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 -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------

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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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-----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ Empty
PostSubject: -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------   -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ EmptySun Sep 30, 2018 1:03 pm

-------------------------------------Chapter 1: Oppression-----------------------------------

It's a calm normal day in Konoha. Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada are walking thought the mission center where Genin and up are handed their assignments, usually from a lady named 'Suika Kannonji', who wears a white shirt and a Purple vest.

She has light brown har and a hair decoration formed like a flower. She is generally a nice person, but worries abit too much about small things.

Boruto holds his arms behind his head while smiling with his eyes closed.

[Boruto: Aaaahh~ Denki showed me this awesome new game yesterday 'ttebasa!]

Mitsuki tilts his head while also smiling with his eyes closed, holding his right hand on his chin.

[Mitsuki: That so?]

Nodding, Boruto held out his right hand while looking over at Mitsuki, super excited about the games story.

[Boruto: There was this ~awesome~ ninja that you play as named 'Kenji the thunder' who had lost his family in a tragic event, and is seeking vengance on the murderer 'ttebasa!]

[Mitsuki: Heeh, Kinda like Uchiha Sasuke?]

Both Sarada and Boruto stops while Mitsuki kept going before noticing they had stopped and looked back at the two confused team-mates.'Hm?'.

Sarada looks down with a sad expression while Boruto tilts his head with a questioning gaze.

[Boruto: M-Mitsuki...? What do you mean by that'ttebasa?]

[Mitsuki: My parent told me, the uchiha clan was whipped out by Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke's brother who he swore to kill and eventually did.]

Twitching his right eye in a mix of emotions, Boruto slowly looks over at Sarada who was looking a bit down.'S-Sarada, you knew...about this?'. Shaking her head at Boruto, she glanced over to mitsuki.

[Sarada: I only read in the history books that our clan was massacared, didn't know by who... By my uncle? Is that really true, Mitsuki?]

Changing his expression to a bit more calm and serious, Mitsuki nods.'En, so my parent said.'. Sarada understood the seriousness in those words, as she pictured Orochimaru in her head.

Shaking her head, she smiles and diverts the conversation towards the mission.'A-Anyway.'.

[Sarada: We have to go see what our mission will be right?]

She walks past Boruto and Mitsuki who both look at her, Boruto has a worried expression, those were some shocking news after all.'Sarada?'.

[Sarada: Haah... Let's focus on the mission, Okay? I am fine.]

[Boruto: Nm, If you say so...]

Having finally reached to front desk, they were greated by Suika who smiled happly at them.'Welcome~'.

Boruto slams his hands on the desk in excitement with a bright grin, making Suika twitch in shock.

[Boruto: Do you have any missions for us, Suika-chan?]

Nodding, she grabs a green scroll from a stack next to her, handing it to Boruto who grabs it and steps back to Sarada and Mitsuki before opening it.

[Boruto: Let's see... Eeeehh.... shopping for a old lady... D-rank mission!? Suika-chan, is this a joke'ttbasa?]

Looking over at her with total dissapointment. Suika shakes her head while holding up her hands.

[Suika: No-No-No, This is the only mission available at the moment... all other teams already took the others.]

Sighing at her response, Boruto closes the scroll up while nodding.'Yeah-Yeah, let's go guys.'

---------------------------------------------------------Later that day-------------------------------------------------------------------

All three of the are walking up the shopping district of Konoha that is filled with people. Boruto looks at a sheep of paper the old lady gave them.

[Boruto: Hmm, this old lady needs allot of things 'ttebasa.]

Sarada looks at his with one eye open while holding her left hand on her hip and her right arm outwards.

[Sarada: ...Maybe she is planing a party or something? or she just eats alot...]

then, Boruto tilts towards Sarada and jokingly whispers.'You don't think she is related to Chocho, huh?'. Making Sarada chuckle a big before shaking her head.

[Sarada: Haha, Nah, i don't think so. She didn't seem to be of the Akamichi clan.]

Moving away, Boruto agreed and leaned back while walking.'Anyways'. but, before he could speak several leaf police officers ran past them in a hurry, making them all stop and look towards them.

[Sarada: What's going on?]

[Boruto: Maybe there was a robbery or something 'ttebasa.]

Mitsuki then streached out his right hand and grabbed the top of a building.'I'll check.' he said before leaping up on the roof. Up on the roof, he ran quitely to the other end and found the other Police officers standing in a stand still againt a band of masked individuals that wore what looked to be old battle worn shinobi gear and outfits.

[Mitsuki: -Rogues?-]


[Leaf Police 1: Don't do any futher damage! We are aresting you for threat against the public!]


The man furiously slams his hands together, then slams them into the ground causing a small tremble before 2 shells made of rock sprung up from the ground next to each Police officer and captured them inside. 'What the-!?'. Then, anther man for the tiger seal while yelling out.

'Fire Style: searing caskets!'. and before long, silent screams came out of the rock coffins making Mitsuki widen his eyes.'This is bad...'. He quickly ran back towards Boruto and Sarada in a hurry.

Jumping back down to Boruto and Sarada, who looks at him impaciently to hear what is going on.'So, what is it?' Sarada asks while Mitsuki nods before giving his response.

[Mitsuki: There seems to be a group of 'rogues' that were having a battle against the Police force.]

[Boruto: Rogues?]

[Sarada: What do you mean? we're the police force having trouble against them? if not then we shouldn't-]

Cutting her off, Mitsuki told them what he had seen, leaving them both in shock and slightly scared.'Wha... We should report this to the jonin!' Sarada said while turning towards the hokage mansion.

'Wait 'ttebasa!' Boruto grabbed her arm to stop her. 'If we just leave them, then civilians could be in danger! Me and Mitsuki will stay here while you get help.'. Boruto proposed and gave Mitsuki a gance of confirmation, and Mitsuki nodded in agreement.

however, Sarada thought the idea was too dangerous.

[Sarada: Are you stupid? if what Mitsuki said was true then, they took out several Police force members like nothing!]

[Boruto: We don't have time for this, go tell the others! Let's go, Mitsuki!]

Ignoring her worries, Boruto let go and waved to Mitsuki while jumping up towards to roof top, leaving Sarada behind.'Wai- BORUTO!' Reaching up her hand she yelled out his name but it was too late. 'Tsk, that guy... You better be careful you two.' She sighs and quickly started making her way to the mansion.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Minutes later------------------------------------------------------------

Two of the men had cornered a man in his 30s and a young girl no older then 8 whom the man was trying to protect. 'G-Get away from us you fiends!'. The two men only chuckled before one of the pulled out a rusty old Kunai.'You have lived in confinement all this time... We shall free you both from the bonds of opression!'. Slowly walking towards them, the man held out the kunai pointing at them.

Then, he suddely stopped as two shuriken flew at him, making him dash backwards.'Hm?'. Boruto and Mitsuki both lands infront of the man and child.'Hooh? Children of opression?' Lowering his arm holding the Kunai, the man sighed. meanwhile Boruto raised his right earbrow while narrowing his eyes. 'Haah? Opression? What are you on about 'ttebasa?'.

Stepping back, the man felt dissapointment at their arrival.'If you are here then, it's over. Kisaki we leave... Oh, and children of opression, know this... a new era is aproaching.'

Both of them dissappeared into a mist while Boruto ran at them and threw a punch but only stumbled forward.'WAIT! Damnit... Who were they?'. Then, the man with the child walked up to both of them and bowed.'Thank you! Thank you so much!'. Shaking his head while smiling, Boruto felt like it was only natural for them to save them.'No-No, it was only our job, we are ninja after all.'.

Raising his head, them man smiled with tears in his eyes.'even so, i thank you... If something would have happend to my dear daughter... Thank you.'.

----------------------------------------------------------------Later that day: Hokages office--------------------------------------------

Silence filled the room as Boruto had gotten some worring words from his father.'W-What...?'. Sitting at his desk with his hands together, Naruto said it again.

'Sarada has not come to the mansion.'

----------------------------------------------------------------To be countinued----------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 228
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 23
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-----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ Empty
PostSubject: Re: -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------   -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 5:18 pm

-----------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 2: Mysterious encounter------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------------------------------Deep within a mountain range----------------------------------------------

Within a large mountain range close to the Rain village, there is a large creater that has old buildings and shacks scattered around with flaming poles for lights.

At the far end of the settlement was a large dugout cavern with 2 flame poles on either side and 2 guards wearing old wornout shinobi garments from different villages.

Inside the cave is a large space with several doors on the sides, with a throne like structure in the middle and several torches hanging from the walls. A man is sitting on the throne with his right leg up on the chair. and is leaning his ead on his right arm.

He has Black semi-long hair that is very ruffled up, and his left eye was covered in bandages. His clothes were a old torn-up Akatsuki cloak and he had no shirt under only a bandage around his waist. Black dirty old pants and torn old sandals.

The man looked with narrowed eyes, looking slightly annoyed over something as the footsteps of 3 people grew closer.'Lord Kousuke.'. The two men that encountered Boruto and Mitsuki walked in holding Sarada with a chain around her hands and a cloth covering her eyes with the symbol for 'Seal' on it.

[Kousuke: Hmm? Who is this, why have you brought a child here?]

He said while lifting his head from his arm. The man on Sarada's left nodded before turning Sarada around showing the Uchiha symbol on her back.'This is why.'. Annoying glancing at her back, Kousuke's expression softened up in surprise.

[Kousuke: ...Uchiha... I thought all Uchiha were dead? Where'd you find her?]

[Kisaki: Miyuki and Hitoshi found her while we were in Konoha... they confirmed it durning a battle with her, She has the sharingan.]

Hearing that made Kousuke very happy, he started smiling in joy.'Really? That's fantastic!' he said as he stood up and snapped his right hands fingers.

[Kousuke: Hurry-Hurry, Bring her to her cell! I'll go get Takako-chan~!]

---------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile in Konoha------------------------------------------------------

'Sarada has not come to the masion' was Naruto's words, distilling silence in the room as Boruto's worry grew and before long...

[Boruto: What do you mean she didn't come!? then where did she go'ttebasa!?]

[Naruto: Acording to civilians in the area, she was engaged in a battle against 2 masked people wearing old shinobi gear from the sand and the mist. She was knocked uncouncious and captured.]

Walking up to the desk, boruto slammed his hands into it while anger filled his face.

[Boruto: Then what are we doing!? We gotta go after them!!]

[Naruto: Boruto.]

Not listening to his father, Boruto quickly turned to leave the room but was stopped by Naruto loud voice.'BORUTO!'. Boruto glanced back at Naruto who went on to say.

[Naruto: We don't know where she is, they used some type of spacial ninjutsu to leave... Not even the barrier around the village detected them entering or leaving. I have already sent a message to Sasuke.]

Not liking that answer, Boruto clicked his tongue and opened the door.'You didn't see what they did... It'll be too late...' he said as he closed the door, leaving Naruto with a stern look.'Boruto...'.

-----------------------------------------------------------On the road to Boruto's house-----------------------------------------------

Walking with his hands in hsi pockets, the sun had barely dropped in the distance, leaving a golden light on the village. Looking over to it, Boruto felt so helpless, he didn't know where to even start looking. As Naruto said, they could be anywhere.

[Boruto: This sucks...ttebasa...]

as he turned to the last road streach to his house, he noticed a girl, looking no older then himself sitting on one of the side wall on the road with her eyes locked onto his house while dangling her legs.

She had short brown hair, a red shirt and a grey suit-vest over it, and standard leaf shinobi short pants and sandals.'Who's she?' boruto thought to himself as he casually walked past her. then, she noticed him and gave out a small.'Oh!' noice before jumping down from the wall.

Walking up to Boruto with a smile. 'You're Boruto, right?' she asked in a soft tone. Unsure of who she was, Boruto just nodded causiously. Extactic about it, she held her hands together in joy.'Yay~'. winching a bit, Boruto scratched the back of his head while asking.'And... Who are you?'.

She quickly locked her eyes into his while responding.

[Akane: I am Akane.]

Diverting his eyes, Boruto felt something off about her, but had other things in his head.'So, what do you want?'. He didn't have time for random encounters afterall. Akane Nodded, understanding that he had something else to do.'En.'.

[Akane: ...I have heard much about you Boruto-kun, and so i thought... Maybe... Maybe you could help me with something?]

[Boruto: Haah? ...Look, I'd help you but i have other issues on my table right now... sorry.]

Dissmissing her request nicely, Boruto started walking towards his house again. but is stopped by Akane's voice.'What if i knew where Uchiha Sarada was taken~?'. Boruto's eyes widened as he turned back towards her, seeing her standing there with a innocent yet almost evil smile.

Then, appearing behind her was the always calm Mitsuki, pushing her down on the ground and presses his right knee and her back and his right hand holding her head while his left hand held a Kunai that he held against her throat.'Heeh, mind telling us where now?'.

Boruto ran up to them and looked down at Mitsuki.'Mitsuki?! why are you here?'. Mitsuki's home wasa bit away after all, and Mitsuki only gave of a smile while tilting his head. Sighing at the usual response, Boruto then hunched down and looked at Akane's face.

[Boruto: What was this about knowing Sarada's location?]

Boruto would usually be against this kind of treatment, but as of now he would accept it if it meant finding Sarada. Akane smile before responding calmly.'Ehehe~ I didn't plan on tricking you or anything... So could he let me go? I'll tell you what i know...~'. Silently looking into her eyes, Boruto felt no ill intentions from her. 'Nh-'.

Standing back up, Boruto told Mitsuki to let her go. 'Mh' Mitsuki agreed and let her go. She stood back up and streached be back and whipped of the dirt on her clothes.'Much better~'. Boruto gave her a stern look while burying his hands in hs pockets. '...We'll talk in my room... Follow me.' Turning towards his house Boruto swung his head slightly to indicate the 'let's go'.

Nodding happly she followed him, and so did Mitsuki after both of them keeping a eye on her actions.

What will this meeting lead to? Who is Akane? And what will happen to Sarada!? Find out next time.
-------------------------------------------------To be countinued-----------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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Age : 23
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-----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ Empty
PostSubject: Re: -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------   -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ EmptyMon Oct 15, 2018 1:25 pm

-------------------------------------------------------Chapter 3: Long Journey ahead ----------------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------------Few days prior to Sarada's dissappearance----------------------------------------

Outside the Steam Village, A young person walks though a tight forest that had a small path though it, they have a beige colored rain coat with a hood, only a few strands of brown hair hung out from the hood.

'...If you plan to attack me, then do it...'. they said while stopping. then, 4 men dressed on Konoha Anbu gear came out quickly, surounding the hooded person.'...Konoha...?'. The person said before one of the Anbu members spoke up.

[Anbu 1: Quite sharp, so you are a shinobi.]

[Person: ...]

[Anbu 1: You are under arrest for attempted murder on our federal lord.]

Moving his head, he gave the order to take the person.'Right.' one of them nodded and went up to the person, however, Right as the anbu laid his hand on the person 6 spikes made of rock shot up from the ground, Impaling the Anbu member.'Arugh- w-wah...'

The other 3 member quickly jumped back into the air, with one of them yelling out.'Sakata-san!?!'. meanwhile the hooded person formed a few handsigns with the Anbu infront of them noticed.'Hm? Those hand signs- water style?'. The person then bit their right hands thumb and flicked their blood at the impaled anbu.

'Blood Style: Swirling blood bath.'

The blood in the impaled Anbu started to pulsate inside, casuing the vains to move around before bursting open and the blood came floating out and started at swirl around the person, leaving the body completely drained. 'W-What the-' lost for words, the other 3 Anbu could do nothing but stare in shock.'Blood style: Bloodied Rain.'

The blood swirled up into the sky and before long, the dark red blood rained down on them all covering everything in blood.'G-Gross- Damnit, Get the bastard!' quickly forming handsigns, the front Anbu cast several Shurikens while shooting out small fireballs that covers the shurikens.'Fire Style: Pheonix Flower Jutsu!'.

'Blood style: Blood red mirror.'

The blood in the air formed together and created a swirling mirror, shielding the person. Meanwhile the other two anbu pulled out their sword from their backs and went in from the sides.'We got you now!'. but their arms suddenly redirected the swords past the person and stabbed eachother.'Ugh-? W-What happen?'. Smiling while standing still between them, the person silently said 'Hehe-'

'Blood Style: Swirling Blood Bath.'

Both of them started to feel odd, and fell on their knees while wrapping their arms around their chests.'T-This feeling... What is...Uh-Uh- G-GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!' They both screamed out in suffering as their blood rushed out of their wounds.'A-Ah-Hhhhnnnngn-' They fell to the ground with their blood now swirling around the person.

The last Anbu fell over in compete fear, slowly crawling backwards from them.'W-W-WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU!?!'.

[Person: ...Tell me Konoha shinobi... Uchiha Sasuke- does he have a family he cares about? Kids, Wife, anything?...]

[Anbu: S-Sasuke...? I-I-I won't tell you anything! Th-The leaf doesn't sell out our comrades!]

[Person: Heeh... meaning- He does have someone? Hm-Hm, very well... Blood Style: Thousand needles.]

The blood on the Anbu's body formed into small needles and pierced his skin all over.'Ah-Agh! Y-You won't, get away with this...'.

'Blood Style: Swirling Blood Bath.'

------------------------------------------------------------------Current time, Uzumaki residence----------------------------------------------------

Opening the front door, Boruto let both Mitsuki and Akane in while laudly announcing being home.'I'm home!'. as they took of their shoes, the door to the kitchen opened with Himawari and Hinata walking out.'Welcom hom- Oh?'.

Seeing Mitsuki and a face she hadn't seen before, Hinata politely greeted them and Akane introduced herself as Himawari was happly hugging Boruto in the back.

[Akane: Nice to meet you! My name is Akane! So you are the Byakugan Princess i have heard so much about.]

[Hinata: Eh? Where did you-]

Interupting the conversation, Boruto headed up towards his room, calling Mitsuki and Akane to follow.'Anyways, let's head to my room... We don't need any food mom.'

Akane quickly followed Boruto while Waving to Hinata with a smile, And Mitsuki followed after with a suspisious glare.

-------------------------------------------------------------------Boruto's Room---------------------------------------------------------------------

Boruto sat down on his desk chair that was near his window while Akane looked around the room in curiosity.'Heeh~?'. While Mitsuki stood infront of the door, keeping his eyes on her.

[Boruto: So, what do you know about Sarada? And the culprits?]

Not answering the question, Akane sat down on his bed.'Your room is smaller then i expected~ But that's fine, small things are cute too.'. Boruto gave her a annoyed glare due to her ignoring his question.

[Boruto: Oi, I asked you a-]

[Akane: -The Rain, that's where you'll find her.]

Boruto's eyes locked open in shock.'Rain? Isn't that, where...'. Akane Nodded at his words with a smile before continuing.

[Akane: Mhm, It is were the terrorist group Akatsuki was said to be formed originally. The group that started the fourth great ninja war.]

[Boruto: Seriously'ttebasa? A-Akatsuki huh... But, Wait- Weren't they defeated in the war?]

[Akane: Yes~ This incident has nothing to do with them, but, a small group outside of the village named 'Mahiru-no-Oni', lead by a old war criminal named 'Kousuke Mitaraki'.]

[Boruto: W-War criminal...? Anyways, How would we get to the Rain? I mean, I don't even know where it is'ttebasa.]

[Akane: Here~ I have a map!]

Reaching into her back pocket, she pulled out a old map of the Shinobi world. Laying it out on the floor, she pointed at the location as Boruto Leaned over to see.'Heeh?'.

[Akane: As you can see, The Land of Fire shares a border with it~ However, the easiest way to it would be to go though the Land of River right here.]

Pointing at a location spot between The land of Wind and the Land of fire. Narrowing his eyes at the map, Boruto questioned why they couldn't just enter the Raind directly from the border.

[Akane: No trains, closest train we can take is from Tansaku that goes to the Hidden Valley Village, then hike up to the Rain.]

[Mitsuki: You seem to know allot about these things.]

Mitsuki gave her a look of suspision as she turned towards him with a smile.'Aha, well~ I was raised in the rain village.'.

Both Boruto and Mitsuki's eyes shook open, then Boruto looked at her with narrowed eyes, Obviously suspisious of her.

[Boruto: Then, why are you all the way out here?]

Looking towards Boruto, innocently smiling.'Well, my mother works here, I'm just visiting. anyways- We should hurry, there is a train on it's way in. Let's go~Let's Go~]

And so, despite their suspisions, Mitsuki and Boruto followed Akane to the train station.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Kousuke's base--------------------------------------------------

Sitting on his seat that resembles a throne inside the dark cave, Kousuke looked down on two men bowing before him.'So, what is it?'. He said condecendingly before one of them spoke up.

[Kisaki: Lord Kousuke, soldiers from the Rain came here today again, demanding our surrender.]

[Kousuke: They think we'd just give up? after they took our home from us? Never, we'll never give in to the oppressors... after all, we have the power of a Uchiha~]

------------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

Posts : 228
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Age : 23
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-----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ Empty
PostSubject: Re: -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------   -----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ EmptySun Oct 28, 2018 4:36 pm

------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 4: Hunt...! ------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------------Deep inside the Mahiru-no-Oni Base--------------------------------

A woman stood infront of a large Blimp-like ship made of metal with crude patch-jobs with slabs of metal randomly bolted on its sides. She crossed her arms looking at two men lifting in large wooden crates unto it.

She had short white hair and a burn mark covering the top half of her face with her Right eye being completely white and the other a Blue-green color. She also wore old Shinobi gear just like the other with her Chunin/Jonin Jacket being open.

[Takako: It won't be long before those Rain ninja comes back... ofcourse Kousuke-san won't give in to them... Hm, that fool can die alone~ I have the Uchiha girl in my possession after all~ He~He~He~]

Grinning at her own thoughts, she looked over at a cell door with glee.'...The sharingan~ Hm~Hm~Hm~ With it, and those Zetsu samples i have containing the DNA of Senju Hashirama... The Rinnegan will be achived by ~my~ work.'.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile outside the cave------------------------------------------

Kousuke stood with his hands in his pockets in the small village they had built, Smirking as several Ninjas from the rain stood infront of him.

[Rain Ninja: Oi! Didn't you hear!? Surrender now or face the consiquences!]

[Kousuke: ...You folk are funny, You all pretend you are SO special... Looking down on others because yu have your high-and mighty statuses... But, Mahiru-no-Oni will change this world.]

Weaving some handsigns, Kousuke vanished into the shadows while his eyes hand a red glint in them.'HeHeHe'. The Rain Ninjas shook slightly.'Hm? A cloaking jutsu!? Ishin, track hi-'. Turning towards his right, then first ninja eyes looked in confusion as his team mate was gone.

[Rain Ninja: Oi, Ishin!? Touma, where did Ishin go!?]

Looking at him in confusion, Touma turned towards where Ishin was standing.'Mikado, he's- Hm? EH!?'. Touma's eyes shook open as he noticed Ishin was gone, meanwhile Mikado quickly turned around before his eyes painfully widened.'U-Urgh-'. A wound the size of a knife opened in his chest.'D-Damnit, T-Touma, R-Run away...'

Mikado feel forward onto the dirt path making dust fly up. 'MIKADO!!'. Ignoring Mikado's words, Touma ran towards his fallen team mate, but before he could reach him, he felt a stinging pain in his side.'W-What...'. Winching in pain, he fell down on the ground.'Haah-Haah, W-What cut me...?'. Rolling over on his side, he held his left hand on the cut wound.

Kousuke then reappeared infront of him, looking down with a condecending gaze.'Hmpf, So much for you 'Elite' folk.'. Moving his look up, Touma sees the knife in Kousuke's right hand.'D-Damnit...'.

----------------------------------------------------------------------On the train to the Hidden Valley Village--------------------------

Boruto walked infront of Akane and Mitsuki while looking for seats holding his hands in his pockets.'Hm, Seems like there is some free seats up there.' He said pointing towards a booth.

As he reached it, he noticed someone was sitting on the seat next to the window, there was still 3 seats empty so he leaned forward.'Oi?'. The man sitting there glanced over at them.'What is it?'.

Pointing at the seats, Boruto asked if they were free and the man quitly mumbled.'...They are...' Before leaning back against the window frame.'Geez...' Sighing, Boruto waved over to Mitsuki and Akane before taking a seat infron of the man with Akane happly jumps infront of Mitsuki to take the seat next to Boruto.'Haah~ Finally able to take a breather~'.

Mitsuki just quitly ignored her and sits down next to the man.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile at the Hokage Office--------------------------------------

Shikamaru enter the office while Naruto was sitting at his desk, working on his laptop. Shikamaru threw down a sheet of paper on the desk while crossing his arms.

[Shikamaru: ...Seems Boruto is heading towards the Hidden Valley.]

Looking up at Shikamaru, Naruto was surpised but knew something like this would happen, knowing Boruto.

[Naruto: ...Hidden Valley? why would he go there...]

Grabbing the paper Shikamaru had, Naruto saw something that caused him to widen his eyes.'T-That's... Where was this taken?'.

[Shikamaru: At the train station in Tansaku town, Boruto and Mitsuki was with the girl... She probably knows where those ninja took Sarada.]

Nodding, Naruto put down the paper and started typing on his laptop.'Send tracker ninja's after them... Ones they know the location, have them bring Boruto and the others back... We don't know what they are capable of.'

----------------------------------------------------------------------Later on the train---------------------------------------------------

Boruto is leaning against the window, looking out at the greenary before a scream came from a cart ahead.'GAAAAHH!'. Quickly reacting, all three of them stood up.'What?'.

The door to their cart slowly opened as a cloaked man walked in.'I found you... Blood-red monster!' the man held out a semi-long sword that had lightning covering it and his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Boruto jumped infront of Akane and Mitsuki, narrowing his eyes while pulling out a Kunai. 'Who are you, What do you want?'. Akane looked shocked at Boruto before smiling.

[Mitsuki: Boruto, I don't think he has any intention of answering... at any rate, with all these people he-]

Cutting Mitsuki off, Boruto formed a few handsigns.'Yeah, I know!'. Meanwhile the man started to walk towards them while lighting sparks shot around from his sword, hitting stuff around him.'Out of my way... Brat...'.

------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued---------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

Robin Uchiha

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-----------Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fanfic------------------------ Empty
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-------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 5: Dangerous encounter --------------------------

The cloaked man walks towards them as lightning flys around, leaving black marks where it hits with the people panicing in their seats.'Out of my way... Brat...'. Holding back his right arm, A strong gust of wind forms around Boruto's hand.'Wind Style: Gale Palm!' Thrusting his hand forward with his palm open, Boruto sends off a strong wave of wind that pushes the man back into the cart ahead.

[Boruto: Mitsuki, here!]

Throwing his Kunai to Mitsuki, Boruto quickly heads for the other cart.'Hm?' Catching it, Mitsuki looks at it before looking over at Boruto.'...'.

In the other cart, the man was pulling himself of the floor by using the seats.'Kh- Damn brat... A ninja? That's fine... I can handle them.'. Looking forward he notices Boruto running towards him so he readys his sword while ginding his teeth.

Boruto stopped a bit infront of him, and is about to create shadow clones when he realized.'Shadow clone- Ah! Damn it, wouldn't be of much use in this tight space! Tsk- Well whatever... Who are you? what are you after here?]

Ignoring his question, the man swong his sword, creating a bolt of lightning that fly at Boruto.'S-Shit..!' Unable to dodge it, Boruto gets electicruted causing him to scream out in pain.'GAAAAAHHHH!!!'. Akane's eyes shook open and was about to go help when Mitsuki stopped her.'Wait.'.

Falling on his knees, Boruto started breathing heavily while the man grinned.'Heh, just as i thought... You're just brat!'. Assured of victory, the man walked up to Boruto to finish him off.'Brat, you say... I wonder... About that..' Boruto said as he looked up at the man with a confident grin.

Then, He yelled out 'Mitsuki!' before his poofed into a white smoke cloud, making the man step back in shock.'What? A shadow clone!? But i thought-' Before he knew it, out of the smoke came a Kunai.'A decoy!' It barely past his face.'-The other brat threw it hoping i wouldn't notice...- Heh, not bad but i am- BUWAH!?'.

being interupted, The man's face distored to the side like it was hit by something while he flew into one of the seats.'W-What was that...' he said while holding his jaw noticing the window on the other side was opened.'-Did something come from outside?- Enough of this...' Gripping his sword, he stood up with rage.'Lightning style: Cutting bolt!'.

swinging the sword upwards, a bolt of lightning came out from the sword, cutting a hole in the roof that he then jumped up from and landed on the roof.'You are annoying me- Brat!'. Boruto stood up infront of him with a grin.'Heh, come at me old man!'. the man rushed at Boruto, Stabbing him with the sword.'Gotcha!'. but again, it poofed into white smoke.'Another clone!?'.

Turning around he sees Boruto jumping up from between the carts.'Wind Style: Gale palm!' thrusting his palm at the man, a wave of wind flys at him and pushes him backwards, however, the man focused chakra into his feet to hold on to the train roof.'Heh, you're gonna have to do better then-' it was at that moment, Mitsuki came up from the side having climbed out the window.'Wind Style: Breakthough'.

Gritting his teeth, the man witstands even Mitsuki's attack.'Tsk, one after another- All i want is the red-blooded monster! GET AWAY FROM ME BRATS!'. filled with frustration, electicity started to eminate around him.'Lightning style... MELTDOWN!' The electicity around him began forming a vortex.'I'LL TAKE EVERYTHING ALONG WITH ME!!'.

Boruto's eyes widen in worry of all the people on the train, holding out his right hand.'W-Wait... D-DON'T DO IT!! DOOON'T!!!' panicly yelling out to the man that is about to self destruct, Boruto's emotions went wild while the symbol on his right hand started to spread.'S-STOOOP!!!'.

Just as the man was about to discharge the stored up chakra into a large scale explosion, a masked man wearing a black attire appeared as if from nowhere having a mechanical looking glove on his right arm.'Absorb.' he said quietly while aiming his palm at the man and a black sphere forms infront of it that pulls all of the chakra from the man into it making him stumble forward and look back in exaustion at the masked man.

'B-Bastard... I almost- Gh-GRAAAAAHHH!!' Becoming silenced by a loud Crackling sound his entire body was hit by all that chakra concentrated and amplified by the glove.'Silence.' His eyes turned with and smoke came out form his mouth and skin as he fell over on the roof.

Both stunned at what just happened, Mitsuki and Boruto looked at the newly appeared man and Boruto spoke up after a bit.'A-And... who are you, did you save us or something?'.

Turning towards Boruto who was holding his right arm while being bent forward, looking at the seal as it went back to normal.'-Karma... So this brat defeated Momoshiki then..?- Uzumaki Boruto, huh.'. Picking the burned man up over his shoulder, he turns away from Boruto who takes a step forward.'OI!'. The masked man glanced back slightly, leaving a few departing words before vanishing again.

'Beware child... having that means your future will be dark... one day you will lose it all.'

'OI, What do you mean by that!?'

------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countiued----------------------------------------------------------
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-------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 6: Suspisions ----------------------------------------------------

Standing on top of the train, Boruto was feeling exausted after the seal on his hand had retracted.'Erg- ...What was all that about...' he wondered as Mitsuki jumped over to him.

[Mitsuki: Are you alright, Boruto?]

[Boruto: Mh, More or less...]

Glancing down on his arm, he fell on his knees making Mitsuki shocked and quickly grabbed ahold of him as Boruto suddenly passed out.'A-Arg...'. Thinking to himself that he should bring Boruto back down into train, he looks up calmly at Akane who had climbed up after them.

[Mitsuki: What is it?]

[Akane: 'Mitsuki' was it? You... Don't trust me, do you?]

Lifting boruto up leaning on his shoulder, Mitsuki's expression didn't change as we walked closer to the whole the man had made.

[Mitsuki: 'Trust'...? No. But for the moment, you are the only one who knows something about Sarada's location. And...]

Looking softly at Boruto, Mitsuki only wanted to follow Boruto's path. Akane tilted her head, waiting for him to countinue.'And?'.

[Mitsuki: Nmnh, Nothing.]

Mitsuki shook his head before jumping down into the hole with Boruto, leaving Akane with a wonderous gaze as her hair flys in the air.

Meanwhile the train conductor yelled out from the front window.'OI!! GET DOWN FROM THERE!! IT'S DANGEROUS!!'. Tiling her head, she questioned the fact the he JUST noticed someone was up here... Doesn't he know what happend?.

Shruging, she jumps down the hole aswell.

------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile at Mahiru-no-Oni's base---------------------------------------

Walking into the base after killing the rain ninja, Kousuke is met by Takako who is standing infront of his 'throne'.

[Kousuke: Ah, Takako-chan~ something you wanna report?]

Takako Stays silent with her eyes closed, making Kousuke confused while stopping infront of her, slightly worried of her acting.'Takako..chan?'.

Turning towards him, Takako reveals her eyes being covered in bandages making Kousuke lift his right eyebrow in wonder.'Hm?'.

[Takako: I take it you defeated the Rain ninja, did you?]

Nodding with Pride, Kousuke went to sit down on his 'throne' and leaned back into it.'Ofcourse, this will surely show the scumbags that we are serious...'.

[Takako: Nm, Most certainly... Well, i have other errands to take care off, so excuse me.]

heading back into her laboratory area, Takako crossed her arms while smiling.'Sure-sure~' Kousuke said with a smile, forgetting about the bandages.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Forest: Unknown----------------------------------------------------------

The masked man who had taken the man who attacked Boruto and the others on the train walked though a trail in the woods while holding man over his shoulder.

Then, a deeper voice came from his left.'Who told you to act.'. Stopping in his tracks, The man turned to see a elderly man with semi-long grey hair and a mask that cover the top half of his face, wearing a black hooded robe with maroon lining, crossing his arms.

[????: Ah- Koji-san... I wasn't expecting a Inner to come out like this, I'm honored.]

[Kashin Koji: Hm. So, why did you act upon this matter, as a Outer you are only to act acording to the words of an Inner, or did you feel empathy for those children? Being a ex-ninja could ofcourse stir up previous experiences.]

[????: I acted upon a whim... This had no relation to those children, nor me being a Ex-ninja. Now, if you excuse me Koji-san... I have to deal with this man acording to our usual procedures.]

[Kashin Koji: ... Very well. for now i'll keep this incident a secret, but should you 'act on a whim' again... I won't turn a blind eye.]

Nodding at Koji's words, the man kept on walking on the path while Koji stared at him with suspisious eyes.

---------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued-----------------------------------------------------------
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----------------------------------------------------Chapter 7: Resolve...------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------Later on the train station in the Valley Village---------------------------------

As the train stopped, 2 Jonin walked up to the train to inspect the situation.'NOBODY LEAVES THE TRAIN UNTIL WE ARE DONE!'. One of them yells out while the other takes a step into the broken up cart.

He quickly winched and held his nose in disgust from the smell of dead bodys.'Ugh- ...W-What happen here?'. Walking further into the cart, he slowly stepped over the bodys and looked around for clues.

The other jonin stepped in after him calmly.'What is the issue, Isshin-san.'. Looking back at the man, Isshin looked at him confused.

[Isshin: Are you blind Hia- Eh?]

His eyes widened while the man pulled out a kunai from his bag, having not a ounce of emotion on his face. 'This train belongs to 'us' now.'. Quickly reaching for his own, Isshin was shocked his team member suddenly acted so differently.

[Isshin: What do you mean by 'Us'? Hm?]

He stumbled slightly as the train started moving again.'-o-Oi... What is going on here.', Slowly pulling his Kunai up he glanced at the man in worry. 'You are to stay quiet, Isshin. As long as you do that; Nobody will be hurt here.'. then, the cart door behind him clicked open making him casiously look back while still keeping a look on the mon infront.

'Hehe~ Aside from the incident earlier with that other guy... I'd say this takeover went quite smoothly~'. A man wearing a cracked Anbu mask and worn out leaf Jonin gear and a old black coat said while leaning against the door opening. Seeing the clothing, Isshin remembered a warning all working shinobi got about a group that had stolen gear from the old war zone containments.

[Isshin: W-What are you... after here? and... Hiashima-san, Why are you... working with them?]

Looking in dissapointment and sadness at his old team-mate, questioning him about it.'Wait...', But looking closer, he noticed a yellow tint in his eyes.'That's right~!'. The masked man said out loud, noticing that Isshin found out.'He is under a Genjutsu.'

Isshin's eyes shook open, grasping his Kunai he quickly spun it in his hand and threw it at the masked man out of anger.'HAAAH!'. The masked man shook slightly, not expecting him to attack him so carelessly.'Seriously?!'. The Kunai dug into his right shoulder, making him stumble back slightly.'Kh-'. As blood dripped down the masked mans arm, Isshin slammed his palms together.'Earth Style: Mud wall!' His mouth bulged up before he vomitted up mud that covered the floor and a Wall raised up between him and the masked man.

Then, Looking back at Hiashima, he decided that escaping is the best course of action and quickly threw a kunai at a window close to himself and jumped out of it into a forest.'-Sorry, Hiashima-san-'. Breaking though the mud wall, the masked man walked up to the window, looking out of it he chuckled slightly.'Hm~Hm... Oh well, It'll be too late if he seeks help anyways, Our target is on the train after all.'. Glaring back towards the cart he came from. 'The child of Nine-tail's jinchuuriki... Hm~Hm~'.

Suddenly, two long streching arms came out from the door opening, grabbing ahold of the masked man.'Lightning style: Hebimikatsuchi!'. A flash of yellow lightning enveloped him making his scream out.'GRAAAH!', However, he quickly turned into a burst of flames.'Hm?' Mitsuki retracted his arms.'A Fire style clone?'. Slowly stepping into the cart with all the blood and Hiashima, Mitsuki looked at him causiously before noticing something odd sticking out from under his jacket.'...An explosive tag?'. Widening his eyes, he quickly looked back towards Boruto and Akane who was in the cart behind him.

[Mitsuki: The explosion won't reach them-]

Then, a flame came into the cart infront of him, causing him to turn back.'Oh i wouldn't be so sure~ I laid several tags on here just now~' The flame formed into the Masked man who held out his arms mockingly.'...If it was to blow... I'd say it could destroy and kill allot of people on this train~'. Narrowing his eyes, Mitsuki had to think calmly about the situation.'...A chain reaction...huh?'. Nodding slightly, the masked man was surprised he could figure that out so fast.'Impressive, You leaf shinobi sure are something~ Now... Just be nice and stay still until we arrive.'. As he was speaking, Mitsuki carefully dropped out snakes from under his sleeves.

[Mitsuki: Forgive me... Boruto-kun, this is... My resolve.]

a clone made of snakes rised up behind Mitsuki and started to form handsigns.'Wind Style: Wind-Scythe'. It sliced though the cabling that connected the carts, causing the carts Boruto, Akane and the passengers were in to fall behind, making the masked ham shocked.'OI!', But before he could act, Mitsuki had wrapped his arms around him and Hiashima while the clone sent out a strong 'Wind Style: Breakthough' behind them to increase the distance between them and the others.

Boruto leaned against Akane while screaming out after Mitsuki who quickly became smaller in the distance. 'M-MITSUKIIII!!!!'. and before long, a huge explosion came from that direction, leaving both Boruto and Akane stunned and the reflection of the explosion could be seen in Boruto's right eye.'...N-No... MITSUKIIII!!!!!'.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued-------------------------------------------------------------------
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--------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 8: Seal ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------------At the Mahiru-no-Oni Base----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chained up with a seal tag covering her eyes, Sarada walked after Kousuke though a dark tunnel. Holding up a torch, he glanced back at her.

[Kousuke: You asked me what we are after eariler... What i am gonna show you will explain most of it.]

[Sarada: 'Show me'? I have a seal on my eyes.]

Widening his eye in realization.'Ah- That is right!'. He quickly crossed his arms to think about it while Sarada sighed as she figured out he isn't very smart.

[Sarada: ...Whatever you are planning isn't going to work out, don't underestimate the leaf.]

after a bit of walking, Sarada felt the air draft change as if they entered a larger room.'hm?'. and before long Kousuke spoke up again, this time he sounded more serious then before.

[Kousuke: I am sure the Leaf will get involved- no, I am certain of it. Here, I'll undo the seal placed on your eyes.]

Placing his right hand against her forehead, Kousuke said 'Release' making it glow slightly and the rag around her eyes fell down. Opening her eyes, her vision was blurry as she didn't have her glasses.

[Kousuke: You see now child? This is-]

'I still can't.'

Kousuke stopped, looking at her in dissapointment and worry. 'W-Wah~?'. Tilting his head, his demenor went back to the slightly light headed man again, and Sarada narrowed her eyes.'My glasses, i need my glasses.'. Looking at her dumbfounded while blinking his eyes.'Oooh...'.

Sighing, Kousuke felt a relief in his chest thinking they had hurt her vision.'Makes sense.', taking her glasses out of his pocket, he puts them on.'here'. and as Sarada's eyes adjusted back into them, something shocking became clear.'T-That...!!'.

The room they had entered looked like a ancient palace with a large statue in the middle of a long hair kimono wearing person that has horn petruding from their head. Sarada instantly remembered back to the chunin exams where they had been attacked by similar looking people.

Kousuke walked up to it and turned around towards Sarada with a stern look.

[Kousuke: You know what this is right? If my memory serves me right, the leaf was attacked by these beings known as the 'Otsutsuki'.]

[Sarada: ...Nothing good would ever come from meddling with them!]

chuckling at her words, Kousuke raised up his right arm, revealing a black symbol on it as he grinned.'Oh i already have... though data left by the foundation and Shimura Danzou. A forbidden seal similar to that of the Gozu tennou.]

Widening her eyes, Sarada recognized that name from Sumire. 'G-Gozu Tennou?'. Though she didn't fully know what it was, only that it was related to the 'Ghost' incident back in the academy days. 'That's right..' Kousuke quitely said while lowering his arm again.

[Sarada: I don't know anything about it... anyways, what is it that you need me for...?]

Stunned to silence, Kousuke looked at her with a blank expression before speaking.

[Kousuke: 'Need you'? No-No, you are just a happy accident that wasn't part of the original plan... You see I sent those guys to Konoha to attract their attention to bring the Jinchuuriki of the nine-tails out.]

[Sarada: Eh...? Lord Seventh, what for? You seriously don't think YOU can beat him, do you?]

[Kousuke: I don't need to. All i need is to drain his chakra to feed to seal... Ofcourse, i have a ace card on it's way... Hm~Hm~]

Tilting her head, Sarada thought 'Ace card`', What could he be meaning by that? and as she was having her thoughts, Kousuke walk past her with a grin.

'The son of the Jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Boruto... He is currently heading this way according to my scouts, Won't be long now...'

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile: a few miles away from Boruto's location------------------------------------------------------

3 Leaf jonin are making their way though the forests on a retreival misson to bring Boruto and Mitsuki back, the one leading the mission is Konohamaru, Team 7's captain. But, they are interupted by a sudden Kunai with a bomb tag that blows up inbetween them.'WATCH OUT!'KORE'.

As the all had been blow to different sides, 2 men clad in old Shinobi gear from different villages and worn down Anbu masks appeared out of the shadows.

[????: We can't let you... go any further.]

Winching from the pain, Konohamaru sat up on his right knee.

[Konohamaru: And who are you?...]

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 9: Captive...!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Inside a large forest area, Explosions and smoke came up at random intervals. It was Konohamaru's team and the mysterious attackers who were in mortal combat.'RASENGAN!' Konohamaru thrusted his right arm at one of them holding a sphere of spiraling chakra.'Earth style: Erruption!' One of the other men slapped his palms together and then down on the ground creating a small quake before a large rock formation errupted out of the ground underneath Konohamaru, causing him to get pushed back.'Ergh! -Earth style?-'. Then, the masked man infront of him dashed around the boulder and shot out a brust of flames.'D-Damnit!-Fire Style aswell?!-'.

Before the flames reached Konohamaru, a wall of water bursted out of the ground.'Water style: Water wall!' Relieved that his team member saved him in the nick of time, Konohamaru landed on the ground then dash back towards the other 2 members of his team.'...This guys are strong, wielding Earth and Fire styles.. What land are they from?'kore'

The masked attackers all stood ready, glaring at Konohamaru's team silently.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------With Boruto and Akane--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The train had stopped, and both of them rushed towards the explosion site, fearing for Mitsuki's life.'MITSUKI!?' Boruto saw him laying next the the train with his clothes slightly ripped and burnt. Then, as they rushed to his side, earth took a hold of their feet, locking them in place.'Ergh- W-What!?' Akane looked at their feet in shock.'Earth style?! Who-' She got cut of by a slightly momotone male voice.

'Uzumaki Boruto, my master wishes that you'd be escorted to him safely... So don't make this hard.'. The man walked our from behind the burning train with no shirt and burn wound all over, it was Hiashima who is still under the genjutsu control. Glaring at him, Boruto remembered him slightly.'Y-You're that guy... Let us go! Mitsuki... Because of you Mitsuki is badly hurt you bastard!'. Kashima glance down at Mitsuki then back at Boruto. 'If you listen, i'll bring him back aswell so they can heal him. If not... Earth Style: Barrier.' holding his hands together, the earth started to swirl around Mitsuki, capsulating him.'I'll shrink this barrier untill be is completely crushed.'.

Fear struck Boruto's face as he tried to move out of the earth.'O-Oi, Let Mitsuki go!' meanwhile, Akane acted strangely, she was looking more serious then usual and lifted up her right hand but stopped due to Boruto starting to create a rasengan.'...I won't let you harm him...'. seeing that, Hiashima pointed at the sphere with Mitsuki as it slowly started to shrink.'Think carefully... Uzumaki Boruto.'.Hesitating, Boruto looked at it worriedly.'Mitsuki...' the rasengan dissappeared and he lowered his arms.'Fine, I'll go with you... Just release Mitsuki, Please.'. Glaring joyfully at Boruto, Hiashima nodded while releasing the barrier on Mitsuki.'Good, I shall take you there then.'.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 hours later: Outside the Mahiru-no-Oni'S BASE-------------------------------------------------------------

Being bounded with earth shackles, Boruto and Akane were walking after Hiashima who is holding Mitsuki on his shoulder. Looking around the small village they had built in the crater, Boruto noticed the poverty and sorrow, children were laying in outside houses with rugged clothings.'...What is this place...'. Hearing Boruto's question, Hiashima spoke up. 'This is a village founded by our leader, Kousuke, the people who live here are people who lost their homes and familys durning the war period... hm, ofcourse, your village prospered after it, you great nations and your Oppressions, tsk. Kousuke's dream is a free world, where you could do anything... You could be anything, not bound by laws and regulations like caged animals.'.

Softening his eyes, Boruto felt sorry for the people who had to live like this, the war times really put a scar on the shinobi world afterall. Then, Akane glanced over Boruto's shoulder at the man holding Mitsuki.'...So, what are you people intending to do here? Drag all other people down with you?' Both Boruto and the man looked back at her, Boruto with shock and the man with spite.'Haah? Didn't i tell you already miss? our goal is freedom, equally to all people across the world... Well, you leaf shinobi obviously have no idea what freedom is... i almost pity you children.'.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------A bit later: At the entrence to the base-------------------------------------------------------------------

Walking up to it, Boruto and Akane looked around the cave opening.'What is this place...'. After walking though the tunnel for a while, they reach a large open area with a shabby looking throne in the middle. Doors everywhere and torches on the walls. Hiashima stopped and looked around the room.'Kousuke-sama?'. Not getting any response, he looked at Boruto with slight annoyance.'...It would seem Kousuke isn't here currently, tragic but that is the case.'. Boruto frowned, questioning what he intends to do with them.'Oi... What exactly will you do with us?'. Shaking his head, Hiashima shook is head.'...I cannot answer that, your fate is in the hands of Kousuke... But since he isn't here, I'll lock you up in cells.'.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------too be countinued------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 10: The Verge----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Deep within the Mahiru-no-Oni's base-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

within one of the cells, Boruto stood with his arms bound to the wall, it's dark with no windows and only a small open vent on the door.'...This is not good... Damnit...' trying to pull his hands off the wall in vain, they were encased in solid stone. 'Like this, i can't do any ninjutsu or summon Garaga.'.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------In Akane's cell next to Boruto's---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Being stuck into the wall just like Boruto, Akane kept her calm.'...This isn't what i originally planned, but i am sure Boruto-kun will find a way out of this... It's fine if he doesn't though, i have my own ways of doing things.'. Glaring at her hands with a menecing smile, her eyes turned bloodshot for a breif moment then went back to normal.'Hm~'.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile in the Mahiru-no Oni Lab------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mitsuki is laying tied up it a large square stone block on the ground, having bandaged over his burn wounds. The door to the room opens up and a woman walks in dressed in a old worn out open Leaf Jonin jacket, with a red shirt under, old leaf trousers and sandals, Her eyes were covered in bandages and her hair is short with a silver white color. 'One gift after another, First and Uchiha specimen~ And now... A experiment of the great Orochimaru?'. Chuckling in amusement, she walked up to Mitsuki and looked down at him with a gleaming smile.

As she was about to reach for a seringe, a red light started to blink on the top corner of the room, making her stop.'What now?'. She quickly hurried out of the room but made sure to lock the door.'That damn Kousuke is so useless!'. After she left, the red light turned off and became white before becoming white snakes to fall down on the floor. Mitsuki carefully opened his eyes, looking at the door.'She locked it...' The snakes moved up to him and chewed up the restraints, letting him free.'She seemed to be a censory type ninja, however she didn't notice my snakes had transformed into the red...light...'. It clicked in his head as he sat up, holding his wounds.'so that's how it is....'.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------a few moments earlier with Kousuke and Sarada----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kousuke walked cofidently with Sarada behind him though the tunnels, Sarada still had her glasses on and for some reason, he hadn't put the seal back on her eyes.'-Has he just forgotten?-' she thought while glancing up at the smiling man.'-Then..-'. She nice walked up next to him, pretending to ask something.'Uhm... could i ask something?'. without a second thought, the man looked down at her which she took advantage of.'Sharigan!' activating her Sharingan, Kousukes Eyes twitched before becoming dull.'Damnit...!'. He fell to the ground unconsious.'Good, it worked...' Sighing in relief, Sarada turned of her Sharingan and ripped the old cuffs they had put on her off with her monster strenght.'Shannarou!'. the broke apart and fell to the floor.

Rubbing her wrists, Sarada started running forwards in the tunnel, but before long a female voice echoed from infront of her.'Where do you think you are going? Uchiha girl.'. shocked, Sarada stopped in her tracks.'Who's there?'. The woman that was with Mitsuki earlier stepped out from around a corner with ehr arms crossed.'Hm~Hm~Hm~ So you put Kousuke in a Genjutsu? impressive~ It is the Uchiha forte after a-'. Sarada interupted ber with firing off a Fire ball jutsu. 'You can't dodge this in this tight space!'.

'Dodge you say?'

The fire suddenly started to vanish and swirled into the womans right eyes.'With this eye of my, I don't need to dodge it.'. Gasping, Sarada stepped back.'N-No way... -She absorbed it!?-'. Then, Grinning, The flames came out of the eyes and formed a ball infront of it.'Hahaha~ This scientific ninja tech is more amazing then i thought! I can eyes shoot the attacks back out!'. Panic filled Sarada's eyes as the woman was seconds away from firing off the attack.'This is bad!'. And just as the flame was being projected forward.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Robin Uchiha

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 11: Complications..!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

'With this eye of my, I don't need to dodge it.'. Gasping, Sarada stepped back.'N-No way... -She absorbed it!?-'. Then, Grinning, The flames came out of the eyes and formed a ball infront of it.'Hahaha~ This scientific ninja tech is more amazing then i thought! I can eyes shoot the attacks back out!'. Panic filled Sarada's eyes as the woman was seconds away from firing off the attack.'This is bad!'. And just as the flame was being projected forward, The wall next to the woman blew open and 2 long white arms flew out and swirled around her making her miss fire the attack into the wall.

Standing is shock, Sarada looked at the opening as Mitsuki walked out from it with his hands wrapping around the woman.'Sarada! Are you alright?' he said calmly while glancing over at her.'Nh, But, What are you doing here?'. reliefed that she was safe, Mitsuki looked back at the woman who was struggling to get out of his arms.'I'll give the details later, for now... Lightning Style: Hebimikatsuchi!'. bright yellow lightning came out from his arms, severally shocking the woman.'UWAAAAHH!' She screamed out before she lost conciousness and fell over in his arms.

Laying her down, Mitsuki retracted his arms and went over to Sarada.'We have to find Boruto aswell-'. He stopped and widened his eyes as a surge of energy came from behind him.'...That is no good... you test-tube freak...' Turning slowly, Both him and Sarada stood in shock as the woman had stood up and was radiating a grey-ish black aura of chakra. She had a most disturbing smile and her right eye glew red.'...To think... I'd be forced to use this... FOR A BUNCH OF DAMN KIDS!!! EARTH STYLE: ROCK FALL!' Weaving hands signs quickly, she slammed her palms into the floor that causes a shockwave that quakes the tunnel.

She grinned as the roof started to collapse, looking at Both Mitsuki and Sarada.'I'll collect your bodies from under the rocks~ SO JUST BE STILL!'. Quickly turning, A light green aura swirled around Mitsuki who wrapped his arm around Sarada and with high speed he dashed back though the tunnel.'W-Whats this chakra?' Looking at Mitsuki, Sarada was in shock of the chakra surounding him, however Mitsuki was too busy rushing away from the collapse to think about it.'To think she would go so far. That woman.'.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile at the from gates of konoha----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Two guards stood with staffs infront of the gate. A russling noise came from the bushes to the right of the gate, causing them to ready their staffs.'WHOS THERE?'. one of them yelled out, but no response came.'Maybe it was just an animal?' the other calmly said while sighing.'Hm, maybe...'.

then, a figure walked out from the bushes and both of them held up their staffs again.'Who are you?'. As the figure walked forwards, the light revealed him to be a shinobi from the hidden Valley, he was extremely exausted but still tried to convey his intensions.'I-I'm... Katanaki Isshin... A Jonin from... Hidden Valley...'. One of the guards raised his eye-brows.'Hidden Valley?' Rushing over to Isshin, he grabbed a hold of him to make sure ot didn't fall.'Oi, Whats this about? What happened to you?'.

Leaning on the guards Shoulder, Isshin took a deep breath as he had been running for hours.'...I need to... Talk to the...Hokage... It's about his... son...'.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Moments later, Hokage office-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sitting on a chair with Shikamaru and Sai standing behind him, Isshin looked tiredly forward at Naruto who sat behind his desk, leaning his arms on the table.'So, what was it you wanted to talk about?'. Nodding, Isshin began explaning the events that occured which made Naruto widen his eyes, And Shikamaru crossed his arms.'A masked man with old shinobi gear from other villages... There is no doubt that's the ones who attack us.'. Agreeing, Naruto leaned back in his chair.'Hmm, this seems like something much bigger then we had thought, not to mention...'.

He looked over at his laptop with slight worry.'We haven't heard back from Konohamaru aswell... What train station this this occur at?'.

Leaning forward, Isshin bowed his head, knowing that his response wouldn't be good.'The main station in the hidden valley.'. Hearing that, Shikamaru clicked his tongue.'Tsk, that's outside of the fire nation's boarders... this makes it a far more complicated case...'. Naruto sighed, knowing that they would need to deal with the federal lords again to get premission to enter the borders on shinobi duty.

Lowering his arms, Shikamaru quickly turned and headed for the door.'I'll make the call, just get ready to send out a team or two.'. Naruto looked at Shikamaru while chuckling.'Sorry about this... always having to deal with them.'. Opening the door, Shikamaru' glanced back at Naruto.'It's nothing, it's my job after all.'.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Somewhere outside of the Valley village-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In the middle of a rock filled terrain, Konohamaru was tiredly leaning his back against a rock, making sure nobody followed him.'...W-Who were those guys..? I barely managed to escape....-I'm sorry, you two... I couldn't save you...-'. then, he pushed himself away from the rock and started to walk towards the village.'I just hope they are safe-kore...'.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Too be countinued-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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