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 *IMPORTANT READ* How to become a Gym Leader.

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*IMPORTANT READ* How to become a Gym Leader. Empty
PostSubject: *IMPORTANT READ* How to become a Gym Leader.   *IMPORTANT READ* How to become a Gym Leader. EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 4:51 pm

Reading this will allow you to follow these steps in order to become a Gym Leader. Here's what you need to do:

1. Bring or create 6 Pokemon, Level 100, Of one type (Dual types are allowed) and PM one of the Elite 4 Admins for a challenge.

2. The Pokemon must be legit. Moves it can learn through Level Up, Move Tutor, Egg Moves, TM Moves (Challengers are allowed also).

3. If you defeat one of the Elite 4 Admins you are certain to become a Gym leader. If you don't defeat us but make an impression on us then we will decide if you may become a Gym Leader.

4. You may pick from 1-8 slots open. If the slot you want is taken you must pick another.

5. Depending on which slot you pick we choose the amount of Pokemon you have and the level range of those Pokemon. You may not make or use Pokemon like a Level 10 Stoutland. You may not change Pokemon until you have been defeated. If you do you will get 1 Strike and if you do it again you will be removed as Gym Leader. (This applies to both statements made)

6. Once a Challenger defeats you, you must PM them saying "Congratulations! You have Defeated Gym Leader ____. As a result you get the _____ Badge! Continue getting strong and hope you make it to the Elite 4!" (This may vary if you are the Last Gym Leader)

Once you have read this send me a PM or add me on Skype and let me know you are from the Forum (Skype Name: razorleaf3). If you have any questions I will be willing to answer them!

                    ~Admin Santabolt
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*IMPORTANT READ* How to become a Gym Leader.
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