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 -~Prologue:The Dream~-

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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 EmptySun Jul 22, 2018 3:40 pm

-----------------------------------------------------------With Jack and Uzume---------------------------------------------

Both of them looked up at the sky with wide open eyes as a gigantic sphere of dark energy closed in on the city while creating monsterous wind that rips up trees and other objects.

The entire city was shaking from the intense aura. Stumped on what to do, Jack looked behind them to see where it would hit, there was only one thing that would cross it's path... Planpetune's tower.

[Jack: S-Shit, Oi- Croire! How big could you make the portal!?]

[Croire: Hm... I know what you are thinking, but that would need LARGE amounts of energy that quite frankly... We don't have.]

Turning towards Uzume and looking at the notebook, Jack grasped his chest while giving a serious and desprate look.

[Jack: Then.. Teleport -ME-, I still have the husk of the sphere inside me... I can sense it. and that energy, it's identical to it- I might be able to stop it!]

seeing the look in Jacks eyes, Uzume grabbed his shirt collar, pulling him closer to her while giving a pissed off expression.

[Uzume: You understand what you are saying... right? You could DIE from that! are you fine with that, Jack?]

Looking into his eyes intensely, she waited for his response. Jack didn't waver however, he nodded while grinning.

[Jack: ...It's not the first time, you know? When you have something you hold dear... protecting it means more then life... CROIRE! DO IT!]

Giving his heartfelt answer, Jack pushed Uzume away from himself while yelling at Croire to open the portal. 'Right!' Croire responded as a black portal open up under Jack causing him to fall into it.

Uzume stumbled back a bit before seeing Jack vanish into the portal.'W-Wait!' But before she could stop him, the portal was closed.

[Uzume: ...Haah... That guy, Heh~ YOSH! Croire, let's go save the goddesses! Jack WILL come after us.]

[Croire: Huh? Just a moment ago you scolded him though... You are a odd girl hm.]

Rushing towards the outside of the city again, Uzume held a small smirk, thinking about Jack.'See Jack, you are pretty damn cool you know!'.

--------------------------------------------------------In the grassplain--------------------------------------------------

Rushing towards Uni, Dark Noire grabbed her right arms and flew away to the side as the light spikes pierced the ground after her. Gerald starts to laugh, finding her choice odd.

[Gerald: Hahaha, You chose one girl... Over an entire city? That very god-like of you, well... you are the spirit of destruction now, hm.]

Still flying across the ground in a circle around Gerald, having the spikes following her, she looked back at Uni who was just dangling along before biting her upper lip.

[Dark Noire: Tsk- ..why am i helping her!?...]

while she was flying around him, Gerald chuckled and crossed his arms while more and more Spikes appeared and flew after Dark Noire.

[Gerald: Hm-Hm-Hm~ It's useless, you do not know how to control the power. You are in deep conflict! This is why I am superior, i share the goal of the sphere! Therefore we are in harmony.]

Flying around, avoiding the spikes Dark Noire glared at Gerald with a dark glint in her eyes while gritting her fang like teeth.

[Dark Noire: What'd you say!? Are you assuming I need to share the girls feelings?! How absurb! Never! I AM the destruction!]

Sighing at her response, Gerald lowered his arms while his golden armour dissappeared, leaving him with a bare chest and black pants on, then he clenched both his arms creating a shookwave and making his muscles grow in size.

[Gerald: Allow me to demonstrate... True power.]

In a flash of light, Gerald was gone and Dark Noire couldn't even react before she felt a pain so hard it felt like a bus colliding into her with full force, causing her to loose her momentum and drop Uni while all air in her lungs flew out from her mouth along with some blood.

[Dark Noire: GWUAH!?!]

Grinning while pulling away his fist from her stomach, Gerald quickly threw a left punch, hitting her face, then countinuing with a flurry of punches all over before spinning around and kicking her down into the ground.

Nepgear had caught Uni, but was quicklysent flying by a kick to her chest. making both her and Uni fly across the grass and rolling to seperate sides. while Dark Noire and crashed into the ground below.

Appearing above her, Gerald crossed his arms with a sinister grin.

[Gerald: Magnificent, isn't it? hehe~ It enchanced my physical abilitys~ -This way, I don't have to worry about being consumed by the Creation energy.-]

The black tentacle like things retracted into her as she rolled over and leaned on her arms, caughing from the stomach punch.

[Dark Noire: ...Y-You are... Pissing me off... FINE... Allow ME to show you, MY power!]

----------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued--------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 23
Location : Here, There.

-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 EmptySun Jul 29, 2018 4:21 pm

----------------------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama---------------------------------------------

After walking for a while, they had made it to the next location, a old training ground in the southern outside of Planeptune.

It was covered in vines and the buildings were rundown and damaged. While looking around, Neptune found something that makes her squeel out i fear.

Rushing over to her, Iyama looked over her shaken shoulder, it was a skeleton that had been impaled by a sword.

[Iyama: Oh- You scared me for a second.]

[Neptune: I-I scared YOU!? Are you not seeing that!? geez~]

Grabbing unto his Shirt, Neptune angerly pointed at the skeleton while waving the hand slightly.

However Iyama had no fear for it, and just sighed before walking away to keep looking around.

[Iyama: Enough of this childish behaviour. Keep on looking, Neptune.]

But, as he was turning away, a voice came from behind him.

[????: Leave... Leave... Leave...]

--------------------------------------------------Inside the the Spirit of Destruction-------------------------------------------------------------

[Spirit: Girl... What do you desire? What are your goals, your dream... Tell me.]

[Noire: ...For you to let me out.]

[Spirit: Foolish, i cannot grant such a wish... I'm telling you that i will follow your desires. So, tell me.]

[Noire: Then, what i want is...]

-------------------------------------------------Outside at the grass plain-------------------------------------------------------------

Looking down at Dark Noire, Gerald chuckled as she stood up holding her right hand on her chest.

[Dark Noire: ...Fwuuuh... I have found it.]

Stopping his chuckling, Gerald looked down with questioning eyes at her as a dark aura started to swirl around her.

[Gerald: What are you talking about.]

Unsure of it's meaning, Gerald kept his arms in a cross, however, Dark Noire suddenly fly up at him by pushing herself up with the tentacles from her back.

With the quick speed, even Gerald couldn't counter. With the swing of her right arm, she sliced of Geralds left arm causing his eyes to open wide and making his scream as blood flew out from his arm.

[Gerald: GWUAAAGH!?! S-SHIT-]

Quickly dissappearing into light particles, He reappear instantly a few meters away on the plain, hunched over holding the wound.

[Gerald: Heeh-Heeh... Such speed... WHAT DID YOU DO!?]

Furious, Gerald scream out at Dark Noire who was floating in mid air with blood covering her right arm. She lowered her face, giving him a psychotic grin while chuckling.

[Dark Noire: Hm~Hm~Hm~ I took your advice, You remember, don't you? 'This is why I am superior, i share the goal of the sphere. Therefore we are in harmony.' is what you said.]

Gritting his teeths, Gerald couldn't believe she managed to hurt him, let alone cut off his arm. then, he felt a stinging pain from his neck as the veins of light started to spread again.

[Gerald: -Damn it..- So, are you saying you are superior to me cuz you cut my arm? Are you saying you are superior to me cuz you harmonized with the girl? that you are so much better then me... You...You will not... I won't ever allow you, or anyone, TO RUIN MY DREAM OF THE FUTURE!!]

Screaming his lungs out as spit flew out of his mouth, he swung his right arm to the side as a Golden sword appeared out of light particles.

Standing hunched over, he looked at Dark Noire with rage filled eyes while the veins kept on spreading. meanwhile, Dark Noire spoke out in amusement.

[Dark Noire: So the tables has turned~ Haha~ A moment ago YOU were up here, looking down on me... Mr. strongest being.]

[Gerald: This world, this dimension, ALL dimensions... Will be reborn, with me at the center maintaining peace- Is this dream so bad... Is it bad to want a PERFECT PEACEFUL WORLD WITH MY FAMILY ALIVE!?!]

-----------------------------------------------------------To be countinued---------------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 23
Location : Here, There.

-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 EmptyThu Aug 02, 2018 6:19 pm

--------------------------------------------------------At the grass plain------------------------------------------

Twitching, Nepgear slowly open her eyes while in haze from the attack.

[Nepgear: Hrm...ergh, W..What happen..?]

Lifting herself up of the ground, she leaned back on her right arm while holding her chest, feeling a stinging pain. Winching while looking around, she saw Dark Noire floating a bit above, and Gerald standing hunched over a bit away, holding a golden sword in his right hand and blood dripping out from what is left of his other.

noticing that she had woken up, Dark Noire glanced back down at her, giving out a serious command.

[Dark Noire: You're awake... Good. Take that girl Uni, and run.]

[Nepgear: Eh? Wait, what about Blanc and Vert? I can't-]

Cutting her off, Dark Noire sent out tentacles that lifted up Uni and handed her to Nepgear.

[Dark Noire: The are goddesses prepared to die for the world. The came here knowing the possible out come.]

[Nepgear: W-We are also- We can't just leave them! As CPU's we-]

[Dark Noire: Quite child! You are CPU candidates! Should something happen to the current goddesses, it's YOU who shall take over, you understand?]

gripping onto Uni, Nepgear hesitantly stood up holding her in her arms. Looking towards Blanc and Vert with indecisive eyes.

[Nepgear: ...But...]

Seeing a opening, Gerald dashed at Nepgear in full speed while holding his sword ready for a swing. 'WRAAAAGGH!!!'.

Dark Noire quickly gets in his way, blocking his strike with her tentacles. however, Gerald was thrilled by this chance.'NOW DIE!!'.

His sword bursted into light particles and he jumped back. The, the light particles formed into a spike and flew above Dark Noire, and spun down right towards her.

'Oh no..!'

----------------------------------------------moments earlier With Jack----------------------------------

The portal Croire had set up opened in the air above the Planeptune tower with Jack flying out from it. His clothes and hair was pushed up the the hair as he looked towards the giant dark sphere heading his way.

[Jack: R-Right, I got to this point... If you are within me- please, PLEASE, let this work!]

Holding out his right hand wide open towards the sphere, Jack cringed while trying to make the energy flow into him.'Ergh'.

but no energy seemed to enter, however... Something within him had heard his plea as a bright light shined from his right arm. Looking in confusion, Jack couldn't believe his eyes.

[Jack: T-That's...!]

Forming on his arm, was a white and golden Shield, having a light blue crystal in the middle of it. And a soft female voice echoed in his mind.'...Good, I made it in time, This is White Heart, the goddess you met in the ancient temple.'

Widening his eyes, Jack remembered that time in the temple, but shook his head to focus on the current situation.

[Jack: So!? How will this help? hrm?]

His right arm moved on it's own, aiming the shield against the sphere. 'This is how'. The crystal started to shine and the energy from the sphere was slowly absorbed into it.

'This is 'Shield of White Balance', Having the ability to Absorb any and all attacks, luckly you were compatible with it's power due to the small fragment of CPU power in you.'

As the energy was being pulled into the shield, Jacks eyes started to flicker with the 'power' symbols in them from the massive amount of energy he was gaining. 'Ergh- T-This energy- It's- It's overflowing!! wooaaaAAAGHHH!!!'

His eyes locked wide open as they started glowing bright red and his hair began to glow aswell.

'Oh no! He is taking in to much, he is undergoing a forced CPU state, his body might not be able to handle that! Jack! Redirect the energy! HURRY!'

-----------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama---------------------------------

They both stood in silence, struck by fear, staring at the skeleton while the voice kept repeating the word 'Leave'.

Then, Neptune shreiked as a skeleton arm grabbed her ancle. She wuickly pulled away her leg and the hand tor off the arm, leaving it hanging on her leg.


'This place... is... ours... Leave... leave us... leave us alone...'

'You cannot be here.... Go away...'

'The goddesses are evil... the left us... we died...because of them...'

'Go away, let us rest.... LEAVE...'

Standing in shock, both of them looked around as more and more skeletons appeared from behind walls, rocks, barrels, anything that they could hide behind.

Iyama pulled out his arm without hesitation, transforming it into a machine gun and started shooting them all.'Piss off.' However, the more he destroyed, the more came out and even forced themself out of the ground.

[Neptune: T-They just keep on coming? What kind of horror game did we enter here!?]

[Iyama: Calm down, there is gotta be a trick to this... we gotta find the tresure!]

---------------------------------------to be countinued---------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
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Age : 23
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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 EmptyTue Aug 21, 2018 9:59 am

--------------------------------------------With Jack------------------------------------------

As the destruction energy was absorbing into him, Jack felt a power deep within him starting to awaken, causing his eyes to glow red while his hair began to alter coloring to white.

His pupils changed into the 'Power' symbol while his clothing dissappeared and a skin tight costume formed on his and he got 2 mechanical looking wings floating behind him and a mechanical ring around his head.


However, before completion, the transformation failed and he reverted back into his old self while landing hunched down in the ground. Out of breath, he looked at his arm that had the shield.

[Jack: Haah-Haah... I... I did it... Now, Guys! I'm coming!]

'Deary me, You are a reckless child. Do you not value your life?'

Standing up, Jack began running towards the outside of the city having a grin on his face.

[Jack: I do, I most certainly do. But what is the point in living if i don't have people whom i care for?]

'You speak with such pleasent words... Mhm, I almost envy them.'

----------------------------------------At the grass plain----------------------------------------------

Dark Noire floated infront of Nepgear who was holding Uni in her arms. Blood dripped down from her forehead while she looked intently at Gerald.

[Gerald: You dodged it... Hmpf no matter.]

Dissapointed that Dark Noire managed to dodge his attack he shrugged his shoulders before looking over at Nepgear with a calm expression, as if he was gonna say something. But the pain fron his lost arm caused him to cringe and hold onto it.

[Gerald: Hm- ...Spirit of Destruction, what did you do?]

[Dark Noire: Hm?]

[Gerald: My arm, i can't recreate it... what exactly, did you do?]

Looking at Gerald with pride, Dark Noire just shrugged arogantly before glancing back at Nepgear, signaling her to leave. Nepgear nodded and began running away towards the city.

Noticing this, Gerald held out his hand as a spike of light appeared and started flying after her.'YOU DON'T-'. But it was deflected by Dark Noire.

[Dark Noire: I finally understand something, 'Gerald' Was it? You haven't fused with the Sphere. It's inside you but you cannot control it, that is why i can overpower your magic... You fear losing yourself to it~ Hm-Hm, You'd lose your wish.]

[Gerald: Hrm, what do you gain from stopping me? I ask you, what is the meaning... you've felt it right? 'They' are on their way. You stop me now and someone else will do what i am doing!]

[Dark Noire: 'They'? Heh, don't matter... I am Destruction, I DESTROY!]

It was at that moment, A black arm pierced the back of Gerald, grabbing the Sphere of Creation withing it's hand.

[Gerald: BWUAGH!?!]

His eyes shook wide open as he gazed at the arm with his vision getting blurry.'W-What...?'.

[Dark Noire: ...You were too caught up with your ramblings...]

Shivering slightly, Gerald turned his head to glance back. 'B-But... How...' Behind him stood a shadow clone of Dark Noire.

[Dark Noire: It is over.]

---------------------------------------------------Unknown Location-------------------------------------------------

A young woman stands alone looking out over a dead landscape with large rotten trees scattered around. She wore white Kimono styled clothings and had long white hair, and 2 horns.

Her eyes where white as snow and her skin was pale.

[????: Hmmm~ traces of Momoshiki are scattered around here, Did he know? ...Or is it something else?]

Smiling slightly, she glanced back towards a large palace ruin with smoke coming out from it. a man sharing her characteristic looks but with short Hair and a slighly different outfit with it's right sleeve ripped off. came walking out from it holding a spear made of a red energy.

[????: This palace has nothing left in it Nee-chan... Momoshiki most likely destroyed the scrolls.]

The man said in a disapointed tone while the woman shook her head.'Nh~' Turning towards the man.

[????: I couldn't have asked for better. This gives me a excuse to go ~there~ Hm~ the higher ups can punish me since i am following the law of the clan~]

-------------------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama---------------------------------------------

Having decided to excape the ruins, Neptune and Iyama hid behind some bushes in the forest outside, both looking towards the direction.

[Iyama: Tsk- meddling dead... we HAVE to find out where the relic is or else... reality itself is in danger.]

[Neptune: ...W-We HAVE to go back THERE? Those skeletons creep me WAY out... We have the jet-black diamend sword, it can negate all powers right~? Can't we just scream out loud while cuty-cuty the big baddy?]

Hugging herself while shivering at the thought of going back, Neptune proposed the idea, however Iyama's eyes shook open after what she said. 'That's it...' he said while looking at Neptune making her unconftable.

[Neptune: Eh- W-What? Did i say something wrong, or are you just admiring my cute face~?]

[Iyama: What you said, the SWORD! We CAN use it!]

-----------------------------------------------Too be countinued----------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
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Age : 23
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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 EmptyThu Aug 30, 2018 8:46 pm

-----------------------------------------------At the grass plain---------------------------------------------------

Silence had struck the area as Dark Noire's shadow clone slowly pulled the sphere out from Gerald while hes body was shaking and he was cringing from the pain.

[Gerald: ...O-Over... You think... It's 'over'... Ergh... It'll never, be over...]

As the shadow clone ripped out the Sphere, Gerald fell forward on his knees and blood from the hole splashed out on the grass.

Dark Noire grinned as the shadow clone flew up towards her with the sphere.

[Dark Noire: You'll die old man, I'll destro-]

the sphere lit up suddenly, her eyes widened in surprise and Gerald stood back up holding his chest while breathing heavily.

[Gerald: ...Did you think... The connection was severed... Just because you took it out of... my body!?]

a bright light engulfed both the clone and Dark Noire, trapping them inside a sphere of light. 'What?!' Dark Noire instantly tried to break it, but it cameback faster then she could destroy it.

Her eyes quickly shifted towards the sphere that was now slowly engulfing the shadow clone in light, and a small stream of light came out from it and hit Gerald, making him glow while his wound healed up.

[Gerald: ...Heh-Heh-heh... You mentioned earlier that i was weaker... due to not being fully 'harmonized' with the Sphere... Hmpf, what about you...? I know you don't have the husk within you... your powers are finite!]

Looking up at her with glee, Gerald turned back towards the flying city.

[Gerald: ...I have what i need... I'll extract the power the girl holds... You have my thanks, Spirit.]

[Dark Noire: Heh? You couldn't use my power with Jack... How is this different?!]

As they were talking, Gerald had begun flying towards the city with the barrier keeping Dark Noire trapped floating behind him.

[Gerald: Last time... You were hiding inside that pesky husk... Preventing me from accessing it... Hm~Hm, this time however... You are a pure energy clinging to that girls body, All i have to do is destroy it and your energy is my...]

Dark Noire's eyes shook open at the thought of what it had caused, regretting leaving Jacks body.

-------------------------------------------With Nepgear and Uni-----------------------------------------------

Running though the grass with Uni in her arms, Sweat fell frm Nepgears face as she rushed towards the main gate of planeptune.

But, before reaching the gate she is met by a red haired girl running in the oppesite direction.'T-That's...' Realizing who it was, Nepgear felt a sign of relief as she almost feared another enemy.

Stopping next to each other, The girl known as Uzume looked worriedly at the passed out Uni.

[Uzume: Nepgear, what happend!?]

[Nepgear: Haah-Haah... She's fine... just a bit traumatized- Anyways, Vert and Blanc... they are still over there...Could you tak-]

With tears in her eyes, she stopped her sentence as Uzume laid her right hand on her right shoulder while walking past her with a smile.

[Uzume: ..Look at you, go home and rest Nepgear. I've already made a promise with him that i would help you all... Heh~ I'll get those two back!]

Sniffling while widening her eyes slightly, Nepgear glanced at Uzume in surprise while muttering out. 'Him...?'. Then, Uzume held out her right arm with a thumbs up, making the same promise to her before heading over to the battle.

[Nepgear: Thank you, Uzume.]

------------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama--------------------------------------

Still hiding, they both kept an eye at the ruins while Iyama went on to explain his idea.

[Iyama: Those sceletons MUST be affected by some sort of 'magic' or similar, right? So with that in mind our best bet would be to use the Jet-Black Diamond sword to dispel the 'magic'.]

[Neptune: Oh~? I understand! So we just need to find the core that controls them all and wack it! Just like that Robot movie with the Willy guy!]

Grasping her fist in confidence, Neptune smile and took out the sword. Iyama sighed before transforming his arm into a machine gun while standing up.

[Iyama: Well, you got the general idea of it... I guess that'll do. Now we must hurry-]


Both widened thier eyes and quickly jumped forwards while turning around and Iyama instantly aimed his Arm towards the shadow behind them.

[Iyama: WHO ARE YOU!?]


Narrowing his eyes and gritting his teeths, Iyama started firing rapidlt at the shadow that quickly vanished.'KYAAAAAHAHAHAH~'

The figure covered in shadows flew at Iyama from the side, noticing this Neptune quickly pulled Iyama towards her making the shadows attack miss.

[Neptune: Phew- Close one there buddy~Haha]

[Iyama: Ehrm, Bastard SHOW YOURSELF!!]

Ignoring the fact Neptune helped him, Iyama tried his hardest to look around and find the figure, Pushing Neptune aside.'HEY!'

[Iyama: -I was too careless, almost got done in... What is this thing? Is it cloaked in shadow... Or is it a shadow? Is it related to the ruin and the arifact? I need to keep Neptune safe... without her we can use the sword... Where will he appear next? Right? Left? From above? Or Below?]

Durning his paniced overthinking, He didn't notice the shadow that slowly grew under them until it was too late, and with a hellish 'KYAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!' both of them dissappeared into a black void.

[Iyama: Huh- Sh-Shit...!]

[Neptune: WAI-WAI-WAI-WAI-WAIT!!!]

-------------------------------------------------too be countinued--------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 232
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 23
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-~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: -~Prologue:The Dream~-   -~Prologue:The Dream~- - Page 8 EmptyFri Sep 07, 2018 6:21 pm

-------------------------------------------------A few hours later: Dark laboratory---------------------------------------

Slowly opening her eyes, Noire shivered as her body helf weird.'Nnh...' glancing around the room, there was a bunch of machines and odd medical equipments scattered about.

[Noire: Nhh... W-Where am i...? Last thing i remember...]

[????: You were looking for something. But all went dark for a long while?]

Shocked at the sudden response, she looked tiredly towards a figure standing infront of a projector.

[????: Just about 5 hours ago my lord brought a shining new future to fruition.]

[Noire: W-Wha...]

[????: He did the impossible after claiming both the energy of Destruction and Creation, Restructioning the very fabric of reality.]

-----------------------------------------------5 hours earlier: Grass plains---------------------------------------------

Having reached the location, Jack looked in shock at the state of the area and Blanc and vert that were currently being treated by Uzume.

Glancing around, he looked for Noire and Neptune since he hadn't seen them in the city.

[Jack: ...Uzume, was Neptune or Noire here when you came? They weren't in the city.]

Shaking her head Uzume looked at him in worry.'No, there was only these two.' Looking down at them, she felt a odd chilling feeling, like something was about to happen.

As Jack sighed and turned towards the others again, the goddess spoke out from inside his mind.

'I think... they might have been taken to the castle... Yes, Gerald is planning something...'

It was then, a horrifing sensation filled both Jacks and Uzume's bodys.'Tsk-' Quickly turning to the city Jacks eyes grew large at the sight of...nothing, the city, the portal, it was gone leaving only a clear sky.

[Jack: W-What... WHERE'D IT GO!? GODDESS!?]

No response, the connection between them had severed.'HEY! YOU IN THERE!?!'. As he was trying to get in contact with her, the landscape started to revert into before any damage was made, like a wave crossing the grass.

Stunned, Jack looked silently as everything changed and as it passed him his left arm started to glow for a moment, the wave passed him and as it touched Blanc, Vert and Uzume, they all faded away. Jack panicly reached for Uzumes arm, But his hand passed though it and they all were gone, leaving him standing alone.

[Jack: H-Heh...? What, What happend? ...The others!]

----------------------------------------------Moments later: Planptune main street---------------------------------------

Having returned to planeptune, Jack ran down the streets in disbelief, the streets were crowded by people who were laughing and living their daily lifes like nothing had happen. The kids were playing in the park, birds chirping, everything was lively.

[Jack: -Something...Something isn't right...-]

As he reached the entrance to the Basillicom, a guards smiled while opening the door for him.'Welcome Sir.' Jack gave him a suspisious look before walking in and meeting him in there was Nepgear who smiled and waved before walking over.

[Jack: ...Nepgear! What is going on? everything just changed, Uzume, Blanc vert just... Vanished.]

Seeing her confused reaction, Jack took a step forward and grabbed her shoulders. 'Eh?'.

[Jack: Oi... Don't you remember it? I met you when you were carrying Uni back here, Also, Where is Neptune? Is she here?]

Overwhelmed by his questions, Nepgear shook her head while stepping back and holding her right hand infront of her chest.

[Nepgear: Dear me, Jack are you alright? ...Uni is over in Lastation and 'Neptune'? I... don't know who that is sadly.]

Stepping back, Jack couldn't believe his ears, his body started to shiver.'Don't...Know...'.

[Jack: ...Neptune... She is your older sister, and the CPU of this nation, Don't you remember that?]

Again, shaking her head, Nepgear started to feel worried about Jack.

[Nepgear: Jack, I don't have a sister, and- well, I am the CPU of Planeptune.]

Feeling sick from what is going on, Jack lowered his head and asked once more. 'You really don't...know...?' and got the same response.'No.'

On the brink of Panic, Jack quickly turned and ran right out of the front with tears in his eyes, running though the streets until he came to a ally way that he stopped in and leaned against the wall.

[Jack: -This can't be real... it CAN'T... Did Gerald do something... But the why, why do i still have MY memorys.-]

Sliding with his back down the wall, he currled up in a ball hugging his legs. 'What am i supposed to do...'
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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----------------------------------------------Planeptune: Allyway--------------------------------------------------------

Sitting hunched up against the wall, Jack's thoughts were all over the place. 'What is going on?' was the thought that kept coming back.

[Jack: If this is... Gerald then, was the universe remade like he wanted? ...But then... Why would Neptune be gone? Why was I left out...]

Looking down at his arm, he thought 'Was it because of this thing?'

[????: We have come to take you home, Jack.]

Raising his head, Jack looks over to the opening of the ally, where 4 Hooded people stood wearing Black masks.

[Jack: You know me?]

[????: We do, we are the special assault and assassination unit sent out by Lord Gerald. He ordered us to find you and bring you back to him.]

hearing Geralds name, Jack had confirmed it was Geralds doing. Standing up with a slightly pissed off look, he refused them. 'Like heck i'll listen to you lot, Gerald comes to ME.'

Chuckling at the response, the man in the from moved his right arm in the coat before holding out a small device with a hologram image. 'Look...' The holo gram turned into a view of Noire's cell.

[????: Lord Gerald already predicted your refusal and prepared something you couldn't refuse. You come with us, she goes free... You refuse? She dies and we take you by force.]

His eyes widens by the hologram, Jack's eyes shifted towards the man slowly before he clenched his right hand.'Bastards... What did you do to her, TELL ME!!' Filled with rage he ran at the man, throwing a punch right towards his face.

[????: Pathetic.]

The man grabbed Jacks wrist and with a loud crackling noise, he broke it. Jack's eyes quickly widened in shock before winching in pain. He stumbled back holding his wrist.'Graaah.... T-The hell... Weren't yo- UGUAHH!?' the man sunk his arm into Jacks stomach, making him fall on his knees.

[????: You are reckless. Had you punched me, what would have happend? Think before you act. Grab him... We are returning.]

Two of the other quickly run to Jack and forced his arms behind his back and tied him up, causing his right wrist to ache like hell.

[Jack: Argh- Gaah- Y-You shithead, Let me go, You won't get away with this...]

---------------------------------------------------------------two hours later, in a forest-----------------------------------------

The wind blew though the tree tops as a Black sphere appeared causing nearby animals to run away. Then the Black sphere shrunk with Neptune and Iyama falling out from it as it vanished again.

Iyama landed in a hunched down pose while Neptune landed on her ass clumsly.'Ow-Ow-Ow~ Hm?' Looking around, they both notice that, they had been transported back as if nothing happen.

[Neptune: Eh, did that portal-thingy just warp us back a few steps? What a poooor trap!~]

Narrowing his eyes, Iyama felt something odd about the air, something had changed but he couldn't put it into words.'Something is wrong...' he said while standing up.

Neptune stood up aswell and dusted off her back and looked up at Iyama who had a serious expression.'Shouldn't we go find that relicer-mah-do-hicker?'. Iyama glanced down at her before walking in the direction they were originally headed.

[Iyama: Let's go.]

-------------------------------------------------------------Gerald's new Palace---------------------------------------------------

Standing in the middle of a thriving city scape is a massive Palace, with large red flags hanging everywhere.

-------------------------------------------------------------Gerald's throne room--------------------------------------------------

Sitting on his throne, Gerald had a cloth covering the right side of his face but small lines of light could be seen under it. He had a faint smile on his face of accomplishment.

[Gerald: I finally did it... Hm-Hm-Hm...]

He lifted his right arm that was also covered in cloths to hide it and glanced at it.

[Gerald: A heavy cost... But i managed, right- my dear, Minerva.]

Standing on the side, looking out of a window was a woman dressed in a fancy beautiful dress and she has long golden hair.'Yes.' she said as she turned hear head towards him, showing her blood-red colored eyes with a menecing smile.

[Minerva: ...I'm glad, you did just as you promised. Yes.-Just as he promised~-]

Gerald looked over towards her with a genuine smile, he couldn't be happier that he finally accomplished his lifes goal. 'Ah.' Minerva turned her whole body towards him and held her hand infront of her chest.

[Minerva: What will you do about that girl now? She is of no use after all.]

'Oh..'. Closing his eyes, he leaned back into the chair.'Well, I was planning on releasing her- she'll do no harm anymore.'. Minerva clenched her right hand while walking towards him, having a slight annoying covering her face.

[Minerva: Release her? I do not think that would be such a good idea my love, she could start some sort of uproar- even a rebellion of kinds.]

[Gerald: Hm... You think so? With how i made this world i feel that to be highly unlikely.]

[Minerva: Still, the possibility is there, and so, i feel you should execute her. She's to dangerous to be kept alive.]

[Gerald: E-Execute- isn't that a bit extreme?]

She then sat down next to his throne and grabbed his hand having 'puppy eyes'.

[Minerva: Eeven so... I'd feel much safer without her... for me, my love?]

Sighing, Gerald was obviously fighting a loosing battle. 'fine' giving in to her demands, he gave a guard the orders, meanwhile Minerva smiled sinisterly behind him.'-Perfect...-'.

---------------------------------------------------------to be countinued----------------------------------------------------------------
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---------------------------------------------------------------Inside Gerald's palace's research department-------------------------

A girl who looks no older then 19 wearing a white lab-coat over a black shirt and Black jeans with White jogging shoes on, Tied up brown hair and a ring piercing on her right eyebrow walks though a lit up corridor that has large cables on the edges of the floor.

She hums while looking at a clipboard.'...If we can find a way to harness the prisoners odd energy form, we could in theory recreate a similar power... Well, Gerald-sama did give us quite a bit of test subjects~ Hm?'. suddenly stopping, she looked forward as a man wearing Grey shorts and a grey shirt ran towards her while having a pained yet angry expression.

'OUT OF MY WAAAAAAYY!!!'. Sighing while closing her eyes, She swiftly spun to the side to avoid the mans fist and then reached into her pocket, pulling out a serrige with a blue liquid in it.'Calm down.', she jabbed it into his back and injected the liquid.'Ergh!?' Stumbling forward, the mand started to sweat while panting.'Haah-Haah, B-Bastard... What'd you do...'

He fell uncousious onto the floor and 2 guards came running with worried expressions as the saw the girl.'Ah- L-Lilliette-sama?'. Correcting her clothes a bit, the girl gave them a deadly stare of annoyance.

[Lilliette: WHY is this man out of his cell?]

[Guard 1: E-Ehm, well... You see, we were going to give him food and we couldn't see him in there... so-]

[Lilliette: You idiots opened the door and he ran... Gosh- Is competent workers so much to ask for?... Well whatever, but him back in his cell.]

[Guard 1/2: HAI!]

Walking past them, Lilliette kept on reading her papers stuck on the clipboard.'Acording to Lord Gerald... He noticed the odd energy source when extracting the sphere's power, if it shares any energetic structure as the spheres then...'.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Outside of Planeptune's borders------------------------------------------------

The soldiers claiming to have been sent by Gerald walked across a grass plain with Jack tied up walking in the middle of the group, still sore and started to feel cold from the arm damage.

The man in the front spoke into a device on his arm.'This is Delta Squad, We have captured the suspect. Requesting transport back to base.'. Winching his eyes from the continued pain, Jack glanced over at Planeptune.'-I've gotta figure this out...-'

Turning back his head forward, looking at the man infront with unsure eyes.'Oi... Do you all... Know what happend?'. Not answering the question, the man in the front simply just glanced back at him and huffed befure turning back forward.

[Man 1: It's gonna be a day until we can get back to base. We'll set up camp nearby.]

Looking at his device, it displayed a detailed map of the area.

[Man 1: Seems like there are some old ruins nearby that could make for some decent shelter.]

'-A day..?-' Jack thought to himself as he looked at the mans device, noting it's similarity to the once used by the other worlds Noire before, that could teleport instantly.

[Jack: W-Wait... That device, Can't you bastards just teleport back with that?]

Silence struck the group. 'Hm?' Jack looked around in confusion at the others who silently looked at him.'Wha-AGH.' The first man sunk his right fist into Jacks stomach.'Who said you could speak?'.

Pulling away his fist, he corrected his glove while Jack fell on his knees coughing.

[Man 1: Now. Let's go set up camp.]

Nodding at his command, the other pulled Jack up on his feet, forcing him to walk with the pain.'Ergh-'. But as the were going towards the forrest, a horde of Dogoo's spawned out of thin air around them causing them to stop.

calmly looking around, the first man just let out a small 'Humpf'. The Dogoo's moved towards them slowly.~Hai Hai, this is the magical author! Now for those who don't know... Dogoos are Blue Slimes with faces.~. They all echoed out 'Doo~' and 'Dogoo~'.

The first man held out his right hand while a Spell circle formed under him making a 'Pwuum' sound.

[Man 1: Burn all to ashes O' fire of our great god. Raging Purifying Burning!]

Jacks eyes shock open as a spiral af pitch-Black flames surounded them and burned everything it touched to ash in just a moment.'-This magic... I recogize it!-'

As the black flames disappeared, the smell of burnt slime and grass lingered in the air making Jack winch.

[Man 1: Pathetic creatures. Let's go.]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama--------------------------------

While walking though the forest, Iyama couldn't shake the odd feeling he had a bit ago, As if they had arraived in a different world of sorts.'Hmm...' Stopping, he looked at Neptune while she stopped and looked back at him curiously.'What is it?'.

[Iyama: ...Do you have a comunication device?]

[Neptune: Comunica- Ah! You mean a phone? Hmm...]

Reaching into her Jacket's pocket, she pulled out a Purple phone like device and held it up in pride making a 'Do-Do-DIN!' sound as if she equipped a Item in a RPG game.

Sighing at her childish behaviour, Iyama requested her to make a phone call to anyone she knows. Nodding, Neptune went to call Nepgear but the number was claiming to be invalid making Neptune confused.

[Neptune: Straange... Hmmmm... Did Nepgear change her number without telling me? Ah, Let's try No- Wait she was taken over wasn't she?... Ver- Ah Uni!]


Tired of her casual behaviour, Iyama yelled out loudly in a serious tone making Neptune stumble back.'Nepu!?'. Shocked from his sudden outburst, she showed the screen of her phone and all numbers were showing as 'Invalid'. Crossing his arms, Iyama felt his senses weren't acting up, something IS wrong.

[Iyama: After we got trapped by that thing... everything is off. Even the energy's being put out from the fighting at the grass plains has vanished now that i think about it...Hm?]

Suddenly a large collum of black flames shot up from the distance, making both of them look with widened eyes.'WHAT!?'.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued-------------------------------------
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-----------------------------------------------------------------------With Neptune and Iyama----------------------------------------

Looking up at the Collum of black flames, Something flashed in Iyama's head making him step back.'Thats...'. Tightening his fist, Iyama did not hessitate, He started running straight towards the location leaving Neptune behind.

[Neptune: Mh?! EH!? I-IYAMA!?]

As if not hearing her words, Iyama ran as fast as he could with the images flashing in his mind.'I-it can't be...'.

Running after him with the sword on her back, Neptune saw his back getting further and further away while she started feeling more and more excausted.'Haah-Haah... W-Wah-it!'

Then, as Iyama broke though the end of the forest into the grass plain, his eyes scanned the area before seeing 5 people walking across it.'Those outfits... Hm!?' The man in the front stopped and turned his head towards Iyama.

Taking a few steps forward causiously, Iyama determently yelled out.'IS THAT YOU... BROTHER!?!".

Hearing the yell, Jack and the other men stopped aswell, looking over at him. Still in pain Jack could barely make out the person due to his vision becoming blurry.'Hm..?'

The man in the front turned to Jack, thinking Iyama was talking to him.'You have a brother?'. he asked calmly. Jack shook his head. 'I see.'

Turning back to face Iyama, the man calmly spoke out. "If you do not have any further buisness with us we-'. Suddenly Neptune came out from the bushes behind Iyama with her eyes shaped like '><'.

Leaning him the Jet-Black dimond sword she was breathing heavly from the running.'Haah-Haaaaah-Haaaah... I-Iyama... Don't just run off... Like that!'. Looking over at Neptune, the first man thought to himself.'Another one? this time a child, great.'.

Ignoring her, Iyama yelled out once more but this time he looked directly at the first man.'ANSWER ME! IS THAT YOU YUSAKU!?!'. everyone looked in confusion at Iyama while the first man shook slightly as he heard that.

[Yusaku: You... How do you know my name?]

shaking slightly from the confimation that it was indeed his brother 'Yusaku' who had been killed by Kagari in the past, Iyama reached for the mask he wore and took it off slowly.'Because... Because it's me, brother... Iyama.'.

Silently looking at Iyama, Yusaku shook his head.'Meaningless, I do not know you. Let's go.'. he signaled the group to keep walking while moving toward the forest. 'Wha-' Stunned in shock, Iyama's eyes went blank, unable to comprihend the situation.'B-But...'.

Watching them walk away, Neptune noticed Jack between them, causing er to stand straight as a red '!' appeared over her head.'JACK!? OOOOI!!! JAAAACK!!'.

Jack's eyes shook open widely as a single name echoed in his mind.'Neptune'. Turning back as the walked, he could faintly make out a light purple/white figure next to Iyama.'N-Neptune...'. Not having any strenght to yell he feared she would try to save him, and in the end get hurt or worse.

Seeing the bruses on Jack and his broken wrist, Neptune's eyes narrowed as she started running after them. 'WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO JACK!?'. Shaking hes head as much as he could, Jack tried to stop her but it was to no use.'S-Stop... Neptune... Please...'.

Stopping, Yusaku turned towards Neptune, slightly annoyed that they keep on getting interupted.'A child raising their hands against a adult is... Pathetic.'. As Neptune got closer to the others and Jack, He lifted his hand slightly while mumbling.'...Gods gracious chains...'.

Iyama looked over at him in shock.'That's not-'. Several Spell seals appears in the air around Neptune making her stop while her eyes shook at the sight of them, and before she knew it- Golden chains flys out of them and spins around her arms, Legs and Throat.'GWUAH!'.

Yusaku sighed as he slowly walked towards Neptune who was winching trying to get out of the chains.'...Gods merciful dagger...' Holding out his right hand, A golden dagger formed in his grasp.'Pathetic child, had you stayed put, you wouldn't have to be killed.'. Stopping infront of her, he held up his arm, ready to strike down.

'Heh- I am glad... You... came so close...'. The chains binding Neptune broke like glass.'Wha-?' Before he could think, Neptune swung the Jet-Black diamond sword down on him. 'GOTCHA!!'. The other ones stepped forward, as his right arm flew up in the arm with blood spewing out.'Leader!?!'.

Stepping back, holding his right shoulder, Yusaku glanced at Neptune who stood with pride.'...H-How...'. Both shocked and Releaved, Jack looked over at them both, however he then realized something... '-Noire!-'. What would they do to her if they went back now, having been severaly injured... No doubt Yusaku wouldn't let it slide.

[Jack: neptune... NEPTUNE!!! Noire... Noire is... NOIRE IS CAPTURED BY THEM! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY- KILL HIM!!!]

Looking over at Jack breifly, Neptune understood the seriousness in those words and quickly dashed at Yusaku while thrusting the sword at him.'HYAAAH!'. Stepping backwards, Yusaku wasn't able to dodge in time and the Jet-Black Diamond sword pierced his chest.

[Yusaku: K-Kh-]

[Neptune: It's over.]

[Yusaku: -Kh... N-Not yet...]

Blood dripped down from under the mask while Yusaku grabbed Neptune's arm with his left hand.'Eh?' Neptune shook while Trying to pull away from him.'Let-GO!'.

Pulling her closer, making the sword go further though him, Yusaku started to laugh sickenly.'Hahaha... Gods devine punishment! SELF-SACRIFICE!'. One of his men took a step back while holding up his arms.'Oh no...'.

'That spell... HE'LL BLOW US ALL AWAY!?!'.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued------------------------------------------------------
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