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PostSubject: --Divergent--   --Divergent-- EmptyTue Feb 11, 2014 11:33 am

divergent: adjective - "tending to be different or develop in different directions."

The exact date it happened is not known. We dogs typically don't keep track of time like humans did. After all, it is a reminder of every passing day, the countdown to our inevitable deaths. I always questioned why humans would want to know that.

Anyway, that is beside the point. While I am not aware of the exact time of its happening, it was a long time ago (I think) but the memory stays fresh in my mind.

It didn't happen right away, but the signs started to appear quickly. The sky wouldn't get as bright with each passing day. Each day got colder, bit by bit. Humans began to become frantic, some blaming it on what they referred to as "global warming," which is a concept I don't comprehend.

As the time continued to pass, I recall that the sky was basically night time all day and the temperatures were so cold that one step outside was enough to chill you to the bone. Humans and their pets were confined to their homes, my owner included. The outside animals weren't so lucky, many of them freezing to death or burrowing underground to escape the cold.

And then it happened.

The ground began to rumble, slightly at first and then turned into a worldwide earthquake. The temperatures quickly jumped to incredibly hot temperatures. There was a worldwide panic and no one knew what was going on and what to do.

And that was when it flashed.

--Divergent-- PW-2012-10-25-entangled

That was it. There was just this giant bright flash. It was over in an instant, and just as quickly the entire human population was wiped out on that very moment.

It wasn't just the humans who took the blow. Many large mammals (such as elephants, tigers, lions, wolves, etc.) also were wiped out entirely. They didn't have any signs of having been hurt, they were just dead. All dead. Lying there on the ground or whatever they were lying on at the time.

After the flash, the temperatures returned to their normal state and the ground stopped shaking. It seemed fairly normal. Save for the countless dead bodies.

But if that all wasn't strange enough, the populations that the flash didn't wipe out (which included dogs, cats, many small land mammals, birds, and any aquatic creatures) were completely untouched, or so we thought, but I'll touch on that later.

Anyway, now that the dominant species was wiped out, naturally the species closest to humans that still existed became the new dominant species - the ones who had been by human's sides for millennium, the dogs and cats.

It was around the time that the new dominance system was set up that we realized that we were not the same as we were before. Some animals started being able to control elements such as water and electricity. It was a peculiar phenomena that no one could figure out, though we suspect that the flash must have malformed our genes. Soon every living creature found out what it was capable of controlling and it became what we all needed to preserve our species since we were obviously not as capable as humans were otherwise.

--Divergent-- ElementalWolfwater

--Divergent-- Legend_Of_The_Thunder_Dogs_by_ElementalSpirits

--Divergent-- _____elemental_cats______adoptables_by_kitsune_nyx-d50xoxh

These new powers we received were rather strange. In families such as the canines, each individual could control a single element but it varied from each individual to the next. In species such as felines, they could control two elements but their powers were generally the same as every other one's. Then there were species like bats, who could only control one specific element throughout their entire species.

For this reason, the animals were split up into three groups, which I will describe below:

The Unielemental Group: This group is where canines fit into. While each individual is only able to control a single element based on their genetic bloodlines, the range of elements that the species in itself can control is huge. The most common elements they are known to control would be water, electricity, and fire, however every other element has been documented in this group.
The Dielemental Group: This group is where felines fit into. Each individual can control two different elements based on their genetic bloodlines, but in return the range of elements the species can control is very limited. In fact, the only elements they are capable of controlling are water, fire, magic, wind, and there have been very few documented cases of time.
The Monoelemental Group: This group typically encompasses the less developed species like bats, birds, and mice. Each species belonging to this group can only wield a single element as a whole. For example, every single bird alive is only capable of controlling wind. This makes them very limited and predictable, but since they usually are the prey to other more developed animals, it works in favor of the higher status animals.

Here are all the known elements so far:

Water, fire, electricity, earth, wind, shadow, magic, time.

--Divergent-- Elemental_Animals_by_shadow_wolf

... Hm?

Who am I, you ask?

You'll figure this out eventually, my friend. Until then, prepare to take your first few steps into this still developing and unexplored world.

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