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 -~Prologue:The Dream~-

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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyWed Dec 27, 2017 2:07 pm

Sighing after Kagari's comment, Uni looks over at Nepgear as she is reminded of the dead people in the lobby."That's right- Theres tons of dead bodies in the lobby! What happend here?" Gasping in shock, both Neptune and Nepgear widen their eyes."What?"

Kagari stands silent with a smile and they all look at him."D-Do you know something about this... Kagari-san?" Nepgear asks worriedly while stepping back a bit from him.Ha~ah~ It would se~em my play is o~ver... Oh well." He's deminor changes into a more serious tone.

Reaching into his back pocket, Kagari takes out a small glass ball looking object and holds it out."Might i ask, do you know what this is?" he looks at Neptune while narrowing his eyes."Uhm-" Neptune looks at it with a confused expression while tilting her head."Nope, can't say i do."

Closing his eyes while sighing, Kagari puts it back in his pocket when Compa catches a glimps of it, realizing what it is."Hey wait- thats the Orbs thingy! Where" Looking at Kagari confused, Compa silencing herself as Kagari looks back at her with a satisfied look."Ah~ So YOU know of it?"

Flicking his hair to the side, Kagari holds out his hand to Compa while smiling."I wish for you to come with me... and i'll spare the rest." Narrowing his eyes at her, Compa steps back while looking in fear at his hand."Uhm..." Interupting it, Uni pushes her rifle at his chest."That's a stupid deal! You are under arest!"

Twitching his eyes at the fact that his clothes are made messy from it, Kagari lowers his hand."Little girl... I'm giving you a fair option, a option you should CRAWL and BEG for normally..." shoving her rifle to the side he quickly grabs her by the throat and lifts her up."AUGH- LET GO!" Dropping her rifle, Uni grabs unto his arm.

Grinning at the straggling Uni, Kagari then glances at Compa who looks in fear."Well? Now choose!" Squezing his grip tighter.

*With Jack in the forest*

After walking for what felt like miles, Jack had become severly tired out and is breathing heavly."W-Was it really.. this far away..." making his wat to a tree, he rests against it."Haah... Where is this anyway..."

Slowly closing his eyes with his head tilting to the side, Jack falls asleep. Then after a while, a hooded man wearing a similar mask to what this dimensions Noire had walks up to Jack, reaching into his hood he speaks up."Fellis, I have found the target."

Nodding as if getting a command, the man holds out his right arm that has a similar device that Noire had."I'll scan him to make sure." Pressing in commands into it, a red beam comes out of it and scans Jacks body."Hm, Seems he is physically in good shape, His mental state is unstable and he is extremly fatique"

Hunghing down next to Jack, he moves Jacks clothes around, inspect his body."He doesn't seem to have any weapons, nor is his clothes damaged... I'll bring him back to base." Looking around the area to make sure no one is around, the man lifts Jack up over his shoulder then dissappears in a red flash of light with him.
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 23
Location : Here, There.

-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyMon Jan 01, 2018 4:48 pm

*Inside a skyscraper in the mysterious deserted city*

Slowly opening his eyes, Jack is greated by a moldy rundown roof."Ugh..." Lowering his gaze, he sees a girl with long brown hair sitting next to the bed he is laying in."w-wah-wah-thur..." feeling extremly dehidrated, 'water' was the only thing he could think of saying, making the girl twitch and look at him with wide eyes.

The girl was clad in a black coat much like the others, but she didn't have her mask on, showing her eyes being Blue on the right and green on the left. feeling Jack's stare, she quickly turns away from him not uttering a word, and Jack yet again asks for water."Wah-thur...puleash..." understanding what he mean't, the girl stands up and leaves the room.

lifting his right eyebrow, Jack felt a cold breeze hit his chest and looking down at it he notices he didn't have a shirt on."Aaaah- i shee..." he lifts himself up and rest his right arm on his right knee while looking out the window."-Am i in the city? But how did i get here...-" searching around the room with his eyes, it looked like a rotten run-down hotel room.

then, he looks at the mask the girl left behind."-And who was she? did she get me here?-" then, the door opens, turning towards it jack expected it to be the girl returning with water, but it was a masked person with the same mask and coat."I see you have woken up..." walking into the room, the person looks around the room then looks at Jack."Where'd the girl go?..."

Shrugging at the question, Jack responds."I dunno... wah-thur?" Crossing his arms, the man sighs."That girl...  I told her to keep an eye on you incase you woke up....Hang on, i'll get you some water, then we can discuss." Lowering his arms, the man heads out of the room closing the door behind himself.

Jack puts his left hand on his face."-I shouldn't be here... I need to get back-" Moving himself to the edge, he puts down his feets onto the cold floor and leans forward, resting his arms on his legs."Haah...-I can barely move...-" Despite feeling powerless and drowse, he pushes himself up from the bed and stumbles his way to the door, leaning against the wall next to it.

Slowly opening the door, Jack tiredly stumbles out of the room, hanging onto a lamp outside."Ughh...-Did i really use up so much...-" He then pushes himself of from it and walks down the corridor while holding his hand against the wall with every step."Wah-thur...-I can't go on much longer..-" Breathing heavier as he makes his way forward, Jack eventually comes to a intersection.

Looking down the corridor spanning of the the right, Jack sees a small child with torns up bloody clothes sitting next to a elderly lady on the floor."-What happend here...-" Twitching his eyes, Jack holds his chest in pain."Agh,-What's this pain... No, i know this pain...It's...Sadness... or.. Regret.-" feeling like he had personally caused all this, a wave of strong emotions his his heart.

Then, a deep distorted voice comes from behind him."Hey, you shouldn't be walking around." Turning his head, it was the man from earlier holding a bottle of water in his right hand."Look i brought you water.. here." Holding out the bottle towards Jack. Nodding, Jack grabs the bottle and within moments he had emptied it completely."GUAAAAHHH! Thank!" feeling refreshed, Jack gives of a bright smile.

But the man only sighs, turning away from him."Let's head back to your room, Also.. never cast a fake smile., It doesn't solve anything in this era."

*With Sakiri in the cell of Shin's hideout*

Planing her own escape, Sakiri looks at the chains."-Seems like regular chains... Alright.-" Clenching her fists while closing her eyes, she holds the cuffs out to the sides."-Wind Style: Vacuum blast-" Wind starts the rapidly spin under the cuffs, then forces itself outward and cracks open the metal wrist parts, releasing her hands."Yosha~ -IT ACUALLY WORKED!-" Having a spur of happiness, Sakiri jumps up.

Then, she looks down at her long dress and cringes."Uuuu~ Hm! Alright Sakiri, Just like those comics!" Understanding the hinderance of a long skirt in battle, she rips it appart using a small blade made of chakra, making it the lengh of to about halfway down her thighs."-Hey, This looks kinda cute~ Now...-" She cuts the left over cloth into a band and ties up her hair into a pony-tail."Mhm!" Nodding proudly.

Taking position infront of the door, she forms the hand signs 'Tiger' - 'Hare' - 'Dragon'."-Wind Style: Scattering Flower Dance!-" Holding out her hands after,  A vortex of wind starts coming from her palms, blasting straight into the metal door and blasting it straight out into the hallway outside, Looking at the opening Sakiri widens her eyes in shock."-That worked?! Yosha! Learning those techniques of father was worth it!-"

Stepping out from the cell without thinking, she looks both ways to see if there is any exit close, however all she sees is a slightly open metal door at the end of the right side."-Should i, no, obviously that's where that creep is... then...-" Turning to the other way she hears the rattling of weapons, and standing there infront of the exit to the left was 3 identical children with wide open eyes."You are not... to leave...Fathers order..."
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyThu Jan 11, 2018 9:53 pm

*In the Hospital*

Transforming into her CPU form, Neptune runs at Kagari while summoning her sword in her right hand."LET UNI GO!" Seeing that, Kagari turns slightly and as Neptune swong her sword at him, he reached out his hand and caught the blade with a confident grin."Ah~ You've aged, how come?" looking at Neptune with intrigue. Looking at his hand in shook neptune couldn't belive he caught it so casually."Eh? But- those other two wasn't..."

Noticing Neptune's confusion, Kagari let's go of her blade, and as Neptune took a step back he goes on."No matter. Oh and those two? might you be reffering too Fredrica and Dongraf?" Flinging his hair to the side. Neptune and Nepgear both widen their eyes, and Nepgear speaks up."Y-You know those two? What are your intentions?" while worrying about Uni who is still being held by Uni, she summons her sword, aming it at Kagari.

Chuckling at her comment, Kagari spins around with Uni and throws her towards Neptune and knocks her down. then he rapidly runs at Nepgear who is looking at Neptune and Uni."Oh my, are you two alAUGH!" Grabbing her left ancle, Kagari lifts Nepgear up upside down causing her to drop her sword."Wuaah!?" Noticing her panties showing, she quickly grabs her skrt and trys to cover them up while blushing."H-HEY, LET ME GO!"

Flinging his hair to the side, Kagari grins arrogantly while looking at Nepgear."You asked me why i'm doing all this? Hm-hm-hm, It's all for my lady Minerva." Then, glancing back at Neptune and Uni with a calm emotionless expression."Though if you are what stopped those two... Well i supose dissapointment is something i'd feel." Uni crawled off Neptune while holding her right hand on her throat and coughs."Gah-Gah-Gah..."

As Neptune stood up again ready to attack, Several men clad in Purple military uniforms and Assault riffles run up in each end of the corridor, aiming at Kagari."LET GO OF LADY NEPGEAR AND HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD!!" Looking back and forth at both sides, Kagari sighs."Perhaps my distractions wasn't good enough... Fine have her! HYAA!" He spins around with Nepgear rapidly then lets go of her causing her to fly at the people to the left.

Quick to act, the man at the front drops his riffle and catches her in a princess carrige way."AUGH- G-Gotcha... Are you alright M'Lady?" Nodding while catching her breath, Nepgear looks at the man while blushing."Yeah, C-Can you let me down...?" thinking nothing of it, the man nods and lets her down."Now, I don't know who you are, frankly i don't give a rats ass... But you are under arrest for acts of terror and attemped murder of our goddesses!"

Smiling at the his strong words, Kagari flicks his hair to the side while holding out his right hand towards the man."Arrest me? I think it's quite big words from someone that is nothing more then fodder... But fine~ I'll enjoy my stay here a bit.

*Meanwhile in the other dimension in the main castle*

In a dark damp room, A teenaged girl dressed in a black gothic dress and black boots and long silver hair with black strands thoughout it, sits with her ligs crossed on a worn down chair holding a fanzy cup while looking out a huge window."Bi-bi-bi, Biku-Boku wa Uwa-Wa~ Bijitama Kurowaki-Sama Bidesu~" while singing to herself she smiles with a almost sadistic smile showing her blood red eyes with Cat pupils."Hm~Hm~hm~ Ja-Ja-Jacku~ Da-Da-Daisuki~"

As she sings on, the door to her room slowly opens, And Dongraf peeks in."Hey Bijitama, I need something from you." Looking back at him, Bijitama smiles in a very seductive way."Biii~? Hm~Hm~Hm~ Dongraf-kun~ wat cam i du fo yu?" Holding up her tea in a greating gesture. But Dongraf only shakes his head while going in and closing the door."I'd rather you speak normally, Bijitama, anyway... You know about the trials, help me beat them."
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 23
Location : Here, There.

-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptySun Jan 14, 2018 4:39 pm

Taking a sip of her 'tea?' Bijitama sighs lightly while turning back to look out of the window."I sensed it a bit ago~ Onii-sama left this realm, Hm~Hm~Hm~ That's why you came to see the love of your life~ how cute! you flatter me dongraf-kuun~" She stands up while humming and turns towards Dongraf with a very 'exited' look on her face, and Dongraf cringes while crossing his arms."Bleh- I'm not here to amuse your sick fantasies goth-loli..."

Calming down, She takes another sip from her Cup, then looks at him with half open eyes."So, what was it you wanted again? I had tuned you out..." she waves her hand as like ordering a pet, making Dongraf grind his teeth."Grrt- Fine, I ne-" She cuts him off."I know, i was just joking Dongraf-kuun~" She smiles in a mischevious manner as she takes another sip, While Dongraf tightens his grips on his arms while cringing in anger."You little...."

Taking a seat in her rugged chair again, She holds out her cup towards him with a smile."You want some? It's really good tea~ Bi-Bi-Bi~"

*With Jack and the masked man in the worn down building*

While walking down the corridor Jack had stumbled though, they meet up with the girl from earlier holding a glass of water and worriedly looks around."Uhm-Uhm..." Walking up to her, the man sighs as she notices them."Oh! Uhm- Here!" She bows her head while reaching out her hands holding the glass towards Jack who looks with wide eyes."Ah? Hm.. Thank you." Noding with a faint smile, Jack grabs the glas from her and the girl raises her head.

Opening the door the man walks into the room."Come Jack." Nodding, Jack tiredly makes his way into the room after thanking the girl again, closing the door behind him."Kind girl, hmm, makes me sad of what happend to this world." staying silent about Jacks comment, the man pulls out a rugged old wooden chair and sits down, and Jack sits down on the side of the bed while looking at the man."So... what did you wanna talk about..?"

Looking at Jack, the man sighs."Hmm, well for starters my name is Kyushitaru Namyai, You can call me Kyushi if you'd like."

-"So, why am i here? ...Surely you didn't save me out of kindness?"

-"You are here because of your overflowing energy that even now would kill any normal living creature that would be in your presense."

Widening his eyes in shock, Jack looks at his right hand."What...? W-What do you mean by that?!"

-"Right after you left that temple... you had gained a energy that our sensors couldn't even handle, only reason we can be close to you is because of these." Kyushi holds out his right arm, showing the odd device on his arm."It's name is 'Dimensional matter transporter' or 'DMT' for short." Lowering his arm again, Kyushi looks out the window as Jack scratches the back of his head."DM..T? -Wait, that's the thing Noire had...-"

Holding out the DMT, Kyushi starts typing into it."Thing is, we'd like to use your energy to-" cutting him off, Jack stands up with a pissed off expression."No! I don't know who and what you people are... tsk- Why should i trust someone with a mask!?" Losing his temper, Jack reaches for his shirt ready to leave, but Kyushi grabs ahold of his left arm, making Jack looks back at him more pissed then befoe."Let go, I am NOT gonna let you people use me like some test subject..."

Letting go of Jacks arm, Kyushi sighs and shows a image on the device."Hmm, If you'd listen to me.. before throwing a fit.." looking at the device, Jacks eyes widens as he steps back in shock."T-Thats... You, how did you get that photo!?"
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyMon Jan 15, 2018 2:40 pm

*Outside of the Hospital*

Police forces are blocking of the ways around the Hospital area, then suddenly the wall bursts upon, causing everyone to look towards it."What the?!" Then, the flamboient man appears out of the smoke holding Compa under his left arm.

Taking aim at him, the officers are about to shoot when they notice Compa."WAIT! HE HAS A HOSTAGE! DON'T FIRE! I REPEAT DON'T FIRE!" Landing in the middle of the road in a hunched position, Kagari stands up and looks towards the opening with a grin."Hm-Hm-Hm, such a weak goddess.. hard to believe Dongraf and Fredrica lost~ Aha~"

*Inside the hallway*

Both Nepgear and Uni are heavly brused and hurt, lying down leaning on their arms."Haah-Haah...O-Onee...Sama..." Nepgear looks with one eye open at Neptune who had been slammed into a wall so hard it created a undent, She stands up covered in wounds and her eyes are blanked out."-Impossible... Not even...NEXT worked...-"

Reaching for her sword, Nepgear forces herself up while feeling exteme amount of pain in her body."Argh- I-I need to stop him..." While slowly standing, a pink aura starts to suround her body, making her hair flow around."...Acc-ess..."

*Outside with Kagari*

Turning away from the opening, Kagari starts walking away."No matter, I got what i needed.. time to-Hm?" Sensing a sudden spike in energy coming from the opening, Kagari turns towards it again and sees a Pink glowing light eminating from it."Oh? So someone there still had some fighting in them?" Smiling at the thought.

Then a pink beam of light bursts out from the smoke straight towards him, however confident of his power, Kagari reaches out his right arm, blocking the beam with hes hand alone."Intresting~" as the beam goes out, he looks at his hand that had been burned slightly from it."It acually burned my hand...Hm, who was that?"

Looking up there again unamused by it, Kagari spots someone flying out of the smoke up in the air."Oh? Hm-Hm-Hm, YOU HAD THIS POWER TOO?" Yelling up to Nepgear who had entered her CPU form, holding a sword/riffle gun hybrid in her right hand."Haah-Haah... Let go of Compa!"

Flicking his hair to the side, Kagari nods in agreement and throws Compa to the side."Mhm~ It wo~uld be annoying to carry her while i fight..." The he quickly holds out his hand towards her."Spacial prison" a bright red box traps Compa, freezing her in time."This box is slowly going to shink~ So, Let's do this~"

*Meanwhile with Uni and Neptune*

Uni had made her way to Neptune who is out cold however still standing, As Uni puts her hand on her shoulder, Neptune detransforms and falls into Uni's arms, making Uni stumble back."Ugh- H-hey, Neptune?"

*Inside Leo's hospital room*

The doctors had stopped the operation while trying their best to keep him stable. one of then is holding their ear against the door in fear, and another one whispers to him."hey, what going on out there?" Shaking his head, the other on gulps."I-i dunno, i can't really hear..." he carefully opens the door to peak out."Hmm..."

Seeing nothing but dust, he closes the door again to not let the particals reach Leo."Seems a battle or something... Gaah- Why today of all time!?"

*Outside with Nepgear and Kagari*

Nepgear is rapidly shooting beams of energy out from her weapon at Kagari who swiftly dodges them with ease."This is too easy~" Then He creates a red glowing energy ball in his right hand, throwing it towards Nepgear who avoids it, then Kagari suddenly appears infront her her in the air and puts his palm against her stomach."Take this~"

A red circle comes out from his palm, hitting Nepgear with a force so strong whe doubles forwards while her eyes widens and some blood comes out of her mouth."GUWAH!" However, she grabs his arm, and swings her blad at him."Don't underestimate me!" Kagari quickly uses his left hand to grab ahold of it."Not enough."

Then, Just as Kagari was about to send another attack into her stomach, A hooded masked man appear behind him, grabing ahold of his right shoulder, making Kagari looks back in shock."Hm? Who are you!?" The man pulls him back and using his right arm to punch Kagari in the stomach, sending him straight down into the ground.

Nepgear coughs, then looks at the hooded person that Landed infront of Kagari."-Who is he?-" then IF comes running towards them."NEPGEAR! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" Sighing in relief, Nepgear nods slightly."Y-Yeah, Somewhat..."

Looking at Kagari who is just laying in a whole looking up at the sky, The hooded man reaches under his cloak."So you are the enemy huh.. Kagari-san." he takes out a similar device to the 'DMT', and Kagari glances at him."Hmmm? Do i kno~w you from somewhere?" The man nods while putting on the DMT on his right arm."Never did i expect to met the man... that took my brothers life..."
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
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Age : 23
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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyTue Jan 16, 2018 5:38 pm

Leaning up, Kagari dusts of his clothes."Brother? Sorry~ I don't know who you are talking about. But that device... How did you get it?" Narrowing his eyes looking at the 'DMT' the man was holding, And the man throws it onto the ground infront of Kagari."...I killed one of your scouts, A brat named Yusaku or something.."

Standing up, Kagari looks down at the DMT, then flicks his hair to the side while looking over at the man."Yusaku...Ah- You mean Yusaku Kurowaki-san? Pity, he had potential.. Oh well." not caring about it, Kagari reaches down and picks up the DMT."But for you to take on Yusaku-san.. Now that is quite the feat~ You must be exeptional~" He sacastically says while looking over at him.

Then, Kagari throws the DMT over his shoulder while sighing."Hmm, So.. Are you going to kill me then?" looking at the man, who is know un tying his cloak."I... Intend to, but first, Release that girl.." Pulling of the cloak, the man points at Compa that is still stuck in the 'Spacial Prison', However Kagari only grins and shakes his head as he sees the mans attire is nothing more then a dirty old shirt and black trousers with black boots."Ahaha~ How pathetic~"

Raising his right arm towards Kagari it transforms into a Machine-gun."I'll avenge my brother.. Tak-" cutting his epic moment off, IF comes running at them."DEMON SUMMON!" She uses magic to summon a pillar of Flames right under Kagari, then Nepgear fires of a pink beam of energy at him ."TAKE THIS!" While being burned, Kagari notices the attack at quickly holds his arms infront of his face."Grrr..." The attack pushes him back, blasting him into a building behind him."GWUUUUAAAAHH!!"

The man lowers his arm while looking back at IF and Nepgear, and IF stops next to him and scratches the back of her head."Sorry for interfering." Shaking his head, the man returns his robotic arm to normal while looking over at Kagari again."No need to apologize, I hadn't planned on killing him on my own either or..Hm?" Noticing the 'Spacial Prison' dissappearing, letting Compa go, Nepgear flew over at grabbed her in her arms."Compa! Are you alright?"

A crumbling sound starts coming from where Kagari is making the man transform his arms again."-He's still alive?-" narrowing his eyes, he sees Kagari walking out from the smoke with his clothes burning and having burn wounds."...One after another... Gah-Gah.. Hm~Hm~Hm~ You even broke my focus so that the prison was broken...Impressive." Furius about the fact that they even hurt him, Kagari charges a blood red ball of energy in his right hand."I~ will send you all to the afterlife..."

*Meanwhile with Dongraf and Bijitama*

Taking another sip of her tea, Bijitama looks at Dongraf with one open eye, expecting him to say something. Sighing, Dangraf takes a seat on a old chair next to her."Haaah- Look, Just tell me-" Suddenly Bijitama's eyes widens as she looks out in shock."AH!" quickly standing up, dropping her cup on the floor making it crack, she puts her hand on her chest while getting 'exited'."Ngh~ Haah~ This sensation~!? I sense it! Ahah~" Looking in disgust, Dongraf leans away from her."B-Bijitama?! What the- What's going on?!"

She starts to sweat and breath heavly, then she bites onto her left hand while holding onto her long dress with her right."Mhmh~H-He is here~ AaAahh~ Jaaaack-sama~~" As she becomes more and more 'Excited' Dongraf stands up and starts backing away while cringing."-What the hell is going on here...-" She turns towards him."Dongraf-kuun~ I-I'll have to help y-you later~Mhm~ I-i have to gooo~ And meet him~" She reaches out her hand, and a vortex opens up like a portal, and she runs into it with no hesitation, and Dongraf reaches out his hand.

-"HEY WAI- She's gone...Haah, I'll don' get that girl..." Crossing his arms while sighing, Dongraf starts walking out of the room."-Jack... Have i heard that before...-"
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
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Age : 23
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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyFri Jan 19, 2018 6:41 pm

*With Jack and Kyushi*

Standing is shock of the image on the DMT, Jack could only mutter out." did you... who are you?" Shaking, Jack sits back down while grapsing his head."...Feels like...grr, My memorys are jumbled up..."

Turning of the DMT, Kyushi graps his mask."Do understand, you are harboring fake memorys created while you were in that other world, and therefore the real once are trying to take their place..."

Hearing Kyushi's words, Jack felt a surge of anger filling his mind, denying the words."...'Fake'...Don't give me that..." Grasping onto his trousers, Jack grinds his teeths while Kyushi lets go of his mask while sighing."Hmm, but it's the truth, those memorys do not belong to 'Jack'... They shouldn't exist, in short- Worthless."

Getting more and more irritated, Jack stands up and grabs unto Kyushi's collar."...Fake?...Don't belong to me... Shouldn't exist?... Worthless... Say another FUCKING word about it, and i'll SMASH your fucking head in- The memory's i have... I don't care what happens to this world, they are EVERYTHING to me!"

Kyushi silently stares at Jack who is out of breath and has a tear running down his left cheek."Jack.. you are so fixaded on those memorys that you are fogetting what you had in this world, Your family, Your friends, your lover... how is it fair for them? to be forgotten... ever thought of how they feel?" Standing up, Kyushi pushes Jack away.

Stumbling back, Jack clenches his fists."I don't care... all that matter is for me to get back to them, and WHY are you pestering me!? Who ARE you!? Haah-Haah..." filled with confusion and rage, Jack breaths heavly from straining his voice so much in anger, And Kyushi lowers his gave while again putting his hand on his mask."...I care, because I am..."

Taking of his mask, Kyushi shows his face to have similar traits to Jack, with spiked balck hair and Ocean blue eyes with a scar on his right cheek."...I'm your younger brother..." giving Jack a sad expression, Jack's eyes widens."Ha? ...'Brother'?" Clenching hi right hand, Jack quickly punches him in the face, making him sumble back over his chair unto the ground.

Laying on his side while holding his cheek, Kyushi looks up at Jack who looks at him extremly irritaded."...As if, wwhy should i believe someone like you!? you are trying to manipulate me! I'm done here." Jack barges out from the room as Kyushi just stares in silence.

*Meanwhile outside the hospital*

Red energy beams and exposions fly out from everywhere, then the masked man appears next to Kagari with his Machine-gun arm."DIE!" Full blasting into Kagari with his blue energy bullets, however Kagari swiftly grabs his arm and pushes it to the side."A~s that would work!" then, he twists around and goes in to Punch him but the man moves his head to the side.

Taking the chance, IF runs up and thrusts her blade at him, however Kagari moves to the side, letting go of the mans arm and grabs unto IF's twisting it around causing it to make a crackling noise."GAAAH!!" Cringing from the pain IF drops the blade as Kagari lets go and Jumps back due to Nepgear slashing at him but misses."IF-chan!" Looking at her arm, IF bites her lip.

glancing over at Kagari who is dusting of his burned clothes, the man thinks to himself."-Kagari.. He is skilled in close combat and long ranged assaults with those red energy attacks...-" Looking back at IF and Nepgear."-I'm not a team fighter... But it would be wise to cordinate our attacks against a foe like him..- Hmm..."

-"-If IF could use that Demon summon to trap him in flames again... And Nepgear blast him with a full scale energy blast, Maybe we could weaken him enough so i could finish him off with my strongest attack...Right, Worth a try.- Hey you two-" About to tell them his idea, he suddenly felt a wave of fatique hitting him hard."Awuuuh...-This feeling, poison? how...-"

He turns to Kagari who is just grining."Ara~ did the poison start to kick in~?" he looks in pleasure at him as he falls on his knee."H-How!?" losing the strengh in his limbs. Kagari starts walking towards him confidently."Ho~w? When that brown hair girl tried to stab me, I spit out a poison needle at you... Seems you didn't notice huh~?" Runnig over to th man, Nepgear holds onto him.

-"keep yourself together! IF? Do you have any antidotes!?" she turns towards IF who only shakes her head, meanwhile Kagari starts laughing like crazy."AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!! Ho~w EASILY you were made to FO~DDER!! Well, Well~ Time to finish this up~"
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*With Jack in a courtyard*

Sitting down on a bench hunched over, Jack thinks to himself."-I need to get back... I need one of those devices... Should i kill one of them and stea it?, no, no, I-I'm not some kind of monster... But it doesn't matter in this world...NO! I can't, I'd loose who i am...But who cares? Aslong as i return...-" His eyes clouds up as he grins."-I'll just do it, I'll kill to get one.-"

Hearing foot steps, he quickly widens his eyes and looks towards the voice."-MURDER!-" It was the girl from earlier who had come ot check on him."Uhm.. Jack-san? Are you Okay?" walking up to him, holding her hand infront of her chest. Staring at her with bloodshut eyes, Jack quickly stands up and reaches out his hand to grab her throat."GRAAHH!" Then, right before he was able to grab her, time itself slowed down.

With everything moving in slowmotion, the girl panicly moves herself to the side before the time went back to normal."WHAT THE!?" Stumbling forwards Jack couldn't believe what just happend."-What was that...-" Looking back at the girl in shock. She looks at him with a frightend expression."U-uhm... Why did you, do that?" trying to calm himself down, Jack sighs and closes his eyes."...I never asked you, What is your name?"

Widening her eyes while having a slight blush, the girl responds."Ah- My name? Uhm.. It's, Ukiyo, Ukiyo Imashu..." Opening his eyes again, Jack turns towards her."...I see, that's a nice name."

Then, a loud annoying scream comes from the other end of the courtyard."OOOOOORRRRRRRRRAAAAAA!!!!" Both looking towards the direction in confusion, A teenage guy stands in the door way, clad in a Black lether Jacket, Black lether trousers and a Green mohawk, with sunglasses."YOU LEAVE UKIYO-SAMA ALONE!!" Narrowing his eyes, Jack scratches his head."Who are you now?" The guy marches in with heavy steps."HAAAH!? YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM!?"

Shaking his head at the Guy, Jack looks at Ukiyo wirh a questioning gaze, and she sighs."...That is Grey Cleusas... A childhood friend of mine..." Nodding, Grey grins while pointing at himself with his thumb."THAT'S RIGHT! I'M ALSO THE STRONGEST 'TAIOU' USERRRR!" Screaming out his words loudly, making Jack and Ukiyo cover their ears."Gaahh.... Would you keep it down kid?" Jack looks at him with a irritated gaze, pissing Grey off.

-"HAAAH!?! YOU WANNA GO YOU LOW LIFE NOOB!?" Clenching his fist, Grey tooks a step back as if charging up, however at that moment the time went into slowmotion again making Jack slowly widen his eyes."-Again? Is Ukiyo doing it...?-" Slowly turning his gaze, He sees Ukiyo walking in normal speed towards Grey."-Huh?-" She grabs ahold of Greys hand, stopping his movement before the time went back to normal."Grey-san... Please don't cause trouble."

Stepping back and clicking his tounge in annoyace, Grey walks away."Whatever Ukiyo-SAMA...."

Turning back to Jack, Ukiyo smiles."Sorry about him, he has a bit of a temper...Hm? something wrong?" She notices Jacks stunned expression, and Jack thinks to himself."-This woman... Just how powerful, is she? No way i could beat her...- Ah, No it's nothing..." Shaking his head while putting his hands into his pockets."So, that guy, he said 'Taiou', What is that?" Titling her head at his comment, She responds."You don't know..? Didn't Kyushi-san inform you?"

Shaking his head in displeasure, Jack gruntly mutters."No.. I'd rather not speak about him..." Understanding his situation, Ukiyo calmly takes a seat on a bench."Hmm, Well, 'Taiou' is- Well basically people like us, that has been tainted by the Radiation from the reactors energy." Holding her hands together, she looks at Jack who had taken a seat next to her."There is those who are quite fond of this... Like Grey-kun for example and Vergil-san and his gang..."

Shocked, Jack widens his gaze."Wait- how many are there? I thought everyone in this dimension was teleported away?" Nodding, Ukiyo goes on."Un, You have heard about that then... Well, in truth only about 89% of the population was transported, the 11% that didn't... Became 'Taiou', Why didn't we get transported...I don't know, I just wish things could return to normal... So does Kyushi-san." She looks down and Jack cringes."-That guy... 'Kyushi', Killing him would be...-"

Looking at her again, Jack asks."So, who is this 'Virgil' then?" Giving him a suspisious look, Ukiyo notices a glint of hate in Jack's eyes."...Why might you ask? Virgil is not a kind man..." having another rush of rage, Jack grabs her arm tightly."JUST TELL ME!" with a red glint in his eyes. Shaken by his sudden outburst, Ukiyo mutters out."B-Basement floor... He and his gang hangs out down there..."
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Robin Uchiha

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---------------------------------------------------------Shin Uchiha's hideout-------------------------------------

Staring worriedly towards the three identical children, Sakiri takes a few steps back while the children takes a step forward, holding up their oddly shaped weapons.

[Child 1: You are... Not to leave... Fathers order...]

[Sakiri: Father... Y-Your HIS kids? N-no... I saw him kill one of you... No way a parent would-]

Cutting her off, A raspy deep voice echo's from the other side of the hall way.'You are mistaken girl.'. Widening her eyes, She quickly turns towards the location of the voice.

It was Shin himself, Standing without a shirt and only his black trousers, having a smug look on his face.

[Shin: They are clones made from my teeth and nerves... Nothing more, disposable if need be. Hm.]

[Sakiri: Disposable... they are just children... How could you even say something like that!?]

Angerly weaving hand signs, Sakiri uses a gust of wind from the palms of her hands to send herself flying towards Shin in the blink of and eye."NANI!?!" Punching him in the stomach with all her might.

Both breaking through the the door into the room he came from, and straight though the wall in it, making them fly out from his hide out into a gigantic cave, Falling straight down with high speed.

[Shin: K-Kono musume... O-ore wa... Uchiha Shin...da! Saikyou no Uchiha...]

[Sakiri: I know the Uchiha clan! ...You are nothing- LIKE THEM!]

Pushing herself away from Shin, She lands in a red pool of water? While Shin lands on the ground creating a small indent.'GAH!'. Sakiri swims over to the edge, pulling herself up out of the water.

Looking at Shin, She notices a bunch of knife like object flying over to him from the hole they came out of, Lifting Shin up on his knees.

[Shin: Hehehehehe~ Intresting... Hm, Nothing like the Uchiha you said...Hmhmhm-AHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I AM A UCHIHA! LOOK! THE POWER OF MY SHARINGAN!!!]

Focusing his eyes on her, Several of the Knifes starts flying towards her rapidly, Making her widen her eyes in shock.'EH!?' In panic she quickly weaved hand signs, creating a whirlwind around herself, pushing the knifes to the sides.

As the wind stops, She looks at shin who is just grining, then she notices the spinning Knifes all around her.'Eh? They didn't blow away!?' They all stop, pointing at her in the air.

[Shin: Hm~Hm~Hm~ How about it?! You still think i am not a Uchiha!?]

[Sakiri: W-With this l-lame power... I'd be hard pressed to even call you a ninja!]

Narrowing his eye in anger, Shin sends the knife right at her, However- "GUAH!?" Suddenly, he felt a punch in his stomach again, Making him fly backwards unto the ground.

Grabbing his stomach in pain while winching, He looks over at the girl- It was Sakiri.'H-How...' Looking over where she stood before, there was just a small breeze left.

[Sakiri: Hehe~ Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu~ Handy-Handy~]

[Shin: A-A wind clone... I see...Hm-Hm... SHIN! GET OVER HERE!]

Calling out loudly to the children from earlier, however non of them appear, making him annoyed and start sweating a bit.'OOOIII!! SHIIIN!?'. No response still, Sakiri looks at him with a smug expression.

[Sakiri: Hmm~ You're 'disposable' children arent coming? ...What happend? The 'Strongest Uchiha'? Haha, Needing children to help you...]

[Shin: Tsk- Don't underestimate me...girl... I'll deal with them later.]

Creating a right Arm out of the knifes, Shin stands up while holding it out towards Sakiri, having a devilish grin.'I'll end you first AS THE TRUE HEIR OF THE UCHIHA NAME!"

---------------------------------------------------------Outside the Hospital--------------------------------------------------------------------

With the man body becoming more and more numb, Negear holds him up in her arms, while IF is trying to contact the Medical unit at the guild area, Staring at them all, the slightly brused Kagari grins in amusement.

[Kagari: Thi~s is quite the tragedy! We~rent you gonna avange that fo~ol of a brother?! GAHAHAHA~]

[Masked man: Tsk... D-Don't...Bad talk... him...]

[Nepgear: Don't strain yourself- uhm..Wait, What is your name?]

Before he could answer that question, Kagari mockingly blurts out.'Iyama Kurowaki! He's name is Iyama, I fought his brother in the old war~ And Ki~lled him.'. Both looking in Shook, Nepgear and IF looks over at Kagari.

While Iyama clicks his tounge in annoyance, while almost having no feeling left in his body. Then, a odd ringing noice comes from Kagari's Pocket. Looking in Shock, Kagari takes out a old flip-up phone and answers the call.

[Kagari: HA~AI? KAGARI-SAMA DESU! Ah- I see... Very well. right sir.]

Suddenly changing demenor, Kagari holds up his device on his right arm.'Well, I was ordered back, lucky for you guys.'. And he disappears in a flash of light, leaving them in wonder.

[IF: W-Why would he just leave... He didn't get anything out of this...]

[Nepgear: I don't know... In anycase! We need to help Iyama-san! Quickly!]

------------------------------------------------------In Geralds Throne room-------------------------------------------

Walking into it, Kagari had changed into brand new clothes, walking in a flamboient fassion. Stopping infront of Geralds throne.

[Kagari: You ca~lled my master?]

[Gerald: Hm. I have decided, I will take change of getting the power.]

[Kagari: Eh? B-But my lord! You can't move! Surely you couldn't-Agh!? M-Mastah!?]

Feeling a piercing sensation in his body, and his power being drained Kagari looks at Gerald with wide open eyes as the power is being drained into him.

Looking down at his stomach, He sees a beam of purple light go though him.

[Kagari: B-But... Why... DAMN OLD FOOL!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!]

[Gerald: Taking control. You were planning on deceving me, So before you do... I shall become the hero of this world...]

Geralds skin becomes smoother, and his Hair goes from gray to brown slowly, with his eyes glowing purple.'Mastah...' Falling down on the floor, Kagari had become just a rotting old man.

Standing up from the throne, Gerald slowly walks forward making the tubes connected into his back get disconnected. With a confident smile, Gerald walks over to a balcony that over looks the city.

[Gerald: Hm~Hm~Hm~ It felt like ages ago... But this? This is MY body! ...Oh, Minerva, I shall revive our kingdom...then, I shall bring you back to that majestic sight! GAHAHAHAHAHAAA~]

After laughing for a while, he calm down, and looks over at a old lit up building with a grin.

[Gerald: Those are... The resistance? Guess i could go over... And test out my powers~ Hm-Hm-Hm~]

--------------------------------------------------In the basement of the old building-------------------------------------------

Walking down a long stair case, Jack thinks about how he is suposed to get back, stealing one of the devices could be a option, but after seeing Ukyou's power... maybe not the brightest idea.

then, he starts hearing some really bad Rap music, And walking into the bottom room, a fowl smoke smell hits him like a wall.'Ugbuagh!?' Waving his hands around the get it out of the way, He notices a man sitting on a wooden box at the end of the room.

[????: Yo-Yo, Who's this fool... Sneaking into mah crib?]

[Jack: What's with this rotten stench... And stop talking like that- You'll piss me off more...]

[????: Talkin' trash about my stash? Fool, I'mma beat you black and blue!]

The young man hops off the box, and runs at Jack, having Blonde hair pale white skin and black eye-liners and Baggy pants and a white shirt having a golden chain around his neck. Allready annoyed, Jack narrows his eyes as the man clumsly throws a right punch.

[Jack: You call that a punch?]

ducking down to the side, Jack Clenches his fist and thrusts it into the mans stomach. However, the man narrowingly avoids it and throws another punch straight and Jacks face, who also dodges it, spins around and goes in for a kick, Noticing that, The man quickly moves to the side.

Grinning, the man runs up at Jack and throws another punch, which Jack catches his is right palms and pulls the man towards himself.'ENOUGH!' About to knee him in the stomach. The man quickly grabs Jack knee with her other hand, stopping its movement.'Yo-Yo, No low BLOWS!'.

Pushing himself off Jack, The man does a back flip, landing on his right hand.'Mah skills are to great man~'. Clicking is tounge, Jack stands up from being pushed back, and glares at the man with red glowing eyes.'You are REALLY pissing me off...'

Thrusting himself up, The man lands on the sealing, Then pushes himself of off it.'Yo' moves are to narrow, predicatble and lame! Add some spice and sick moves yo!'

-----Too be countinued---------------
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----------------------------------------------------Later on, With Gerald----------------------------------------

Entering a large Dark room below the castle stopping at a edge with a handlebar, looking down into what seems to be a never ending hole.

[Gerald: Kagari didn't know about this... Down there is the core of this universe. Hm, The Core of Creation!]

[????: So? What are you intending to do, my lord. If you had this all this time, surely you would have utilized it?]

[Gerald: Yes... But you see i need the Core of Destruction aswell... That is why- That is why... i created the Dimensional Reactor, to act as a cataclyst for it.]

[????: That doesn't make sense, Why would you need the Core of Destruction to create the Utopia you seek?]

[Gerald: Creation cannot exist without Destruction... Creation comes from the act of Destruction... As of now, I have found a worthy Catalyst for the destrution.]

[????: Hooh... And what might that be?]

Grinning with a sense of exitement, The now young Gerald looks back at the man who stood behind him.'My dear son... That's who.' Clenching his fist, He turn back towards the hole and holds out his right hand.

[Gerald: I just need to force that power out of him. The Core will do the rest... Then it will trigger the Core of creation! And recreate this world in MY design! And finally I will rule this world once more! together with my beloved wife and children!]

With a glint of light sparking from his eyes, A bright thin beam of light comes out from the hole, hitting his hand, making him winch a little before a aura of light starts to envelop his body. Gasping in shock the man takes a step forward and hold out his hand.'My lord!?'

[Gerald: Don't worry... I am... connecting myself to the Core... Ergh... What emence energy... guuuuUUUUUAAAHHHH!!!]

With a powerful energy surounding him, the cave starts to shake. While his hair grows longer and turns into a pale white color, His eyes turn completely white without any Iris's and he gains white scale like object around his waist, hanging down to around his knees.

And Bright white armoured leggings and gauntlets. Completing his connection to the core... He slowly turns towards the man, having a calm expression.'Poena Caelesti...' speaking out the words, A Golding sword form in his right hand.

[????: ...My lord?]

[Gerald: Termin, prepare all our remaining army forces- have them stand ready in all out spacial ships... Aswell as stand ready with my Command ship...]

[Termin: Ah? Y-Yes sir!]

[Gerald: ...Wait until i give the orders... We will invade a different dimension after i have dealt with my son.]

----------------------------------------------------------With Jack-------------------------------------------

After dealing with the odd man, Jack was making his way back to his room with his hands in his pockets.

Stopping as he hears a odd sounding female voice.'Aha~ Jack-sama?'. From the other side of the corridor, Looking up- There stood a young looking girl dressed of a black gothic dress with long Silver/black hair.

[Jack: Huh? Look- I'm not in the mood... Go to whatever cosplay event you came from M'kay...]

[????: Cosu-pray? Gomenazai- i don' know what that is, Jack-sama... Hmm~ Perhaps it's from that filthy world i heard you came from...]

[Jack: Tsk- Man are all of the people in this world assholes!? Are you all out to make me med or something!?]

With a glint of red in his eyes, Jack smashes his left fist into the wall next to him in anger. Slowly walking towards him with her heels clicking on the floor. The girl holds her hands together infront of her chest.

[????: Dear Jack-sama~ It would seem you have woken the inner power of yours, Hm~Hm~Hm~ That the old gezer Gerald put inside you- well, the husk of it...]

Widening his eyes in surprise, Jack looks over at the girl, confused of what she meant, even though.. Deep within he knew- it was 'That'.

[Jack: ...What are you talking about? A 'husk'? The hells with that?]

[????: I can see it Jack, It's obvious that you have it within you~ Looking at those Red eyes of yours.]

[Jack: Hm? Red eyes... I don't- Hm!?]

Getting interupted, the ground starts to shake as if a earthquake was starting, Noticing the girl's unresponsive reaction, Jack thinks it's her doing.

[Jack: Argh- You... What are you doing!?]

[????: Hm? Ara? Did i do something~ No-No~! Haha, This is... Geralds doing, Seems he has tapped into the Core of Creation~ Seems like i am not needed here for now~ Bi-Bi-Bi~]

Looking at Jack with a dissapointed smile, She dissapears into the shadows. Reaching out his right arm Jack yells out.'HEY WAIT!' Then, A bright light comes out of nowhere, Eveloping Jacks body.'W-WHAT THE!?'

---------------------------------------------------------Unknown Location------------------------------------------------------------

As the blinding light dissappears, Jack opens his eyes slowly while they are ajusting after the light.'W-What happened just now...'. unsure of where he was, All he could see was something resembling a old roman colusseum.

Looking around, he analyses the area, looking for an exit but nothing, then he hear a mans voice echoing from the above.'Jack...'. Looking up, there was a bright sphere of light in the dark, cloudy sky.


[????: Jack... My son, no- You are not Jack, son of Gerald. At this point... You are the be called... A God of Destruction.]

Having a strong heartbeat, Jack's eyes widens in shock.'A god of destruction...'. Grasping his chest, He felt a burning sensation as his eyes start glowing red once again.

[Jack: Gyuuaah!? W-What... What's g-goin...on...]

[????: This arena, Absorbs the energy of 'humanity'... Leaving nothing but the power of the Core. As to say, Little by little- You are taking on the form that the Core of Destruction desires... Much like myself.]

Starting to bleed from his eyes, Jack falls on his knees while doubling over, holding unto his head.'I-I won't... NOoOoOoOoOoO~~ I'm nOt- I am NOT...GWu...S-SomeBODY... I-I-I-I...'. With his body starting to vibrate and the vains in his arms are visably pumping rapidly.

Then, A dark purple smoke like aura starts to suround him, forming a sphere, making it impossible to see him from the outside, all you can hear is screams of disturbing agony.

['God of Creation': So it has begone, Hm. In time, i shall force out all that power... and make you destroy everything. So I can recreate the ideal world... Forgive me, my Son of Destruction.]

What's happening!? Gods!? Destruction and Creation!? What will come out of that dark Sphere?! Find out next time!

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Robin Uchiha

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-------------------------------------------------------Inside Jack's Mind---------------------------------------------------------------

Standing in the silent dark streets of his inner world, His tired blood shot eyes looking around aimlessly, then, blood starts seeping though a crack in the ground, creating a large puddle infront of Jack.

Starting to boild, the blood starts rising up, creating a man with 2 red glowing eyes, the looks over at Jack while leaning forward.

[????: Finally... You don't understand... how long... i have WAITED... for this moment... Now HAND over your BODY...]

The blood starts swirling up his legs, as the man made of Blood slowly walks towards Jack, Holding out it's hands.

[????: Just a little more... Soon... Soon...]

[Jack: I can't... Move...]

-------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile outside----------------------------------------------------------------------

Looking down at the Sphere, Gerald grins while his eyes flicker for a moment.'Oh i see... Hm-Hm-Hm-Hm....GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! THE SPHERE OF CREATION IS SHOWING ME THE END OF IT ALL!'

Putting his hand against his face while laughing, he looks up to the sky.


Suddenly feeling threatend by his visions, Geralds Holds up his right hand with a beam of light shooting up in the sky, that starts to send out a spherical barrier around the city.

[Gerald: Invading another dimension... I shall take away what you love... Jack. In my vision, I saw it... You all fought against me, striking me down, after you seemingly regaining control...Hmpf...]

The barrier Digs down around the city, And after a while... The entire city starts to float upwards.

[Gerald: Hm- With the power of creation, I can simple create a portal big enough to WARP THE ENTIRE CITY THERE!!!]

Sparking in the Air infront of the City, A large portal starts to tear open the sky, with a erie distorted cracking noice.

Looking over at it with a psychotic smile on his face, Gerald starts laughing again.


Then, the man from earlier who spoke with Gerald in the cave, came running on the seats of the collouseum.




Looking in fright at the man that has clearly gone insane, Termin pulls out his Katana blade and holds it back as if about to slash.


Gerald looks out into the portal with his cold white glowing eyes.'...This is it...'. His eyes flicker yet again, making him shake his head.

Then, He looks down at Termin who stood in fear, ready to attack.

[Gerald: Termin... You, no longer exist in the future i see infront of me.]

Widening his eyes, Termin takes a step back, Prepared for a attack, however... In the blick of an eye, a bright light flashes infront of him with several poles of light piercing his body.

With blood pouring onto the floor, Termin lets his Katana go, making it fall to the floor.'Ugwah!?'.

[Termin: G-Gerald... I...I...I'm sorry... But- heh... I have... Sent the...Relics... into the...Portal...]

[Gerald: WHAT!?]

-------------------------------------------------------In one of the acient Temple's of the desolate City-----------

Sitting casually in the pedistal of the Temple Jack entered, The Red haired man plays around with a flame in his hand while looking out the entrance.

[????: I did what you asked of me... Now the debt is paid.]

-------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile in Planeptune------------------------------------

Sitting in the Sofa, playing some video game, She suddenly felt a rumble, making her pause the game.

[Neptune: Nepu? What was that? ...Surely that wasn't the rumble function in the controller... Oh well! Back to the gAmE-mememe~!? Hah!?]

Feeling another strong quake, She looks out the window.'What is that sound?... Eh?...' Seeing a large crack in the sky, eminating lightning from it that hits the mountain tops near it.

-------------------------------------------------------Outside the Paneptune tower----------------------------------

With loud screaming of people, Iyama who had barely just recovered from the poison, Looks up at the sky in shock, knowing it was either Kagari or Geralds doing, Since Kagari was called back suddenly.

[Iyama: This is not... Good... I have to tell the Goddesses, This city is about to become a battlefield of dangerous magnitudes, if Gerald used 'That'...]

About to run in, he felt a nostalgic sensation that makes him stop.'Hm?' Looking back up, He notices 3 lights fly out from the portal and crash into 3 locations, A forest, Logi Mountain and in the snowy fields of Lowee.

[Iyama: That can't be... Is someone over there- Termin! Ofcourse, that guy WOULD do something so rash!]

Imidiately running into Planeptune's Basillicom, Iyama convieniently runs into Noire who also was woried about the earch quake.

[Iyama: You! You're a goddess!]

[Noire: Eh!?]

Stunned at his sudden interaction she blushes a bit from him "Complimenting her" out of the blue.'Uh-Thank you?-'. Shaking his head rapindly, Iyama grabs her shoulder.

[Iyama: No-No-No-No! That wasn't a compliment! I'm asking if you ARE a goddess!? Black Heart- Right?]

Nodding hessitently, Noire takes a step back but Iyama grabs her hand while rushing up to Neptune.'Good- Come with me!'

[Noire: HEY!? What do you think your doing!?]

[Iyama: Trying to help you out! Something BAD is happening, something REALLY bad!]

--------------------------------------Too be countinued----------------------------------------------------------
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--------------------------------------With Gerald at the Coloseum----------------------------------

Standing front of Termin's dead body, Gerald clicks his tongue in annoyance.'Damn brat...'. Turning towards the Portal, He glances back towards the dark sphere which Jack is in.

[Gerald: I want to know, just how powerful these 'goddesses' are... But alas i can't just leave you here. I know, with the power of creation- I'll make a weaker copy of myself.]

Looking back over towards the portal, noticing that the transfer is taking longer then he expected.'Even with this power, It's straining to open a big enough portal...Hm-Hm, Well then.]

Holding out his left hand wide open infront of himself, A light aura starts to seep out from him, creating a clone of himself with Long golden hair, White glowing eyes and a white and gold armour.

Summoning a Golden sword in its right hand, Similar looking to Excalibur of legend.'About 5% of my power should sufice for now. Go!'. The clone dashes away so fast, only a bolt of lighting is left behind.

------------------------------------With Neptune, Iyama, Noire-------------------------------------------

All three gathered in the living area in the tower, Iyama had requested a map of the land, Rolling it out on a table he points at a field just infront of planeptune's borders.

[Iyama: I estimate that the portal we see should be located around here on the map...]

[Neptune: Waaahh!? But that's so far away, it doesn't look THAT faraway- does it?]

Looking out towards to windows in shock. However, Noire agree's with this esimate, crossing her arms she glances at Neptune.

[Noire: It's all a matter of preception, Put a small dot on a blank space and it could either be just a small spot, or a thing faraway- Seriously.. Are you that stupid?]

[Neptune: Oh- I kinda get it! The same way my pudding looks so tiny on the table, But when i walk closer to it- It's big again~ Hm~Hm~]

While Noire looks at her dumbfounded, Neptune walked over to her pack of pudding sitting on the table infront of the TV and holds it up in pride. Sighing while face palming, Noireturns back to the map.'I swear...'

[Noire: So, 'Iyama' was it, what is your idea here?]

[Iyama: Hn, Did any of you notice 3 birth lights come out from the portal?]

[Noire: Lights? Can't say i did, no.]

Neptune walks back up next to Noire, and looks down at the map while happly eating her pudding.'Light~? Wash that about?'.

Pointing moving his finger, Iyama points at a mountain range next to Leanbox.

[Iyama: This mountain- Lo...Lo- Whatever this one, I saw one of the light land at it.]

Looking where he points, Noire reads up the name that Iyama had issues pronouncing.

[Noire: It's Logi mountain. That's close by Leanbox... What are these light's anyway?]

[Iyama: My best guess is the Acient Relics from my home land.. Legends says they can revive the goddesses and open the gates to Alsgard.]

----------------------------------------------A bit later, In a crossing in planeptune--------------------------------------------------

[????: All these pests....]

Standing in the middle of the crossway, splitting into 6 directions, Geralds clone had closed its eyes while smirking. Surounding him was 6 people in each if the splitting ways.

[Cyberconnect2: ...I dunno who you are, but you ain't going anywhere.]

[MAGES.: Hm-Hm-Hm~ It's six against one! surender now!]

[MarvelousAQL: Or we'll use force!]

[Nitroplus: Hmpf, The shadows of our fallen will grant us power.]

[Falcom: In the name of adventurers across Wind and Wild, Time and in the Sky-world!]

[Cave: Whatever they said.]

All standing ready to fight. Geralds clone slowly opens its eyes while still smirking.

[Gerald Clone: Who said i was going somewhere, I have already seen the end of the fight. I won't need even half of my powers.]

Clicking her tongue in annoyance, CC2 starts runnig towards him, holding out her two knifes.'We'll see about that!'


Trying to stop her, MAGES. rushes over, but CC2 was way to fast and had already made it to the Clone, but...'He's gone!?'. The clone suddenly vasnishes.

Stubbling forward for her momentum, CC2 looks around in shock, then her eyes widen while spit flew out from her mouth.*UWAAH!?' She doubles over in her knees, holding her stomach.

Everyone looks on shock, while MAGES. runs towards her, but before she knew it, She was sent flying back from something hitting her chest.'Kyaaa!'

The clone then appears standing behind CC2 and looks down at her.

[Gerald Clone: Pathetic...]

---------------------------------------Too be countinued-----------------------------------

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PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyFri May 11, 2018 7:28 pm

-------------------------------------------In Planpetune a great battle is raging------------------------------------

Standing above CC2 with a confident grin, the clone's sword shatters into particles of light and he puts his hands together making a loud 'clap' sound echo.

[Clone: As fun as taking you all on would be... Let's seperate the odds a bit... Light creation: Spacial bounding cubes!]

The light particles of his sword flys of one by one to each one of them, encapsulating them in cubes of light.

[MAGES.: Spacial magic!? I have to-]

Fearing whats to come, MAGES. holds out her black staff making a faint red glow fly out into the air before dissappearing into the cube.

-------------------------------------------Inside MAGES. cube----------------------------------------------------------

Stumbling forward, looking up from under her mage hat, She was at a loss for words, In a instant the land had been transformed into a old, desolate roman city.

Looking around the area, seeing no sign of life, even the grass and weeds sticking up from the cracks in the tiles was completely dead and dry. A warm gust of wind scratches upon her skin like sandpaper.
Gripping her staff, she corrects her hat that had twisted sideways while looking with determined eyes.

[MAGES.: It would seem i have been transported to another location... Looks like a fairly ancient city aswell.]

Noticing a light in the distance, she sighs and starts walking towards it as she thought it was most likly the man who brought her here.

------------------------------------------Outside with the clone-------------------------------------------------------

Slowly lowerings its hands, the clone looked with pride at all the glowing cubes.

[Clone: With the magic that the Sphere of Creation has given me, I am virtually unstoppable.]

------------------------------------------Inside CC2's cube-------------------------------------------------------------

Different from MAGES. space, CC2 was meet with a lush grassy plain, with a clear blue sky and refreshing soft wind blowing though her hair as she glances around.

[CC2: Hrm? What happend?! Just a moment ago i was in the city!?]

-----------------------------------------Inside MarvelousAQL's cube.-----------------------------------------------------

Having been transported into a dense forest, she is cutting her wait out of vines she got herself stuck in.

[MarvelousAQL: Nrrrgh- W-Why me!? WHERE AM I EVEN!?!]

-----------------------------------------Inside NitroPlus's Cube----------------------------------------------------------

Calmly walking though a dark underground cave system, looking around for some kind of light source or a exit.

[NitroPlus: I feel as though the enemy is playing tricks on us... Perhaps this is a illusion...]

----------------------------------------Inside Falcoms cube---------------------------------------------------------------

Unlike the others, Falcom hadn't only found herself in a different location, but also appeared on a pirate ship in the middle of nowhere on the sea.

Grasping onto her sword and will, she starts to spin around, making sure nothing is gonna catch her of guard.

[Falcom: This is certainly not right... But as a adventurer! I know you should alwats expect the unexpected! And don't be caught with your pants down!]

---------------------------------------Inside Cave's Cube------------------------------------------------------------------

Shivering and sneezing, Cave had been moved to what seems to be a snow filled landscape, it's extremely cold where as she has a hard time even moving.

[Cave: SS-S-S-So cold... W-W-Where.. A-Am I? *Sniff*]

Glancing around the freezing landscape, She could see what looked to be a Ruined Palace in the distance.

[Cave: P-P-Perhaps... I C-C-Can find shelter in there...]

---------------------------------------Meanwhile at Geralds Castle---------------------------------------------------------

Dark clouds emerges from the top of the castle while purple lightning flashes within them.

Looking down at the black sphere covering Jack, Gerald's confident grin turns into a slightly sadened expression, seeing his own son be tortured like that.

[Gerald: ...Once this is over my child... I shall make up for what i have done to you. But, you have to understand... This is needed to grasp the true future we all desire.]

Filled with regret but a strong will, Gerald turns towards to portal as his golden armor rattles with the strong wind.

[Gerald: I have seen it... You are strong, Jack... As long as those whom you think you love are alive, you won't give in to the Core of destruction... That is why, I'll slay them, one by one, infront of you.]

Closing his eyes, another vision fills his mind with hope.'My victory is certain' he thought as he saw himself in his ideal world after slaying a dark being that would seem to be the Core of destruction.

The city had made it halfway into the other dimension, and all the soldiers of his army was preparing to invade.

-------------------------------------Outside of Planeptune------------------------------------------------------------------

in the green fields of Gamindustri, Joint forces of all Nations stood ready to fight, with Both Vert and Blanc standind at the forefront.

Looking calmly up at the giant city, Blanc holds her right hand agaist her chest.

[Blanc: It's kinda sureal... Who is this invader?]

Glancing over at Vert who looked up at it aswell with a serious expresion, while summoning her spear into her right hand.

[Vert: No matter, Anyone who threatens my nation- No- Our Gamindustri, Shall not go unpunished by the goddesses... Isn't that so, Blanc-chan?~]

Looking at Blanc with a almost condesending smile as she says the last part. Blanc just sighs then mumbles with a underlying anger.'You sounded cool...But what was that ending!?'

Durning their usual Banter, a comando suited Lady runs up to them from the army, holding a AK-47 like rifle.

[Soldier Lady: Green Heart-sama, We have gotten information about the enemy! He is...huh?]

As she was speaking, A bright light surounded every single person in the army. Both Vert and Blanc widen their eyes in surpise and Vrt trys to grab into the light but it burns the tip of her fingers.'Augh!'.

Stepping back whilst holding her hand, Vert looks at the light beams stunned.

[Vert: What is this? What is going on?]

Blanc quickly transforms into her Goddess form, and starts spinning around with her hammer.'TAKE THIS!' Smashing it into the light as hard as she could, but all that happend was a spark of light as she was repelled back.

[Blanc: GWUAAAAA!?]

Then, before they knew it, with the blink of an eye, the pillars of light vanished... And so did the soldiers. A completely empty field filled both of their visions.

[????: Ah yes... This is what it looks like... Mortals like to call it; Despair.]
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PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyThu May 17, 2018 9:19 am

----------------------------------With Iyama, Noire and Neptune------------------------------------------

Standing in complete silence, Noire looks at Iyama in shock, unsure if she heard him right.

[Iyama: Hm, What is it?]

[Noire: Just to confirm... You said 'Revive the goddesses and open the gates to Alsgard', Right?]

Nodding silently, Iyama looks back at the map while Noire crosses her arms while thinking.'Who is this guy... I mean, WE are the goddesses, and Alsgard? The heck is that anyway?'.

Meanwhile, eating her pudding, Neptune looks out the window towards the city while noticing the bright light comming from just outside the city.'Uhm...'. Looking over at Iyama and Noire who seem to be in deep thought.

[Neptune: Hmm... Oh?]

Deciding not to say anything as to not disturb them, she turned back to look out, doing so, something else caught her attention. Several Boxes of light were scattered around.'What the...'.

-----------------------------With Gerald at the Castle---------------------------------------------------

With his golden armor and golden Blonde hair swaying in the wind caused by the sphere, Geralds slowly opens his eyes and glances to the side as a dark portal cracked open as a female voice echoed.

[????: ...So you are 'Gerald'?]

Stepping out from the portal was a smug looking girl with pale with skin, Dark Purple hair with 2 Pont tails hanging to the sides.

Closing his eyes again while lowering his head, Gerald sighs in amusement.

[Gerald: ...A child intends to stand in my way? Comical, truely... Comical.]

Narrowing her eyes at that comment while placing her right hand on her hip, the girl holds out her left hand.

[????: 'Child'? My name is 'Uzume tennouboshi', Well, people in this dimension calls me Kurome.]

[Gerald: Hm, So? what is your agenda here... I am a busy man as you can see.]

Lowering her hand, Kurome looks over at the black sphere with worry in her eyes then shaking her head she looks over at Gerald again, keeping a hateful smile.

[Kurome: I feel as though you are underestimating them... After all, I failed to defeat them.]

[Gerald: As someone cursed with knowledge, I know of your failure... Do you think you are surperior to me? You missguided child.]

Summoning her megaphone gun into her right hand, Kurome aims it towards Gerald while jumping back.'Super Sonic sound blast!'. Waves of Sound comes out from it, shaking the ground under them, Flying straight at him.

Twisting his sword slightly, Gerald grins as a golden shine blocks the sound waves and repels them to the sides.

[Gerald: Why side with them?]

Landing a bit away leaning forward with her left hand on the ground, she clicks her tongue while standing up.

[Kurome: 'Side' with them? Hm-Hm, You say quite annoying things, I care nothing for those fools. All I wish for is to bring back MY home. MY friends. MY family.]

[Gerald: Hooh... Well, then wouldn't it be of your intrest to join side with me?]

[Kurome: Hah, Right... I have seen what you do to your allies. Oh, and let me get one thing straight, the world you seek... Is NOT what i am seeking, therefore, siding with you would spell the end of MY wish.]

[Gerald: Hahaha... Fair enough child. So, will you fight me then? Killing children is not something i am fond of you see.]

narrowing her eyes slightly, she tilts her head with a slight smile while a dark purple aura starts to swirl around her.

Glancing over at her, Gerald takes notice of it.

[Kurome: How noble of you... Unfortunately, I have no intention of walking away.]

As her Dark Purple hair flickers in to Orange and back like a wave, She clenches her hand on the Megaphone.

[Kurome: ...We will BOTH die here... Haah... Along with your twisted dream, Gerald.]

Dissapearing with the speed of sound, Kurome flys at Gerald, punching him with all her might.'GWUUUAAAHH!!!'. However, as she made contact Geralds body shattered into light particles, making her stumble forward from the momentum.'What!?'.

Reappearing behind her, Geralds chuckles slightly as Kurome pancily twists around with her megaphone, aiming it towards him.'Damnit!'.

But before she could fire, blood splattered around as her right arm flew off the edge of the castle. Falling back to the ground, holding the wound, Kurome screamed out in suffering and pain.

Her face was twisting as Gerald struck down his sword infront of her.

[Gerald: ...What did you hope to accomplice? My power is that of the core of creation.]

Refusing to give up, Kurome pushed herself up from the floor, cringing from the pain, she stood up infront of Gerald.

[Kurome: Haah-Haah-Haah... Y-You... know that is... a... stupid question... Submitting to someone elses will... that... isn't... ME...]

[Gerald: ...Kurome... No, Uzume Tennouboshi. You are a being worthy of respect, do not worry... In the forthcoming world, i'll create your home, and bring you to it. For now, sleep.]

Grinning at his stupid line, Kurome hold up her hand towards him, ready to send out a Sonic shock wave.'Y-You won't win...!?' Widening her eyes in shock, she holds her hand back infront of herself.

Her hand is slowly fading into light particles.

[Kurome: W-What... What are you doing!? S-Stop!]

[Gerald: Hooh? Just a moment ago, you were ready to die... What changed? I told you didn't i? I will bring you back to your home once the forthcoming world is made.]

Stepping back in fear, Kurome's body starts fading away, leaving only light particles.'N-No... T-This isn't... noo...'. Before fully dissappearing, her hair changed into Orange, and her eyes into red.'...I-I'm not...'

Looking at the particles flying away into the sky, Gerald held a slight sorrow in his eyes.

[Gerald: How many more sacrifices... Until we can be free... Minerva...]

----------------------------------------Meanwhile with Blanc and Vert------------------------------------------------

Looking back at the source of the voice, they are greeted by a man clad in a clown like attire with the color scheme of Purple and blue, having purple lipstick and Blue circles around his eyes with one eye being red and the other black.

[????: Tw~o Ladys stand before the man, in shock they think 'Who might this handsome fellow be!?' hmm~ And in AWE~ They view the man! Hoooh~Hoh~Hoh~Hoh~Hooh~]

Both staring at the man in silence, frowing their eyerbrows up.

[Blanc: W-Who is this... freak...]

[Vert: D-Don't be rude Blanc! People like this are normal human beings too, just special thats all.]

[Blanc: No-No, this guy is clearly a freak... I mean, just look at him, his clothing sense is horrid... Just the look on his face gives me shivers...]

[Vert: Hmmm, You are certainly right, even so! You can't just blurt stuff out like that, it's not very lady like.]

[Blanc: Haah!? You said something cow-utters!?!]

Standing completely still, the man looks at them in silence, stunned of what he was witnessing.

[Vert: See? there you go again! You need to have some decency, or you won't be popular with the boys~ ~Not that you have such outwardly qualitys anyways~]

[Blanc: Tsk, why should i care!? and there are... Plenty of men... Who like me.... Thunder tits!]

[Vert: Oh? Have those ~men~ left kindergarden yet~? Or are you talking about... Lolicons?]

The man crosses his arms while shaking his head at their bickering.

[????: Le~dys~ Might i ha~ve you attention~?]

Holding his hands out the sides, the man glares at them, then, both Blanc and Vert rapidly turns towards him with irritation.'WHAT!?', they both yelled in unison, making the man jump back in fright.'UWAAH!?'.

[????: Ahem, My na~me is Benedict von claus ZA THURDO!!~ I am here by the orders of Lord Ger- AWAAH!?]

Without second thought, Vert thrusted her spear at the man, having a killing intent glimmering in her eyes. the man swiftly dodged it with a guffy surprised look on his face.

[Benedict: N-N-Nananananani!? I wa~s talking! Did you speak about manners just a moment ago!?]

[Vert: Sorry, but knowing you are working for him... I couldn't help but to show my out most respect as the goddess of Leanbox~]

Nodding in understandment, Benedict laughs slightly while moving around oddly.

[Benedict: Yes-Yes, that do~es makes sense! Love it! Beautiful stance aswell~ Sh~ow me more~]

Clicking her tongue in annoyance, Blanc readys her hammer with a steady grip.

[Blanc: Tch, Oi! What did you do the everyone you sack of shit!?]

[Benedict: Non-Non~ That is not beautiful! Ah-hm~ Lord Gerald sent me to take ca~re of the pesky insects~ Hooh-Hooh~]

Swirling his right index finger around while his left pointed at Blanc in displeasure.

[Blanc: Pesky insect... The ~fuck~ you mean you ga-]

[Vert: That's enough, Blanc. Benedict, was it? What is the goal here, why do all this?]

Silencing Blanc, Vert stepped forward while pointing her spear at the man who had tilted his body to the left.

[Benedict: Fumu-Fumu. I understa~nd, Two aspects of lady like features, EXCITE~ment! I will make you both look even more beautiful~ with crimson blood and flooding tears~]

[Blanc: Bastard is ignoring the questions... Can we just beat him to a pulp?]

Getting more and more annoyed, Blanc was steaming with anger from the man standing before them, mocking them like they were trash.

understanding that nothing would make the man speak, Vert let out a small sigh, nodding to Blanc.

[Vert: ...Since it seems he has no intention of negotiation... We have no choice in this matter.]
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Standing ready to fight the mysterious clown named Benedict, Vert gracefully transforms into her CPU form, standing like she was posing for the camera.

Seeing Vert showing off, Blanc grinds her teeth while a vein on her forehead appears.

[Blanc: Oi! Ya need to show of like that!? Haah!?]

[Vert: Well ofcourse~ My fans are always watching, so whats wrong with showing off my womanly charm~?]

Pressing up her chest as she says that, She gives Blanc a glance at her chest with a condecending smile.


[Vert: Haha, do forgive me, blanc-chan~ You are just too fun to tease.]

Nodding at their coversation, while looking at Verts new appearance, Benedict twirls around on his left leg in joy.

[Benedict: HOOOH-HOH-HOH-HOOH!! Superb! Yes-Yes! KIIIHHH~ I am glad... That Gerald sent me here! Hoh-Hoh, I'm in... LOVE!!]

Pushing himself of the ground while twirling, he lands on his right hand, twisting around and launches a high speed kick at Vert.

[Benedict: Lightning kiiicku!!!]

Gasping in shock, Vert quickly blocks the kick with her spear but the force was too powerful, making her slid back across the grass.

Benedict looks at her with a stunned goofy expression.'Eeeh?! ARA!?' Quickly pushing himself of the ground again as Blanc swong at him with her hammer.

Fliping around in the air, he land on the ground a few meters away in a 'T' pose.'Phew'.

Glaring at him angerly, Blanc leans her hammer over her shoulder.

[Blanc: Tch, slippery bastard... Attacking out of nowhere.]

Standing straight again, Vert flings her hair to the side while walking back forwards next to Blanc.

[Vert: What was that attack... Hadn't i blocked it with my Tungnir i would have suffered grave internal damages.]

[Blanc: Hmm, Now that i think about it- He did seem to have electicity faintly around his leg...]

Holding unto her chin, Vert looks at the man with analysing eyes.

[Vert: Electicity? Perhaps he uses that to enhance his physical speed and power?]

Nodding, the man claps his hands making them both looks over in surprise.

[Benedict: Exellent! Just from ~that~ you managed to figure out my ability~! You sure are Goddesses in every sense of the word! Bravo!]

feeling more and more annoyed and fed up with the man, Blanc narrows her eyes while clenching her left hand.

[Blanc: This son of a bitch is mocking us... Let's- Hm? Vert?]

Blanc stops herself as she noticed Vert wasn't moving, infact, it would seem she was paralyzed.

[Blanc: Oi! Vert! Wha-]

[Vert: STOP... D-Don't... ]

Small sparks are eminating for her skin, making her twitch her arms and legs while cringing up from the sensation.

meanwhile, the man stood silent, looking at Vert with almost dissapointed eyes.

[Benedict: Hmm... just as i was praising you aswell... OH-WELL~! My Ability is that of electicity~ Sending even the smallest shock into my oppenent allows me to control their nerve system~ Aha~]

---------------------------------------------------Moments later with Iyama, Noire and Neptune------------------------------------

After noticing the light boxes, all of them had rushed down to inspect it, However Iyama thought it was wiser to go for Logi mountain first which both Noire and Neptune agreed with.

Heading over there, Noire and Neptune questioned why Iyama was so intent on helping them, what was his reasons? While walking though the ruff paths leading to logi mountain, Iyama spoke up calmly.

[Iyama: It's a long story... My goal is to avenge my brother.]

[Noire: Hn, I see.]

Noire glanced at his robotic arm, thinking about what could have caused something like that to happen, then Neptune speaks up loudly with a childish yet sincere smile.

[Neptune: Well, whatever happend is in the past right? As things stand you are helping us out of the kindness of your heart riight~]

Twitching slightly, Noire looks over at Neptune in shock, never had she heard something so 'wise' come fron Neptune's usual childish and airheaded attitude.

[Noire: ...That's a nice way of putting it, Neptune.]

[Iyama: ...Kindness of my heart...Hm.]

Silently gazing off into the distance, Iyama could see images of his past. However, He had already thrown away his past with sins.'It's too late for that' he thought to himself as he looked over at Neptune who had stopped to look at a perculiar looking flower.

------------------------------------------------Unknown Location, Unknown time------------------------------------------------------------

A mysterious elderly man, with white hair and pale white skin, clothed it some kind of old Japanese styled clothing and having 2 odd horns coming out from the sides of his head, Stood in a dark temple like building, looking down into a large pond of water.

Seeing what looks to be the events occuring in Gamindustri.

[????: Hum... It would seem these creatures have caused a inbalance in the dimensional space. At this rate, the very fabric of existence could be torn to pieces...]

A younger girl with similar clothing style, and long white hair with horns that formed around her forehead stepped into the room.

[????: So, these 'creatures' need to be, exterminated... Right, Grandfather?]

The elderly man looked back at the girl, with rage filled eyes.

[????: You aren't allowed to be in here, Toyotama.]

[Toyotama: I'll do it... I'll bring them down.]

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Robin Uchiha

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-----------------------------------------------With Gerald in the colluseum---------------------------------------------------------------

The dark aura around the sphere starts to settle, and the rapid current wind around it calms down making Gerald looks at it calmly.

[Gerald: ...So it is time?]

it starts to crack with dark Purple light beams flying out from it, shattering the sphere into pieces like glass.

standing in the middle of it was a dark figure with dark Purple eyes having no features expect it's outlines.

[Jack?: ...Gerald...]

Speaking in a distorded voice, the shadowy figure looked at Gerald who's eyes widened at the mention of his name.

[Gerald: Don't tell me... You gained control of it... JACK!?!]

Tilting its head to the side, the shadow said quitely to itself 'Jack...?' while then looking at its hand.

[Jack?: ...What is....Jack? ...I am... Nobody...]

looking at the shadow in confusion, Gerald held up his sword and pointed it at the figure.

[Gerald: You mentioned my name... If you are not Jack, then WHO are you?]

The figure claps its hands together then pulls them apart creating a dark purple energy rod.

[Jack?: ...You are a fool...Gerald... You fear it, don't you?]

[Gerald: Hm!? Fear what?]

Spinning the energy rod around in its left hand, it grabs ahold of it and holds it to the side, as if it was about to throw it.

[Jack?: ...Creation... Your body hasn't fused with it's power... I sense it's presence elsewhere... having a faint connection to you....]

noticing Geralds expression of confusion, the shadow spins the energy staff around in its hand and throws it straight down at the ground, causing a large explosion that shakes the entire city.

waves of air flys out from the top of the castle where the colluseum is located. Having flown up in the air, Gerald looked down at the hole that had been blasted open in the ground now leading into his throne room.

[Gerald: What is that thing planning...Wait- The sphere!]

--------------------------------------------------Inside the throne room-------------------------------------------------------

Several soldiers had rushed into the room, aiming their riffles at the smoke collum rising from the middle.

[Guard: Do not let it get away!]

However, before they knew it, several black tentacle like things sprung out from the smoke, impaling all if them'GWUA!' - 'AUGH!?'.

The shadow then leaped out from the smoke and ran past them all while retracting its tentacles. running out the balcony, it lept into the air, looking over at the portal.

[Jack?:...N-Nep... What am i saying?...]

Shaking its head, it spins around while creating another energy rod in its right hand, and throws it towards the castle, however a bright light deflected it away, making it fly into the sky.

[Jack?: HM!?]

[Gerald: ENOUGH!]

Flying at the shadow with blinding speed, Gerald held out his sword. noticing that, the shadow quickly formed a energy rod, blocking Geralds attack and pushes him to the side whilst spinning around and throwing it towards him.

Recovering from being pushed aside, Gerald quickly holds out his shield towards the attack, Blocking it but he still flys back into a nearby building.

The shadow does a backflip in the air while landing ontop of a building.'heh~'. Then it quickly leaps towards the castle again, while creating yet another energy rod.

[Jack?: I'll find it...]

Looking down, he notices a battalion with soldiers running out fully armed. throwing the rod towards the castle, the shadow then quickly stops his momentum against a wall and dashes straight towards the soldiers who are preparing to invade Gamindustri.

[Guard: Alright! Everyone, wait for fu-]

Becoming completely quite, everyone looks in shock as a Black object and pierced through the mans right eye.

[Soldier 1: W-What the... G-George-kun!?!]

Flying down, the shadow slices the mans body open while landing behind it hunched down, Everyone panicly aims their weapons at it but quickly felt a strong shockwave coming from the castle as the rod had blown a gigantic hole in the side of it.

Looking back up at it in shock, the soldiers didn't notice that the shadow had turned around and ran at them, starting to slash, tear and crush them with it's tentacles and a breaking some necks, backs, arms and using their weapons to kill aswell, it was a total slaughter.



-----------------------------------------------Meanwhile with Gerald-----------------------------------------------------------

Standing up inside the building, dusting off his armour, Gerald looks out though a window to the side, seeing the broken castle with Smoke collums rising from it.

[Gerald: ...It's as if that thing is negating my powers... But how is that possible! Creation and Destruction should be equal!]

Clenching his hand, his eyes widens as a faint voice echoed in his head.

[????: ...Take it within.... All of it... The core... within you... Accept it...]

---------------------------------------------With Iyama, Noire and Neptune-----------------------------------------------------

Looking at the flower that Neptune had spotted, Iyama hunches down aswell, it was a odd flower with black leaves and a red bulb.

[Iyama: Strange, i have never seen such a flower before... Is it perhaps a species that grows in this region?]

Tilting her head slightly while looking at the flower, Neptune gave off a wondering expression.

[Neptune: I dunno, i don't know much about flowers Hehe.]

Twitching slightly, Iyama quickly stood up and crossed his arms, making Both Neptune and Noire look at him in confusion.

[Iyama: ...Anyway, Let's continue forward.]

[Noire: Uhm... Sure.]

*Few minutes later*

Walking up a old hicking path, they all notice a shine coming from around the corner of Logi Mountain, quickly grabbing onto a ledge with his robotic arm, Iyama launches himself up.

meanwhile Noire and Neptune steadly climb up after. Reaching the top, Both of them dust off their clothes from the dirt and looks over at Iyama who is standing completely still infront of the light.

[Noire: Iyama...san..?]

[Neptune: Did ya fiiind it?~]

Not catching the mood as usual, Neptune quickly rushed over, stopping next to him while looking into the creator with awe.

[Neptune: Uwaahhh~? -What is it?]

Sighing while walking towards them, Noire crosses her arms.

[Noire: You don't remember why we even came here..? God you are stupid.]

[Neptune: Hey! Atleast I'm not a loner! Lonely Heart!]

Neptune holds out her tounge while holding her right eye open with her finger, making Noire blush from her comment and become annoyed.

[Noire: I-I-I-I'M NOT A LONER!! I have many friends, Hmpf!]

[Neptune: Oh?~ Like who~?]

while Neptune and Noire are 'arguing', Iyama had walked down and grabbed the object in silence.

[Iyama: ...This is... not good...]

It was the 'Jet-Black Diamond Sword', The moment he grabbed onto it, he's mind was clouded.

[Iyama: ...What happened, You tw- W-Why...WHY ARE YOU HERE!?!]

Screaming out at Neptune and Noire, he grips the sword tightly in his hand  and Both of them looks back down at him in confusion.

[Noire: Eh?]

[Neptune: What is it?]

*Seen from the perspective of Iyama*

[Iyama: ...What happened, You tw- W-Why...WHY ARE YOU HERE!?!]

Widening his eyes, seeing the man who killed his brother Screaming out at Kagari and Termin, he grips the sword tightly in his hand and Both of them looks back down at him in with smug grins.

[Kagari: Hehe~ Yes, I killed your brother~ In cold blood, it was amusing~]

[Termin: Yes, quite so, Kagari-sama.]

Filled with anger, Iyama rushed towards them, swinging the sword. Both of them Jumps back, he keeps swinging at them, until Termin summons a sword and blocks his swing to defend Kagari.'Kagari-sama!'.

Grinding his teeth while pressing his weight at the sword, Iyama speaks with a rage filled voice.

[Iyama: I will never forgive you!! For what you did to my brother! DIE!!]

*Seen from the perspective of Neptune and Noire*

Iyama rushed towards them, swinging the sword. Both of them Jumps back, he keeps swinging at them, until Neptune summons a sword and blocks his swing to defend Noire.'Noire!'.

Grinding his teeth while pressing his weight at the sword, Iyama speaks with a rage filled voice.

[Iyama: I will never forgive you!! For what you did to my brother! DIE!!]

Winching from his strenght, Neptune looked at him shocked at his sudden change.

[Neptune: H-Hey! Iyama-san, What happened!? What do you mean by brother!?]

[Iyama: Don't talk about my brother like that!! You damn scum!!]

Iyama pushed Neptune back into Noire who caught her, and then looked at them with clouded, ragefilled eyes, as if he wasn't himself.

[Iyama: ...I'll kill you both finally, I've lived my life for this moment...]
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----------------------------------------------With the shadow figure----------------------------------------------------

Standing ontop of a building, looking down at the battalion it had just slaughtered with it's soul less cold red eyes.

[Jack?: ...Who... am i... That life-form called me 'Jack'... What is a Jack... I need more... The memory's of the people i killed... showed a life-form who seemed to possess great strengh... I... Have to find it...]

----------------------------------------------Meanwhile with Gerald-----------------------------------------------------

Silently looking over at the figure, knowing he can't defeat it in his current state, However, if he went to absorb the Core of creation, not only would he cast away his humanity, he would most likely be killed before reaching it.

[Gerald: Tch- I have to lure it away, with a clone... And whilst it's battling my clone, i can sneak into the castle and do it... Yeah, That'll work...]

He slams his pals together, creating a mirror image of himself that creates a sword in its right hand and dashes out from the building towards the shadow figure while the real Gerald walks down the stairs inside the building to keep hidden.

Noticing the mirror Gerald, the shadow figure leaps up in the air, Gerald stops in mid air and glances back towards planeptune that could be seen from over the edge.

[Gerald: With it's power... There is no way i could subdue it with just my clone power... But i should be able to teleport it with me... Those 'goddesses should suffice until the real me can get the power absorbed...]

Turning back towards the shadow figure, he starts flying towards it again and the shadow figure tilts its head slightly before following suit and dashes towards Gerald while creating several tenticle like spikes, sending them towards gerald.

Narrowingly dodging them, Gerald closed the distance but before he could get close, several of the tenticles coming out from the shadows stomach stabs him all over.'AUGH!'. gritting his teeth, the mirror gerald grabs the tenticles with his hands.

[Gerald: T-This is fine... Y-You are... C-Coming... With me...]

before the figure could react, they both vanished in a bright light, leaving nothing but blood still fallng to the ground then dissappears into light particles.

-------------------------------------------With the real Gerald----------------------------------------------------------

Sighing in relief that his plan had worked, he makes his way towards the castle.

[Gerald: ...Once i absorb the sphere, I'm not sure what'll happen to me... but i know Jack is still in there, if i can force him out, i can extract the sphere of destruction out of him. Tch' never did i expect it would have a mind of it's own... how bothersome.]

-----------------------------------------At the grass plains with Blanc and Vert-----------------------------------------

Still Paralized from Benedict's elecric attack, Vert cringes while trying to move, Blanc on the other hand hand decided to strike against Benedict with a full frontal ice spike barrage, sending several Ice spikes at him.

Using his electic surge, he melts the ice from the intence heat it's creating.

[Benedict: Hm-Hm, Such attacks won't work on me dear... And i thought you CPU were suposed to be higher beings~? perhaps my information was wrong.]

[Blanc: You cocky bastard, that's why you paralized Vert!? You knew about my abilitys!?]

Nodding, Benedict couldn't help but to crack a smile, holding his hands together he utters some ominous words seemingly aimed at Blanc.

[Benedict: Hm-Hm-Hm~ You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?]

Gritting her teeth, she held out her hammer towards him with rage-filled eyes.

[Blanc: Are you calling me a scrub!? You happy clown masked freak!?]

Rushing at him without thinking, Blanc starts to spin around with her hammer, smashing right into his stomach, making the air in his lungs fly out from his mouth together with blood as he flys back, rolling on the ground until he stops on his knees, leaning over with his arm.

[Benedict: Kah- Kah... I'm impressed... I acually felt that...-Why did she get affected by my electricity?-]

brushing of the blood now smeared into his face pain, Benedict Looked rather infuriated as electric surges starts to swirl around him.

[Benedict: I don't know how you did it... But rest assured, Miracles such as that, only happens once. You failed to kill me with that blow, It's over.]

----------------------------------------With Noire, Neptune and Iyama----------------------------------------------------

The sound of blades clashing echoes over the mountain as both Noire and Neptune are trying to fend off Iyama's rampaging strikes.

[Neptune: I-Iyama-san! Get a hold of yourself bucky!]

[Noire: It's no use, he is possessed by that sword... The moment he picked it up-Ergh- He became like this! We need to get it out of his hands!]

both getting pushed back, Neptune suddenly lit up like she had gotten an idea. Jumping back, she transformed into her CPU form leaving Noire holding back Iyama alone.

[Noire: H-HEY!?]

[Neptune: Relax, I'm on your side... Improvised technique! Dirt in your face jutsu!]

Flying at Iyama with high speeds, She dug up some dirt of the ground and throws it in his face, making his step back and close his eyes.'UGH! YOU DIRTY-'.


doing a backflip, Neptune kicks Iyama in the face in a similar fasion to 'Might Guy's techique from Naruto. making him tumble backwards.'GUAH!'

Neptune lands next to Noire who is just looking in dumbfoundedness while Iyama keeps rolling backwards into the mountain wall. Slowly turning to Neptune, Noire sighed.

[Noire: What was that display...? You could have gone easy on him you know! What would you have done if he broke his neck!?]

[Neptune: It's alright, Anime and manga never follow logic anyways... At anyrate, my tactic was fool proof ya'll!]

Crossing her arms in annoyance, glancing at Iyama Noire couldn't help but to feel uneasy about this whole situation.

[Noire: Anyways, we need that sword... But if it affects people like that, there is not much we can do...]

Transforming back into her normal self, Neptune ran over to Iyama however is stopped by Noire grabbing her jacket.

[Noire: HOLD ON! What are you doing? Didn't you listen to what i just said?!]

[Neptune: Hmm... I KIINDA did, but then i noticed a game cartridge on the ground over there... So i kinda zoomed out- Sorry~]

Sitting up again, holding his head, Iyama coughs while looking over at Neptune and Noire.

[Iyama: ...I see... It was just an illusion... Should have known...]

-----------------------too be countinued----------------------------------------
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-------------------------------------------With Neptune, Noire and Iyama----------------------------------------

[Noire: Oh, You're awake? Great, quickens our mission... Say, what happend to you exactly while holding the sword?]

rushing to the point, Noire helped Iyama up as he hold his head in pain. Neptune averts her eyes to the game cartridge again.

[Iyama: Thanks... Well, all i can remember was you two turned into people from my past... Both which were behind the death of my brother.]

[Noire: Right, so what you're saying is that it put you under some kind of illusion, using your past memory? Perhaps trying to fuel your hatered...]

Walking over to a rock, Noire slowly let Iyama sit down, still being fussy from Neptune's kick earlier.

[Noire: That doesn't really seem to great for us... Wait...]

Widening her eyes slightly at the thought of an idea, she turned towards Neptune who was reading the cartridge.

[Noire: Neptune, could you go get the sword for us? You are closer, you know?]

Twisting her head around, Neptune glances at Noire with confusion, then nods while heading over to the sword and as she reached for it, Noire gulped in suspense.

[Neptune: By the waay~ That game was a Z*lda clone, nothing special.]

Gripping onto the sword, she carried it over to Iyama and Noire, holding it out to them as Noire looked in shock.

[Neptune: Here ya go, don't ya lose it like it's Sword of olympus or something.]

[Noire: I'm amazed, Neptune...]

Lowering her hand, Neptune looks at noire in worry.

[Neptune: Eh..? Sure, I am amazing~ But, why did you say that?]

Pointig towards the sword in Neptunes hand, Noire gave of a faint smile.

[Noire: Ofcourse... A airhead like you wouldn't have any hateful thoughts in you... Hm-Hm.]

Shrugging, not knowing what Noire was talking about, Neptune held up the sword again.

[Neptune: Er, sure. Just take the sword already, It's dangerous to go alone, ya know?]

Sighing at Neptune's ignorance, Noire crossed her arms.

[Noire: You are hopeless. Anyway, you are probably the only one who can wield that sword, Neptune.]

looking confused at first, Neptunes eyes started to shimmer in exitement while a big smile covered her face.

[Neptune: Re-Really!? WOAH! That awazing! I'll become the wizard king!! WUOOOOOAAAAAHHH!!!]

Screaming out to the limit of her lugns, making both Noire and Iyama cover their ears while cringing.

[Noire: WHAT WAS THAT FOR!? Don't just scream out like that!]

Neptune was bending over from laughing, seeing their reactions when suddenly, they all felt a energy suddenly appearing above them.

All widening their eyes from the pressure, the quickly looked up. Seeing a bright light closing in on them with dark tentacle like things swirlig around in the air.

[Noire: Whats that!? Neptune! Iyama! get away from here!]

All of them quickly ran away, avoiding the impact of the light crashing into the mountain.

It was th clone of Gerald and the Shadow figure, Gerald grinned as he noticed Noire peaking over a ledge.

[Gerald: ...It would seem... This is it... for me...]

Letting go of the Shadow figure, Gerald's clone Shattered into light particles. Leaving it to Noire, Neptune and Iyama.

Both Iyama and Neptune hand fallen down the side of the mountain, with Neptune holding onto a branch while holding Iyama in her other hand.

[Neptune: Ergh- Y-You sure is heavy!]

meanwhile, Noire was looking over the ledge, trying to spot something inside the smoke however, her eyes widened as several tentacles sprung out from the smoke, binding her up.


Pulling her into the smoke, a distorded voice echoed from within.

[Jack?: You are... 'Noire'... A better host... better... 'Jack' thinks highly of you... Highly... Must be strong, very.]

Noire struggles to get out of its grip, however, the black tentacles starts to merge into her skin causing her to scream out in suffering.

[Jack?: ...Do not despair... We will become whole... Yes... a complete being...Complete...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------Few moments later----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Neptune and Iyama had finally reached back up, hunching over, Neptune looked at Iyama out of breath.

[Neptune: Haah-Haah, Man, You sure IS heavy... Wha-]

[????: ...Ah~ You came back~? Great~]

Widening her eyes, hearing the distorted sounding voice, sounding oddly similar to Noire's. Neptune quickly turned toward the voice. and in her shock, standing right infront of them... Was Noire.

[Noire?: Hm~Hm~Hm~ I prefer... This look, Suit's me... I am finally, Someone... ]

Noire's hair had become dark grey with become let out. Her eyes turned into her CPU eyes however the eye whites were dark red. Her arms and legs and black skin-tight coverings that looked like it was stopped in the proccess of speading.

Same with a black skin-tight covering of her chest, neck, and lower parts. She Also has a black Waistcloth like thing hanging having ripped edges. and a purple belt connected by a metal bind.

Aswell as chain like things around her neck and wrists. and a ring on her right middle finger.

She holds her arms out slightly to the sides with wide open arms, looking rather psycotic with her tongue hanging out and narrowing her left eye as a dark purple aura surounded her.


-------------------------------------Too be countinued------------------------------------------
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---------------------------------------------------------------With Dark Noire, Neptune and Iyama-------------------------------------------

Standing in shock, Neptune held out her right hand, not understanding what happen to Noire.

[Neptune: N-noire...? What's with that... What happen..? Why do you look like a villain all of a sudden?]

Grinning menecingly, Dark Noire holds her hand out to the side and a burst of purple enegy appears in her hand, forming in a scythe made of energy.

[Dark Noire: ...Scythe of destruction, Abaddon's incarnate... Hm~Hm~Hm~ It is said that it could erase entire citys with just one swing, but this is just a more imitation ofcourse... Still, it's power is still, destructive!]

Iyama understood that they couldn't stand against whatever Noire had become, he quickly wrapped his right arm around Neptunes stomach, lifting her up on his shoulder before leaping of the edge of the mountain.


[Iyama: I GET IT! But if we face her now, we WILL die, and this will all have been for nothing! Remember what Noire said, You are probably the only one who could wield that sword! DON'T LET OUR CHANCE GO TO WASTE!]

Looking up in despair at the ledge, getting futher away as the get futher down the mountain.

[Neptune: I know... I know, But Noire is...shes...]

[Iyama: She's a Goddess, doesn't the goddesses of this world gain their powers from peoples trust in them? As long as you believe, As long as you trust in her! She'll make it though!]

----------------------------------------------------------------Up on the ledge with Dark Noire---------------------------------------------------

Looking out over the landscape with a sinister grin, she held out both her hands to the sides.

[Dark Noire: The beings of this land has lived peacefully for too long, their greed led them to this point and it will be their destruction!]

A grunting sound could be heard from behind her, causing her to turn back with a smug look on her face.

[Dark Noire: Hm~Hm~ I'm surpised you are alive, are you even human? from the memorys of this girls mind, I can see some impressive, inhuman feats.]

Laying on his chest, Jack is a really bad shape, breathing heavly and is barely able to move his arms.

[Jack: ...L...Leave...No...ire.... Pl-Please...]

Seeing Jack struggle to even speak, she walked up next to him and slammed down her right foot on his back, making him gush out air from his mouth.'BWUAH!'

Twisting it around while grinning, she then put the tip of the sycthe under his thoat.

[Dark Noire: I am Noire now, Hm~Hm~ The Noire you knew... Is gone.]

Jacks eyes shock wide open at that moment, losing his mind at that thought while Dark Noire stepped away and walked to the edge again.

[Dark Noire: I supose it is time... farewell 'Jack', this is the last time we will ever meet.]

Lifting his upper body up with his arms, Jack panicly yelled out.'WAIT!!', however it was in vain as she had dissappeared, leaving only a faint cloud of energy behind that then also vanished.

[Jack: W-WAIT!! COME BACK!!! PLEASE!! D-DON'T HARM...Don't...harm... damnit... damnit all.... Why... WHY does this... ALLWAYS HAPPEN!?! Why me... WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS FATE!?!]

-----------------------------------------------------------With Vert, Blanc and Benedict------------------------------------------------------------

Blanc flys around Benedict, countinuesly shooting Ice spikes at him, however all of them melt befor reaching him due to the amount of heat radianting around him.

[Benedict: This is pointless, have you no other trick up your sleeve- Wait you don't have sleeves, Hmm...]

[Blanc: SHUT UP! -Just a little more!-]

Shaking his head as Blanc countinues, Benedict couldn't help but to feel bad for her.

[Benedict: Struggle all you want, your fate had already been decided once Gerald-sama began his plans~]

Not listening to his words, Blanc stopped in the air, then held out her palm towards him.


A dome of ice sprung up from around Benedict, ecapsulating him in thick ice. 'Eeeh?' He looks around in the dome and sighs at the meaningless attack.

[Benedict: I see you used your previous attacks to spread out water around me... so you could do this, but, Ice is still ice... Its still gonna melt, hm?]

Narrowing his eyes, seeing that the ice wasn't going away.'What is this...' paying closer attention, he could see that the ice was melting, but freezing just as quickly.

[Benedict: Oh? Intresting~ I see - I see, smart. Howeve- Huh!?]

about to unleash a attack, he stops in shock as ice was creeping up his skin.'Damn brat! Something like this won't stop me!'

He focuses all his energy into his body to heat it up, stopping it from freezing, durning that moment, the heat around his dissappeared, and the air became colder and colder.

[Benedict: Huh!? D-Damn it girl! -She but me in a dead lock!? If i unleash my power, my body with freeze, but if i focus my energy to heat myself up, I'll be stuck in here until i run out of energy and freeze!- Shit!]

Blanc lands out side with a confident grin on her face.

[Blanc: Heh, Bastard can't get out of this one, it's checkmate!]

Vert had been freed from his paralysis, and now stood next to Blanc with a sincere smile.

[Vert: That is quite impressive, blanc-chan~ Didn't know you had such power.]

[Blanc: What of it? I'm a goddess you know.]

--------------------------------------------------Meanwhile with Nepgear and Uni------------------------------------------------

Both in their CPU forms, they are flying over planeptune heading for the city that is entering though the portal in a hurry.

[Nepgear: We have to hurry! I am sure or sisters and the others are fighting on the frontlines!]

[Uni: I hope Onee-sama is alright... If anything would happen to her- No! I mustn't think like that! Onee-sama is strong! stronger then anyone!]

Looking back at Uni with a understanding smile, Nepgear held tight to that hope, that they all are alright.

[Nepgear: I am sure of it! -Please, be alright everyone!-]

-------------------------------------------------Back with Jack----------------------------------------------------------------

Having crawled for a bit, Jack had run out of energy in his body. Laying there helpless and full of regret as tears run down his face.

[Jack: ...I'm so useless... It's over... I'm... sorry...]

Just as he had given up all hope, a slightly robotic sounding voice came from behind him.

[???: Man, You look like shit... Jack, to think I'm gonna help a piece of trash like you.]

A robotic foot stepped into Jack vision right before he passed out.

[Jack: ...Y---You.....]

--------------------------------too be countinued-----------------------
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-----------------------------------------------------------With Vert, Blanc and Benedict------------------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------------------------------Inside the ice barrier with Benedict------------------------------------------------------

Looking around in frustration, Benedict suddenly felt a familiar energy coming from the distance making him widen his eyes.

[Benedict: Heh? This energy... I can't be... It's the sphere of destructions energy!? What is it doing out here? Did Gerald already...No-No i feel Geralds energy back in the castle... then, what!?]

Clenching his fists while trying to maintain his body heat to not freeze, collecting his thoughts while doing so.

[Benedict: If it isn't Gerald, that means whoever is coming over here... Is bad news for me! Damnit! I have to get out of here! FULL FORCE!!!]

Focusing all his energy outwards towards his right arm, a huge sphere of lightning engulfs it while his body starts to freeze, he thrusts to at the barrier with all his might.'GWOOOOUUUUAAAGGGHHH!!'

Breaking through the ice, he's frozen skin starts to peel of as he runs out from the barrier, scraping against the sharp edges, Both Blanc and Vert quickly turns towards him in surprise.


[Vert: WHAT THE!?]

running at them with high speed, Benedict thrusted his lightning clad arm at Blanc who was infront of him, but before he could strike, a pink-purple-ish beam blasted off his arm causing him to stop.

[Benedict: Argh!? WHAT!?]

Vert took this moment to jab her spear into his chest, causing blood to prou out of it and his mouth and he falls in his knees.

[Benedict: N-No... Thiiis... Isn't hoow... ]

falling over to the side, Benedict looked at them all with regretful eyes as he slowly passed away.

[Benedict: -Gerald... I am sorry for failing you... I seems that, this is it for me... aaahhh... Wish i could have been of more use... after all, you saved me... didn't you...My lord...]

Pulling out her spear, Vert looked at him with a relieved expression while Blanc glanced up to the sky, Seeing Nepgear and Uni flying above them.

[Blanc: So it was you guys?]

[Nepgear: We were going to the castle when se noticed you two! Thank goodness, one second to late and who knows what would have happend!]

Landing next to them, Nepgear held her right hand to her chest while breathing out in relief.

------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile with Jack-----------------------------------------------------------

Slowly opening his eyes, he is met with the hazy sight of a medical clinic rooms roof.'ngh'. putting his palm on his forehead.

[Jack: ...What happend...I was...!? NOIRE!?]

Quickly sitting up in the bed while looking around rapidly, he became feeling dizzy from low blood pressure having his vision become blurry.

[Jack: Aaah.. Not good... I feel like shit...]

Lowering his hand, he looks at it with narrowed eyes in order to ajust his sight. meanwhile sweat drips down his face.

[Jack: -Was i, controlled by that 'thing'? ...Why did it move to Noire...?- Nngh... My head...]

Feeling a intense pain in his head, Jack winched while gripping his forehead, and at that moment, the hospital door slid open with a mans voice coming from the other side.

[????: Seems you are awake, Jack. Had us worry a bit there.]

Gacing towards the door, Jack's eyes sprung open seeing a man standing in the opening with a hospital gown on, leaning on a IV holder, with a faint smile.

[Jack: Y-You're... Leo? ...What happend, to you?]

Not knowing how to respond to Jacks question, since he failed to protect the other in his view, Leo lowered his gaze while whiping of the smile on his face.

[Leo: Ah, thats... I really can't.. Remember, it was just so suddenly. You needn't worry.]

Noticing the hessitation in Leo's voice, Jack sighed out in annoyance but accepted the response, moving the conversation forward.

[Jack: ...Anyway, what hospital is this? how far away is the main gate?]

[Leo: Wow there, you just woke up from a being completely out of it... you need to stay calm, right? You can worry about all that once you feel better.]

Closing the door behind himself, Leo walked over to a small bench that was pushed up against the wall next to Jacks bed and sat down on it with a slightly worried expression.

Paying attention to Leo's every movement, Jack knew something was up, turning towards the window that had been covered up with the blinders.

[Jack: Hey, Leo... Could you open the blinders for me? would really like some sunlight in here...]

[Leo: Huh? uh, Sure...]

standing up, slightly confused over Jacks odd request he headed for the window, folding up the blinders.'There you...go...' Falling into silence, Leo now understood why Jack had asked that of him.

[Jack: ...I knew it... tch- I can't stay in here!]

Seeing what was goin on in the distance, Jack felt a burst of fear and rage from within. Throwing off his blanket, he quickly stood up, althought his vision was slightly blurry, he headed straight for the door when Leo grabbed his right arm.

[Jack: LET GO OF ME!]


Twisting around, Jack clenches his left fist and punches Leo in the face making him tumble back on the floor with his IV holder.'NGH.'

Looking down at Leo with rage filled eyes but also a sense of regret in him.

[Jack: ...You don't have to agree with me... But i AM going to them! They are my friends, and if i am not there with them at a time like this... then... I'M JUST A LOSER WHO DID TRY HIS BEST!!]

---------------------------------------------------A few moments later at the hospital entrance-----------------------------------------------------

having made it to the main exit hall, Jack walks hunched over while holding his right hand against his fore head.

[Jack: I'm almost... out...]

A guard who was watching the entrance turned towards him and looked in shock before rushing over to him.'Sir!?'.

Looking at her, Jack let out a unnoticable grin before falling on his knees causing the guard to hunch down next to him trying to keep him up.

[Guard: Hey, are you alright? Why are you out of your bed!?]

As she got close to try to help him up, Jack swiftly pulled her gun out from her belt and pressed it up against her side while hiding it from others around them. He then whispers into her ear.

[Jack: Not a word... As soon as we are out, I'll let you go... Any sudden movements or suspisious acts and i'll shoot, got it.]

--------------------------------------------------Too be countinued----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptySat Jun 23, 2018 7:41 pm

--------------------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Running though the forest at the bottom of Logi mountain, carrying Neptune over his shoulder. Iyama could think of nothing but to run, their last hope was the Ptch-Black Diamond sword that only Neptune would wield.

Neptune looked down with empty eyes, unable to believe that Noire had fallen to evil.

[Neptune: What...What happend to her...]

[Iyama: I don't know too much about it... But it would seem she was corrupted by the embodiment of Destruction spoken of in my home worlds legends. Back when our world was still ruled by the Goddesses much like yours, A man had messed with the Taboo...]

While speaking, Iyama was dodging and jumping over several roots and branches blocking their way holding Neptune over his shoulder.

[Iyama: Eventually the Goddesses found out about his experiments, taking action against him... But it was too late, as if possessed by evil, the man was cover in a black and purple aura... With red glowing eyes. The goddesses fought against him until the end, and with their last bit of powers they created a being known as 'Minerva'... Said to be the embodiment of Creation.]

Stopping in a open area in the forest, Iyama carefully let Neptune down while carefully looking around, checking for possible dangers.

[Neptune: So... Did they, I mean, Did this'Minerva' stop the man?]

[Iyama: Acording to legend, she sealed the man off in a ever recreating prison... Meaning that even how much the man tried to destroy it, it would instantly recreat even the slightest of damage. Though, Some say she stripped him of that power, and sealed her own away deep into the ground... and eventually married that same man, even birthing 2 children.]

lowering his gaze as he knew the truth, he said 'jack' silently, so Neptune couldn't hear. As he gazed back up, he noticed Neptune had ran off and was ruffling around in a bush with her butt poking up.

[Iyama: What are you...]

walking over to Neptune, Iyama looked over her back while trying to avoid the panty view.

His eyes locked into shock as he noticed what she was doing.

[Neptune: Looky-Looky! There seem to be some kind of old passage way here! And thos markings... Wonder what they mean~]

[Iyama: T-This is... -So they have been here aswell!? those white alien beings that lust for power...-]

Glancing back up at Iyama who stopped himself at 'This is', Neptune couldn't help but to question what it was with a 'Thiiis isss...? go on!' however, Iyama just shook his head while grabbing her Jacket to pull her away from it.

[Iyama: Nevermind, it just reminded me of something... Hurry up, We gotta get the other artifacts.]

-----------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile over with the others on the grass plain-------------------------------------------------------------------

After having dealt with Benedict, the group now consisting of Vert, Blanc, Uni and Nepgear had begone flying towards the floating city.

Suddenly, they all felt a spike of energy, making them all widen their eyes.'Huh!?', Nepgear looked over towards the mountain as 4 black tentacle like things flew towards them. Quickly spining around she pulled Uni down who ways next to her while screaming.'WATCH OUT!'.

Vert and Blanc didn't have the time to react as both of them got grabbed by the 4 tentancles. Thanking Nepgear, Uni let out a small sigh in relief to calm herself.

[Nepgear: What is that!?]

Looking over at Vert and Blanc who had been forced out of their CPU forms, her gaze then traveled acrees the tentacles back the the source. 'Wait...'

Uni noticed Nepgears odd and shocked reaction, so she quickly looked over where Nepgear was looking.'What is it?' she said before seeing who it was.

[Uni: ...Heh...? O-Onee....sama...?]

------------------------------------------Meanwhile at Planeptune's basillicom-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

A man with Blonde hair and Dark red eyes, dressed in a black coat with a light gray suit under had walked into it, holding a silver breifcase in his right hand.

The head of the basillicom looked at him with a smile as he reached the desk.

[Urie(Head of Planeptunes Basillicom): Hello, how may i help you sir?]

Stopping infront of the dest, The man looked at him with his dark red eyes holding a faint agressive tone in them.

[????: ...Yes... Planeptune shall now fall under the 'Guiden' company rule, Purple Heart is no longer fit to be ruler.]

[Urie: 'Guiden' company...? Surely you jest, I'm gonna have to ask you to]

The man from 'Guiden' Had gripped Uries throat and as he let it go, a black symbol appeared while Uries eyes turned Dark red.

Urie's expression sank into nothing, leaving him blank while speaking in monotone.

[????: Urie-san, Order all of Planeptune's military and police forces back to the square outside here... Anyone who refuses are seen as traitors of the nation.]

[Urie: Yes sir.]

Nodding at the command, Urie picked up his phone to send out the command while the man headed futher into the basillicom, holding his right hand against his ear.

[????: has begun. ofcourse. We couldn't have asked for a better situation then this... All the goddesses are out fighting, innocent people are being killed... a time such as this we'll act as saviours and win the peoples trust, 'Guiden' will have the power it deserved from the beginning.]

The door into the stair way opened automaticly as he got close, walking into it he glances out the window towards the current battlefield.

[????: Yes. not a issue. Yes. We'll announce our presence once the battle is over... Surely the goddesses can't lose, and once they win... we'll expose them for what they are.]

----------------------------------------------------Too be countinued-------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyMon Jun 25, 2018 7:21 pm

[Uni: ...Heh...? O-Onee....sama...?]

Uni eyes were shaking and the sight of her sister, then a faint light glimmered in her eyes as she was thinking that her Sister had come to help them.

[Uni: Took you long enough, Onee-!?]

In just a few seconds, her mind had began to understand, drifting her into despair as the Dark Noire fly closer, having the tentacles coming out from her back.

With a evil grin, she twisted the tentacles around Blanc and Vert, starting to suffucate them slowly.

[Vert: Ah-Augh- T-That... I-Is Not... N-Noire... H...Hurry...]

[Blanc: ...Y-You two- Gwah-argh! Get going..! L-Leave us!]

Nepgear looked over at them both in severe worry, refusing to leave them behind, she quickly tried to cut the tentacles with her blade, but it was to no use.

[Nepgear: This is not good, I can't even scratch it! Hey, Uni, Help me out...?]

Uni stood in silence, whist shaking she lowered her head so her hair covered her eyes.

[Uni: ...I can't... I...i can't harm her...]

[Dark Noire: Aw~ How sweet~ Is this what 'love' is? Hm~ If so... it's a meaningless word, only hurting those who are involved.]

Stopping infront of Uni, who could not do anything but look down in despair, she lifted up Uni's face by her chin looking into her eyes face to face.

[Dark Noire: ...If it's hurting you so much... Why not discard it? haven't you suffered enough?]

Noticing what she was trying to do with Uni, Nepgear dashes over yelling.'DON'T LISTEN UNI!'. Dark Noire glanced over Uni's shoulder as more tentacles sprung out from her.

[Dark Noire: You ought to stay quite, NEPGEAR!]

Blocking some of them Nepgear got so close to them before being tangles up by the tentacles she had deflected to the sides.

[Nepgear: Ngh- UNI! -BWUAGH!?]

One of the tentacles went into her mouth making her unable to speak meanwhile another one snapped her right hand causing her to drop her sword.

Her face turned red as turns forced themself out of her eyes from the pain. Dark Noire just looked in glee, and then looked back at Uni who had not moved an inch.

[Dark Noire: ...How tragic, in a situation like this, you do not save your 'friend'... is that also 'love'? Hm~ I do not understand you creatures...]

[Uni: ...please...]

Uni said in a low, shaking voice, making Dark Noire tilt her head slightly with a condesending confused look.'Haah...?'

Uni let go of her weapon and wrapped her arms around Dark Noire whilst crying out for her sister covering Dark Noires chest with tears as the other look in sadness.


Narrowing her eyes, Dark Noire looked down at the pleading Uni as if she was disgusted at her meaningless words, however, for a slight moment she felt a warm feeling from within, causing a tear to make itself out from her left eye.

[Dark Noire: Foolish child...-This feeling... what is it... This child... I have to kill her, or else...-]

------------------------------------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama------------------------------------------------------------------

Walking though the forest, Iyama had taken out the map of gamindustri again, confirming the location of the next Relic with Neptune.

[Iyama: This place right here, one of the relics landed there.]

Pointing at a cruedly drawn structure in the bottom right corner of the map. Neptune glanced over the map, nodding as she knew that place.

[Neptune: Ah, that is a old temple... people used to say the 'gates to death' is there haha. It's not far from here, geez whoever sent those things ~Really~ made it simple for us~]

[Iyama: Gates to death? You mean hell?]

Looking down at Neptune who had crossed her arms behind her head while walking. Shrugging her sholders unintrested.'Maybe?'.

and so they walked towards the temple.

------------------------------------------------------------------With Jack-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Walking together with the guard he had taken 'hostage' out from the hospital they are greeted by a young female voice.

[????: Oh, HEY! THAT YOU, JACK!?]

Lifting his gaze, Jack looked towards where the voice came from and to his surprise, a Red haired girl with twin-tails and a white shirt-jacket on, Gray shorts and Black and orange stockings, with black boots was running towards him while waving her right hand.

[????: YOU REMEMBER ME RIGHT!? IT'S UZUME! WE MET IN THAT ICE CAVE! ...why does that sound creepy...]

Thinking back, Jack did remember her slightly, since his mental health at the time was really bad.

[Jack: Uzume... What are you doing here? Acually, scratch that- Can you help me out!?]

She stopped right infront of them both, slaming both her hands together and smiling confidently making both Jack and the guard loo confused before she said in a serious tone.

[Uzume: Sure, I'll be g~lad to help out~ It sounds cool~ Heh-Heh-Heh~]

Her tone and general demenor changed mid sentence into a cutsy light hearted girl crossing her fingers together looking like a child.

Jack's eyes locked open in shock at the drastic change.

[Jack: Y-You were acually kinda cool a moment ago... H-How come you suddenly turned cute!?]

Realizing the change, her eyes turned into 'X's before she coughed slights and turned away from them, returning her more serious voice.

[Uzume: Ahem, Cool huh...? Yeah~ He said I'm cool... ~Hm~Hm~~ YOSH!]

Having gained a fuzzy fealing in her chest, she was brimming with energy and glanced over her sholder at them both while holding up her right had in a fist proudly.

[Uzume: You said you needed my help? Heh~]

Seeing Uzume fired up, Jack couldn't help but to feel the same way and smiled brightly.

[Jack: I don't know why, Uzume... But... You gave me some energy and warmth just now... Thank you.]

Letting go of the guard, Jack walked up next to Uzume with confidence burning in his eyes.

[Jack: Let's do this...-I'm coming you guys!-]

--------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued-------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 7 EmptyFri Jul 06, 2018 12:07 pm

--------------------------------------------------------At the Grass plain------------------------------------------------

Still holding Vert, Blanc and Negear in a bind using her odd black tentacles, Dark Noire held unto Uni's chin, staring into her cold lifeless eyes.

[Dark Noire: Uni, your sister's feelings and memories are now within me... So i can tell you the truth... She...]

She Leaned in next to Uni's face, whispering into her ear.

[Dark Noire: Never loved you... You were nothing but a burden to her, always gettin in her way, always being a dissapointment, a failure, someone not worthy of being her sister.]

Uni's body shook as those words filled her mind of memories of her trying her best to make Noire proud, always helping out with paper work and other CPU work, but never feeling fully aknowledged.

[Uni: That's not true... Onee-sama...]

Feeling the doubt filling Uni's soul, Dark Noire grinned at the sight before continuing.

[Dark Noire: It's true... has she ever told you 'good job'? or 'I am proud of you?' or even... told one that she loves you...once? Accept it, are are ~nothing~ to your dear Onee-sama.]

Uni started to cry at those words, having her fond memories in her mind burn away as she flew down to the ground and falls on her knees with tears dripping from her face.

[Uni: O-Onee...Sama...]

Looking down towards Uni, Dark noire couldn't help but to crack a smile at the broken girl beneath her. Then she held out her right hand and creates a purple and black sphere of rapidly spinning energy.

[Dark Noire: Hm~ I've broken the girls hope and will... it's only fitting for me to end her suffering~]

Glancing over at the others, she nodded before holding up the sphere while it rapidly started to grow, casting a shadow on the ground below.

[Dark Noire: This is destruction energy... anything it touches turns into nothingness... I'll remove all of you from existence!~]

------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile with Jack and Uzume-----------------------------------------

Running though the empty streets of planeptune, they both looked around, not a soul could be seen. Needless to say everyone was scared of what is to come.

Uzume glanced over at Jack who was barely running and bending over slightly, obviously in pain as he hadn't recovered fully.

[Uzume: Hey... maybe you should, rest a bit... You know?]

[Jack: ...No, I'm fine, never mind me... we gotta hurry!]

shaking his head, Jack refused her offer only thinking about getting to the others, not caring about his health. then, a girls voice echoed in their heads with a slightly condecending tone.

[????: So, why don't you use ~MY~ power.]

hearing the mysterious voice, Jack stopped and looked around in confusion.'Huh?'. Meanwhile Uzume also stopped, sighing while taking out a book from her pocket.

[Uzume: You are gonna help us, Croire? that's not very like you.]

[Croire: Heheh, maybe not, but this whole situation seems like a pain in the behind...-Not to mention i stopped feeling the other half...- ...One good deed shouldn't hurt- right?]

Standing still, looking at Uzume talking to a book like it's normal, Jack couldn't help but to feel weirded out by it. But, he let it go as he had seen allot of weird stuff after coming to this world.

So he sighed and walked up to them curious of what 'Croire' mean't.

[Jack: So this book will help us, how?]

[Croire: Hey! I'm not a damn book! I'm a Oracle! Well, in better words... You know 'Histoire' right? see me as her.]

Crossing his arms in confusion and thought, he pictured Histoire in his mind as a book.

[Jack: ...Histoire is a book?]

[Croire: No... Uzume, this guy is an idiot... let's leave him.]

[Uzume: Wai-Wai-Wait Croire, let me handle this~]

Waving her hand while smiling innocently, Uzume calmed the spirit withing the book and then looked and Jack calmly.

[Uzume: You see, Croire is a Oracle from... never mind that, she is a spirit currently trapped within this book here.]

Jack leaned in towards the book, raising his left eyebrow, thinking the book looked like a standard school notebook.

[Jack: Ya know, shouldn't the book be more... I dunno... ancient? that notebook design seems WAY out of place for this plot point....-Geh! I did it again, damn Neptune!-]

[Croire: Hey, i didn't ask to be in this. Uzume is the one who placed me in here.]

Jack glanced at Uzume after hearing that, and she let out a cute innocent smile while tilting her head.'Eh-heh-heh~'. then, after sighing at her innocent nature, Jack gave the book a serious stare.

[Jack: Not like it matters. So, you said you could help us, Croire-san?]

[Croire: Mhm, but skip the formalitys Jack. Alright, i took note of the person whom you were with when we met in that cave, 'Sasuke' was it? Anyways, the teleporting ability is very similar to mine... however i require quite a bit of energy to use it. even then, so much energy would be used for one trip...]

[Jack: I see... Wait, weren't you and Uzume traveling with that ability allot?]

[Croire: Yes, however back then Uzume was connected to a share crystal in 'Zero', That connection was lost a few hours ago, around the time that portal opened up in the sky.]

-----------------------------------------------------------------too be countinued------------------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

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----------------------------------------------------------Unknown location----------------------------------------------------------------

A young looking lady wearing white traditional japanese garbs with two red strings hanging down from her long silky white hair, and two dark grey horns petruding from the side of her head. Her eyes were white as snow.

She walked though a beautiful garden that has a very traditional asian look to it with a sky that was in a light pink coloring.

[????: I cannot believe Momo-chan was killed... such a tragic turn of events.]

Walking alone, she suddenly felt a energy appearing behind her.

[????: Karura-sama. Your daughter seems to have left our space.]

[Karura: Ura-chan, what do you mean by that?]

Turning towards the man, her expression did not alter from a plain look as she questioned him.

[Urashiki: ...Considering she had no intrest in Momoshiki-senpai, i feel as though her motive lays otherwhere... perhaps... the dimensional instability?]

[Karura: Ura-chan... how do you know of this? It was of my knowledge that nobody but the royals were allowed such information.]

Leaning back slightly with his head, Urashiki smiled sinisterly while holding his halds out to the sides.

[Urashiki: Karura-sama~ You know my specialty is gathering information~ ...That's why you are keeping me around, isn't it?]

As her hair blew to the side slightly, She narrowed her eyes while a shadow that was cast by a cloud engulfed them both.

[Karura: You seem to have a twisted look on how i manage things in this palace... you think i'd discard you if you were useless, Ura-chan?]

Shruging at her answer, Urashiki lowered his arms while keeping a smug look and looks off to the side at a small pond with a large bud growing out of it.

[Urashiki: So, what are you intending to do about her? she brought Irima and Sangou with her, is that alright with you?]

Turning away from him, Karura started walking away towards a small shrine, ignoring his question.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- at the grass plain--------------------------------------------

Staring panicly up at the sphere of dark energy, Nepgear tried her best to move but the tentacles wouldn't let up. Vert and Blanc had run out of energy and passed out, helplessly hanging.

Grinning as she saw their despair and struggle, Dark Noire swirled her left arm around, creating a circle of energy and pointed it towards the portal and the city.

[Dark Noire: Hehehe~ All the previous bodys i have used in the past never gave such a great rush of emotions~ human's are intresting! ...but... i sense something disturbing from that- SO I'LL REMOVE IT!]

The circle started to emit purple lighting bolts, and Dark Noire pushed her left into into it which forced a purple beam of lightning energy to fly off towards the city in the blink of an eye.

However, the energy suddenly disbursted as a small yellow light floated in the middle of where it was. Dark Noire raised her eyebrows in shock while lowering her left arm.

[Dark Noire: Something actually... Stopped MY attack? That's impossible!]


A younger mans voice yelled out as the light dissappeared, and then reappeared infront of them all was a man wearing a golden armor, however their were white veins covering his face as if he had a virus spreading.

He held out his right hand as a golden sword appeared in his palm.

[Gerald: My name is Gerald! Kehehe~ Currently the most powerful being alive!!~ Hm?]

Casually resting his left hand on his hip and the sword against his shoulder he glanced up at the massive energy sphere Dark Noire was holding.

[Gerald: This is allot of energy... Impressive i have to say.]

Then glancing over at the others he smiled and looked back towards Dark Noire who was silently staring at him in disgust.

[Gerald: Seems we have common enemys... How about it, let's join forces. Together nothing could stop us.]

He reached out his left hand wide open, offering a alliance with Dark Noire. She looked at his hand and turned towards him with a evil glint in her eyes.

[Dark Noire: I'm sorry, i have no intrest in working with someone like you... BEGONE!!]

Twisting her right hand around, she threw the sphere agressively towards Gerald who calmly chuckled while lowring his hand.

[Gerald: Oh well... Reflecting mirror.]

Without moving, light particles came out from Geralds body and created a large mirror that blocked and reflected the attack back at Dark Noire.

[Dark Noire: W-What!? Impossible, how could you delfect MY destruction energy!? HOW!?]

[Gerald: I'm merged wit hthe Sphere of creation... I can create anything i desire, even a mirror powerful enough to deflect destruction itself!~]

---------------------------------------------------Too be countinued----------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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----------------------------------------------At the grass plain------------------------------------------------

The qiant sphere of destruction energy had been deflected by Geralds mirror, Dark Noire panicly let go of Vert, Blanc and Nepgear. Her tentacles spun around her and forming into a sphere.

Finally free from it's grip, Nepgear fell while coughing and putting her hands against her mouth.

[Nepgear: ...What's going on here... Oh! VERT! BLANC!]

Snapping into reality, Nepgear quickly spun around and flew towards the falling goddesses who have had their energy sucked out. She grabbed Verts right arm and Blancs left leg.'Ugh- I g-got you...' Winching fron the weight, she slowly decended towards the ground while glancing up at Dark Noire.

[Nepgear: What happen to Noire... Why does she have that demonic aura and cold, blood thirsty eyes...]

The sphere of Destruction energy engulfed Dark Noire's protective barrier and then passed right though her and continued on, Seeing that brought a small grin to Geralds face while the black sphere slowly opened back up with Dark Noire breathing heavily.

[Dark Noire: As expected... Of my own power... hm~ You can't fight using your own power... mr.'currently the strongest being alive'...haah...]

[Gerald: Hmpf- Do not missunderstand, that wasn't mean't to defeat you... It'll hit the city behind you though.]

despite her calm and cocky attitude, something within Dark Noire caused her to widen her eyes in worry and shock, quickly turning towards to sphere that was heading straight for Planeptune.'WHAT?'.

Seeing her reaction, Gerald tilted his head slightly, thinking to himself;'That reaction... she is not fully controlled by the Sphere of destruction? Or, is the girls feelings leaking into it? Hm...'.

[Gerald: It would seem you still have emotions, girl. If that is the case then...]

Planning to test her will, Gerald reached out his right hand towards Uni who was still sitting on the ground and several spikes of light formed in the air around him, directed right at Uni.

[Gerald: You can't protect both... You will, use it! Break through the bindings of the Sphere girl! Do it, Hm~Hm~Hm~ ALLOW ME TO ABSORB IT INTO MYSELF!!]

Dark Noire turned back towards Gerald and the glanced down at Uni before biting her lips, unsure of the feeling welling up inside her.

[Dark Noire: Ugh- I do not understand this feeling... But, it annoys me, it angers me... DAMNIT, I AM THE ONE WHO DECIDES THE FATE OF DESTRUTION!!]

------------------------------------------moments earlier with Jack and Uzume----------------------------------------------

After listening to Croires explenation, Jack had grasped the situation. Crossing his arms he glanced at Uzume.

[Jack: So, you were a goddess then? Huh, you don't strike me as a goddess type of girl... I mean, you look more serious and cool.]

Uzume's eyes shook open at those words as she looked at Jack, then she lowered her gaze while smiling and mumbles to herself. 'Cool, huh...'.

noticing her reaction, Jack sighed while turning away towards the giant portal.

[Jack: ...I'm glad.]

[Uzume: Eh? about what?]

[Jack: ...That i came to this world, i understand your situation... it's not easy, but coming here, my heart was filled with joy and love... heh, cheesy words i know.]

Uzume looked up at Jack, who was looking up at the sky, she couldn't help but to feel a sense of happiness, like she really wanted to help him out. chuckling slightly, she walked up next to him.

holding the note book in her right hand, she looked up towards the sky together with Jack who glanced at her in surprise.

[Uzume: You keep calling me cool so much... Heh, but Jack? give yourself some credit, you're pretty cool aswell you know~]

As they were having their heroic motivation moment, The ground around them started to shake as a intense wave of air blew acros sthe city, causing them both to get pushed back.

[Jack: What the-!?]


[Croire: Hm... Wha- BOTH OF YOU! THE SKY! LOOK AT THE SKY!!]

[Uzume: Hm?]

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-~Prologue:The Dream~-
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