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 Boruto VS Kawaki - The battle of The Future

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Boruto VS Kawaki - The battle of The Future  Empty
PostSubject: Boruto VS Kawaki - The battle of The Future    Boruto VS Kawaki - The battle of The Future  EmptyWed Apr 11, 2018 6:53 pm

Boruto VS Kawaki - The battle of The Future Part 1 - First step


Naruto, the Seventh Hokage is in his house with his wife Hinata and their Daughter Himawari When knocking from the door could be heared, wondering who it could be, Hinata went to open the door.

[Hinata:"I'll get it dear."

[Naruto: Alright.]

Opening the door, She is greeted by a 17 Year old man, wearing a Black hooded coat. Glancing up at her, the man calmly asks.

[Man: Is this where the Seventh Hokage lives...?]

[Hinata: Uhm, Yeah... Can i ask- Gah!?]

Stoppin in her words, Hinata felt a stinging pain in her stomach, looking down the man had stabbed her with a staff looking object.
Lifting his other arm, slowly pulling down his hood.

[Man: You aren't needed, Hinata-san.]

Quickly activating her Byakugan, Hinata grabs the Staff and is about the hit him with her Gentle fist... But, she notices the mans appearance.

[Hinata: K-Kawaki-kun!?]

It was Boruto's friend Kawaki, Unable to believe it Hinata steps back and lets the staff go, Meanwhile Naruto had noticed the situation and ran past Hinata while forming a Rasegan in his right hand.


[Himawari: Mother!? Stay still, I'll heal you!]

Naruto Thrusts the Rasengan at Kawaki who backflips backwards and lands on the dirt path outside the house, Looking down at Kawaki with serious, rage filled eyes Naruto yells out.

[Naruto: What the hell are you up to, Kawaki!? Why'd you attack Hinata!?]

[Kawaki: She was in the way.. I'm after you- Old man Naruto.. Hoped it would have gone smoother. 'Kara' will now invade this village.]

Holding his staff out to the side, Kawaki jabs it into the ground and lets go of it, forming hands signs rapidly.'Shadow Style...' Holding out his right hand, A black sphere forms into it with intense black energy waves swirling around.

[Naruto: Shadow style?! Kawaki, you..]

[Kawaki: That's right... I have obtained power equal to that of the Sage of Six Path... IT'S OVER! UZUMAKI NARUTOOO!!]

Kawaki pulls back his right arm, then with a evil glint in his eye he thrusts to towards Naruto with all his might. Quickly activating his Kurama mode Naruto blocks the attack with the tail arms formed from his cloak.'KURAMA!'.

However, before his hit Naruto, Kawaki grined before dissappearing with a blinding speed, Appearing next to Naruto and kicking him in the side making Naruto stumble to the side, meanwhile the Black chakra orb in Kawaki's hand becomes bigger as he thrusts it towards Naruto again.

[Kawaki: You're movements are dull! So much for the so-called strongest Shinobi of his era!!]

[Himawari: FATHER!]

Himawari comes running, Jumping infront of the attack making Kawaki flinch for a second.'Himawari!?' the attack bursts though her stomach, spalltering blood all over Naruto who looks it shook and panic while Kawaki clicks his tounge annoyed. grabbing her right shoulder pulling out his arms covered in blood.

He jumps back, letting Himawari fall backwards. Naruto deactivates his cloak and catches her in his arms.


[Himawari: Gomenazai...]

Hugging her tightly in hes arms with tears dripping down. Looking at Naruto and Himawari, Kawaki walks over to his staff and pulls it up, then rests it on his shoulder.

[Kawaki: Hmm, that was unexpected. Naruto? how about giving up, and hand yourself to- Guess not huh...]

[Naruto: I won't forgive you... Kawaki...You'll pay for this... KURAMAAAA!!!]

Yellow energy burst out around Naruto, rapibly changing him into the Kurama chakra mode. He carefully lays Himawari down and in the blink of an eye vanishes and appears infront of Kawaki, punching him straight in the face making him fly back though the outer wall of the garden into the road out side.

Standing up while dusting of his clothes, Kawaki looks at Naruto with confident eyes as if mocking his power, Naruto looks at him confused as to why he didn't even get a scratch on his body from the hit.

------Naruto's mind-------------

[Kurama: ...Looks like he put up a chakra defence around himself, seems like he is not to be underestimated.]

[Naruto: Doesn't matter, I'll destroy all his defences!]

[Kurama: Wait! Think about where you are, if you go all out here you could destroy the village in the process! You gotta lead the battle out of the village...]

--------------Back to normal------------

[Kawaki: Is that it? Hmpf- I won't even need to use 'that' power... But.]

Jabbing down his staff again, Kawaki presses his hands together 'Summoning!' Several smoke colums puffs up around them, and as the smoke cleared 10 Robotic puppets stands ready to fight.

Widening his eyes slightly, Naruto clenches his right fist while swing his left to the side.

[Naruto: You're with them, Kawaki!?]

[Kawaki: Nh, I joined the ranks of Kara several years ago...]

Holding up his left arm, A symbol of sorts is spreading up his arm.

[Kawaki: This is the end, Seventh Hokage...]

-----------Kawaki's mind------------

[????: ...Stall the hokage until we arrive, and if you can... Capture him in the seal that Momoshiki gave us...]

[Kawaki: Right.]

-----------Back to normal------------

Ripping out the staff from the ground, Kawaki rests it on his shoulder as the Puppets move forward and raises their hands with distinct clicking sounds.

Noticing them building up chakra withing the hands, Naruto quickly presses his hands together and the Yellow chakra bursts out from his back, covering Himawari and Hinata.

Bullets made of fire blasts out from them, bombarding Naruto endlessly.

[Naruto: Ergh- They are just Puppets, yet they have such a magnitude of chakra!?]

Meanwhile, Kawaki reached into his left back pocket, pulling out a ancient looking tablet while looking over at the struggling Naruto then glancing behind him at the stone monument.

[Kawaki: -Boruto...- Seventh Hokage, I will have you enter... THE PALACE OF THE DRAGON KING!!]

Filled with determination, Kawaki throws the tablet towards Naruto and as it lands next to him it shatters and turns into smoke making Naruto look in shock.

[Naruto: Palace of the dragon king... That's...!?]

-------Inside Naruto's mind---------------


------Back to normal----------------------

Naruto quickly trys to move, however the puppets barrage is still going. Glancing back at Hinata and Himawari who are both severaly hurt, he knew he couldn't get away.
------Naruto's mind-----------------------

[Naruto: Kurama..]

[Kurama: Right..!]

-----Back to normal----------------------

Closing his eyes, threads of chakra comes out from his back and covers the wounds making them heal ever so slightly.

Then, starting from his legs, a distorted energy creeps up like ice with crackling noises.'KRRK'.

Notices what Naruto was doing, Kawaki narrows his eyes slightly.

[Kawaki: Futile act, Old man... Healing them before you are sealed? Heh... Even in the onslaught of the puppets attacks, and being seal... You still have the will to save your family. honorable, i give you that.]

[Naruto: K-Kawaki... What happend to you..?]

The energy had covered about up to naruto's chest when you forced out that question. Ignoring it, Kawaki looks back at Himawari and Hinata.

[Kawaki: Hmpf, Seems you stopped the bleeding...]

Then, A man wearing a green jonin jacket and a blue scarf, with short brown hair comes flying down with a blue sphere like object in his right hand that has wind swirling around it.

[????: RASENGAN!!!]

---------------To be countinued-------------------------
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Boruto VS Kawaki - The battle of The Future
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