea and made Ruki uneasy;

"You don't deceive me, Ruki, I know who you really are."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:07 pm

~Meanwhile with Emile~

After they were well rested and refreshed, the group got ready to go out once more in search of the Plates so that Darkrai wouldn't reach them. Emile looked down thoughtfully, trying to remember where the Icicle Plate, their new target was. Then, he remembered.

"We should go to the Route 217. The Icicle Plate should be there. I hope Darkrai hasn't made any moves yet towards it or we're in huge trouble."

"You're right. If Darkrai did anything to the Icicle Plate, this would result in disastrous things."

"Then we should move quickly. Come on, guys, let's go." Jon said frowning slightly.

With that, the group started walking towards their target silently.

~Meanwhile with Ruki and Chelsea~

"Oh God, no!" Chelsea whispered, scared about Yune's words. But Ruki kept going bravely forward, seemingly not too worried. Chelsea was confused, she didn't understand what the vocalist might be thinking but she kept with him anyways, just to keep him safe from the Pitch Black Pokémon.

When they arrived at the kitchens, Ruki saw with disgust that the place was not only infested with Bug-type Pokémon but also there was the fact that there were strange scientists everywhere.

"Yabai, How do we get food now?" Ruki muttered, inwardly trying not to freak out.

"I can help you, you guys."

~Meanwhile with Ryuji and Yuuya~

"No!! T-Tatsuhi, no!!" Ryuji screamed as Tatsuhi was completely submerged in the black smoke, terrified for his best friend. Yuuya looked completely frozen in horror himself.

"How could you do this?!" The vocalist managed to utter, his tears unstoppable.

"What the hell do we do?!" Yuuya managed to utter himself, scared stiff for his friend.

"I... I don't know..." Ryuji's answer was weak, terrified, making the drummer soften.

"I think Tatsuhi can manage, Ryuji. He's just too determined not to lose you. He's... He's gonna pull through..."

"Y-you think so?..."

Yuuya nodded but inside, he was just as scared as Ryuji that his words would be wrong.

~Meanwhile with Tatsuhi~

"Let me go!!" Tatsuhi exclaimed, trying to move. But the bassist was barely even able to breathe from the repressing darkness.

"You think you're so righteous, huh? But you are wrong, Tatsuhi. You know you don't want to truly save him. He's way too weak for you." A sinister voice said, making the bassist's blood boil in anger.

"Of course I want to goddamn save him! He's my best friend, the only one who never abandoned me!! I won't let Ryuji die like that, no way in hell!!"

"We shall see, young man. You must bring your heart to me, if you want to save him."

"My heart, huh?" Tatsuhi whispered and then, a crazy thought crossed his mind. He immediately stabbed himself with his own hand and pulled out his heart, grunting in pain before collapsing.

"You will... Never... Kill my friend..." Was the last thing he said before blacking out.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Portal   

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Through the Portal
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