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 The Fall Of Hyrule

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The Fall Of Hyrule Empty
PostSubject: The Fall Of Hyrule   The Fall Of Hyrule EmptySun Sep 10, 2017 5:24 pm

----------------------------The Fall Of Hyrule----------------------

10 years has passed... since the 'Hero of Time' struck down the evil Demon King 'Ganon'.
Spoken of as a hero, the young man named 'Link' became known across the land. However...

The Hero dissappeared... and with that, a dark and foreboading wind, time had come to a halt...
So the elderly speak of the on coming demise of the world, who no longer had a hero...?

However that did not stop people from hoping... that one day, a new hero would be born. Praying to the Gods...
but after years of praying and the dark malice of the demon King growing stronger... a hero did not appear.

Now - Now, don't give me that face... the hero will come, just like he always has... in our time of need.

[???: A-And if he doesn't...? Heh, I will be a Hero! And slay the evil!]

[???: Of course my child... Hmhm~ You'll be a fine hero.]

A young boy, with bright blue eyes, Shining blonde hair and wearing a green tunic, named 'Faru'. stood up holding out a wooden sword, pointing it Skyward, entusiatically proclaimed his future Heroics.

While a young woman wearing a beutiful purple dress, that compliments her long brown hair, tied up with a purple bow, named Leavi. whom just told the story to the young boy, tilts her head slightly at the boy.
And hearing the boys pure and courageous words, the woman gives of a elagant smile while nodding.

[Leavi: Well, I thing it's time for this little hero to go to bed! Ain't that so?]

[Faru: Aww... But i wanted to hear the full story!]

[Leavi: If you are nice and listen to Grandma tomorrow, I'll tell you the rest, okay?"

The young woman sighs tiredly as she stands up, straightening her skirt. She reaches out her arms and picks up the boy in her arms as she tells him thats its time to sleep.

The boy looks at her with dissapointed eyes, as he is carried to his room. the woman smiles and moves the hair out of his forehead while putting him down into the bed.

They didn't live in a fancy home or anything, but what they had was something to be content with, well... for the time they lived in.

********************************************A few years prior*********************************************

Within a space... Confined without movement... Confined without feelings... A dark evil slumbers....


Cursing the people who sealed him, drifting lost in time. nothing but his evil will and hatred keeping him sane...or?


Filled with rage, the only male Gerudo curses everything, his eyes blood red... Face covered in sweat...


Screaming with all his might, Ganondorf felt a faint feeling in his right hand... .[what?] he said in a inraged tone, while slowly moving his eyes towards the hand.
As Ganodorf laid his sight on his right hand, they widen as he started to laugh... Was i joy? Fear? or perhaps both...?


As if something awakened in him, his eyes burned with a new found rage... and a dark aura built up arounf his moveless body, and at that moment...

His right hands fingers... Twitched.

***************************************The Next morning with the Young boy***************************************

The rays of sun seeped though the curtains, shining into the eyes of the boy.[Ugh...] he moaned while rolling over. The young woman from before opens his door with a bright smile.

She walks up to the windows, pulling upens the curtains and turns to the boy.

[Leavi: Morning sunshine.]

The boy pulled the cover over his head, intending to block out the sun. The Woman sighs while resting her hands on her hips.

[Leavi: Weren't you going to listen today?]

[Faru: To Grandma... not the you sis...]

Despite saying that, the boy sits up in his head, scratching his eyes. as the woman grins proudly while thinking."He always listens to me weather he admits it or not~"

[Leavi: Anyways, get ready, I made breakfast.]

She says clapping her hands while leaving the room. the boy lets out a tired [Uh-Huh...] and removes his blanket.

as the boy sits up in his bed, the bright sunny weather, suddenly turned into dark clouds coverering the sky. He stood up and looked outside.

nobody seemed to pay any mind to it, and in a instant, the clouds dissappeared as if they were never there. not knowing what just happend, the boy shrugs his shoulders and went down into the kitchen.

[Faru: Sis? Was there any cloud outside a few moments ago?]

the woman tilts her head, unsure of what he mean and shakes her head.

[Leavi: There hasn't been a single cloud in the sky for a few days now... Why do you ask that?]

The boy looks at her confused, then shrugs.

[Faru: Nothing...]

Meanwhile at the ruins of the old Hyrule castle. a dark and ominous aura slowly seeps out from a tiny crack in the... air?

***********************************************4 Years later*************************************************

It was a bright summer day, when the young boy, now clad in a Royal guard training outfit stood alone, overlooking the town scape from the new built Hyrule Castle, set in Lake Hylia.

[???: To think they acually built it out here huh?]

A young man with golden brown hair, Blue and Green eyes wearing the same outfit as Faru, says jokingly while putting his right arm around Faru's neck, who glances at him annoyingly.

[Faru: Ugh- Let me go Kasten...]

[Karsten: Haha, ontop of that, we acually made it as soon to be Royal guards! Kiiinda insane if you ask me.]

He entusiastically says while letting Faru go, and leans agains the railing, Faru smiles and nods, caressing his sword on his hip.

[Faru: Hey, you think he'll be back... The demon King?]

Karsten's eyes widens as he looks over at Faru, seeing his serious expression, Karsten pats Faru on the back and grins, in a attempt to lighten the mood.

[Karsten: Boy-O-Boy, Faru you always have to put a damper on the mood, eh?]

[Faru: Sorry... Hm?]

In the midst of saying sorry, Faru spots a person whom he felt a strange, warm feeling about... But who could it be?!

(Next chapter will be longer... Hopefully.)
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The Fall Of Hyrule
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