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 -------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)

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Robin Uchiha


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PostSubject: -------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)   Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:02 pm

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨Chikara no Rinne¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨

Year: 2120. After a world ending event in 2043, What was left of humanity had developed a gene that could restore anything from just a single cell.

This 'Gene' was named; 'Rinne', the Japanese word for 'Samsara' by the sceintist 'Sasaki Yuuko'. However, after restoring 40% of the population, a side effect was discovered that gave a select few the ability to merge their cells with animals.

Merging with a animal grants the person the physical abilitys of the animal but enhanced 10 folds and alters the appearance of the person based on the animal.


----------------------------------------------Akihabara, Japan. 12:20 PM---------------------------------------------------------------------

Even after the end of the world, Akihabara still attracts people from all over the world, however, this story is not about them, It is about a 17 year old boy named; 'Hisagi Hikari'.

A scrawny, pale skinned green eyed Highschool dropout, with straight long black hair wearing a sipped up hooded Jacked with a white t-shirt with 'Pantsu' written on it and blue jeans with brown shoes.

Taking a sip of his red soda can as he walks down the busy streets, he looks at all the stores as if looking for something.

[Hisagi: It should be around here.. unless Yuuki-san lied.. But she wouldn't do that.]

Digging his left hand into his jackets pocket, he pulls out a old flip-up phone and flips it open, looking though the messages.

[Hisagi: 'Can't find it x.x Send address aglance']

Sighing while closing it, he imidiately opens it again as Yuuki had responded.

[Hisagi: So fast! Hm? 'Agrance~? not sure what that is, sorry~ >;3' ...'Idiot, autocorrect damnit, send the address again*']

Putting the phone away, he looks at a group of young men walking into a allyway with two girls in highscool unifroms.

[Hisagi: Hmm, even if i bud in, I'd get my face caved in... But to pull something like that in broad daylight? What fools...]

Shrugging it off, thinking that someone else will step in, Hisagi turns around ready to walk away, however...

[Hisagi: Nnnghhh.... Fine, I'll do it! Not like i have something else to attend to.]

Immidiately turning around Hisagi start running towards the ally way with little hope of getting out of the situation unscratched...

While running past a shabby looking store, he picks up a rusty, old, pipe that was laying in a garbage bin and makes haste again.

[Hisagi: Never know.. Might need this.]

Gripping the pipe tightly in his left hand, he turns into the ally way, expecting to see the two men and the two girl, however... What was infront of him was, blood, blood everywhere.

As if in a nightmare he felt a stench so strong and horrible, standing completely still in horror he gulps as the two girls, covered in blood looks at him with red, glowing cold eyes.

[Girl 1: ...Hey, looks like some poor otaku was trying to be a hero...Isn't that so, Angelica?]

[Angelica: Mhm, seems so Gwen-chan~ What should we do?]

[Gwen: Hmmm, Hell if i know? Kill him like these two chumps?]

The two girls, Angelica and Gwen, had brutally murdered the two men, leaving them almost unregonizable. Hisagi who could believe his eyes, thought he was gonna die for sure, then he came up with a idea.

[Hisagi: U-Uhm...?]

[Angelica:Hm? Hey Gwen, Insect is talking.]

[Gwen: Oh? Aha, You are right, What is it insect-kun?]

Both of them looks over at Hisagi who is shaking. 'Did they call my Insect just now? how can they be so casual about this?' thinking to himself, he just couldn't comprehend the situation, however he decides to follow though with his idea.

[Hisagi: Well... How about you live at m-my place...while you sort all this out...?]

muttering the last of the words, Hisagi closes his eyes as if ready to be attacked by them. But both of them looks at each other, tilts their heads and looks back at him.

[Gwen: Why not? We have been looking for a place to live while in Japan anyways.]

[Angelica: Right-Right, we never solved that eh? Hmm, I guess I'm fine with it.]

Angelica smiles while putting her arms around the back of her head and Hisagi opens his left eye is surprise.'Eh?' Dumbfounded of the events that went down, all he could do was stare in shock.

meanwhile, Gwen hunches down and pokes at of the corpses with a questioning gaze.

[Gwen: hmmm... Hey, insect-kun?]

[Hisagi: Ah- Me? Wh-What is it?]

[Gwen: Be a dear and clean up this mess will you?]

[Angelica: Mhm, Also, give us your adress~ OH! And also buy us some clothes? Something nice looking, M'kay?]

[Gwen: Ah- Good thinking! Haha, Then buy me some Burgers and coke from that 'Donken' place! I love those!]

Overwhelmed by these demands, Hisagi looses his grip of the pipe, and scratches his hair with his right hand looking at the two suddenly happy and demanding girls covered in blood and gore.

Taking a better look at them, Gwen seems like a avarage sized teenage girl.'But she is flat-chested huh?' With medium long blond hair with sparkly blue eyes. While Agelica is slightly shorter then Gwen with longer, Brown hair and Light green eyes.

Lowering his gaze to her chest.'Seems about average, hm-hm.' nodding without thinking. Gwen gives him a deadly look as if judging him, making him look to the side.'S-Scary! But how, How did i end up in this situation!?'.

And so, the boy named 'Hisagi Hikari' somehow gained 2 freeloaders named Angelica and Gwen... And ofcourse the horrible responsabilitys of cleaning up the'mess'... How will this turn out? Haha- Let's find out next chapter, shall we?

------------------------------------Chapter: 1 'The two girls' END-------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha


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PostSubject: Re: -------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)   Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:31 am

------------------------------------Chapter: 2 'Mysterious'--------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------The night before: Unknown Location. 23:43 PM----------------------------------------

Inside of what seems to be a mansion somewhere, 7 people clad in the same White coats with hoods covering their faces are sitting around a wooden round table with a candle in the middle, lighting up the room ever so slightly.

The room has a red carped with golden edges covering the floor, several bookcases and paintings of landscapes. One of them grunts while arrogantly crosses their arms, turning their head towards the one next to them.

[Person 1: Have you found the location yet, Genos?]

[Genos: Nhn, Not yet. They have been quite secretive about it, but... I do know that it's location is still in Japan, that's for certain.]

Speaking in a proud tone, Genos answered the question while crossing his legs and leaning his right arm on the table, then a younger sounding voice comes from the other side of the table, in a almost childish tone.

[Person 2: Japan huh~ How can you be so sure~? I mean, I'm not douting your sourses... Just wondering, mhm~]

[Genos: Hm? I have full faith in my little birds, You needn't worry, Reila.]

The young Raila happly smiled, leaning back in his chair, making a slient 'thud' from his back hitting the chair, then he glances over at a taller figure leaning against the wall behind Genos curiously.

[Reila: Say, why doesn't he ever speak? Genos, do you know why~?]

[Genos: I'm not so arrogant as to pry into others reasons... all you should need to know is that he is here to help our cause... nothing more.]

Calmly looking back at Reila, Genos grabs a Cup infront of him and takes a sip from the hot, steaming beverage. Then, a older sounding woman speaks from the very far right of Genos, closest to the door of the room.

[Woman 1: Ignistus, have you heard anything from your sister about the fundings? Strengh is good and all but we can't do anything without proper fundings...]

Looking over at the man sitting just about infront of her while caressing a Crystal clear glass, containing a golden like liquid, Ignistus gives a a small, descrete smile while lifting his right hand.

[Ignistus: Ofcourse, I let my wishes be known to her, But...]

[Woman 1: But what, Ignistus?]

[Ignistus: Well, You see, my sister is a very ¨By the book¨ kinda woman... So she wanted to review our plans and company informations, before accepting to fund it in our familys name...]

[Person 1: No need to rush things, She already allowed us to use this Mansion as a base of operation. Genos?]

[Genos: Nh? Something the matter, Lytelias.]

[Lytelias: Could you send Avia and Hybria to fetch something for me?]

----------------------------------------------------------Akihabara, Japan. 13:56----------------------------------------------------

After seperating from the two girls, Gwen and Angelica, Hisagi was making his way back to his appartment with his hands in his Jacket's pockets and hanging his head as if being in a shock.

Walking past so many people, not paying attention to anything, only thinking about what just happened.'Was that really real? Did they really...All that blood, the smell, makes me wanna vomit...' Unable to get the images out of his head.

Then, out of nowhere he felt a soft sensation on his right arm, stopping him in his tracks looking to see what it was he is greated by a pale skinned, blue eyed, girl with long black twin-tailed hair and cat ears, wearing a classic maid outfit.

Gripping his arm tightly into her chest, she smiles inocently at him and speak with a soft voice.

[Maid Girl 1: Mhm~ You look rather down master, how about you visit our newly opened Cat-maid Café-nya? Mhm~mhm~mhm~]

Overwhelmed by this sudden approach, Hisagi's face went bright red while unable to speak as the cute Maid girl kept on pulling on his arm lightly. Hisagi would obviously rather not deal with this situation, but after everything he witnessed... Maybe it would do him good?

Building up the courage to follow her in, Hisagi gulps, but before he could, two slender soft hands pry's them apart making Hisagi stumble down onto the ground, Lifting his head while leaning against his left arm he sees who it was.

A girl, about Hisagi's lengh, with long slightly curly golden red hair, Yellow eyes, having a Red rosset on the let side of her hair and wearing a black t-shirt with a image of a girly looking boy-band with 'CRA' written on it, and grey hot-pants, black stockings and Red sport shoes with white on the bottom.

[Girl 1: Alright- Thaat's enough! What are you doing you duns? ...Sorry Ms.Cat maid- whatever, Find another guy.]

[Maid Girl 1: GYAH! H-HEY! Why'd you do that!? Muuuh~]

The maid girl angerly shakes her hands around while the girl who just appeared reaches out her hand to Hiragi, pulling him up from the ground.

[Hiragi: Yuuki-san?]

[Yuuki: You were trying to rip-off my friend, what else should i have done hm?!]

[Maid-Girl 1: R-R-R-Rip him off!? Muuh- I'm just making a living you know, It's worth every pennya!]

[Hiragi: U-Uhm...]

The two girls arguement had started quite the scene... causing allot of people to look making Hiragi VERY uncomftable... But non of them seem to wanna end anytime soon.

Anxiously turning his head, Hiragi couldn't help but to just wanna leave. Then, Yuuki suddenly grabs his right arms pulling him with her with a angry march away from the spot.

[Yuuki: Let's go, I don't wanna be here anymore... It reeks of gross uninteligent girls!]

[Hiragi: UWAH! H-Hey.. That's a bit harch don't you think?..]

[Maid Girl 1: Grrr... Stealing my prey... Hnnn-]

After being pulled several blocks, Yuuki finally let Hiragi's arm go while calmly looking back at him asking if he had heard anything about the resent attack.

[Hiragi: Huh? Attacks?]

[Yuuki: Seems two men were brutally killed in Akihabara, And i mean BRUTALLY! You should have seen it! made me wanna vomit...]

[Hiragi: Ah? S-So you say huh? For someone like you to say that... Must have really been bad then.. I mean really bad huh...Haha-ha...]

Clenthing her fists infront of her when mentioning 'BRUTALLY', Yuuki looks at Hiragi with a grossed of expression. Surprised that it was discovered so fast, Hiragi tried his best to block out the horrible images...

innocently smiling while throwing out a lighthearted joke to lighten the mood. Then, he remembered...'That's right! Gwen and Angelica... I need to...but them stuff...' Taking out his wallet in sorrow.'I don't have the money for that...'

Tilting her head with a innocent questioning gaze, Yuuki crosses her arms.

[Yuuki: Short on money again? Haah, I COULD lend you some again... just ask.]

[Hisagi: Ahaha- No.. It's fine, I just remembered i have two fe-Aaahh Cousins visiting! And i need to but some clothes to them..]

You see, Hiragi works as a part-timer in a small pet store with low pay, as such he only have enough money to make it by on his own...

----------------------------------------------A few minutes later in the ally way----------------------------

Two armed soldiers stands infront of it clad in white sturdy military vests with a golden Emblem resembling a bird with the letters.'V.D.U.' under it.

While two men wearing black expenvise looking suits with the same emblem on their back, are looking at the scene. One of the seems to be a Elderly man with messy grey hair while the other is a 20-30 year old man having Blonde back slicked hair and Narrow Sunglasses.

[Elderly Man: How horrible, Poor inocent folk... Those demons truely know no limits, don't you think.. Dan?]

[Dan: Hm.. Acording to the security fotage from the camera... There seem to have been a boy with them... I sent out for our troops to find him.]

[Elderly man: Good-Good, Hm? Dan-kun...]

[Dan: I know...]

---------------------------------------------Same time on top of the Building-------------------------------

A figure is looking down at them, wearing a black cloak that hides it's face, noticing there suspision, it quickly turns at runs causing Dan to pull out his gun and run for the nearest fire escape stairs.


Who is this mysterious figure!? Who are the group that are planning something? Will Hiragi meet Gwen and Angelica's demands?! Staaay tuned for neext chapter!
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Robin Uchiha


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PostSubject: Re: -------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)   Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:02 pm

---------------------------------------------Chapter 3: 'Black out'---------------------------------------------

After taking chase after the figure, Dan stands in silence on top of the roof, looking at the figure while holding up and pointing his gun at them.

[Dan: Who are you? Why were you sneaking about the crime scene?]

[Figure: I wonder. 'Dan' was it? Do you value your own existence? your life? ...Silly question i know... but it has meaning.]

[Dan: Haah? The fuck you on about? Course i do, now who are you?]

[Figure: I see. I don't. As such i could kill you without hesitation. You can't, can you? Kill people that is.]

Winching his eyes, Dan couldn't help but to feel uncomftable just being near this person... Turning around towards Dan the person reveals a white, plain, mask with only 2 holes for its eyes.

[Dan: Well shit, if that isn't suspect i don' know what is... Take that silly thing of will you?]

[Figure: Hnnn- No. It is ~my~ mask. Anyways, mother is calling. Bye-Bye.]

[Dan: HEY WAIT!! -Wha..]

A load buzzing sound comes from the person as they in the blink of an eye fly away, leaving Dan in shock.'It was a...' thinking to himself, He looks down at the ground noticing a crystal clear pill.

Walking on to it, he hunches down and sees that there is some kind of insect inside it.'An insect... What is this then?'. Taking out a evidence bag, Dan pick it up carefully with his glove and drops it into the bag.

As he did, the elderly man had finally caught up to him, huffing in excuastion from running up the stairs.

[Dan: You didn't need to come up here, Emil-san.]

[Emil: Haah-Haah... Well, did you... Find anything...? Haah...]

[Dan: Only this odd pill. Have the Research Corp. deal with it, I need a drink.]

Sighing, Dan hands the bag over to Emil and takes out a cigarette and a lighter from his pockets, lighting it as he walks down again.

Emil looks it it conserned then glances back at Dan.

[Emil: What about the crime scene then? We are still on this case you know.]

[Dan: Yeah-Yeah, just file it in like the other cases.. We didn't get anything new from this except a poor kid who most likely will be dead anyways.]

[Emil: Fair enough. That's a rather grim way to look at things, Dan-kun.]

[Dan: Meh, Bite me.]

--------------------------------Tokyo Station Yaesu Chikagai: 15:00 PM.-------------------------

After their meeting in Akihabara, Hiragi and his childhood friend Yuuki had taken a trip over to the shooping mall, looking for clothes at 'VM' for the two girls 'Gwen' and 'Angelica' whom he stumbled into.

While looking over some clothes, Hiragi thought to himself.'How would i even know what they wanted... Something -nice-, yeah right... i could ask Yuuki about it but, it's too embaressing...' getting a light blush while glancing over at Yuuki who is happily looking at a white, frylly dress.

Shaking his head trying to rid the feelings, he grabs a Pink and a black Dress, a couple of plain black stockings thinking nothing of it... Until he reached the dreaded...'Undergarment section'. Stopping in his tracks, he looks in distress at it all.'W-Wait, I can't...go in there...' with his heart beating fast.

Yuuki grabs his right shoulder with a bright smile, holding up a small bag.'No worries, i got the stuff haha.' Seeing the bag, Hiragi breathes out in relief while thinking to himself.'THANK GOD FOR YUUKI-SAMA!'. Nudging him on the shoulder, Yuuki turns around and head to the counter to pay and Hiragi follows after.

[Yuuki: You know, if you ever got a girlfriend, you wouldn't be such a baby about that stuff~ Hehe.]

[Hiragi: Gah!? W-What's with that all of a sudden? I told you already didn't i? 2D or nothing else! They don't talk back at you, you know!]

[Yuuki: Mhmhm~ You sure is a special kind of guy, aren't you? Still all about anime.]

[Hiragi: Yeah, speaking of which... Latest episode of 'Menma' was SIIICK! Animation was top-notch~]

Holding the bag behind her back with both her hands, Yuuki looks at the enthusiastic Hiragi with a smile.'Good, He is back to himself again...'. Having being worried about how he acted strange earlier, Yuuki sighs in relief seeing him back to how he was before.

They both stood infront of the counter, paying for the clothes when suddenly a explosion echos from outside and peoples screams. Both quickly ducking down in panic, they start hearing gunshots aswell.

[Yuuki: What's going on!?]

[Hiragi: A robbery? Or a terrorist attack perhaps!?]

Looking out the front, they see a group of people armed with guns, dressed in white coats and wearing plain white masks with only holes for the eyes walking by.


[Hiragi: Shit... What do we do?]

[Yuuki: How should i know? Uhm..Uhm... Le-AUGH!?!]

Gun shots echoed once more, and Hiragi got blood splattered on his face, Looking back after clearing of his eyes quickly, He sees the most horrifying image he has seen... Yuuki grasping for air as she had gotten several bullets straight into her back.'' She falls into his arms while blood fills the floor under them into a puddle.

Hiragi stands in silence with wide open eyes holding her tightly.'T-This...This isn't real...I-it can't be...'. He falls on his knees, while looking at the masked man walking towards him, with his gun ready.'W-Why...Why did he...shoot her...why..why..why...why...WHY!?!' with anger boiling up in his chest, Hiragi carefully lays her down against the counter, and stands up.

The man stops, looking at him as if finding it curious, 'this rage filled boy- what will he do? how will he act?' Is most likely what he is thinking. Grasping his right hand into a fist, Hiragi starts running towards the man in pure anger.'KIIIISAAAAMAAAA!!!!' However, the man quickly pulls the tigger... The bullet hits hiragi right in the middle of his chest, causiong him to spazticly stumble backwards into the floor.

Cringing from the pain and gasping for air, Hiragi grabs the wound as more and more blood comes out.'' everything went to black.

What a turn of events... how will this turn out i wonder? We'll just have to see in the next chapter then...
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Robin Uchiha


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PostSubject: Re: -------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)   Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:19 pm

------------------------------------Chapter 4: 'Turritopsis dohrnii'----------------------------------------

------------------------------------Inside the mind of Hiragi----------------------------------

[????: Emptieness, that is what surounds him... Solitude, that is what awaits him... Despair, that is what he feels... within this world of nothingness, lies and deception...]

[?????:! Wake up...! Pl...e... W..e up...!]

[????: The _irl's _o__ is rej___ing t__ ___men_... S_e wi__ ___...]

[??????: What ab__t __m?]

[????: He is...]

*Bubbling noices*

-----------------------------------A few days after the incident, Unknown location---------------------------------

Slowly opening his eyes, Hiragi wakes up to something odd... Seemingly floating in a green substance, not able to move his body.

Looking down he notices several tubes connected into his now naked body, panicly trying to move himself hes eyes pick up on something across the dim room, another person inside a similar container.

Narrowing his eyes to see better, it was a frail looking girl, also naked with tubes connected to her... it was his childhood friend, Yuuki. Feeling his heart raising in fear, he forcefully moves his head to bang against the glass...

however it was nothing but a gentle tap since he didn't have any power in his muscles.'What the hell, is this place, why- why are we even here!?' he things to himself while slowly glancing around, trying to find something in the room.

Then, a door opens at the very right side of the room as a skinny looking man walks in with short brown hair and black rimmed glasses, and a long white ladcoat having the golden Emblem resembling a bird with the letters.'V.D.U.' under it.

Holding a note board in his right hand, the man stops infront of Yuuki's container while looking at the papers, Seeing the emblem Hiragi thinks to himself.'...V.D.U... Why are they, doing this...?' as the V.D.U label themself as 'Protectors of humanity' with the goal of bringing down the 'Rinne-cell'...

Glancing down at the mans papers, Hiragi sees a red stamp saying 'DECEASED' in big red letters over a picture of Yuuki, breathing out in shock, air comes out from the mask over his mouth, making the man look back.'Hmm? ...Ah, You are awake?'.

Lowring his board, the man smiles at the distressed boy who is trying his harded to bang his head against the glass to no avail. chuckling, the man turns to the right and heads back out again.

[????: Hm-Hm, I'd better report this to Ignistus-sama, I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear atleast one survived the Turritopsis dohrnii injection~ Well it's only natrual, she didn't have much time left in her anyway... I supose i could have Jinsuke take her organs out and preserve them for future use...]

Suddenly, everything went black for Hiragi, next thing he knew was...

------------------------------------------------Hiragi's appartment 12:20 PM---------------------------------------

Slowly opening his eyes, all Hiragi saw was his rooms roof while being comtably tucked in his warm, cozy bed like nothing had happend.'...I'm home...' he sits himself up in the bed trying to remember what happend to him but all he got was a stinging pain in his head, making him winch and place his right hand on his head.

[Hiragi: Why can't i remember anything... YUUKI!? -ERGH!]

Quickly realizing what happen, he throws the blanket of and falls down on the floor making a loud 'Du-DUNK' sound. Winching from the impact, he starts to sweat and hyperventilate like he ad run for miles in just that small movement.'...What the- I can't be this... out of breath, I may be a neet but.. this is insane!'

in a attempt to stand, he grabs a shelf on his bookshelf pulling himself up with all his might.'NNNNGHH' with sweat dropping all over, his hand slips off the shelf making him fall onto the floor again.'GAH-AGH... It's no use...' Laying on the side, he could do nothing but attempt to call out for help- but his voice couldn't go loud enough...

then, when he finally had given up, his door opens and in runs a man wih short black hair, and green eyes, in what seems to be his 30's wearing a while coat having the Golden bird-like emblem on it.

[Man: Hiragi-san, are you- OH MY GODNESS! You shouldn't be out of bed Hiragi-san!]

Quickly rushing over to him, the man hunches down and grabs Hiragi in his arms and stands back up, Walking over to his bead and lays him down carefully, Looking at the man Hiragi grabs his coar with his left hand, and asks him in a desperate manner.

[Hiragi: ...Yuuki, Where is Yuuki...? Tell me she is alright... please!]

[Man: Hmm...]

Lowering his gaze, the man hunches down next to the bed with a saddend look on his face, telling the sad news.'Yuuki-san... Didn't survive, she died from the bullet wounds...'. Upon hearing these words, Hiragi's eyes slowly widened and his heart started beated faster, causing him to hyperventilate yet again.'No.., NO-NO-NO!! YOU ARE LYING!! BASTARD, SHE CAN'T BE DEAD!! DON'T FUCKING LIE TO ME!'

Screaming out with all his lungs to the point of voice cracks, his face turns red while tears fly everywhere, the man sighs and holds unto Hiragi's arm as to comfort him.

Man: It's the truth... she is dead. She couldn't be saved, You nor anyone could have saved her...]

Oblivous to the mans words, Hiragi was crying out loudly, maving his hands to his face, then rolling over to the right side of his bed, banging his left arm agaist the wall until he started to bleed from it.


[Man: Hiragi-san... Nothing could be done about it... you ha-DUAAH-GAH.]

In his anger fit, Hiragi quickly turned towards the man and punched him right in the face, making him fall back into the shelf behind him with a cracked bloody nose.


[Man: Grah... for someone so frail... sure have some strengh in that punch... ouch...]

[hiragi: Haah-Haah-haaa.... just...leave me alone...]

[Man: erh- alight... I'll be back later... besides you have two ladies that'll look after you...]

Slowly calming down a bit, Hiragi looks at the man walking out of the room in confusion.'2 Ladies...That's right... those two huh...' falling back down on his pillow, Hiragi turns towards to wall again and keeps crying until he falls asleep.

----------------------------------------Meanwhile outside in the living room----------------------------------

The two girl, Gwen and Angelica are sitting on his sofa, looking at some anime when the man comes walking while holding his bloody nose, Looking over at him, Gwen grins in a deavious manner.

[Gwen: Haha~ Didn't go well i see Prof.?]

[Man: Hm, better then expected... for now his mental health is stable- well in what you could expect for a human in his situation, nothing abnormal.]

[Angelica: So... are we to stay with him then? We had a different mission by Genos-sama... but it ended up with this.]

[Man: Yes, I'd like the both of you to monitor him for a while, I will inform Genos-san about this all.]

[Gwen & Angelica at the same time: Gotcha!]

Something seems to be brewing in the shadows... what has been done with Hiragi? What are the V.D.U Scheming? will hiragi overcome this sadness? let's find out next time!
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Robin Uchiha


Posts : 165
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Age : 22
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PostSubject: Re: -------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)   Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:39 pm

--------------------------------------Chapter 5: 'Meaning in Death?'-----------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------Akihabara, cat Maid-cafe. 23:00----------------------------------------

If was a calm night and they are closing up the Cafe. The girl who had met with Hiragi earlier had changed back into her casual clothing, A purple thick shirt that goes down to her thighs with a skirt going futher down to her knees. Black socks and black shoes.

having her black long hair hand freely, she puts her phone into her bag and she throws it over her shoulder while opening the back door, waving good-bye to her friend. Walking down the dark ally in the back.

[????: Haaah.... Such a lame da~y. I wonder if that guy will come back, ah well. hm?]

She glances to the side, noticing a small insect flying next to her, calmly waving her hand at it before feeling a odd shiver.'What this now...?' Looking behind her self to see if anything is there, but nothing.'Hmm...'.

As she was shrugging and turning back, a gust of wind hits her as a loud Buzzing noise started to suround her.'Ergh- What!?' Dropping her bag, she backs up abit before a hooded figure lands abit infront of her, wearing a plain white mask.

Looking at the figure, she instantly recognized the mask.

[????: ...That mask, I have heard of you- you are that group that attacks those with the Rinne cell... Right?]

[Figure: Hnnn- Yup! Neh-Neh-Neh~? Do you value your life? I know it's silly, but it has meaning.]

[????: I do nyot know-nyan~ Do i?]

Speaking back at him in a agressive and sacastic way, the girl's body starts to chance with her getting fur over her body, cat like ears grow out aswell as a long tail, and claws grow out of her fingers.

Tilting it's head, the figure crosses its arm in amazement, looking at the girl who just shape changed infront of them.

[Figure: Woaaah! That's really cool~ So you really was one? Now-Now, you didn't answer my question~?]

[????: ... I have no... INTENTION OF ANSWERING! NYAAGH!]

[Figure: Heeh? ...very well. Die then.]

Dashing at him with full speed, the girl had no intention of listening to his nonsense, pulling back her right arm for a slash, making the figure step back and cover their face.

Grinning at the simple block, she stops in her tracks, then jumps up against the left wall slightly above the figure-'CATS ARE NIMBLE YOU KNOW!', Dashing at him from the side with her right arm out ready to shred them.

Lowering his arms, the figure turns their head towards her.'Hnn- Too linear~'. As if mocking her, he gently blocks her strike with the back of his left hand, moving it the side while twisting around his hand and grabs hold of her arm.

Pulling her down the the side and was about to knee her in the stomach when she quickly spun around and kicked off from a dumpster next the them, making the figure let go of her.'Hooh? Hn-Hn, Cats are nimble, right-right~'

As she lands abit infront of him, He crosses his arms while nodding. Seeing the carefree nature of the figure, who doesn't even seem to use his full powers... She quickly desided that running would be the best option, however...

Suddenly, her body went dumb, making her widen her eyes in shock.'NYAH!?' Falling face first into the ground, while her eye-whites starts turning red.

She reverts back into her normal human form while the figure walked up to her, stopping and looks down at her.

[Figure: Hn~...This is the difference, between a fake... and the real deal. Neh-heh~]

[????: W-What did you- do...?]

[Figure: Hnn... No. the dead don't SPEAK!]

Stepping on the girls head while saying 'SPEAK', the figure twists its foot from side to side while giggling eriely as a dim fog starts surouding them both.

[Figure: ...Say... Do you value you life?]

As she was struggling to move her body, another person comes walking out of the fog with the same cloak and Mask but wearing the cloak like a cape, Showing his white vest and black shirt with rolled up sleeves and brown leather gloves, with black leather pants and black shoes.

[Man: Reila, that's enough. ...Why are you attacking this girl?]

[Reila: Hnnn- I thought we were suposed to kill the Rinne cell holders~]

[Man: Fool, we are to capture them... to cultivate more of us. Or goal is the Salvation of mankind, by evolving further beyond our species limits.]

The man hunches down next to the girl, lifting up her head by her hair, making her winch in pain.'Erh-Who..Who are you people...'.

[Man: We are the saviours of mankind... You should also join us, and one day your very wishes will be granted.]

[Reila: Hnn, Aha~ Someone is coming Kayami-senpai! Let's go.]

[Kiyama: Hm, well think about it, Umiyo Takashi... I'll meet you in the cafe tomorrow.]

Letting her go, Kiyama quickly stands up and rushes back into the fog, with Reila... and the fog slowly disappears.

A elderly man with a younger man comes running from the end of the allyway, holding out their guns, it was Dan and Emil who had ivestigated the crime scene earlier.

Noticing the girl, Dan quickly rushes to her, hunching down and grabs unto her shoulder in fright.

[Dan: Hey- You alright? Miss! Damnit- Always too late...]

Emil was looking around the area, when he notices something sparkling on the ground, walking over to it, he picks up what seems to be a small cracked open glass container, much like the one from before.

[Emil: Dan-kun... Take a look at this.]

[Dan: Hmm.. What is it?]

Standing back up, Dan walks over to Emil who is holding the container with a worried expression.'It would seem... It's related to them.'

Seeing the container, Dan clicks his tounge while digging his hands into his pockets.

[Dan: Fuck's sake... At this rate...]

[Emil: Hmm, Indeed. It'll be something 'they' have to handle.]

----------------------------------------------------------------The next morning, Hiragi's appartment.------------------------------------------

Hiragi had just woken up from a long sleep, still feeling exausted and ruined.'...Yuuki...' Yawning, he lifts his bed sheet of himself and sits on the side of his bed, stretching his arms upwards.

[Hiragi: It'll be empty without her... I still can't believe what happend...-Ergh-... Trying to recall it just brings me a headache...Haah.. For better or for worse, i guess.]

Scratching his tired eyes, he stands up from his bed and heads out from the room, walking into his living room, he stops and glances at the two girls laying on hsi sofa dressed in what seems to be his spare clothes from his wardrobe.

Angelica with a white t-shirt with the words 'Oppai' on it, and red swimming shorts, and Gwen with a thick red and white christmas shirt, and some grey jogging trousers. both flat out sleeping on his sofa like they owned the place.

Only giving of a small smile, Hiragi heads towards his bathroom.'Well, Yuuki... You wouldn't want me to sulk- huh?'. Stopping, he turns towards a window, looking out at the bright sun while smiling slightly.'I'm sure you'd be like -No good sulking over spilled milk! Just fill up the glass again with a smile!- Right...? Hm.'.

---------------------------------------------------------------Hiragi's Appartment, 09:00 AM----------------------------------------------

Waking up drooling, Angelica sits up with droozy eyes, with Gwen following suit, Both looking around confusely.

[Gwen: Sis... Ere yu...haaah, cooking...?]

[Angelica: Dhumassh... I'm next to you...]

[Gwen: Than who...?]

[????: So you finally woke up huh, good... I made you breakfast.]

Both turning towards the voice in a joint motion, the look in surprise at the smiling Hiragi standing with a tray of Sandwitches and cettle of tea. Chuckling at their reactions, he places the tray down on the living room table and takes a seat on a wooden chair.

[Gwen: Hisagi... Neh-neh, Onee-chaaan... Wasn't he dead?]

[Angelica: ...You...Whatever, It's you after all sis...]

[Hiragi: Gahahaha~ You two sure are somthing... Didn't think you were sisters though?]

While digging into their sandwitches, Angelica nods in respons to him, meanwhile Hiragi takes a sip out of his teacup and leans back.

[Hiragi: -It'll be hard... But i'll stay strong for you...Yuuki, no matter how much... it hurts...-]

-Too be countinued-
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PostSubject: Re: -------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)   Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:54 pm

--------------------------------------------------Chapter 6: Training---------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------Unknown Location-----------------------------------------

Sitting over viewing a underground training facility, a man wearing a dirty, ripped up black cloak with short grey hair, having a band-aid covering his right eye with a small bit of a burn wound showing under it.

Reaching into his pocket, he takes out a small trinklet with a scratched up photo in to.'...Tsk...' clicking his tounge in anger, he puts it into his pocket again.

[????: I didn't expect to see you here... Jack-san. Oh right, you go by 'Shirou' Now huh?]

[Shirou: Hm, my name doesn't matter to me, I lost that right a long time ago.]

A man wearing a green hoodie with black trousers and white boots, having Half spiked up Green/black hair on his right side with a ear-peircing on his left ear, Sits down next to Shirou holding a red soda can in his left hand.

[????: Ahaha, right... I heard about the tale of 'Jack the red demon' Who slaughtered millions, even his loved ones.]

[Shirou: I have no right to be forgiven... what i did, Back then i...]

Shaking his head, Shirou holds his right hand on his damaged right eye, being reminded of his past.

[Shirou: Never mind that story, Genji.]

[Genji: Hmmm? Hey, is it true that your right eye has the power from a goddess~ Sounds like something from a manga haha~]

[Shirou: Goddess huh... As that silly legend says- I killed the people of that 'land' and stole the powers from a goddess in cold blood... nothing else to it...nothing.]

Meanwhile on the training ground below them, A young girls scream is heard, Making Shirou look down in haste. Seeing a teenage boy holding a younger girl, 10-ish, shirt with his right fist clenched.

With the girl crying, the boy grinds his teeths in frustration.

[Boy: Pathetic girl! Someone as weak as you deserves a beating! I can't believe you made us fail that test!]

[Girl: I-I'm sorry... Just don't hurt me...]

[Boy: HAAAH!? Speak clearer you damn brat!]

The boy took another swing at her, However before it could land, someone grabbed his arm, making him widen his eyes in surprise.'What?' Looking towards the person, It was Shirou, lookind down at him with a irritated expression.

[Shirou: What's this about, boy.]

[Boy: Tsk- She deserved it! She is a weak and paaah-]

Interupting him, Shirou let go of his arm, then punched him right in the gutter, making the boy double over on his knees.

[Boy: UGH! W-What was- that from...?!]

[Shirou: You said it didn't you... Since you are weak, you deserved to get punched, Since you are weak-]

Shirou pulls out a rust old Katana from its sheeth, Knocking the pommel of it straight into the boys face.. Making him fall backwards with a bloody nose.

[Shirou: You should be treated badly... Do you enjoy that logic? I have seen the worst of people, i KNOW that that way of thinking is dangerous... Think about your actions.]

Putting away his Katana, Shirou turns away heads back to his seat with Genji Smiling sinisterly at him.

[Genji: Why'd you stop them? Haha, Someone from that group surely isn't a 'mister nice guy' right?]

[Shirou: ...Say what you will. I simply joined them inorder to get my hands on the 'Rinne cell'...]

[Genji: Hmmm~ To bring them back? Those gi-]

Irritated at Genji's mocking tone, Shirou grabs hold of his shirt glaring at his his cloud filled eyes of rage. Understanding the situation and that he went to far, Genji says sorry... Making Shirou let go and take a seat again.

[Shirou: I know it wouldn't remove my sins... but- I WILL have it.]

--------------------------------------------------------------Football plain outside Hiragi's appartment----------------------------------------

Standing in the middle of it, Hiragi and the two girls Gwen and Angelica stand infront of each other, Gwen and Angelica are both stretching while Hiragi just stands unsure of why they are out here.

[Hiragi: Uhm- Why are we out here again? I know it's a sunny weather and all but...]

[Angelica: Hm? Oh, yeah we are gonna be training you from now on in the arts of ~Fighting~!]

Instantly looking at them with a dumbfounded expression, Hiragi picks up his bag and turns back home.'Bye.'. Shocked at his reaction, Angelica quickly runs over ot him, and grabs the back of his shirt making his stop and tumble back a bit.

[Angelica: WAIT-WAIT-WAAAIT! Trust in your senpai's! We are strong~ We can train you well! Pwease~'Puppy eyes']

[Gwen: Right-Right! I agree, we are strong!]

[Hiragi: Look, that's not the issue... AND DON'T 'PUPPY EYES' ME! Ahem, Why would i need to learn fighting?]

[Angelica: Hmm~ If me and sis were to attack you right now, what would you do?]

Looking at her with wide open eyes, Hiragi softly laughs while scratching the back of his head.

[Hiragi: I'd probably be killed... I guess? Ahaha...]

[Angelica: Right-Right, So~ Attack me with all you've got...]

[Hiragi: Eh?]

---------------------------------------------2 hours later------------------------------------------

Laying down on the grassy plain, Hiragi is completely drained from all the training, while Angelica and Gwen are both still as if fresh, looking at them... Hiragi had a hard time believing he just spent to hours getting pummeled by them...

Forcing himself up, he whipes off some dirt on his trousers, when suddenly, A dim fog surounds them out of nowhere.'Fog? the weather cast didn't..HUH!?' Noticing both Gwen and Angelica had disappeared, Hiragi quickly looks around himself in panic.


No response... Suddenly, a masked figure appeared infront of him, with crossed arms, it's too foggy to make out his clothes- just his pale white mask.

[????: Hmpf- So you're the boy who survived... Luckly for you kid- I'm ordered not to hurt you, heh~ Nothing was said about the people around you though...]

[Hiragi: Surv-!? You- You're, from that day- YOU'RE THE BASTARD THAT KILLED YUUKI!?]

[????: I am. Hmpf- I'll take my leave. Farewell, Luckid!]


Angerly running at the man, Hiragi had lost his previous cool- faced with the man who killed Yuuki, what else could he do? However, the man disappeared into the fog...

Clenching his fists, Hiragi screams out so loud his voice cracks.'YOU BASTARD!!!' before the fog vanished. then, Looking around himself, something was missing.

[Hiragi: Hmm... Was i with someone- ERGH- Again, my head feels like it's shattering, Haah... Why, was i out here...]

Did he loose his memories of them? what happend to Gwen and Angelica? WHO was that man? Find out next time!

-----------To be countiued--------------
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-------------Chikara no Rinne---------------------(By RobinUchiha)
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