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PostSubject: --Divergent-- PROFILES/SIGN-UP   --Divergent-- PROFILES/SIGN-UP EmptyTue Feb 11, 2014 11:39 am

Here is where you create a profile for your character.

Before you ask, if you are not using a dog or cat or anything mentioned in the main article, just use your best judgement as to what group they'd fall under. Also, you can pick whatever element(s) you'd like, however I would like it if there was some diversity.

Also keep in mind that magic and time elements are extremely rare, so having more than one of each (particularly time) won't be allowed. For the sake of being fair, I simply advise for you to just stick with the more common elements, or don't make the character instantly an expert at the usage of magic/time.

Here are all the known elements so far:

Water, fire, electricity, earth, wind, shadow, magic, time.

Water elementals are usually calm and compassionate. They control water freely and can freeze it to make ice. Typically they are not fond of shadow elementals but get along with wind elementals.

Fire elementals are usually hot-tempered and hasty. They control fire to their will and as such are considered the most destructive element, giving them a bad reputation. Typically they get along really well with electricity elementals but hate water elementals.

Electricity elementals are usually quick thinking and smart. They control electricity and light. They're surprisingly mellow and don't tend to hate any elemental, though usually they're drawn to fire elementals.

Earth elementals are usually strong-willed and proud. They control earth and anything directly formed from it, such as rock and iron. They are usually very independent and don't bond well with any other elementals.

Wind elementals are usually high-spirited and happy. They control wind and as such can summon up small twisters, which is usually only effective as a defense mechanism, but they usually aren't the ones to fight anyway. Typically they bond well with water elementals.

Shadow elementals are the most misconcepted elementals. A lot of them are actually very kind and giving, but shadow elementals are most common among those with evil in their hearts and thus making shadow elementals the most feared. They can traverse even in bright daylight as simply a shadow on the ground and can even raise shadows from the ground and turn them into a physical form for a projectile or defensive shield. The kinder ones bond well with water, wind, and sometimes electricity, but due to their nature they are typically avoided by all elementals.

Magic elementals are the second least common elementals, most of their population being felines. They are usually great problem-solvers and good listeners but have a tendency to be very shy. They can use their powers to make nearby things levitate or can temporarily restrict a foe's movement greatly. Some can even heal wounds. However, they have to be extremely cautious with the mount of magic they use because if they use too much they will die. They get along well with any elemental willing to get along with them.

Time elementals are by far the rarest elemental, only belonging to a select few bloodlines in the entire planet. For this reason, it is hard to really say what they're like and what they do. However, they seem to be capable of temporarily stopping time and also traveling back or forward through time, though how far they can go in either direction is also unknown.

And these are the three groups that all the living animals live in:

The Unielemental Group: This group is where canines fit into. While each individual is only able to control a single element based on their genetic bloodlines, the range of elements that the species in itself can control is huge. The most common elements they are known to control would be water, electricity, and fire, however every other element has been documented in this group.
The Dielemental Group: This group is where felines fit into. Each individual can control two different elements based on their genetic bloodlines, but in return the range of elements the species can control is very limited. In fact, the only elements they are capable of controlling is wind, fire, magic, water, and there have been very few documented cases of time.
The Monoelemental Group: This group typically encompasses the less developed species like bats, birds, and mice. Each species belonging to this group can only weild a single element as a whole. For example, every single bird alive is only capable of controlling wind. This makes them very limited and predictable, but since they usually are the prey to other more developed animals, it works in favor of the higher status animals.

If you have any suggestions for other elements that I should add, please say so!

Now enough blabbing, here if the sign-up form that you must post here if you wish to join the RP. Do not post it in the actual RP, please!

Nickname (optional) :
Element(s) :
Personality/Personal Details:
What they look like:

More than one of these may be filled out if you are using more than one character.

So I can give an example and also because I am partaking in this RP, here is my own character form filled out:

Name: Akiana
Nickname (optional) : Aki
Gender: Female
Species: Husky
Group: Unielemental
Element(s) : Wind
Age: 21 (dog years)
Personality/Personal Details: Intelligent, independant, optimistic, prone to sudden shifts in mood, quite gullible, loyal, not very brave, quite clumsy, fast runner, easily becomes jealous, when angered can be very hard to calm down.
What they look like: Black/white fur, one blue eye and one amber, has streaks of blue across her back symbolizing her element, curled tail, pink tongue, has a thick navy blue bracelet around her front right paw, left ear is flopped over while the right stays up. (Look to my current profile picture)

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Zhiaduth Ronha
Zhiaduth Ronha

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PostSubject: Re: --Divergent-- PROFILES/SIGN-UP   --Divergent-- PROFILES/SIGN-UP EmptyTue Feb 11, 2014 8:00 pm

Name: Skylar
Nickname (optional) : Skyly, Sky-kun
Gender: Male
Species: Abyssinian Grey (feline)
Group: The Dielemental Group
Element(s) : Magic/ Is discovering ability with water
Age: 20 (in.. cat years?)
Personality/Personal Details:
~He's a very quiet and timid cat. Even those he has known sense being a kitten, he tends to only meow a small "hi" or "okay"
~Very protect of his friends when it matters most, and willing to die for them
~Stutters when he talks most of the time
What they look like:
~Thinly built, but tail and top of his head is extremely puffy. Tends to have one of his eyes covered from the hair on his head
~Fur is deep grey, but lightens up around the belly area and paws. Inside of ears has black fur. (inside ear is maroon)
~Eyes are a bright emerald
~Under his eyes are small black circle like markings
~Wears a blue color given to him by his mother that has her paw print on it.


Name: Takakkia
Nickname (optional) : Titi (Pronounced: "Tee-tee")
Gender: Female
Species: Karelian Bearhound
Group: The Unielemental Group
Element(s) : Electricity
Age: 14 (in dog years)
Personality/Personal Details:
~She will randomly chase her tail at any moment
~Tends to be quiet for the most part around strangers
~Is terrified of those who can use the element Earth
What they look like:
~Main fur color is black. Under belly, tip of tail/ears, cheeks, and muzzle are all white. Transition of black to white in fur is in a wavy motion, has a treble clef marking on her flank
~One eye is bright green, other sky blue
~Claws on the right side of her body are green, and on the right they are blue. The Canine teeth in her mouth also follow this trait (correlating to eye color)
~Tongue is yellow
~White mohawk thingy down her forehead to base of neck
~Her ears are pierced, and tend to stay upright.
Questions/Concerns: N/A
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--Divergent-- PROFILES/SIGN-UP
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